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06-09-2009, 17:03
1Kholek Suneater 605

1Valkia 410

1 Exalted Hero 195
Fury of the blood god

1Throgg 175

3Trolls 135

3Trolls 135

3Trolls 135

3Dragon Ogres 231
Great weapons

5 Ogres 205

1 Giant 225

1 Warshrine 150


you have the 2 options with this list, either khloek...
or valkia and the khorne hero??

what are your thoughts on this list?
and which one of the above is better??
and is this a tournament army?

06-09-2009, 17:45
I'd find a way to add in 2-3 units of 5 warhounds- for 30 points a crack you get a unit to screen, flank (maybe), draw out fanatics and threaten warmachines and casters. WoC lists are terribly vulnerable to shooting and redirecting without them.

AFAIK kholek isn't a good lord choice- he's devastating in CC but thanks to being a large target it's quite possible for him to die on turn 1 to missle fire (i've done it to my opponent).

06-09-2009, 20:08
I know someone who fields for 2000 points Kholek, Throgg, 2 level 1 sorcerors with 2 scrolls, 3 units of 3 trolls and 2 shaggoths. Its a bit nasty!!!

06-09-2009, 21:49
Lose the khorne hero, take a sorcerer with scrolls. You will need the dispelling.
Sorc with 2 scrolls and steed = 151 to save 44pts.

Equally, lose the warshrine. Its too slow to keep up with the rest of the army and the trolls won't need it. Get another sorc, as above, so 43pts spare in total.

To be honest, i don't really see the point of the ogres or the giant. More trolls/dragon ogres will work better. So, i would...

Lose giant, get 3 dragon ogres with great weapons, for 6pts more. So 37pts spare now.

Lose the ogres, get 3 trolls = 135pts. Now 102pts spare. This gets you 15 dogs, with 12pts spare (enough to give both of your sorcerers slaanesh if you want to, or an extra 2 dogs).

In total, 4 dispel dice with 4 scrolls gives you a reasonable magic defence. 3 units of dogs provides some distraction. Valkia and Throgg is a very powerful combo - double general and BSB (for trolls at least) which only gives bonus points for single general.

07-09-2009, 15:22
go for Kholek he is a beast/ shooting magnet =D