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14-01-2006, 00:18
Ok, this is an attempt to make a move into Fantasy after years of 40k so I need as much help as I can get! Here's what I've come up with.

Dwarf Lord - Shield, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Fury, Master rune of Gromril, Shield Bearers,

Thane - Army BSB, Master rune of fear,

Runesmith - Great Weapon, Shield, 2 Runes of Spellbreaking, Spelleater rune

Dragon Slayer - Rune of Might, Master rune of Swiftness, Rune of Cleaving,


16 Warriors - Full Command, Shields,

16 Longbeards - Rune of Slowness, Full Command, Shields,

10 Thunderers - Full command,


Cannon - Engineer, Handgun, Rune of Reloading, Rune of Burning,

16 Miners - Full command, Steam Drill,

9 Slayers - Command,

14 Iron Breakers - Full Command,

14-01-2006, 05:39
Well first off, no need to take the MRoG on the Lord if you are giving him Shieldbearers, a rune of stone is much cheaper for the same AS. Secondly, your runesmith is illegal, if you add up the spelleater and both spellbreaking runes, you will see that it is over what he is allowed to have. PM me if you don't understand, I am being careful to stay away from pt values because I don't remember the forum rules pertaining to them. :cool: As for the rest, I will read over it and post more later.

15-01-2006, 13:50
Good point. Didn't realise till you pointed that out. How about I drop the MRoG, and a rune of spell breaking and replace them with a bolt thrower and a rune of stone for the lord? Or would three runes of spellbreaking be better than one spellbreaker and one spell eater?

16-01-2006, 01:01
IMO I would like 3 spellbreaking better. Personally I give my runesmith a rune of balance and a rune of spellbreaking.

static grass
16-01-2006, 20:14
The runes of cleaving and fury usually goes very well with master rune of swiftness. Armed with this your thane can do some real damage against chargers.

The rune of balance is excellent.

Full command on your thunderers? That wont do. At most I give them a musician. They will never win combat so I think it is just easy VPs for your opponent.