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29-08-2009, 08:27
Hi guys i'm pretty new here so this may be in the wrong spot so if it is just move it. Right I have been playing bioshock and loving it so I decided to make a big daddy out of GW bits. So I've started making but its still very WIP and I don't have a camera so if you guys have played this game and have any suggestions about what bits to use that would be great thanks. Also if you have or know anyone with pictures of a Big Daddy made from GW bits then would you be able to post them? I am using a blackreach terminator as the base and have beefed it up alot so now it towers over marines.

29-08-2009, 09:21
Oh yeaaaaaaah!!
Big daddy *droool*
not seen this done before, no idea what parts you can use, but can't wait to see it.
Suscribed for potential awsomeness!


29-08-2009, 15:19
Check this out, might be a bit bigger scale then your idea though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUd-N0GvfjA

29-08-2009, 16:45
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29-08-2009, 23:02
This sounds very cool! cant wait to see some results

31-08-2009, 04:04
My friend may be able to lend me the camera for the next day so if i do get it i'll take some pictures and stuff, also it is still very WIP and has not been greenstuffed at all. It is very rough and i will probably change alot before it is done. I am doing a Bouncer(CC) not a Rosie(gun). Thanks for the link and although it is way to big it does help with the pose.

04-09-2009, 17:04
Can't wait to see pics of your progress, Bioshock is one of my favorite games ever and those Big Daddy guys were damn terrifying. Hard to believe they weren't made into figures by Todd Macfarlane or someone, but they definitely will make great minis. Cheers!

05-09-2009, 04:30
Subscribed. Can't wait too get a peek at Big Daddy.

05-09-2009, 12:08
Darn! he dropped the camera!! Sorry guys. He dropped the camera and then in his haste to try and pick it up he dropped the charger AND his phone. The camera and charger are completely stuffed and his phone survived! anyway not alot of progress but i'm getting there. I'm mostly done with the drill arm, haven't even started the middle part of the torso or the non-drill arm. Once again will desperately try and get a camera this weekend sorry for no pics every time I come within arms reach of a camera it breaks!?

09-09-2009, 13:55
Great Idea before you embark you may like to look at this link:

http://www.play.com/Gadgets/Gadgets/4-/11488208/Bioshock-Big-Daddy-Ultra-Deluxe-Action-Figure/Product.html?&engine=froogle_gagets&keyword=Bioshock%3A+Big+Daddy+Ultra+Deluxe+Action+ Figure&_$ja=tsid:11518|cc:|prd:11488208|cat:Film+Memorabi lia

captian Maklai
05-03-2010, 22:10
use one of the new plastic Killa kan drills! Then probably scratch sculpt the head onto maybe an xv25 tau battlesuit body and then bulk the rest of with greenstuff and sculpt on all the details

05-03-2010, 22:52
They do have this figure in 28mm scale, but it may be out of production now.
Do a search for Hard suit.