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04-09-2009, 01:18
I'am just wondering but is there any fluff on ships having mishaps while traveling through the warp such as arriving at the destination but 100 year earlier or ending up in the future?

04-09-2009, 01:22
codex orks has one where a warboss goes back in time and fights against himself so he has a spare of his favourite weapon, unfortunately for him this also stops his waaagh from happening

04-09-2009, 01:34
Yes, the fluff says this happens with some regularity. I remember reading, for instance, that it's not unheard of for Imperial warships to be dispatched to some troublespot, get embroiled in a warp-storm, and emerge to find that hundreds of years have passed in the outside universe and the war they were supposed to participate in has been over for generations. They had no idea until they came out of warp space, because from the crew's point of view, only a few months had passed. I think this was talked about in the 3rd Edition master rulebook's fluff section. There was also a bit of fluff in the old Assassins Codex (also 3rd Edition) about an assassin who was sent to kill a rebellious planetary governor, but her ship got thrown off-course in the warp, and she arrived at her destination system to find that the rebellious governor was long-dead and a new government was in control of the planet.

So yes, that stuff does happen.

04-09-2009, 01:43
And that's getting off mildly. If the Geller Field fails for even a few seconds then the odds are quite high that someon on board is going to wind up possessed by a daemon...or that the entire ship is going to get overrun in a tide of gribbly mutating death.

Navigators dead? Good luck getting back to civilisation in your lifetime.

This being the 40K universe, things generally get worse from there.

Askil the Undecided
04-09-2009, 02:08
It's mentioned in 2nd ed Codex Ultramarines that the big E himself got knocked off course by 5 years when he went to meet Papa SMurf the 1st (Guillliman) for the first time.

So instead of finding Guillliman as a young general having a war with uncivilised mountain tribes, he found him ruling as Consul of Macragge, absolute ruler of the entire planet after taking power by popular demand after a civil war killed the previous ruler Guillliman's adoptive father Konnor.

There's also mentions in the last chancer books of men waking up from nightmares in warp transit " not always screaming with their own voice." and killing everyone they can reach before dropping dead.

Add to that the hundreds of allusions to simple time distortions and lost ships and add a few mentions of ships full of 200 year old men who left "yesterday" or ships found that have been missing for 2 years that are full of dust, bones and 9th generation degenerate cannibals and then you have half the picture.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
04-09-2009, 02:24
Very, very nasty things happen to you and your favorite organs/limbs/soul when 'warp travel' and 'mishap' are combined. Time travel is the least of your worries.

If I recall correctly, a Firebase supplement in days gone detailed the Imperial reclamation of a rebel world, spearheaded by the Death Korps of Kreig, and noticeably lacking promised Astartes support. Some years later, with the planet conquered, Imperial rule re-established, and Navy/Guard elements fully withdrawn, a Strike Cruiser of the White Scars exits the warp in-system and promptly initiates an orbital assault to cripple the civil leadership and command/control facilities of the planet. Having done so quite efficiently, the White Scars realize their mistake, and depart in an unobtrusive fashion, leaving behind a basket of assorted fruits and a particularly sincere letter apologizing profusely for killing everyone and expressing the hope that they might stand them alcoholic beverages of choice back at the Fortress-Monastery some time.

04-09-2009, 10:03
That made me laugh :)

04-09-2009, 11:57
Pawns of Chaos tells of a fleet that responds to a request for help, are apparently ambushed and the remnants colonize the planet, so that their descendants can in the future send that request for help.

Saul T
04-09-2009, 12:03
There was mention of a batle force of imperial Navy and Guard went to quell an up rising in a few systems. The force got caught in warp storms and reached their destination a few hundred years after they were due and the systems had fully fallen under the powers of chaos and the plantets turned into nightnmare worlds. The Imperial general saw this and just gave the order to attack. The result was not recorded.

Can't for the life of me remember the name of the incident or the genral. Think it is from 3ed rule book.

04-09-2009, 13:45
Don't forget the Fire Hawks. Lost in the warp only to become freaky zombie marines (Legion of the Damned).