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29-08-2009, 03:12
So, here's my project log for my new, first-ever fantasy army - Empire, themed around an expeditionary force going into Mordheim just after the comet hit. So yes, it's a historical force - not contemporary in the Warhammer world ;).

I've done a lot of 40k armies before (Space Marines, Chaos, Sister of Battle, Orks) but really wanted to try some Fantasy for a long time. On a trip to New York, I decided to buy about 2000pts worth of Fantasy 'cos it's so much cheaper over there, given online retailers and exchange rates.

This log is, as many are I would imagine, largely self-motivational. If others find pleasure and interest in following what I do, then awesome! I cannot stand a vanilla miniature, so most of the models in my force will be converted in some way or another - even if it's a simple head- or weapon-swap. Hopefully this brings up some interesting conversions.

So, without further adieu... my project log =).

29-08-2009, 03:23
This is my work area, replete with lighting, sprue galore, paints and neat little holding-things.


Here's a close-up of my... well, in-close working area. Those little holding things are resin cubes with steel wire and alligator clips I got from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and serve to hold arms and legs and whatnot until they're ready to be used. Feels very Frankenstein-esque.


Here's my work-so-far on my first unit of Swordsmen. They're mercenaries rather than state-levied troops, so I've blended the State Troops set with a box of Militia for a more ragged feel.


These three are three of my four Characters. From left to right: mounted Warrior Priest, Witch Hunter (Empire General), Grey Wizard. The Warrior Priest is going to be converted to have a long tail of fire streaming from his hammer, the Witch Hunter is half-way through having a greenstuffed cloak and broad-brimmed hat (as well as a body-swap from the Empire General spruce), and the wizard is just having his sword-staff. I like that model as it is, otherwise.


29-08-2009, 03:43
sweet cant wait to see it happen what do you happen to have for your army thus far

29-08-2009, 04:30
Purchase-wise, I bought:

2 x Empire Battalion
2 x Empire Militia
2 x Empire General
1 x Empire Wizard
2 x Empire Cannon

That's going to form into an army list roughly consisting of:

1 x Empire General
2 x Mounted Warrior Priests
1 x Grey Wizard
2 x 25-man Swordsmen units, with 15-men Halberdier detachments
1 x 19-man Greatsword unit, with the General in there
2 x 10-man Handgunner units (probably detachments, not sure where they'll go yet)
2 x 5-man Empire Knights units, with the Warrior Priests chucked in there
2 x Great Cannons

for the grand total of 2,000pts =).

So far, I've assembled 20 Swordsmen and three characters; piccies for them are awaiting moderator approval. Cheers for the interest!

29-08-2009, 08:22
Great start! :) Have you joined the tale of painters? If not, here's the link:


It makes keeping up motivation and focus so much easier, and it'd be great to have you in. :)

Looking forward to pictures!



31-08-2009, 01:13
Quick update, I've now finished my first unit of Swordsmen and one of my units of Empire Knights. Because I got the Empire Battalion boxed set, my knights unfortunately didn't come with the hairy heads sprue, so I found myself lacking in hammers! I want them to be part of the Order of the Hammers of Sigmar, who were the knights founded for and sent into Mordheim and who loved their hammers, so I decided to build and equip them with... SPRUEHAMMERS!


I used some Bretonnian heads and a General head because I don't like the enormous plumes on the default Empire knights. Too ostentatious for my tastes, too much like they've got flower-pots on their head. Also, yes, that's the standard from the Empire General sprue, simply because it's awesome, currently un-used by me, and fitting for the Knight's theme. The hafts of the SPRUEHAMMERS were made with pop-rivet shanks.

The Swordsmen are now at their full 25-man strength. I've got a little bit more work to do on them though, because four of them will be carrying torches that need to be greenstuffed. I'm using a hacked-down halberd arm from the Militia box as the base for the torches, with sticks and flame green-stuffed on top. I'll post a pic of them up once they're done.