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13-01-2006, 13:34
+++So for the last three or four years now I've been attempting to bring Daemon World Armies back into Warhammer 40,000 and at the same time giving them a breath of fresh air. Obviously this army would prove to be difficult, as it would largely be centered around Close Combat, but I think I've managed to give the list enough ranged kapow to back up that impressive close combat ability of the army. What Im hear to do today is to get some feedback (and possibly suggestions) on new units I will be giving to the army.+++

+++Unlike last edition, Beastmen will be used somewhat differently, falling under a sort of Possessed Guardsmen unit (known as Ghouls) as an upgrade and there will be no minotaurs. Anyways, onto the new unit introductions.+++

+++Unlike the CSM Daemon Prince, this one is more of a true, full-powered Daemon Prince in what you can do with it. Its stats are very similar to that of a Chaos Lord with Daemonic Stature, however its the upgrading potential of the Daemon World Armies Daemon Prince that makes it so deadly. Not only will you be able to give it Gifts to boost its abilities, but you will be privy to Tyranid-like upgrades for the Daemon Prince to increase his stats even further, so the potential will be there to create a truely powerful Daemon Prince of Chaos (if you dont mind shelling out large amounts of points that is).+++

+++Think of the this guy as the Chaos Liuetenant of the Daemon World Army, only with more pizzaz. He's basically a cheaper varient to having to purchase a Daemon Prince or a Greater Daemon.+++

+++Well I finally figured out something cool for those of you who want to play an Undivided Daemon World Army. These bad boys, which were inspired by El'Gigante from Resident Evil 4, are massively mutated humans, grown to gigantic size by their daemonic gifts and turned into fully fledged daemons. Although their stats are not as impressive (well, depends what way you look at it...) as something like a BloodThirster, the fact that you can take two (plus adding the Greater Daemons rule of a certain number of them per army depending on the points level of the battle) where most could only take one Daemon Prince is rather nice.+++

+++Imagine a Chaos Spawn, only much, much bigger, and you have this badboy. This heaping mound of warp-mutated flesh, bone, and tissues would not only be an imposing (and utterly grotesque) sight on the battlefield, but with its random stats (generated at the beggining of the game) it has the potential to be incredibly potent or pretty standard stat-wise. Risky taking him, but it embodies the true essense of Chaos.+++

+++Ever wondered what an army of Obliterators looks like? Well, chosing this badboy as your General means that not only can you take Obliterators as Elites choices instead of their listed Heavy Support choices in the standard army doctrine, but that you also have access to lesser Obliterators, known as Obliterator Kin (imagine IG variation of Oblitators, only less potent and more random) as Troops Choices. Would be a very slow moving army, but incredibly potent none-the-less.+++

+++Well just as Chaos Undivided would need their Greater Daemon equivilent means they would need their Daemon Packs varient. This is that varient. Terrors of Chaos Undivided are mishapen creatures straight out of the abstract nightmares of living creatures connected to the warp. These foul daemons often carry crude weapons and impose a sense of utter terror in nearby foes who look upon them, their erratic movements as they shamble forward sending chills down the spines of even the most hardened warriors.+++

+++Similar to Plague Zombies, Shamblers have been consumed by a lesser daemon, reducing their functionality while at the same time making them rather potent horde units or easily enough a shield unit, able to take a rather impressive volley of fire and come out standing.+++

+++Like the Traitors from the Lost and the Damned, Ghouls are former militaristic creatures (Humans, Eldar, Tau, etc) that have become possessed with a daemon. This squad forms a main (and often essential) firing line in the Daemon World Army ranks, providing lower-tier fire support for the advancing close combat units.+++

+++These foul abominations were once normal creatures (Humans, Orks, etc) that have become twisted by Chaos. Unlike most worshippers of the Chaos Gods, Tormented hate what they have become and what they serve, embodying this very hate for Chaos and themselves in their appearance and in battle. These abominations will recklessly and carelessly charge into battle in utter rage and fury, thier mumbled screams coming out from their twisted self-inflicted wounds and torture devices, their weapons being their very bodies, metal objects of torture being used as razor sharp weapons of war. They welcome death to release them from their damnation, however through their insanity they will take anyone they can with them to their eternal slumber.+++

+++Out of all the masses of a Daemon World Army, the Repugnants of Chaos are by far the most disturbing creatures. Although they have humanoid shape to their form they have no distinguishing features to identify them as human or otherwise, their maw full of irregularly positioned and pointed thin, razor sharp teeth, their eyes deep-set and black in color. Their abilities range depending on what Chaos God they have been sent by, which often effects their appearance as well.+++

13-01-2006, 15:07
Obliterators are elites in the CSM list anyway

13-01-2006, 15:12
Obliterators are elites in the CSM list anyway

+++To quote you, "in the CSM list", this is a Daemon World Army in which Oblits will be counting as Heavy Support normally.+++

13-01-2006, 22:13
very good , it makes my attempt at a daemons list look like crap. few suggestions

*taking more ideas from resi evil 4 (utter class) i would suggest a 'daemon whithin rule for the shamblers. when one dies in combat, roll a dice. on a 6 make 2 S4 attacks at WS3 against the unit, representing the daemon making a last strike before dissapearing into non existence.

*warp beasts from the dark eldar book. make em a bit more reliable as they wouldnt have beastmasters

*although my list was kindof uninventive, i did make one new unit, called a warp daemon (you could call it what you liked)
this thing has the terrifying and legendary of being able to utilise the warp to appear anywhere at any time, causing carnage in all periods of history. such is its abilities that it is considered a myth

0-1 warp daemon (you have the option of naming this yourself. You still need to put the original name down)

Pts85 WS5 BS4 S5 T5 W3 A2 I4 Ld8 Sv3+/4+
No: 1-3 in a unit. operate independently across the battle field
Weapons: molten fire (melta gun) and daemonic flames (flamer)
Upgrades: may upgrade both weapons with daemonic equivalents of a multi melta and heavy flamer at +10 pts each.
May get wings at +20pts each.
Mark of Khorne (+1 Atk)
Mark of Slannesh (+1 I ) all +10 pts
Mark of Tzneetch (doombolt)
Mark of Nurgle (feel no pain ability on last wound)

Special rules:
Monstrous Creature.

Can fire heavy weapons on the move.

Master of warp travel: this creature can travel in and out of the warp at will, its abilities to vanish and appear somewhere else in space or time are considered myth rather than actual fact. To represent this the chaos dragon is deployed with the rest of the army at the start of the game. However, instead of moving normally, a chaos dragon may instead move using the following rules: place an ordanance marker anywhere on the board (except impassable terrain and difficult terrain if it has wings) and use scattering rules as if it was a deep strike , except only use 1 d6 to determine how far it scatters. It canít move or assault, but it can shoot. However, if you roll a 1 or 6 on the D6 scatter, you must roll another dice. On a 1 it has decided to go on a vacation to a faraway planet, gotten lost etc. basically remove it as a casualty.

*another idea was daemon world possesed, these were far more daemon then human, and can be banished, with immense difficulty


Pts-26 WS-5 BS-0 S-5 T-4 W-1 A-2 I-5 Ld-9 Sv-4+
No: 5-12
Weapons: claws and talons (2 close combat weapons)

Upgrades: they may take the same upgrades as possessed in the chaos rulebook.
In addition they must also take a mark, which determines the power they get
Mark of khorne: rage of khorne
Mark of nurgle: cloud of flies All +5 pts each
Mark of slannesh: seductive illusions
Mark of tzeentch: misdirecting
Special Rules:
Instability: daemonic possessed are partially connected to the warp, and as such can still be banished with enough effort. When rolling for daemonic instability and you fail it, half the number of possessed will be destroyed (rounding up). E.G a possessed squad fails its instability by 4. Any normal daemon unit would lose 4, but in the case of daemon possessed, only 2 are destroyed.

Psychic powers: use the unitís leadership to roll the psychic test on. If a peril of the warp attack is activated, one model dies instantly (the unfortunate possessed is laid into from all sides by hungry daemons of the warp) and the psychic power fails.

Rage of khorne: this is cast at the start of your own assault phase, and lasts until the end of your own turn. The unit counts as having the rending weapons ability, if the unit already has the rending weapons ability, then the units activates rending weapons on a 5 or 6 instead of just a 6.

Cloud of flies: this is cast at the start of your opponents assault phase, and lasts until the end of the turn. Any model attacking this unit suffers a -1 to hit.

Seductive illusions: this is cast at the start of your opponents assault phase and lasts until the end of the turn, any unit in combat with this unit must pass a leadership test to attack.

Misdirection: this is cast at the start of your opponents assault phase. Before any attacks are struck, the possessed unit may move 2D6 in any direction (3D6 for units with daemonic speed), effectively leaving combat. If they contact another unit, they count as having charged and fight the combat there and then.

Invulnerable: possessed have an invulnerable save (4+)

*and some new psychic powers, including one passive one a khorne daemon can take

Psychic Powers

Summon Furies (+15pts, undivided daemons only)
This power is activated in the movement phase of your turn, and requires a psychic test. Summon one fury to a unit of furies of your choice.

Essence Shift (+20pts, not available to khorne daemons)
This power is activated in the movement phase, requires a psychic test, and can only be cast on non khorne infantry (so no beasts, cavalry, monstrous creatures etc.) the daemon attempts to shift that unit to another place on the field. Use the same rules as with the warp daemon deep striking, but you do not roll again on a 1 for scattering. The daemon is putting itself at risk though using this power and to represent this, the daemon takes a wound (if it fails the test) for every point he failed it by, in exactly the same way as daemonic instability. The daemon will also take a wound if it suffers perils of the warp, and suffers -1 to leadership when shifting units out of combat.

Blood Rage
This power is active all the time, and does not require a psychic test. All khorne infantry units within 6 inches move an additional inch

13-01-2006, 22:19

*maybe make the pure daemons (bloodletters, daemonettes, plaguebearers, horrors and furies) mainstay (can only take one unit of a certain mark for every pure daemon unit with the same mark)

*lastly: daemons in this list wont get summoned right? in which case theyll have to footslog across the field, taking amounts of punishment they werent designed to take, and the same with the distance. for this i gave them 4+ invunerable vs shooting, and for bloodletter, thats what blood rage is for.

i know this is ALOT of suggestions, and you have every right to ignore the lot of em, but theres my first contribution for ya

Easy E
16-01-2006, 21:45
Love the names and ideas. Any rules coming? This is a great idea.

17-01-2006, 02:54
Not approaching it with the classic list in mind? The classic list (for the uninitiated) consisted largely of Warhammer Fantasy chaos troops in a 40K army (in the 2nd edition of 40K they shared all of the same stats).

I'd argue that a well thought out and applied LatD list will stand in as a Daemonworld army quite nicely.

Daemonprince: Use the Daemonprince rules from Codex:CSM.
Trolls and Minotaurs: Easily adapted from the big mutants in the LatD army list.
Beastmen: the "khornate" vesion of mutants. Although some would like to see a return to their W2 status this doesn't really scan with the new 40K rules, I'd be tempted to give them Feel no pain instead.
Mutants/Cultists/Slaves:Just use the mutants entry in the LatD armylist.
Traitors:Again refer to the LatD list.
Daemons:As per LatD.
Chaos Marines:Can be included as allies.
Chaos Spawn:As per LatD.

There is only really a call for a slight change to the Daemonic Instability rules and maybe allow all daemon types to be set up on the table as normal troops instead of summoning or possession.
I could see an argument for a human psyker, but this could easily be included as an upgrade for a Trator or mutant squad and perhaps some daemonworld specific psychic powers (I particularly like the idea of the Daemonprince being able to Appear/Vanish into his world at a moments notice).

So rather than an armylist you've got president for a handfull of special rules to represent an army.

Two units I'd include if I could:
Cultists: gotta love the Ws2 Bs2 cannon fodder nutjobs
Massive Beast: some kind of giant monster either as a Transport beast (As I've seen suggested elsewhere) or even as a Steed for a Daemonprince.

20-01-2006, 01:49
Thanks for your posting, TWB, I believe it's an important one as demons are definitly not the greatest part of a demon world's population. I was just about to mention Minotaurs, Trolls, Beastmen and the like.

I would also suggest to include Chaos Warriors/Barbarians and the like.:) One big problem with a DW list is that there can be huge differences between those worlds, depending on the prince reigning it / the forces fighting for the world.

20-01-2006, 04:46
Thanks for your posting, TWB, I believe it's an important one as demons are definitly not the greatest part of a demon world's population. I was just about to mention Minotaurs, Trolls, Beastmen and the like.

I would also suggest to include Chaos Warriors/Barbarians and the like.:) One big problem with a DW list is that there can be huge differences between those worlds, depending on the prince reigning it / the forces fighting for the world.

I think it would be easy to make a set of Daemonworld themes similar to Traits, either patron related or otherwise. These would alter the composition of the army, allowing extra units of one type in exchange for a reduction or ban of another type.