View Full Version : WE 1000pt. Is it viable

12-01-2006, 18:51
Hey, I just started using WE, I always knew that they had a great shooting phase but Im wondering if a straight up shooty army is actually viable? Here is a list for a 1000pt WE shooty army.


1x WE Noble
-The Bow Of Loren
-Talismen of Protection(why not)
1x WE Spellsinger
-2x dispel scroll

2x units of 12 Glade guard
-2x Lord's Bowmen

1x Unit of 4 Warhawk Riders
-Wind Rider

1x unit of 7 Waywatchers
-Shadow Sentinal

Thats about it basic idea is to have the warhawk riders with a unit of glade guard on one flank. The waywatchers on the other and a unit of GG in the center with the spell singer.


12-01-2006, 20:25
It's a bit of a one-trick pony, but I guess it could work. I'd be inclined to give the Noble a Hail of Doom Arrow instead of the Bow of Loren, as the Bow is best used by a highborn combined with the Arcane Bodkins.

I'd probably cut back on the unit champions. They're not all completely useless (Lord's Bowmen are pretty cheap at least), but a WindRider is definitely a hideous waste of points - 50% more points than a normal warhawk rider!? No way is that worth it.