View Full Version : Advice with my (future) vampires

28-08-2009, 17:46
Hi all! Im selling my orcs now, and I hope earn some money, that will end in more miniatures...

Im thinking in a raised undead army, a friend has a Bretonnia themed army, and I have seen it here with HE. Im thinking to do it, but I have no idea of what will be the army I will raise... WoC, lizzies...

What do you think will be more fun/cool/logical army-to-choose?

Any easy/nice conversions?

Thanks you all, and one more time, sorry for my engrish:(

28-08-2009, 17:50
how about a sartosan vampire army with undead lizards.

28-08-2009, 18:31
mmm, it is interesting, I am thinking that, is able a saurus to get vampirized?

28-08-2009, 18:37
you don't need vampire saurus. use the GW sartosan vampires and have your saurus as grave guard, skinks as zombies and a black coach stegadon. and that is just the start of what you could do.

28-08-2009, 19:05
I can use the terradons like giant bats, the CoR like Black Knights, a tasty Steg like a black coach... Im liking it :) But I have a problem fitting rank and file saurus, can they fit in a 20mm base? What could I use for skellies?

Thanks puppetmaster for the advices!:)