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Ordo Hydra
03-09-2009, 18:05
I've been reading about the Enslavers again recently and it got me thinking. How would they react to the presence of a Pariah or Untouchable, those individuals that have no presence in the Warp? Its written that typically, Exterminatus is considered if the Enslavers have got a foothold in a situation but sometimes if they can catch the infestation early the Imperium can save the colony. So if say an Inquisitorial Kill Team is sent, could they be reinforced with a Culexus Assassin to take down the Enslaver infestation?

03-09-2009, 22:13
I dunno - if a massive Enslaver infestation took hold of a planet, you'd probably need a lot of pariahs to counteract it. Enslavers work by turning individuals with a psychic presence (essentially, anyone) into a living warp-conduit to draw in more enslavers to continue the process. Pariahs, generally, only have a limited radius and effect on psychic influence (depending on their abilities, as there are 'levels' of psyker there are levels of 'negative psychic' influence). An Inquisition kill team assigned a culexus assassin probably couldnt halt a major enlsaver plague - there'd just be too many of them spread over too large a distance.

However, if one knew where to find the early nests and hosts for the Enslavers, pariahs could probably blunt their effects enough for them to be liquidated.

It all depends on how negative the pariahs are, how many you have to hand and how dug in the infestation is.

Lord Damocles
03-09-2009, 22:17
Plus you'd probably also have issues with your Pariahs getting shot at by enslaved people.

Even if they're not perceptable to the Enslavers themselves, they shouldn't be to any other troops under the Enslavers' sway.

03-09-2009, 23:54
let's just say that the fleet that plans to commit Exterminatus has some culexus on board, in case they arrive before the infestation has startet -> warp travel phenomenas.