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07-09-2009, 14:49
Do you use bikes in a Blood Angels army?
Attack or normal.
If so- why? and how? how many armed with what?

I just cant seem to get the feel for bikes in a BA force.
For some reason they just feel out of place. Abit like the scouts

With the great options in the BA codex Im unsure about using Devastators, Whirlwinds + Vindicators aswell.

The only reason so far to use Devs is to have a unit with blue heads.
Do Blood Angels need the anti-tank?
Are 5 or 10 man squads better?
Should they use a transport?

What about Vindicators and Whirlwinds?
Are they worth using when you have LRs, LRCs and Baals?

07-09-2009, 20:45
The vindicator is always worth its points, they're beasts. They also work well with assault squads in my experience, all part of the get up close and personal game plan. With a dozer blade on the front you can drive through terrain and let rip on the nasty gribblies you'd rather not throw hands with whilst using the mobility of jump troops to stop that power fist or melta gun outflanking you. Bike squads are also very good as an outflanking counter punch, very durable if you're sensible. I send my five bike unit out after devastators, tanks, HQ's and any other nasty things that skulk around at the back, after that's done any thing else is a bonus. It might seem like a big points sink to hunt down one tank or squad but it's more than that, it makes armies look behind them and that's priceless cover for the footsloggers on my side of the board. A turbo boost and a bit of cover makes any bike a very durable unit, I favour normal bikes over attack bikes but that is just preference. With a BA force I might skip devastators and whirlwinds (again, just a personal thing), I play assault orientated marines too, and I find dreadnoughts, vindicators and LR's a more mobile, practical firepower solution when using fast armies.

07-09-2009, 21:01
Vindicators and Bikes are sounding abit more useful

08-09-2009, 00:23
Attack Bikes with Multi-meltas make good fast moving anti tank, I try to make room for 1 or 2 in my BA army.

08-09-2009, 18:04
What about using LandSpeeders with Multi-metas instead?

And what to arm the Devs with?

09-09-2009, 12:34
Mmmmm, bikes in a BA army. Depends on the point size.

In a 1650 point game, I generally have one attack bike with MM. Use it as a vehicle hunter. Gnerally works well. And can turbo for 24' and get 3+ invul save. Use it to outflank, and take out vehicles, works well for me.

As for 'normal' bikes, too expensive, i do not use.

As for whirlwinds and vindicators......In 1650 points i like to sometimes have 2 vindicators. Move 6, and shoot. Two Str 10 pie plates every turn, very deadly. Plus i use the 13 front armour as shielding to get my jump packers within striking distance. Place both vindicators side by side, and dive 6/12 inches forward every turn (depending if you have something to shoot at or not), and have jumpers following behind. When within stiking distance, vindicators move off, do whatever, and jumpers hit hard, with Dante and maybe Corbulo (if i brought him). Also, vindicators great for thinning horde armies. Plus, ordance weapons get 2D6 against armour, pick the highest. Far better at destroying vehicles now with a str10 weapon, especially monoliths......

As for whirlwinds, have 3, don't use them much. Sometimes I use one vindicator and one whirlwinfd in an army if i am under pressure for points, but generally the 2 x vindicators work well......

Yours thankfully


09-09-2009, 14:25
Vindicatos will definatly be used now in my force