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The following is my take on marine armor written as the “Cover Page” for the technical manual that surely would have been given to the Emperor upon the projects completion. Author’s notes are in Italic’s, like this

Most Wise and Kind Emperor Note not yet holy,

At last we have completed the armor you have requested for your Great Crusade to reunite mankind. It took longer than expected, mainly due to delays in calibrating the armor to the Marines biology. This delay was, for the most part, due to the unexpected level of integration that the Black Caprice allowed us. While this delayed the end product, it greatly increase its capabilities, as we where able to remove much of the technology that we had though would be necessary in favor of a more integrated approach. The end result exceeds all of our own expectation and meets each of the requirements you laid. These requirements are listed below, and the remaindered of this overview shall focus on detailing how each one was resolved.

1: Powered in such a way as to provide negative encumbrance.
2: Full spectrum Biological integration including biological monitoring and traumatic damage intervention, and most importantly total freedom of movement with absolutely no loss of dexterity or reaction times.
3: Fully sealable to allow operations in hostile climate up to and including a vacuum. Protection against Chemical and Biological weapons as well as at least partial protection against Radiation both background and weaponized.
4: Full protection against energy weapons up to and including yields designed for use against light vehicles.
5: Full protection against kinetic weapons up to and including calibers designed for use against light vehicles.
6: Visual, auditory, and where appropriate, olfactory enhancements to increase the marines’ senses and also protect them from damage. No loss of peripheral vision, or auditor muffling is expectable.
7: Mass producible on a reasonable scale.

But first, before we go into detail, a brief overview of the armor itself. The armor is comprised of three layers. Going form the inside out these are: The Powered Layer, the “Hard” Armor (HA) layer, and the “Soft” Armor (SA) Layer. The Powered Layer is where the armor interfaces with the Marine, this is also where the actual micro-motors and fibre-bundle muscles are stored that make this a Powered Armor. The HA Layer is by far the thinnest and is comprise of a Adamantium-Titanium alloy and simply represent the armors last line of defense for the wearer. The SA Layer is comprised of Ceramacrete and represents the bulk of the protection that the armor provides.

The armor is then further broken down into segments each of which is comprised of the three layers. The segments for the most part come in two halves and the armor is donned by assembling these segments over the barer. This will no doubt be a long process, requiring trained serfs to accomplish, and the only part of the suit that was designed to be easily removed was the helmet, but such is the nature of the suit that it can be worn for very long periods of time without any discomfort.

Onto the specifics:

1: While this has proven to be challenge, mainly do to the limited space within any Armor, I can confidently say we have accomplished the goal. The only compromises we have had to make was a number of cables that had to be fitted outside the armor to give it power, and of coarse the power plant back pack. While both of these could conceivably be considered weakness, the back pack is as heavy armored as the suit itself, if not slightly more so, and the exterior cabling is only a temporary solution, necessary to fit your time table. We are already tirelessly at work to both miniaturize the components that require cabling as well as the cables themselves and expect to have the problem resolved in one to two generations of the armor at most.

2: This was the cause of our most recent delay, but also undoubtedly or greatest success. I can, with all modesty, say that between the powered nature of the suit, and the near cybernetic nature of the Black Carapace interface that there is nothing that your Space Marines cannot do in our armor that they couldn’t do out of! While the Biological Trauma recovery systems are still considered experimental, all monitoring systems are working perfectly as are the biological stability systems that will keep the complex biology of your marines in order.

3: This was more difficult then originally anticipated, mainly as inclosing the entire suit caused a number of problems that effected goal #1. However thanks to Oxygen Scrubs, Waste Processing, and small compressed tanks of Oxygen, the suit is fully sealable for up to 36 hours, an much longer with slight, easy to add, addition to the armor’s back pack. Additionally the suit has a limited degree of self repairing allowing it to reseal against small traumas that breach the HA layer (it is at this layer that the suit becomes enclosed). The Ceramacrete of SA Layer has been treated against radiation, and combined with the Marines own innate defense against harmful rays, this should fully protect the marine against all background radiation, and provide a very high level of protection against Weaponized radiation.

4: Protection against energy weapons is mainly provided by the Ceramacrete in the SA Layer. At first we had gone with a Ceramic Adamantium mix, but do to the rarity of the metal Goal #7 forced us to switch to a Ceramic-Titanium mix. Since the metal is still rare, it can be assume that only the most prestigious well built suits made by the greatest craftsman use a Ceramic Adamantium mix, thus explaining the extra protection provided by Artifice Armor. Titanium has it’s own inherent advantages however, namely being much lighter, allowing the powered aspects of the armor to provided a greater overall increase in strength than that provided by our prototype Ceramic Adamantium suits. Blatant attempt at placation here. The heat resistant nature of ceramics give the armor superb protection against all but the highest yield energy weapons. To date the only forms of Imperial Energy Weapons that can reliably penetrate the SA Layer are Plasma Class Weapons and the Lascannons Level of Las Weapons. Additionally even the coherent nature of Las weapons is stopped by the strength of the Ceramacrete, while the inbuilt stabilization systems combine with your Marines extensive training should even allow them to stay on their feet against all but a prolonged barrage of Multi-Lasers. In fact the Lasgun Level of small arms are stopped with such regularity that the armor can be consider impervious to the weapon!Famous last words

5: Against most small arms the SA layer is sufficiently strong to prevent penetration. Despite this it is the HA Layer that is designed to be the ultimate protection against kinetic weapons. Against larger caliber rounds, or rounds designed to penetrate armor, the SA layer will often “fail,” this is however a design feature. In failing the Ceramacrete will shatter, and in this way dissipate a large portion of the kinetic energy of the round, allowing the much thinner, and rigid HA layer to stop or redirect the round. The fact that so much kinetic energy is lost before it can be directed onto the bearer of the armor means that the owner is much more likely to be able to stay standing, allowing them to either continue to return fire, or take effective cover. The threshold of rounds that will be stopped by the SA Layer seems to be approximately a Bolter round, as a direct hit will often cause the SA to shatter, while a glancing one will be redirected. Note the nature of how the armor takes hits explains why most picture of battle scared armor depict “pits” of various size, these are the result of the SA Layer shattering.

6: We are very proud to report that the Helmet that is included with out armor meets all of your expectation. The Black Carapace was once again instrumental in this as it allowed us to tap directly into the marines’ senses. Thus when a marine wears his Helmet, he is not hearing with his own ears, or seeing with his own eyes, or even smelling with his own nose, but with the artificial versions integrated into the helmet. Thus in most case it is impossible for the marine to tell the difference between wearing a helmet and going without! While the last claim is questionable, and what the Emperor though of it can only be guess at, this kind of system would go a long way towards explaining why Marines don’t where helmets from time to time. Many would believe that the sense organs given to them by their Primarch would be superior to those provided by the Helmet. Thus those in charge of assessing battle field condition might often rely on their own senses rather than their helmets “inferior” mechanical ones, explaining why officers often go without helmet.

7: Meeting this goal was perhaps our greatest achievement. Making the armor in interchangeable (within reason as the size of the user is very important), modular components, the quarter master of your holy crusades need only contact us, or any Forgeworld tasked with the production of the armor, with all of the required measurements for each member of their Legion, and we will be able to produce suits almost tailor made to the individual with extreme rapidity thanks to the adaptable nature of the equipment used in the armors production. It is debatable if the equipment described above works post heresy, however it is very likely that each suit is now made by an expert craftsman. Given the much smaller size of marine organizations, and the penchant of marines to reuse suits wherever possible, this is likely no longer the burden it would have once been.

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check your pm;)

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you're hardcore, this is insanely cool stuff

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I've got the original Rogue Trader at home. When I get back, do you want me to scan the armour page in (cross section of entire thing).

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You might be interested in this (http://wiki.anargo-sector.net/index.php?title=Power_armour)

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I founf the cross section on Geocitites, so I've put it as an attachment below. Although it is the old version of armour (My Beaky), it still shows alot of what is in the armour.
One point to mention is that Power Armour contains combat drugs of some kind (Mentioned in the Horus Hersay book False Gods) that they can use to boost their combat skill. Some kind of strength enhancer.
Yep, just noticed on the cross section "Food & Drug Injector". Nice...
And there is other machine bits in the armour as well. Hope you like the diagram.

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That's some good stuff, love the explanation of the apparenly compulary loss of helmets for people with promotions.