View Full Version : 100 point dwarfs, miners and rangers

08-09-2009, 13:56
Thane, GW, Oathstone
Bsb, MRoGromril, RoBrotherhood
19 Warriors, shields, standard,
15 Longbeard rangers, standard, RoStocism
6 miners
10 quarrellers
bolt thrower, engineer

The thane goes with the warriors, the bsb with the rangers, the miners go after warmashines and 10 man shooting units.

The one thing i might trade in here is the organ gun actually. Cause in a pitched battle, i dont have anything to draw the enemy towards me, and most enemies would gladly stay away from the organgun. Another 2 bolt throwers comes to mind, as they cant ignore those 3 shots for 6 turns vs 1 shoot for 6 turns.

08-09-2009, 15:04
your quarrellers should be in range as well which should provide sufficient shooting to make most armies want to come at least closer to you to get in range for handguns, magic etc. The exception would be armies like WE that excel in long range shooting. A Hail of doom arrow and 20 long bows would probably eliminate the threat of your quarellers or at least make it smaller and after that you would have to start walking.

08-09-2009, 15:40
Quarrellers only cause 3 hits on long range each turn. Not enough to make a difference. And think about it. How much better is the organgun really? On average two bolts probably do around the same damage on the same unit. Espechially considering the two bolts will get to shoot the first turn, can be placed more out of danger and out of range to more things than the OG and dont allow _any_ armoursave.