View Full Version : howcome Dark Eldar cant use the avatar?

12-01-2006, 21:59
when reading the rumour about the new avatar model i was wondering why the dark eldar dont use him?, there Eldar and far more warlike than their craftworld counterparts so shldnt the avatar fit in with them?

Puffin Magician
12-01-2006, 22:16
Pretty much the same reason DE don't have Aspect Warriors or Wraithguard - they're both "Eldar" yes, but the Craftworlders live a completely different lifestyle and do all sorts of things [mentally, physically, and spiritually] that their dark kin do not. Methods use to summon the Avatar are unique to Craftworld, path-oriented Eldar.

12-01-2006, 22:18
The Throne of the Avatar is located in the very heart of every Craftworld. After Khaine's defeat, the pieces of his body scattered, and that's where they went.

It seems the Dark Eldar have turned their backs on the old Eldar gods, so I wouldn't expect them to have an Avatar.

Jester Boy
12-01-2006, 23:06
But imagine if the DE stole a avatar and got the big fella going all dark and pissed! Oh the conversions! The "Dark Farther" would know how. If the guy exists.

12-01-2006, 23:41
He's too slow to really fit. I for one hate the talos(sp? - codex not at College). I consider it to be the "Dark" Avatar. I believe that any unit that you take for DE needs to at least have the option to move 24" a turn.
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12-01-2006, 23:50
As Sildani already said, the Dark Eldar seem to have turned away from there old gods.
Also in order to fully awaken the Avatar a Craftworld Eldar who IIRC is chosen from the craftworlds Exarchs(the young king), must willingly sacrifice themselves to it. Some how I cant see a DE willingly sacrificing there soul to a warp entity, and thats assuming that the Avatar would even except the soul of a DE.

13-01-2006, 02:20
not to mention that even if the DE got an eldar he would still be pure to the ways of Kaela Mensha Kaine. also he wouldnt have a wailing doom. and when Kaine was destroyed his body parts where spread throughout the universe and only the reg. eldar could sense where these parts where because the DE turned their backs on the eldar gods.

Jester Boy
13-01-2006, 02:59
Ok, lets just say that The Dark Farther, who used to be a phonix lord himself and could be the master of the incubi got his hands on a cold avatar and turned it using his knowledge of the old ways. Then it "might" happen. The main thing is it would be a FANTASTIC CONVERSION. If I can find my old avatar and can be botherd I'm going to do it. I dont care if you cant play with the ****, it would be very cool to do.

13-01-2006, 04:17
Do up the model, and use it as a stand in for a Talos.

13-01-2006, 04:55
ive actaully seen an avatar conversoin in an gw order book that won a golden deamon was done up to be a DE Archon sweet as hell conversion

13-01-2006, 12:26
In a way, 'turning' an Avatar is about as likely as making a Keeper of Secrets abandon Slaanesh and worship the Emperor.

The Avatar is a Daemon. Daemons are minute scaled down versions of their respective deities. They don't posess agency unto their own except as to that which is circumscribed by the nature of what they are.

The posibility of Dark Eldar corrupting an Avatar of Khaine would be a perverting of it's nature, and Daemons being creatures bound by their nature would cease to be if that nature were changed.

The Dark Eldar do not honour Khaine, if they did, and they lived on a craftworld, then they would be just like most of the other Eldar walking the Way. As they ridicule the Way, they are forsaken by Khaine, hence why the Avatar can never be part of the lives of the dark kin. Now part of their deaths, well that's a whole different ball game;).

13-01-2006, 13:40
ive actaully seen an avatar conversoin in an gw order book that won a golden deamon was done up to be a DE Archon sweet as hell conversion

Any pictures?

El Ravager
13-01-2006, 16:04
Because it's not in their codex?

El Rav

13-01-2006, 23:30
If my interpretation of the background is correct, the Dark Eldar can't use the Avatar coz they can't kindle him. They may well have spare one's sitting around, but it requires the sacrifice of an Eldar to bring him to life. In my interpretation, this means that the Eldar Soul is consumed in the process. Dark Eldar don't have souls, just the void, therefore they cannot awaken Khaine, regardless of how appropriate it would be to have the God of Murder lead the Dark Eldar army..