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03-09-2009, 18:04
what would happen if a bloodletter or plague bearer type daemon had a hand, arm or leg damaged (ie gets its arm blown off by a bolter) will the daemon just manifest a new limb from the warp or will it just carry on fighting without the limb?

and as the daemons energy is only able to sustain itself for so long will growing a new limb mean it will use its energy up quicker?

03-09-2009, 21:10
The daemon would fight on with whichever scares you worse...

A daemons appearance is supposed to be the most frightening death you can sort out in your mind...

blood for the blood god

03-09-2009, 21:42
They usually panic/ go into shock later and lose thier grip on reality and go home

Askil the Undecided
04-09-2009, 00:29
Imagine a deamon's body as a man made of blu-tac built by a child. Whatever harm you do to the body doesn't matter, the child will just keep fixing it until the it finds it too much trouble or gets bored.

The manifestation of a deamon is just a body it pulled together to wear while it hurts you, when you destroy it (by damaging it too much for the deamon to afford to expend the energy to fix) the deamon cuts it's losses and goes back to the warp to muster up the energy to make another.

In short a deamon's body cannot really be wounded in any meaningful way if it ends up with one arm (due to injury) and wants two it'll just grow a new one. However doing so does deplete the energy of the deamon shortening it's manifestation unless there is a source of ambient warp energy to draw from.

04-09-2009, 11:06
Probably regenerates the limb - if it couldn't, it probably was banished by the loss of energy and coherence.

04-09-2009, 18:26
It depends on the daemon in question. The lesser daemons do not appear to have individual souls. In a way it is like working with clay, if the bowl you are making flops over then it is tossed back into the slab of clay. If a Daemonette is missing a leg or a Bloodletter is missing a head then they are returned to the warp and a replacement is reformed. Nothing was gained and nothing was lost. For the greater daemons and the ascended mortals who still possess individual souls then any regeneration of wounds or lost limbs is at the whim of their patron god. An example is the Bloodthirster Skarbrand angered Khorne who removed his wings. Some gods like Tzeentch or Slaanesh would change their champions appearance to suit their current mood. An armless daemon prince could be turned into a giant snake for instance.

04-09-2009, 22:32
I'd say they would fight on with what they got and regenerate the wound after the battle. However, I don't think they would be able to regenerate in mid-battle as standing around waiting for your arm to regrow while someone's trying to kill you is a bad idea unless you can do it quickly enough that it'd practically be godmode.

Askil the Undecided
04-09-2009, 23:02
That's kind of the point w00tm0ng3r.

A deamon will keep regenerating bloody fast until it hasn't got the energy to hold it's body in the physical universe together. That's why they have a save in game terms it isn't becqause they aren't hurt but simply that they can still hold the body together.

04-09-2009, 23:02
In Daemon World a daemonette was set on fire and kept coming until enough arrows was put into it, and a Daemon Prince rips its own face off to reveal a brass skull under it.

In Legacy a daemon possessed a person and when shooting at it, they noticed that guns that do a lot of tissue damage work better, as the body is not affected by stuff like blood lost and shock (laser burn small holes, shotgun turns you inside out), but a busted leg slows it down.

I doubt your average daemon has much in the way or generative abilities. They're quite limited in the physical world. Their bodies carry on as long as they're intact, since they're not that bound by the conventional sense of life (won't go into shock, etc.) they should keep working as long as the physics of the body are intact (muscles work and bones keep it together).

Khaeron Baoth
05-09-2009, 14:33
In Warhammer Fantasy armybook Skulltaker was told to have scar made by Sigmar. Skulltaker still had it on his face.

05-09-2009, 14:59
It really depends on how the daemon manifested. If it manifested by possessing a host, then it'll have to rely on the material of the host body. So a Bloodletter possessing a human body for example will have only the mass of the possessed human to play around with. Sure, it could try to replace the mass lost from the blown-away leg, but that mass'll have to come from somewhere else.
For a summoned daemon though, ie one that has made its body from pure Warp-stuff, then it depends on how much energy it can draw on. For a lesser daemon, this would probably amount to crud-all, but for a Greater Daemon, they'll be tough as hell.

As for the example of Skarbrand and his lack of wings though, that isn't an injury per se. To be precise, it's a degree of ability taken away from the Warp Presence that is the daemon, that we rationalise as the loss of wings. Skarbrand couldn't regenerate them if he tried. They explained it in the Fantasy Daemons FAQ, that daemons technically have no real body, what we see is a metaphorical rationalisation of that Daemons warp-presence. A limb being torn off is the rationalisation of energy being lost by the daemon, rather than any 'physical' injury of the daemon.

06-09-2009, 00:29
My personal take on it is that they are manifesting physically and therefor have to manifest kind of pyshically working bodies. So you can shop them up and black gore or whatever comes out of the wound.
The "invisible/invincible" ones usually (as far as i have read) seems only to manifest where the warp and reality cross or lie close to eachother.

06-09-2009, 05:11
Possessing a material object probably requires less energy than manifesting by with a form created solely from warp energy, which in most cases should mean you're dealing with a (relatively) weak daemon. If you chop off any part of the possesed creature, it won't be able to regrow that part in combat (or at least fill it in) but neither would the Daemon be banished unless you can critically disrupt his presence.