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05-09-2009, 10:45
Ok, I need a good lizardmen list to take on dwarves, high elves, orcs n gobbos, and Ogres, I want to base it around a Slann with the soul of stone and focused rumination, And temple guard with two supporting saurus blocks of twenty, can anyone help me out the VA has me on some new medication and i cant seem to focus too much for long lol.

p.s. I know it says BoC my bad.

07-09-2009, 17:40
So we'd be looking at:

Slann: Focused Rumination, Soul of Stone. 325 Points.
20 Saurus Warriors: 220 Points.
20 Saurus Warriors: 220 Points.
16 Temple Guard: 256 Points.
Total: 1021 Points.

So we'll have 979 points to spare.
Which could be:
Skink Priest: Engine of the Gods, 2nd lvl. 390 Points.
Scar-Veteran: Light Armour, Shield, Sword of the Hornet, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior. 143 Points.
2-3 Salamander Hunting Packs: 150/225(+5-15) Points. Possibly two units of those.
Assuming we take two 2-sally packs, we're left with 146 points for magic items for the Slann/Skink.
For the slann you could go with the Cupped Hands of the Old Ones to make it even more unlikely that you'll suffer a miscast with it. Add a Divine Plaque of Protection and your slann should have more than enough protection. A dispel scroll finishes off his magic items allowance.
While for the skink priest its almost a no-brainer to give it the Diadem of Power so your slann can have more power dice, with a dispel scroll rounding up his remaining items.

Total points: 2004 Points.

Slann goes into the unit of Temple Guard, giving it 4 full ranks. From there it can safely cast spells or cast them through the skink priest.
The Skink Priest is best positioned behind the temple guard, with the two units of saurus warriors next to it and the temple guard. This way it can protect the sauri with its Portent of Warding.
The Scar-Veteran will stay alone on foot, attempting to cast its Steed of Shadow spell after the other units have cast their spells. This increases the chance of the spell working, and gives the Scar-Vet its much needed maneuverability.
The Salamander Hunting Packs will each lurk on one of your flanks, or on the side where your opponent has its heavily-armoured units (like Dragon Knights).
The Saurus Warriors, like I noted above, will move together with the Temple Guard in the centre of your force to engage opposing units in melee.