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I am going to have an army that uses the witch hunter rules but they are males, the story's main character is Kenar Zaci it takes place during the Age of Apostasy, as usual any feedback good or bad is appreciated.

I guess Chapter One

Kenar Zaci

Kenar’s 2nd in command Yasu Irishi would have a feeling of betrayal if she was not Xavian. Yasu is extremely small in stature for a Xavian, even though she is taller then the average woman. Despite her size, all Xavian soldiers look up to her, as the decisions she has made while safe in orbit in the Emperor's Guillotine has saved Xavier’s 11th Regiment on several occasions, the sight of her rattled would lower the morale of her soldiers. It is rare for her servitor to print out non-war related information, even rarer for it to be classified as category 2. She re-read the report several times trying to suppress her feelings as she has been taught, feeling disturb she stop reading to recite a Xavian prayer. Yasu with a clear mind started to write a report on Ecclesiarch Goge Vandire’s decision to make the Daughters of The Emperor the Ecclesiarchy Body Guards.

Inside the command room of the Emperor‘s Guillotine, the four officers of Xavier’s 11th Regiment find themselves in an uncomfortable position.

“Yasu Irishi, this report has to be wrong”, said Imad Ramku commander of Xaviers 11th Infantry Regiment, with anger in his eyes. Tall and bald, Imad was from the Laxiani Temple, where they are taught the only way to praise the Emperor is through battle and sacrifice.

“I received the information yesterday, and finished the report 2 hours before briefing”, Yasu said with a calm voice.

“Xavier’s Best have destroyed millions in the Emperor‘s name, thousand of Xavian lives gladly sacrificed, my teachings, my”, Imad Ramku said with a volatile voice until the word teachings, triggered his faith. Immediately, without permission he leaves to start the Remorse Ritual at the shrine, a process that could last an entire day but is mandatory for the forgotten.

Yasu Irishi and Aymi Gawki who have never seen Imad Ramku forget his teachings, both looked at Kenar Zaci for a response. Out of all of Xavier’s Best he was truly the best, Kenar who is younger then all three of his Generals was trained for war at Xavier’s Temple, the feelings and emotions that his advisors felt no longer existed within Kenar Zaci. Kenar rose to his feet and placed his hand on the Emperor’s Sign, both Yasu and Aymi join in his silent salute to the Emperor.

“Have we lost our vision?”, Kenar said, while looking Aymi Gawki in the eye, talking in his usual tone.

“Is this the way we show our respect to the Ecclesiarch.”, he said turning to Yasu he continued, “When did elimianting the Emperor's foes become second to protecting the Ecclesiarchy, are the Daughters of The Emperor closer to the Emperor because they guard the Ecclesiarch, Xavian’s goal is to be in the Emperor’s Presence not the side of the Ecclesiarch, never forget that" he said while staring into the darkness at all of the commanders that were listening.

"Anything else to report Yasu?” Kenar asked.

“The Emperor’s Guillotine is to travel back to Terra, where we will receive supplies from the Departmento Munitorum.” Yasu said with renewed faith.

“Excellent, I have several young officers who have earned the right to command their own tank.” Aymi said, as the thought of fresh tanks from Mars made him smile.

“Do you know the logistics of the recruits?” asked Kenar.

“We can expect around two hundred of Xavian‘s Best, and several thousand soldiers from Xavier, something Imad and the Xavian soldiers will appreciate.” Yasu responded, “One more thing sir, Ecclesiarchal Goge Vandire has requested your presence.”

“If that is all, meeting is adjourned, EMPEROR’S PRESENCE.”, Kenar Zaci said.
“EMPEROR’S PRESENCE”, the rest of the Officer’s yelled.


On Terra, the Ecclesiarchal Palace resembles a city more then a Cathedral. The Palace rose several thousand miles high, and is so wide that it covers the entire continent. The size of the palace is a replica of the inhabitants responsibilities in the Imperium, the decisions made by the Ecclesiarchy affects billions of lives. Golden monuments of the Emperor, are only outdone by a dark blue road made of a long forgotten mineral that is outline by fire that rose several hundred feet high, that starts at the Ecclesiarchal Palace and leads to the Golden Throne.

In the Ecclesiarchal Palace, a messenger bows and knocks on the entrance of a room. Two beautiful women, dressed in golden dresses that resembles several pieces of thread that leads from the upper chest area to the upper thigh region, open the doors. The messenger trying to keep his head down as he enters the room, notices two women dancing to the tune of an unknown instrument.

“You have permission to speak”, Goge Vandire says upset that his daily massage was being interrupted.

“Cardinal Viesey Hieyandl is on his way to speak to you.”, the messenger said without looking up. Goge Vandire signaled for the messenger to leave while his women started to dress him, for this unexpected meeting.

A few minutes later Cardinal Vissey bust opens the door to Vandire’s room, the Brides quickly maneuver to tackle all of his priest while placing a dagger next to Vissey’s throat.

“Is this how you greet a Cardinal Goge Vandire?” Vissey says with disgust in his voice.

“No, but that is how my Brides treat intruders” Vandire says with a slight smile on his face.

“As a Cardinal, I order you to release us?” Vissey said while looking at one of the Brides of the Emperor.

Vandire laughs as he says, “Do you really think you can order my girls around?”.
“No” Vandire says as he gives the signal to the Brides to release the Cardinal and his retinue. “Now that you have learn your lesson, why are you here?”

“You are the reason why I am here”, Vissey says while pointing to one of the Brides of Daughters, “Giving these women the title of Ecclesiarcal Body Guards, without meeting with the consul”.

“Well, who do you think is worthy of the title?”, Vandire ask while drinking from a golden wine glass.

“Xavians, they protected the Palace at Ophelia VII for three hundred years repealing several assassination attempts and quickly annihilating any uprising in the sector.”

“I know the Xavians, their regiments are helping me cleanse the Imperium, I schedual meetings with their commanders to make sure they are not plotting against me, besides they are not cut out for this type of duty.”

“What, do you mean not cut out and plotting against you?”

Vandire starts to speak as he stands up and walks towards the window, “See I need a group of individuals that will follow orders without question, as I am the vessel through which the Emperor speaks through.”

Vissey looks at Vandire strangely and asks, “What are you trying to say?”.

“The Brides of The Emperor recognize my holyness so should you, and if you cannot notice it you are a heretic.”

Vandire snaps his fingers, and immediately the Brides attacks the cardinal and his retinue stabbing them with exotic weapons.

With a mouth full of blood Vissey says, “Do you think the consul is going to give you that type of power, you fool, how dare you stain the palace floors with innocent blood”.

With a smile on his face Goge Vandire says, “I am the Consul.”.

(My grammar is horrible and congradulations for making it through the entire thing)

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This really is more background than anything one of the reasons your post got moved last time it was in here.

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