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28-08-2009, 22:42
Im going into a tourney and am freaking out at the last minute so any advice you give might be listened to or might just be dumped in a mental breakdown that being said plz help

Basic army list

241 -Lord GW RoF, RoSS, MRKtG
145- Thane, BSB, RoB, RoS
125 -Rune Smith, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Stone
140- 10 Thunderers
140- 10 Thunderers
120 -10 Quarrelers, Shields
196 -19 Warriors, Shields FC (Runesmith here)
253 -19 Longbeards, Shields FC (BSB here)
277- 19 Ironbreakers Shields FC (Lord Here)
120 -Organ Gun
90 -Cannon
85 -Bolt Thrower Engineer Rune of Seeking
65 -Bolt Thrower Engineer Rune of Burning
1997 6 Dispel Dice

Advice on the lines of what am I likely to be facing? How to counter it? and when to get down and pray for salvation in the form of an earthquake?

30-08-2009, 04:40
Drop the shields on the quarrelers. Put that towards making up enough points to put the Rune of Forging on your cannon.

31-08-2009, 15:19
You're taking a Lord but not taking Hammerers?!?!

As suggested above, Cannon needs Rune of Forging.

Bolt Throwers needs Engineer

Rune of Spell Breaking would be nice...

03-09-2009, 16:51
SabrX makes a good point that I somehow missed. I like taking Hammerers with my Lord. I don't know about Ironbreakers.

I do like the Longbeards though. Good call there.

03-09-2009, 17:13
In my experience with dwarfs (and you probably already know this but anyway), you need a solid battle line that is anchored in the flanks by units that are either stubborn (hammerers), unbreakable (slayers) or negate flanks (oathstones). Dwarf units typically lose from break tests and getting run down and an opponent will do this by using their superior maneuverability to get a unit in your flank or rear, usually a hammer unit and a second "anvil" unit that attacks from the front. All it takes is one bad round of combat to send your dwarfs running and chances are they will get run down. The downside of dwarfs as you probably realize is that we win more often than not through static CR, which means we field a few large and expensive units.

That being saidI think you need to swap the ironbreakers out for hammerers, these go on one flank, and swap out the warriors and pick up some slayers, which will anchor your other flank. If you don't have slayers, give the warrirors something that can make them stick around longer, maybe the BSB with an oathstone. Consolidate the 3 units of missile troops into 2 units, maybe 15 quarrelers and 12 thunderers. I would recommend a gyrocopter if you have one for the march-blocking and the fact that it is good for taking out fast cav. I love the Goblin-hewer if you have the model, otherwise organ gun is a solid second.

P.S. I don't play tournaments ever the above is just based on my experience in friendly games.

101st Vostroyan
05-09-2009, 01:42
:DAs was said above, Dwarfs play well(and need) a solid battle line. My original opinion of Dwarfs was mostly shooting. Dwarfs actually exel at a mixed list.

Because Dwarf shooting is superior to that of most other armies, you can get away with less of that.
I think you need another unitof warriors. They create a solid wall that will stay anchored in place.

A good Dwarf army in my opinion has a Lord on shield bearers in a hammerer unit. This makes the center of your army.
Organ gun: never leave home without one. These hold your flanks
1-2 units of thunderers:these are a must!
0-1 of Quarrellers: Good to have for the enemies that are satying far away. Not a neccesity.
1-2 units of longbeards w/ BSB to go between Warrior units and keep them in the fight.
2-3 warrior units: they are a very good solid unit.
Cannon w/ RoForging:better staying power and a good unit.
1-2 BT: Great for character hunting and monster hunting.
Ironbreakers are good(though I have never used them)I prefer Hammerers

I see you have many of these elements and your list is pretty good, though I would suggest taking hammerers if you have them, and add another unit of warriors, and use a Lord on shieldbearers..

all you have to do is keep your battle line close together so you can countercharge units, and you can expect to stay put as Dwarfs have; good saves, good leadership, good w/ combat res, and many runes and special rules to keep them put. You should do fine if you keep that in mind.

15-09-2009, 10:34
apart from quarrelers,that's exactly my past 6th edition dwarfs army, buddy!! :)
are u my twin brothers? why mommy separed us?! :P

as well as 7th come i think hammerers are way better then ironbreakers (using lord rule and not have to test all those fear and terror check is priceless)
in a tournament enviroment i also would consider using the rune of challenge, to make me sure having my hammerers (or whatever is the Lord unit) have their point back, and make massive Vps. u can use it in first turns, or even better in later game, to make a decisive score forcing the enemy to combat or flee out of table or in the 6th turn, in both case giving you vps.

play a little castling if the enemy is fast, and then not fear using the thunderers as detachments to negate enemy ranks, and have more static res.
be sure his unit of doom doesn't hit too hard (missile troops or warmachines), trust the stubbornity of crews against small flying or even fast cavalry units, and shoot to hell whatever seems too frightning ;)

anyway, let us know how it went ;)

15-09-2009, 11:34
A dwarf doesnt get scared, beardling!

15-09-2009, 11:40
....pick up the slayer oath...

redeem yourself in death...'

having said that, and this might be off topic but i would be tempted to bring the Anvil if you bring a lord and hammeres. ...get that charge in ;-)