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02-09-2009, 09:12
Hello friends, I need a little help, see I'm interested in starting Dwarfs for Lotr and I'm trying to find a little more about them so I'm trying (and failing) to find the White Dwarf in which they were released.

Thanks for your help.


02-09-2009, 09:50
Finding the WD which they are in is a little difficult(You'll being back 2-3 years atleast) but if you want to know anythin about the dwarves then what i don't know isn't worth knowing.
Please don't hesitate to ask ANY questions(About Dwarves that is:D)

02-09-2009, 10:25
Well I'm a complete and utter new comer to Lotr (well I no a rule or two) tho Ive been playing some facet of Warhammer for about 7 years now, and up until recently Ive been part of the "LOTR SUCKS BRO LOL!!111" crowd but the Dwarf and Galadrham (sp?) moddels have swayed me to taking an interest in starting Lotr Dwaves.

So basically I ask, what can you tell me about the Dwaves and their play style? What are they like to use as a force? What are their strengths and weaknesses? I request the totality of your man-knowlage on the Dwaven people.

Thanks for your help:D

02-09-2009, 13:53
well strengths, high defence, and resiliance, they last very long against most odds, and dain has the highest resilience in the game.

they have some intretsing units, such as vault wardens, which are basicly the infantry formation that can take most punishment in the game, due to an incredible 10 defence. they also have some very neat rare options, Kjazad guard, and iron guard.

weaknesses, of which I've heard, are enemies with a lot of magic.

however to get the full jist of the army, have alook at the dwarf tactica thread, with unit by unit description, and over all army strength and weaknesses.


02-09-2009, 14:45
Thanks for the link Kronos, that tactica was brilliant! It really gave me some perspective and motivation to go 100% on this army. Thanks for your help guys both of you thanks a lot:D


04-09-2009, 07:04
Well I got my first 24 Dwaves yesterday as well as receiving a crash course in how to play Lotr. From the linked tactica and my crash course I'm thinking of having shield wielding Dwaves advancing in front of a couple of Iron Guard (providing an arrow screen for the Iron Guard) with my own Dwarf bowmen providing softening fire.

In larger battles using a Ballista (Ive skimmed the shatter rules so I think their alright) and using Vault Warden teams as an anchor and bulwark for my forces as well as to counter enemy cavalry charges and so on.

But at this point in time I have yet to read the complete rules and Khaza Dum book so I could be talking entirely out of my ass :p


04-09-2009, 09:08
Sounds like my kind of stratagy. Let the high defence men soake up thje arrows only losing at the most 3 of them. Valut wardens are fantastic! I might suggest taking some Elves or Rnager of Gondor as Allys as they not only can gie you some much needed ranged power but also give you some spears.

04-09-2009, 13:19
Oh and I found the White Dwarf in which the Khazad Dum book was released in.

No. 329 just after the Eldar release, and for some strange reason its missing from my collection :cries:

05-09-2009, 10:51
Well I had my first game today, twas a really fun game 300pts Vs. Rohan lead by Eomer.

It was an epic game which was very close fought at times but I managed to force the Warrior of Rohan in to a bottleneck maximizing the usefulness of my high defense by forcing my opponent to feed me one Rohadrim at a time.

This is also where "Super Dwarf" came from. Super Dwarf came from an epic combat were 5 Royal Guard were attacking 1 double handed axe wielding dwarf. He survived so many rounds of combat (Even wining some of them) while trapped where logically he should of been slaughtered where he stood it was amazing. And as befitting a dwarf of his status Super Dwarf is my first painted dwarf :D

Their was an epic combat with Gimli Vs. Eomer where my opponent didn't want his hero to die do easily, so he always fought Gimli with a Rohan soldier with him. It didnt help either of them as they all died and the left overs continually bailed my opponent decided to call the game as we saw it.

It was an Epic Game! :D


05-09-2009, 17:40
glad you had fun XD

06-09-2009, 08:36
At the moment my 300pts list consists of:

8x Shield wielding Dwarfs
8x Double handed axe wielding Dwarfs
8x Bow-Dwarfs

The table we use was really cramped across the center allowing me to form the bottle necks which brought about my victory, but meant that what little shooting I managed to do was ultimately ineffective. In fact my opponents throwing spears were more effective then my Bow-Dwarfs. The short range of their bows reduces their overall effectiveness (the Bow-Dwarfs were more effective in close combat then ranged ability) Reflecting on this I was thinking of replacing some of my Bow-Dwarfs with Iron Guard and keep the points level around 300 to 400pts.


06-09-2009, 09:09
Good idea.
Dwarf Bows(Dwarf Short Bows) have the same range as an Orc bow but the strength of a Elven bow. They are fanstasitc if you can get clear shots. Placing then within terrain or in a tower etc is fantastic. Also a hill is good too as unlike every other archer they don't really dear other arrows(Except crossbows but everyone fears them)

06-09-2009, 12:54
Good idea.
Dwarf Bows(Dwarf Short Bows) have the same range as an Orc bow but the strength of a Elven bow. They are fanstasitc if you can get clear shots. Placing then within terrain or in a tower etc is fantastic. Also a hill is good too as unlike every other archer they don't really dear other arrows(Except crossbows but everyone fears them)

Yeh I was rather surprised that Dwaves didn't get crossbows, tho on reflection I guess its Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs spoiling me.

I really like the idea of the ballista especially when I have access to a hill (guaranteeing anything that gets hit my it going ka-splat and anything behind it going ka-splat is rather fun.) But it also seems very situational. Jaws900 what have your experiences with the ballista been like?

For upping my list to 400 to 500pts I'm thinking that an army lead by Gimli and a banner bearer, with many shield Dwarfs and 2h axe Dwarfs (with a smattering of bow Dwarfs) and a contingent of Iron Guard being supported by a ballista.

Larger points then that I was thinking of using mounted human units (tho of which army I have yet to figure out.) and not elf's because remember "Never trust an elf." :p

Thanks for your help Jaws


07-09-2009, 19:51
i like the idea of the force but as your siad the Ballistas are situational. I prefure to use an Avenger as for a lower strength i get to fire upto 6 bolts per turn which is really useful for taking care of troops.
The Ballista should always shoot at consentrated troops thanks to is Pericing Shot(Short). Also don't a ffraid to shoot at Troll and the like espcially if they don't have anytone within 3" as they can't redirect the shots.