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03-09-2009, 05:49
I'm trying to make my CSM army like the aliens in well....aliens! Terrifying and mysterious. I want them to strike fear in people's hearts, fighting in very cramped and dark space-ship environments.
Oh, and also, I already have a full 1500pt Tyranid army, so don't tell me to play tyranids instead :d

Other sources that I'd love to base my marines off are those like event horizon, blade runner, 5th element, etc.. You get that very dark, bleak and cramped environment, where everything is scary and dark.

Also, I want my fluff to fit my army, which is basically, a CC sorcerer, terminators, berzerkers, 2xplague marines, 2 LRs, 2 rhinos(for the plague marines), a very very small army for 1500pts

I've come up with a few concept ideas for their fluff, tell me what you think.

1) Fluff: They come unexpectedly in a space hulk, and this hulk just hangs over the most populated hive worlds, especially those with space docks. The don't attack or do anything, infact, no one knows if there's anything alive on the hulk, till after a few weeks, psykers start to be increasingly disturbed, the untrained ones clamouring to enter the hulk, while the trained imperial ones complains of the presence of chaos.

Soon, many on the world starts to have feverish nightmares, of running down narrow dark corridors with eerie laughter ringing all over. The local PDF then sends in troops to the hulk when mass suicides start happening... hauntingly, no one comes back, and the only few records from the troops sent are just screams of terror. Ships never return or are ever found.

After a few months of being terrorised, the hulk launches a lightning quick attack at the world, disgorging their few evil inhabitants at the worst defended positions. However, their prize is mobile, and they have gathered all the untrained psykers at those positions. They come down, beam them back up to the hulk, and as soon as they came, the hulk enters the warp again, and leaves forever, leaving the remaining inhabitants feeling violated.

Modus Operandi: The sorcerer is from an unknown faction/legion. He uses psykers half to attempt to steer the hulk through the warp, half he chains as his choir to call out to any psykers on the new world he visits. He also absorbs any imperial ships coming to investigate into the hulk. The terminators are the terror troops, coming down to personally fight any intruders. Berserkers perform the same role too. The "plague" marines hunt down and eat intruders, absorbing and eating their souls, making them even tougher. The purpose of the sorcerer is to simply build his gigantic choir of psykers for reasons unknown.... Rhinos/LRs are simply like the APC in aliens, or used in capture of more psykers

Problems with concept: Berzerkers seem out of place for some reason. I don't know how to represent plague marines. I hate the current sculpt though, and am trying to think how to use normal CSM to represent them with just a simple bitz swap.... Rhinos/LRs only play a very small role in fluff, while in game-wise, the LRs are probably the lynchpin of the list.

2)Fluff: Mysterious man appears in huge hive city, he is huge, even larger than most space marines, but he is always cloaked and never seen clearly. He appears at the worst parts of the hive cities, where even the gangers do not dare to go, for fear of the creatures lurking there. He starts killing the homeless people there, creating macabre works of art using their organs, which gangers discover in their turf. Soon, even the gangers start disappearing, and rumours of men in power armour stalking them start to appear everywhere.

Soon, the entire hive is in a state of panic, but no one dares enter the forbidden areas of the hive, both because of the creatures there, and the rumours of CSM lurking there. PDF is called in, but is soon hunted till a small group of survivors come out, speaking of impossible things - disembodied voices in the dead streets, abandoned servitors speaking as if sentient, green fields and beautiful flowers in the most polluted areas of the hulk, great feasts laid out before them, beautiful women calling and singing to them. Disturbingly, no one can answer what happened to the rest of their squad, as if they vanished into the thin air. Rumours of the lovely things soon trickle down the hive, even though the survivors are executed by the commissars, and hivers start entering these areas en-masse. All PDF sent there never return.

After a few weeks of these mass exodus of hivers, the world is suddenly hit by terrible warp storms, daemons charge out of the condemned areas, killing everyone in the hive, soon the world is just a sea of blood.

When reinforcements come in a few years time, all they find is a world with empty hive cities. Disturbingly, not a single body is ever found.

Modus Operandi: Sorcerer and team arrives from a small warp portal into the condemned areas. Sorcerer starts to casts illusions. Bersekers cooperate only for the coming bloodbath they can participate in. Plague marines clear out the most polluted areas of creatures. Sorcerer starts daemon summoning once enough are killed for rituals, then starts tearing a hole in the warp. Everything goes to hell, and they leave the world, preying on another hive world

Problems : LRs/Rhinos play virtually no role in this fluff. Weak reason for plague marines to be around. Also, I probably have to order from forge world the nicer plague marines, as this time, they're truly plague marines. No one else other than the sorcerer plays any real role.

If you guys have any other suggestions, do contribute! Thanks!

03-09-2009, 07:34
1) It seems Obliterators would probably fit in a lot better than Land Raiders, and not just because they're the better choice. Oblits are essentially Terminators, for all intents and purposes, and Terminators go with space hulks like bread and butter. With the amount of ships that the hulk from Fluff 1 runs into, you'd think that'd be plenty of incentive to encourage a coven of Obliterators to follow along and get first dibs at any ancient tech they run into. Their teleporter powers would help them hit the surface and round up victims, along with the Terminators.

As for Plague Marines, the people-eating thing seems more like a Berserker schtick. The Berserkers aren't quite as out of place if the entire point of the Sorcerers rounding up people is to feed, or at least satiate, the Berserkers' blood-thirst, while keeping them chained up like attack dogs. To play the army, you could call the Plague Marines "Plague Berserkers", those Berserkers who are the most temporarily satiated by the Sorcerer's 'offerings', and just use the Plague Marine rules. Counts-As to the rescue!

2) I hear "macabre works of art" and think "Defiler / Soulgrinder conversion". How good are your modeling skills? But especially for the second fluff, I think the Chaos Daemons list might serve you better, as you've basically got a small number of (effectively) Daemon Princes running a show without any Chaos Marines backing them up. From there, you really can't go too wrong with Daemons.

03-09-2009, 07:57
For an alien-esque fluff approach I find that the aliens main point in character is that they are just doing what comes naturally to them with meager leadership that people are unaware of. Thats what gives them their charm.

Ambush is their main terror factor. Fella who says: "we're all gonna die man!" gets pulled into the ground panels... They get past defense lines by going around them and do it easily. They attack where people least expect them... (Sounding familiar yet?)

Yeah that's right, Night Lords.

Now how to make hulking suits of armor skulk around defense lines, unnoticed and relatively close to the enemy (they could hear you breathe type of "close"). Thats hard. You would maybe make it easier with a ghost-like theme as well. Where you deafen the sounds everywhere and become as silent as silk.

Hearing a few tons of kleat plasteel heels grinding into the ground can be heard from dozens of feet away. This sort of feat is more assassin-cultist style then space marine.

I know I'm not helping much but alien and evil-knights are a hard duo to combine.