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13-01-2006, 18:42
Well, I was thinking, simply: Will this work?

3000pts 'General' Cool List.


Prince- Dragon, Armour of Heroes, Vambraces of Defence, Amulet of Purifying Flame, Pure of Heart, Lance, Shield.

Mage- Channeler, Annulian Crystal, Level 2

Mage- Silver Wand, 2 Dispell Scrolls, Level 2

Commander- Sword Master, Talisman of Protection, Heavy Armour, Shield.

Commander- BSB: Battle Banner, Heavy Armour, Steed and Barding

__________________________________________________ ___


4 * 16 Spearmen- Full Command
__________________________________________________ ___

6 Dragon Princes- Full Command, Blessed Tome

10 Shadow Warriors
__________________________________________________ ___

16 Phoenix Guard: Full Command, Amulet of Fire
2 Reaper Bolt Throwers
2 Great Eagles
__________________________________________________ ___

Thus endeth the army.

So, the Idea:

Infantry line, Spearmen with Phoenix Guards to the 'optimum' end. Commander either goes with the PG or with Spearmen to add a bit of oomf.

Clearly the BSB goes with the Dragon Princes, held to the line, or down the flank as desired, with the aim to pounce on a critical unit, ideally totally pushing victory in CR in the first charge with the Battle Banner.

Great Eagles either go alongside the DPs, the Dragon or add to a bit of 'disruption' with the Shadow Warriors by ideally stopping march moves. Indeed, they can go after War Machines too.

Reapers are simply a bit of 'attacking cover fire', and if things go nicely, the Mages should 'hopefully' help out with this, failing that they should weather the magical storm.

The Dragon Mounted Prince acts as me on the field of battle. Ideally just going where I deem he's needed, and though it's a huge investment in the armys total, I wouldn't intend to hinge the entire battleplan on him, so hopefully having him as a fire magnet should 'really' cause too many problems.

That said, is the Dragon even really worth it? I like the idea(as most folks do), but the whole thing seems again t me 'too many eggs in a basket'. I'd love to get fielding them, but how does it really fare?


13-01-2006, 18:58
Used well, they fare excellently. Used badly they just die. Received wisdom is that infantry high elf lists don't fare so well.

Silver helm really are very good value, so replacing one of your infantry with them might be an option, thhough this shortens you battle line.

If you want some more critique I'd suggest posting this on Asur.org (www.asur.org).

Major Defense
13-01-2006, 19:54
I've always preferred buying my dragon-riding lord a bow and great weapon instead of a lance because the dragon's panic-causing breath is too good not to use.

I think that the Armor of Heroes is an unnessecary bit of psychological overkill. Enemies will already be taking Ld tests from the breath, terror and to charge. If they're going to fail they'd have done it before close combat.

Consider the Null Stone for your lord. You're already weak on magic for a 3K battle (6/5) so it'd be nice to be able to shut down some enemy mages while you're out scaring stuff.

Why take a shield on the Swordmaster character? He's not going to get picked out of the unit and he can't use it in melee unless he wants to waste his 40 point honor.

Shadow Warriors are great but keep in mind that units of 5, 9 and 13 require that extra wound for a panic test. Too bad they won't let you get units of 19 or 23!! Yes, I'm nuts.

P.S. - HE use Repeater Bolt Throwers. DE use Reapers. ;)

Cpt. Drill
13-01-2006, 23:22
You want to spend less on characters.... also you will probobly want some units of silver helms in the army for additional punch!

14-01-2006, 06:52
...yeah, is there really a reason for that Swordmaster commander? You may as well ditch him and buy an extra column for your spearmen...

14-01-2006, 11:29
Why take a shield on the Swordmaster character? He's not going to get picked out of the unit and he can't use it in melee unless he wants to waste his 40 point honor.
The wording of the honour states that the Killing Blow rule applies to the model itself, not the weapon he is using. Thus, he can use a Hand Weapon and Shield combination for a better AS while keeping the KB rule. He could also use a bow, which would mean that he has a 30" Killing Blow attack.

As to that Dragon-rider, though, the setup I prefer is Sacred Incense, Armour of Protection, Enchanted Shield, and a Lance (keeps the Ward Save, no Large Target penalty, and he has S6 on the charge). If I can, I'd include the Amulet of Purifying Flame, but that's an optional item to me. As it is, the Armour of Heroes is kind of useless, as Major Defense has already pointed out.

As to the Phoenix Guard, I would drop them. They're simply too expensive to justify their use in my opinion (in a 500 point battle, though, they might have some more interesting uses, though I haven't fully investigated these). With the points, I'd try to beef up some Spearelf units to 20 (that's my preference, feel free to ignore it, though) and get myself some Chariots, because you're horribly lacking in support units as things stand.