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01-09-2009, 17:17
I have the opportunity to play in an Ard Boyz tournament, but I am curious if its even worth my time.

I play VC's, and by all means they are a powerful army - still I have terrible trouble against Daemons and I can't imagine them being anything but absolute ******** in an ard boyz tournament setting.

01-09-2009, 17:39
I haven't played in an actual "Ard Boys" tournament, but I have played in the nearest equivalent (no comp, bring the cheese style tournament). Most, if not all, of the players were very nice guys. The lists were cheese, but sportsmanship was very high.

01-09-2009, 17:48
There's a difference between 'Bring the 'ard list' and 'be a toolbag'. Actually, there's specific guidelines for stores that if a guy is being too big a tool, they can just punt him from the tourney.

01-09-2009, 17:51
Sorry, I don't mean ******** in the sense of the person being an *******. I meant in the sense of the tournament army is so cheesed out that its nearly impossible to beat for most armies.

01-09-2009, 17:56
VC can beat daemons. There are a couple of tricks that daemons can pull that really screw over VC armies. They're not impossible to overcome, though. You might not even have to fight daemons.

01-09-2009, 17:58
Whats the best list to take on a Daemon army with VC? It's at 3000 so I am thinking a combo Dragon/Blood Knight/Grave Guard/Wraith+Banshee list. The Wraiths not necessarily for Daemons, but because they are good to have for tournaments in general.

01-09-2009, 17:59
good vampire count builds are easily a match for daemon armies. In fact my only loss with daemons so far was to a vampire player (my doc are still undefeated vs other doc :))

01-09-2009, 18:07
The problem I have with Daemons is that they can do any single thing better than VC. I haven't had much experience with Daemons at >2000 points, so I couldn't even begin to fathom what kind of list works best. Is there any advice people can offer?

01-09-2009, 18:32
The VC list is only slightly less broken than the daemon one. There is no reason a cheesy VC army can't beat anything. Alot of the daemon armies will be the slaanesh leadership bombs, not alot of use against VC's. The only weakness VC's have over daemons is that if the general dies you're in trouble, which is why DE's are lethal against them

01-09-2009, 19:01
I'd avoid a zombie dragon. They're just too squishy and lords are way too expensive to throw out there. Keep your lords in units. Vhargulfs are awesome. Black Coaches would be very good against daemons, too, because of all of the power dice that they'd be throwing. I wouldn't risk wraiths against daemons. Their biggest advantage is nullified against a daemon army. You might consider taking a unit of blood knights, though. As for the rest of the army, take a base of either skeletons or ghouls. Round the list out with a couple of units of grave guard and/or some black knights.

02-09-2009, 01:19
Um, i'm obviously ignorant but how big in points is fantasy 'ardboyz? 40k is 2500 i think. I am not so crash hot on these things.

Also does anyone know if these get run in Australia?

02-09-2009, 01:24
check gamesworkshop.com for availability

02-09-2009, 02:31
There has been nothing in the white dwarf and there is no major tournaments coming up when i last checked with my local store but then i do live in western australia

02-09-2009, 03:08
The Ardboyz is a U.S. thing.