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01-09-2009, 11:12
I'm looking to use a Chaos Lord of Tzeentch on a Dragon in an upcoming event, and I'd like to know what everyone thinks about how I've geared him up.

Chaos Lord with Mark of Tzeentch, Rending Sword, Crown of Everlasting Conquest, Enchanted Shield, Favour of the Gods, Acid Ichor and riding a Chaos Dragon = 695pts

The only thing I can think of doing differently is dropping both his weapon and the shield for the Armour of Morrslieb. Any other opinions are welcome, but I'd like to mention that my dedication to the Changer of the Ways is absolute and I will consider it blasphemy to follow another of the Dark Gods.

I should probably also mention that this guy needs to come in at 700pts or less.

The Red Scourge
01-09-2009, 11:22
How about Crown of Conquest, Favour of the Gods and Axe of Khorne :)

Or Crown of Conquest, Armor of Damnation, Favor of the Gods and a trusty flail and shield.

01-09-2009, 11:46
How about Crown of Conquest, Favour of the Gods and Axe of Khorne :)

Or Crown of Conquest, Armor of Damnation, Favor of the Gods and a trusty flail and shield.

I reason that a Chaos Lord will hurt anything with more than one wound well enough to not need the Killing Blow bonus from the axe. As far as the flail goes, it needs two hands and kinda makes the shield useless, but having the strength bonus might mean taking a simple Sword of Might.

Armour of Damnation:
Not a bad idea, might be worth a chance to use. Especially if taken with the Father of Blades.

Well, I have some new things to think about, so I thank you for your wise words.

01-09-2009, 14:12
I dont think that dragon build is very efficient tbh. Drop Acid ichor for Diabolic splendor drop the rending blade. I might take Runesword and Runeshield or instead of Runeshield take Bronze armor for Zrakk and Golden Eye of tzeench and Favor. That is just what I think And it would help make the Lord do what he is supposed to do.... Kill stuff. And you know what What about a hybrid. Book of secrets enchanted shield Sword of Might Golden Eye of tzeench. That way you get the most out of your MoT and he can still kill stuff and can cast a spell when he is not lopping off heads in the name of the Changer of Ways. also has a ward save against magic missiles and shooting 3+ might i add not to mention a 1+ armor save str 6 and 5 attacks before the dragon.

01-09-2009, 15:34
Save points on weapons and just use a flail.

Also, use the search function to find the other 2-3 threads about this topic.

01-09-2009, 22:08
A chaos lord on a dragon is a nice big target for artillery. I'd tool the lord up with protection and use a flail or halberd for hitting power.

Nurgling Chieftain
01-09-2009, 23:36
Basically, you need to be concerned about two things: getting shot down, and getting into HtH with something that can soak your attacks (certain Lord choices with good armor, re-rolls, and ward or regeneration as well will shrug off everything you can dish out). So, the Golden Eye and either the Axe of Khorne or Etherblade (or whatever the WoC equivalent is, I just call them power weapons :p ) will go a long way towards solving those issues, IMO.

02-09-2009, 00:49
Demon sword and Golden eye FTW! lol as funny as that would be a recommend an offensive build otherwise they will just destroy the dragon anyway because you cant give him a ward save or anything but a 3+ armor save that bolt throwers just ignore anyway so make him a killer and keep him in combat were he is safe and earning his points.

02-09-2009, 01:00
Or take the collar of khorne to protect you and your dragon from nasty spells as well.
Spend 15 pts on an enchanted shield and you are set concerning defense.
Alternatively, though not very good per se is going for the skinhidden plate and collar of khorne + MoT. Add normal shield + flail.