View Full Version : 2500 Tzeentch Mortals lists for league finals

12-01-2006, 22:55
On Feb. 4th, the local fantasy league will be coming to a close when the finals take place. This is my first fantasy league, and my first fantasy army.. so far it has been a blast, and I've already begun my second WHFB army :)

Because I was on a very tight budget, I had to choose a fairly cheap fantasy army to start with, so Chaos was the obvious choice... and then Tzeentch, because of all the expensive units and whatnot. That said, this list will be considered "cheese" by many of the posters here, because I have *gasp* 14 power dice, and *bigger gasp* the uber cheesy lord on dragon with staff of mega-reroll and beardy 3+ cheese save :o

But ah well.. so far, none of my gaming group has really complained, because the list has some reletively large weaknesses (low mdoel count, no buff to psychology like other chaos armies, etc).

I present my list to you all to look at, and critique.

Chaos Lord, MoT, Great Weapon, Shield, Chaos Dragon, Staff of Change, Eye Of Tzeentch - 814

Exalted Champion, MoT, Great Weapon, Shield, Spell Familiar, Chaos Steed - 207
Exalted Champion, MoT, Great Weapon, Shield, 2x Dispel Scrolls - 226

16x Chaos Warriors, MoT, Hand Weapon + Shield, Full Command - 290
15x Chaos Warriors, MoT, Hand Weapon + Shield, Full Command - 275
5x Chaos Knights, MoT, Chosen, Full Command, Blasted Standard - 345
1x Chaos Chariot, MoT - 140
5x Chaos Warhounds - 30
5x Chaos Warhounds - 30

2x Chaos Spawn - 120

Total: 2477
Power Dice: 14
Dispel Dice: 6 + 2 Scrolls
Models: 53

Lately I've been running a nearly identical list, that had a BSB instead of the fighting aspiring champion. However, in some 6 odd games, the BSB has never come into play. So I am going back to the exalted champion with GW/Shield.

As you can see, I have an extra 23 points, that I am having a hard time filling. Any ideas?
Also, the league finals are strict... 2500pts or less... not a point more.

Thanks in advance :D