View Full Version : Just a quick rules query.

31-08-2009, 09:38
Are there any rules for close combat weapon quality? For example, if you have a character with a rusty machete and another with a heirloom quality short sword, is there any way to differentiate them? Or are they both still short swords?

I've had a look in the BRB but can't find anything.

31-08-2009, 10:31
Common approach is just apply some appropriate rules. Discuss it with the GM.

Examples might be the rusty machete is unbalanced so has an additional -5 to the parry penalty. The heirloom sword is of exquisite craftsmanship and made from expensive materials so can resist destruction by power weapons a little more (50% breakage rate rather than 75%).

Just some ideas to get you thinking. Pretty much anything goes with Inquisitor within reason. Just close the book and start brainstorming with the GM/friends.

31-08-2009, 16:40
You might find the following rules useful;