View Full Version : Protecting Juggernauts of Khorne, is this cheesey?

31-08-2009, 11:44
I was considering taking 2 chaos heros on juggernauts, in a large units of dogs with both of them in the front, one dog in the middle of them, and 2 ranks of dogs behind them. The idea behind this would be to protect them from lore of metal, bolt throwers, cannons, and the annoying thunderbolts. With the new FAQ I think one of the khorne riders should be able to clear anyone toutching the dog so that noone would be able to attack back.
Any idea's or suggestions?

The Red Scourge
31-08-2009, 12:13
You don't need a big unit of dogs, a simple pack of 5 will do to launch a jugger – and go on to annoy warmachines etc.

Also theres no need to run them in a "doggy deathstar", run them in separate units or else an Infernal Gateway or something equally bad will cost you 500+ points.

I like to run 2 juggers one a BSB with flail + Enchanted Shield and 4+ ward armor. The other I like to run with the Axe of Khorne and Favor of the Gods. They hit like a truckload of bricks generating 6-8 CR each, no matter whether the target is heavy cavalry, mosters or puny infantry.

I'd never run them with units like knights. A dog going "Waroof, sir!" will cost me 6 points, and dumping one in a 250 pt. unit of knights will just make one big juicy target, and whether they break people by gazillions or just a lot won't matter in the long run :)

Weaknesses are DE pendants and assassins and really, really big star dragons.

I wouldn't call it cheesy. The big unit is heavy and unmaneuverable, and even if you run it small, those juggers can easily get baited by the enemy. And I believe most people will take kinder to them than a couple of Nurgle snipers :)

31-08-2009, 19:00
Weaknesses are DE pendants and assassins and really, really big star dragons.

A pendant lord will most likely kill this guy. However, you can kit him out to fight assassins by giving some combo of items(don't know the names) that makes him immune to killing blow and immune to poison; remember to remind your DE opponent that immune to poison also means immune to toxins such as manbane, since most DE players forget this.

Anyway, back on topic, I don't think this is really cheesey, since people do equivalent things to protect their characters. Actually, I really like the idea of a khornate hunter riding into battle with his dogs to sniff out the enemies. It seems to add a lot of theme to the army, and aesthetically it would look awesome. Almost makes me want to give up my puny elves for a chaos army. almost ;)

31-08-2009, 19:04
Definitely not cheesy. More like sub-optimal.

There is arguably no usage of chaos exalteds possible that would be considered cheesy by tournament/competitive standards.