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14-01-2006, 03:27
OK another version.....here I am thinking about knights....the main unit of whitewolves will be converted to be Sigmarites.....I dropped the greatswords to get a few more knights and things.....the plan is for the infantry to move up the midle while the knights flank and the archers protect flanks and rear......

Arminius Thorvald- Arch Lector of Sigmar
GW, AoMI, Icon of Magnus and White Cloak-goes in the swordsman unit

Marcus-Warrior Priest
GW, Dawn Armour and Enchanted Shield-goes in Free Company

Helmuth- Warrior Preist
GW, Heavy Armour, shield, Helm of the Skaven slayer and Van horstmans-goes in free company

Rexor- BSB
Full Plate and Holy Relic

2 Units of 29 Free Company with full command

3 Units of 10 Archers

24 Swordsman with full command and 10 FC and 10 Archers

7 Huntsman

20 Flagellants

8 Knights of White Wolf, Inner circle and full command

5 Knights with muso

More suggestions would be great...