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06-09-2009, 05:05
Ok, so my High Elves just got stolen. Balls.
While this enrages me, what it leaves me with is having to take my barely used Empire army to 'Ard Boyz. Given that I'm the organizer as well (And have a few privileges as such, such as being able to proxy a few things as my situation is known).

Anyways, What I'm stuck with is trying to figure out what to take with Empire to be any good against most of the power builds. I have at my disposal a BUCKETLOAD (like 50) knights, 5 or 6 cannons, a unit of pistolleers, about 60 state troops, about 30 handgunners, and 25 flagellants. I can also do really whatever characters I feel like getting (I can easily convert about anything using my few remaining Elves, including Karl Franz on a dragon if I want).

I can also take a Steam Tank or 2 (Chaos Space Marine Predators :angel: ).

That said, I'm very unsure as to where to even begin, as I've never played this army to any competitive level, more just using it to screw around for fun games. I suppose I could drive 3 hours to go get by Brets back from a friend, but I'd like to give the empire a try.

Any suggestions?

06-09-2009, 21:00
Take three steam tanks, an arch lector on a war alter (with armor of meteoric iron and van horstmann's speculum, possibly other stuff as well), some wizards, bunches of cannons, maybe some pistoliers, some handgunners, and min/maxed units of knights.

That's just about the most powerful empire list you can muster... just be sure to take 3 steam tanks and the war alter.

07-09-2009, 09:47
You telling me you have no clue who took your High Elves. It is always some seedy looking kid in the background who has been eyeballing your stuff for a month. You go to lunch or some such thing and the kid and your High Elves are gone.
I'd beat the living day lights out of that person.... But that's just me!

I'm not a WAAC player so the ard boyz thing is not for me.

I think there have been over 100 views and no one wants to post here.. It think that speaks volumes unto itself that no one wants to give you advice on it.

I looked at your post earlier and found that putting a list together that is Cheese is not my cup of tea. Broken, cheese lists are not my thing.

Being that you are supposed to bring cheese - Karl Franz is in order.. although, I have never ever fielded him in 10 years of playing Warhammer. I have fielded a single steam tank from time to time about 2 times a year or so. I have fielded an arch lector on war altar on a regular basis. Mixing all these together would present a new dimension of elements.

There is one special character in the Empire that allows you to re-roll all psychology if within 12". I think it is Volkmar and for his points, I'd bring him to the fight. This will even things out for all the terror and fear causers sure to be present in almost all armies.

I can see Dual Blood Thirsters, Zombie Dragons, Chaos Lords on Dragons and so on. This is just the tip of the iceberg with more cheese to follow from that. So, the idea of having multiple cannons is sound advice. However, they need to be protected AND spread apart.

You will really need some serious luck to compete against all the super uber special characters you'll see. I'm sure Archaon in whatever carnation he is in. In any event, you'll need to be well prepared for all the super cheese you'll be facing. Steam Tank(s) usually serve well for this. Can't believe, I'm helping for a cheese list but that is what it is. Multiple units of knights preferably inner circle, one unit of flagellants (should be core provided you have an arch lector or Warrior Priest) which can hold up anything for a turn or more. These are all the things that Empire can do... I'd stay away from the Big Chicken (Griffon) as it really doesn't stand up to any of the opposing forces bad monsters (i.e. other dragons, blood thirster, and so on). Take the Van Horstman Speculum with the gorgons shield (-1 A in base contact) and challenge that blood thirster with your Warrior Priest/Arch Lector. The bloodthirster (or other big nasty like named shaggoth special character) will have only 1 attack as you swap stats. The VHS is a super great equalizer to the tough, nasty, nearly invincible super monster(s)/characters. They will not be in short supply. Just make sure it is a challenge though.

That's about it for now.... Go find and kick that guys ass that stole your High Elves! Some one knows something about it.. There were people around. Look on Ebay for your High Elves being sold also on Craig's list. If you see it, file a report with local police then they can get a warrant to server Ebay and get the username's address. Good luck..

vinny t
07-09-2009, 14:38
A rough list...

Franz on Dragon with Ghal Marz
Archlector on Popemobile with speculum and Mace of Helsturm
Scroll Caddy
Scroll Caddy
Rod of Power Caddy (optional)
*3 5 Knights with Musician
*3 10 Handgunners with Hochland
*4 Cannon
*2 5 Pistoliers
*3 Steam Tanks

That should be a really nasty list that could take out most of what it faces. I just made it up though and so have no clue what the points are. I's just a basic outline.

Bad luck with the High Elves. I would be majorly pissed if anything like that had happened.

07-09-2009, 18:33
Similar to the list above, but...

Give the pope armour of meteoric iron and probably sword of sigismund. Swapping strength then increasing it is brutal, whereas with mace of helstrum loses all the nice extra attacks you get.

Go for at least a warrior priest to go with the scroll caddies. Goes well with inner circle knights (unit of 6 with priest hits respectably hard for empire, and isn;t too expensive).

07-09-2009, 19:07
Everyone will expect the lector to have the speculum and therefore either charge it with multiple characters to be able to refuse a challenge or hitting it without characters and lots of hard hitting monsters. Surprise everyone and put the speculum on something else. Preferably a fast moving model. Otherwise I agree with previous lists.

07-09-2009, 22:38
I have never played against a War Alter and its not featured in the Empire army I am currently painting so I have no first hand experience of it on the battlefield however, I would have thought it was a little vunerable at such a competitive level since it is both a chariot and a large target. It does seem great value getting a chariot with a unit strength of 5 (!!!), a 4+ ward save and a bound spell for a 100 points, however, if the chariot is destroyed, something not all that unlikely for the aforementioned reasons, you are not only losing 100 points - your Arch Lector is losing manouverability, protection and hitting power and if you have equipped him with say the Sword of Sigismund and the Speculum you will probably not be getting much usage out of this (expensive) magic set up. My point really being that if the chariot is destroyed you have lost near to 300 points of your army rather than 100.

I am obviously wrong somewhere as I see the War Alter included time and time again in tournament lists. I presume it is not as easy to destroy as I imagine?

10-09-2009, 13:11
Don't take Franz on a dragon. In ard boyz, there are way too many things to squash him and his large target, only 4+ save 4+ ward, T4 self. I lost him to skaven slaves and fell bats in the last ard boyz event. Do take him, though, but on a barded horse in a unit of 10-15 inner circle knights with Ludwig Schwarzhelm riding next to him. Far better than a dragon for ard boyz.

Also, beware the Vampire army with 20+ PD, take lots of dispel stuff or ingore the magic phase altogether and smash them with 3 tanks.

Ard boyz is not fun, I will tell you that. WAAC games are for jerks.

10-09-2009, 16:01
Arch lector on war alter and Gelt as your lords. A stable of priests and mages for your characters, making sure you have the speculum and rod of power and doomfire ring somewhere. A staff of sorcery will do wonders against invocation spam.

Rares should be steamtanks if you have them. Specials should be great cannons, because you really need to be able to down the big gribblies or your tanks will be scrapped and your troops terror-bombed away. Pistoliers are just too fragile, and greatswords are susceptible to autobreaking and get butchered by anything and everything that you will need stubborn to hold against anyway.

Core should be missile troops, knights, and a unit of huntsmen.

It won't be easy, but it's winnable.

10-09-2009, 20:19
Hey do you live anywhere near Kingston Ontario? A friend of mine there just got some High Elves for cheap but he isn't really interested in them so he wants to sell.

(kidding, just kidding)

16-09-2009, 13:19
So, ardboys are 3 thousand points yes ?

3 Stanks, Karl franz on what ever mount you like, 4 Captains on pegasus, 1 warrior priest on horse with the biggest (Core)flagelant warband you can buy for the remaining points and 3 units of archers (to claim table quarters or just stand and die).

Mabye some cannons, but I am inclined not to add any because they are easy VP.

Basicly, archers are there to die or to annoy.. Flagelants are unbreakable and with 45-48 of themit will take atleast 2-3 combat rounds to remove them.

Then you have the 3 stanks and your flying melee heroes, those are what you will be getting VP's with..

Magic items that are a must..
Casket of sorcery
Rod of Command
Dragon Bow
Sword of Fate with Speculum and Shield of the Gorgon(or some kind of wardsave)

Karl franz (pegasus)
General with sword of fate speculum and something more (pegasus)
3xCaptains (pegasus)
Warrior Priest (barded horse) in a 48 strong flagelant unit
3x10 Archers
3x Steamtanks..

Make sure that when you charge your "sword of fate" target they you do not charge so that sword of fate and your target is NOT in BTB until he accepts a challenge, put a captain in btb, and allways charge with atleast 2 captains suporting sword of fate guy to take out champions, other heroes etc so you can get to your Guy using sword of fate..

All characters have some form of ranged weapon, be it pistols or dragon bows.. it will do some dmg even when they are just march blocking or getting into possition.

Pretty much the cheeziest list I can make with empire..

16-09-2009, 14:02
A WoC magic-heavy army with dragon ogres would walk all over that. Not to mention priests can't join flagellants.