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08-09-2009, 18:54
Looking for some comments on my list, will it be crushed or is it fairly decent. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Slann - Focused Rumination, FoM, Becalming, Battle Standard, Totem of Prophecy, Cupped Hands, 2 Scrolls - 545
Oldblood - LA, BoRT, Enchanted Shield - 223
Skink Priest - Lvl 2, Scroll -125
EotG - Lvl 2, Plaque of Tepok, Glyph Necklace - 435
20 Saurus - Full Command, HW+Shield - 250
18 Saurus - Full Command, Spears - 246
11 Skinks - Skirmishers - 77
10 Skinks - Skirmishers - 70
2 Swarms - 90
6 Chameleons - Champion - 78
5 Kroxigor - Champion - 295
16 Temple Guard - Full Command, War Banner, VotFF - 326
3 Terradons - 90
2 Salamanders - 150

I was thinking of putting the Oldblood in with the Temple Guard, but I'm afraid thats too many eggs in one basket. I've never used an Engine before either, so some tips on using that well would be appreciated. :D

09-09-2009, 19:50
No comments from anyone? :(

09-09-2009, 19:55
Why are you taking Swarms in an 'Ard Boyz list?

Don't get the priest shot off the top on the EotG.

09-09-2009, 20:40
I would honestly like to play that list compared to some of the multi Steg lists. Is there a real benefit to taking the hand weapons instead of more saurus spears?

10-09-2009, 01:22
I would honestly like to play that list compared to some of the multi Steg lists. Is there a real benefit to taking the hand weapons instead of more saurus spears?

I'm only taking the hand weapons, because I don't have more spear models. But the extra save in combat could be helpful.

I'm taking swarms, because its an extra 10 poison attacks that can tip a combat and I don't have any more terradon models to fit in for that 90 points, and they often earn their points back at least, by earning some extra comabt res, doing 2-4 wounds on average (with my rolls) or sometimes surprising me and would with 2/3 of their attacks in some lucky rolls.

10-09-2009, 04:29
If you really want to play more spears why not just mix the hand weapon shield models with the spear models in the same unit? This should be fine for anyone holding a tourny and it actually looks pretty good.

I really don't like the oldblood on foot. Any character that you want to use the blade of realities on wont go near him or his M4 unit. Either put him on a cold one with COK if you have them or a carnosaur. If you dont have either and dont want to buy them I'd suggest dropping him and using tetto'eko, another slann, or lord kroak.

I would also personally give the skink priest the one use only 2+ save vs the 5+ ward because the 5+ ward is what you get for the engine anyway and the 2+ will save you from that rare cannon/bolt thrower that hits the priest. If the ward save is to protect him in combat then well he's probably going to die anyway. You really don't want to charge the engine unless it's a last resort. It's better to just give support and use that burning alignment.

I would also drop the swarms as said. They really aren't going to do anything in an ard boyz. 10 poison attacks isnt worth the combat res they will give up with their T2.

12-09-2009, 14:33
i think that this list is relatively weak compared to the other lists of lizardmen that will be at 'ard boys. because they're most likely going to have a slann or two, 4 engines, and if they take one slann, then a decked out carnsour lord.