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12-01-2006, 18:06
I have a slight problem on my hands and I was looking for some advice. My friend and I find some time once a week for some leisure gaming...and I just can't seem to win...ever. I play a small Woodelf force of:

2 Regiments of 16 Glade Guard
2 Regiments of 10 dryads
1 Regiment of 3 Warhawk Riders
1 Mounted Noble w/ Daiths Reaper

He Plays a Khorne force of:

1 Regiment of 12 Bloodletters
1 Regiment of 12 Khorne Warriors
1 Exalted Deamon w/ Axe of Khorne

I just cannot seem to pull through in this minute battle. I have tried everything to my knowledge..but those forces prove to be to "thick" for me to handle. I'm no expert at WFB (I find I learn something new every time!), and I have much respect and admiration to many of you who post on Warseer. Thanks for your help.

12-01-2006, 19:24
Your glade guard would better be split into three units (10, 10, 12).

Your friend's army is illegal, he only has one core choice.

Da GoBBo
12-01-2006, 19:44
I can see this problem here, yer trying to beat yer friend at his own game, close combat. That's not a bad thing, but he's better at it so you'll have to make sure ye get flank attacks. Drop the unit of flyers and one unit of dryads (or perhaps both dryad troops, though I personally wouldn't do that) and get two units of glade riders. This will give you 3 free points of combat resolution, though yer attack potential will perhaps be a little less (not much though, its a good trade).

12-01-2006, 20:02
1.Your friend's army is illegal. You have always been winning.

^As Da GoBBo has said, get more fast units that can still handle themselves in combat. Glade riders can move, shoot their bows and maybe take out a couple demons and then charge.


12-01-2006, 20:58
Hrmm... if not taking into account that your friends army is illegal, you should know that the fire from your Archers should be aimed at his Exalted Daemon, it costs a helluva lot of points and also grants you an additional 100 vp's for taking out his general.

A nice idea might be to drop the Warhawk Riders and put your Noble on foot, then, get an Alter Kindred Noble or a group of Wardancers, both of whom are very fighty units, though I would go for the Wardancer troupe to flank his Bloodletters (they should go down fast to the massed attacks of only a few dancers) and then slam both Dryad units into his Warriors, a flankcharge and a straight on, you will have to kill a few though, but, you should have at least Flank, Outnumber and a handfull of kills, unfortunately, if he repays the favour of killing stuff, he wins that combat.

If not Wardancers, Wild Riders or Glade Riders are optimal for these tasks, Wild Riders for smashing his flanks, Glade Riders for forcing him to charge them and making him fail his charges, very nicely for your Dryads to charge him.

Also, the nicest thing in your army at the current state aggainst those letters are your Dryads, they have magical attacks and thus ignore the Ward of the Daemons (mind you, if the Daemons get to hack back, the ignores yours)

13-01-2006, 00:50
Thanks guys for the information

Mad Makz
13-01-2006, 01:28
Also, I'm assuming you are playing to a 6 turn limit? A common mistake for some players early games is to play until there is a decisive victor. This is a big mistake as certain armies will have a massive advantage over their opponents.

Generally, once your opponent makes a legal list, I think you will have few problems facing him. The exalted Daemon may cause you problems, the biggest advice I can give is to shoot it with your archers, while march blocking the rest of the force with your warhawk riders so they don't make it to your lines too quickly. Intersperse the Dryads with the archers in such away that if the Exhalted Daemon takes out a unit of glade guard you'll get a either a shot at flank or rear on the Daemon with the Dryad (or he'll pursue off the board, meaning he won't be able to charge in his next turn when he comes back on giving you a chance to shoot more with the remaining units.)

That's why it's important to split the glade guard into three units, you lose less in one hit.

15-01-2006, 12:12
Deal with the exalted daemon. Then run a squad of wild riders in behind the army with the banner of zenith and shoot him to bits as he moves very slowly towards you.

15-01-2006, 17:22
hm, take hero on foot get him spite that give him and unit magical attacks. and shoot demons to the death ... (= it very nice when his big dude get killed by GG who shoot through his ward save

Da GoBBo
15-01-2006, 19:04
hehe, this is very silly. All this time I was thinking you were wielding two units of eternal guard instead of archers. Maybe the hail of doom arrow would fix yer exalted deamon problem? (he's a loose character right?)