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05-09-2009, 23:15
I currently am writing a Nurgle cavalry list and am trying to figure out if I want two chariots or to put something else in their place(not a fan of the model)

What is everyones opinion on the Chaos Chariot, what would you take in their place?

NOTE: I already have two units of knights at 2250, I think thats enough.

Nurgling Chieftain
05-09-2009, 23:37
I'd replace them with something with M6+ that hits at S6+, so ogres or dragon ogres with great weapons. Or just more marauder horseman...

05-09-2009, 23:46
What is your opinion on the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth?

05-09-2009, 23:48
What is your opinion on the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth?

Cool model, terrible rules. If you want a big monster that hits hard the giant is much better, his stubborn allows him to hold up entire units by himself (assuming he survives the shooting) mark of slaanesh lets him hit first to which can seriously damage anything he ends up in combat with. By comparrison the shaggoth is merely a large target that runs away from static combat res.

Alternatively three dragon ogres with great weapons will outperform the shaggoth too. More wounds collectively and they still hit with strength 7.

05-09-2009, 23:56
The slaanesh giant is a... Giant i-win button!(Pun intended) Simply because of that lovely roll of one you can get. Just got charged by half a million chaos knights? No problem for this charming song. Trying to jump up and down on waaaay too many units? No problem for the bad breath from the southern parts of the globe.

So... yeah, i hate him, my enemy loves to field him. The Dragon Ogre Shaggoth is worse then regular dragon ogres in both getting shot up and smacking **** up.

06-09-2009, 02:12
I'd take Chariots, if only because they can careen into a lot of things and win a round of combat, or at least hold the opposition still for you to flank. They're really useful as deterrent/area denial, especially to enemy heavy cavalry, and when slammed into a unit after the fighting's already started, can (potentially) wildly swing the combat resolution in your favor, due to their first-turn impression with impact hits.

They're also a lot cheaper than Knights, and can be used to take some heat off your Knights or soften a few targets up.

06-09-2009, 09:39
Don't forget if you put a character in the chariot, it will be unit strength 5. Thus allowing ranks denial on flank charges, while giving the character a +2 boost to his armour save. Except for challenges that is. Also with a character the chariot doesn't take up any special unit slots.