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Etienne de Beaugard
04-09-2009, 03:08
I recently got back in contact with an old friend who plays LotR SBG. So, I dug out my copy of the rules and actually started reading them in greater depth. While I have a few quibbles here and there, I really like the game system. That is, until I got to the siege engine rules.

I've had a little experience with archery and 1/4th scale ballista and trebuchet through historical re-enactment. For rate of fire, my experience has been hand-bow archer is fastest, crossbow is next (a little faster than half the speed of a hand-bow, but this assumes hand cocking. Adding a hook, lever or windlass slows the process down further.) Slowest is a 2-person crew working a 'war-machine.'

Yet in LotR, a mordor catapult with a slow minded troll can fire twice as fast as an elven archer. :wtf:

I understand GW wants to keep the archery rate-of-fire and ranges down, so the game remains fun, but they could at least keep things somewhat consistent with 'reality.'

Anyways, thanks for reading. I needed to vent on this topic.

P.S. What do you think would happen to bow costs if all the hand-bows were allowed, in addition to current rules, two shots if the model stands still?

04-09-2009, 03:21
P.S. What do you think would happen to bow costs if all the hand-bows were allowed, in addition to current rules, two shots if the model stands still?

Elvish gunlines:eek:

haven't had a proper read through the siege engine rules in sbg, but does sound rather odd from what you have explained. Only thoght i can give is gw tried to interpret the constant fire o f catapults at Minas Tirth from the film by adding the trolls (which imo should be part of the catapult crew as i really don't see an orc, or two, or three, lifting up one of those boulders).

if there was a change into adding a troll i would make it the stranegth or amount of damage the shot makes, as the troll would be able to load larger amunition onto the catapult.... just an idea.

also, and something I've thought about before, the catapult troll gw makes is twice the size of a cave troll, where as in the film they are well under the height of a cave troll (probably being the smaller trols, not serving very well in an all out fight comapred to the hill troll kin.... but thats going completley off topic:p

04-09-2009, 09:03
I noticed that ages ago(Being a keen fan of historical battles linke Roman Warfare). I can understand why they did it and apricate it but it is a little silly as if you actually witness a Tebuchet being loaded and fired it takes about 5-15 minites depending on the skill of the crew wheres i could (With now bow training) could fire of atleast 15 arrows by that time but if that was taken into account then no one would use the seige engines as tehy would get 1 shot and that it.

05-09-2009, 09:32
Talked about this exact subject a while ago with a friend, we concluded catapults and trebuchets simply shouldn't be in a normal SBG battle.
They should only be available in sieges, as that's what they're good at: shooting big immovable things down.
Seeing the time it costs to walk forward, dodge a blow and stab somebody in the belly or to walk a bit and shoot a bow, compared to the time it costs to load a catapult.. it just doesn't work. I can see a ballista (just a small thing like a Roman scorpio) firing at a decent rate (though still not as quickly as an archer), but a catapult, that's just nonsense.
But then.. how often do you see a big siege engine being fielded? I don't see many at my local store...

05-09-2009, 17:38
I agree. You almoist never see them. I oftne field an Avenger to deal with Dragons etc but nothing much else.