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04-09-2009, 11:46

As I'm not an owner of the new Space Hulk boxed set, I was just curious:

The first edition of space hulk was set aboard the Sin of Damnation, and this is where it turns out the Blood Angels walked away with only 50 of their number.

Now, when the second edition was released, it had the missions for the Sin of Damnation but also included two other hulks, the Spawn of Execration and the Harbinger of Despair. The assault on the second hulk was led by a Commander Borgia.

As such, I was curious;

1. Does the new Space Hulk fluff indicate that this is the first space hulk the Blood Angels have come across since the Sin of Damnation?

2. Does it say as to whether this is actually the same hulk as before, or just another one?

3. Does this then mean that the subsequent background regarding the Spawn of Execration and the Harbinger of Despair has been retconned?

04-09-2009, 11:58
Technically, the hulk where the Blood Angels were massacred was never the Sin Of Damnation. the Sin Of Damnation is the hulk featured in the mission book of 1st edition Space Hulk. This is the same campaign as featured in 2nd and now 3rd edition .

The two other campaigns featured in 2nd edition are not mentioned. However, the background information is still relevant, and "un-retconned".

As your .sig mentiones, the Harbinger Of Despair showed up in 736.M41. The Spawn Of Execration showed up 30 years previously. The unnamed hulk where the Blood Angels were defeated showed up in 996.M40, and the Sin Of Damnation about 600 years subsequently, around 660.M41. Everything still fits.

One possible retcon is that a couple of the missions from the Deathwing campaign "Broken Knife's Duty" are now part of the Sin Of Damnation campaign - "Unknown Lifeforms" is one, although in the original, you never found out what the titular three specimens were.

04-09-2009, 12:19
This version is about the BA's getting revenge going by this thread


04-09-2009, 12:29
Huh, always assumed it was the same hulk.

Thanks for the confirmation.