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08-09-2009, 21:48
Just been contemplating a sorceror lord kitted out to fight and to be a scroll caddy.

Something like this:

1) Sorceror lord (level 3) chaos steed, word of agony and 2 dispel scrolls, warrior familiar.

2) Sorceor lord of nurgle (level 3), chaos steed, word of agony, armor of damnation, sword that causes the enemy to hit itself on rolls of one.

I know that these are not traditional set-ups but does anyone have any other set-ups that have worked well in this vein?

08-09-2009, 22:11
Bloodskull Pendant and the Enchanted Shield is a nice combo, 2-3 kills per turn and a 1+ save. Only allows for a single Scroll though.

While we are discussing Sorceror Lords, you may as well make him level 4. ;)

08-09-2009, 22:43
If you want a fighty Lord;

Sorc Lord; Lvl4, Tzeentch, Barded Steed, Enchanted Shield, Runesword, Coller of Khorne. You can also take Word of Agony.

0+ Save,
5+ Ward,
4 WS6 S5 Attacks,
1 S4 Attack.

You can always swap the Coller for a Warrior Fam.

0+ Save,
6+ Ward,
4 WS6 S5 Attacks,
1 S4 Attack,
1 S5 Hit.

Or for even more offense, put him on a Daemon Steed.

1+ Save,
6+ Ward,
4 WS6 S5 Attacks,
2 S5 Attacks,
1 S5 Hit.

So against other Lords your looking at, 4 S5 Hits.

As has been said, Bloodskull + Enchanted Shield is nice for 2-3 Kills with Killing Blow and a 2+ Save. On a Tzeentch Sorc you can also get a 5+ Ward too.

09-09-2009, 01:02
I've thought about this type of build alot...

I'm contemplating putting a sorcerer lord in a large (20+) unit of marauders, and I'd like him to be able to give a bit of a surprise when the combat comes his way. I was leaning towards Palanquin of Nurgle, Warrior Familiar, and blasphemous amulet.

With the added attacks from the palanquin itself, and the large front to the base working in the amulet's favor, this fellow should be able to dish out quite a bit of pain..with 55 points left to spare for other items.

Any advice on what else to give him? Im planning on running him in the marauder unit with a sorcerer w/skull of katam ( a second huge marauder unit will have an exalted BSB and another sorcerer w/ infernal puppet) .

With that said, should I round him out with dispel scrolls, or go ahead and splurge, giving him the runesword?

09-09-2009, 04:32
Bloodskull pendant works on models on foot only, so no barded steed and 0+ armor save.

However, you can put him on foot, give him bloodskull pendant, enchanted shield, and Warrior familiar with Word of Agony. 3 S8 KB hits, 1 S5 hit, and d6 S4 no AS hits. When your sorceror lord is forced to challenge, you can surprise his hero/Lord with some easy wounds. Hell, you could give a dragon a surprise, especially if you lower its Toughness with the spell that lowers S and T.

However, I feel like it's a waste of a Lord slot and 300+ points, for a so-so close combat ability.

Putting him on a disc and giving him casting equipment/gifts seems to be a much better buy for the points, and it's not like WoC really needs extra close combat boosts.

09-09-2009, 09:51
However, I feel like it's a waste of a Lord slot and 300+ points, for a so-so close combat ability.

You're forgetting that he's still a damn good mage while going to spill some blood - depending on the lore choice of course. Nurgle and Slaanesh both have plenty of spells that can be used while the caster is in combat.

09-09-2009, 10:02
lvl 1 sorcerer of slaanesh on steed of slaanesh with biting blade and warrior familiar, you can add enchanted shield or disspell scroll

nice little surprise for youre opponents- magic misssiles all around, baiting frenzy units, redirecting charges, killing other fast cav's and warmachine hunting.

for only 165 points? great bargain for a cuddy that does actually something and he does it very well.


Lord Khabal
09-09-2009, 10:09
Tzeentch blast cannon Mega-Unit:

->Mage lord + bloodskull + ench shield + collar of khorne + spell familiar (1+AS h2h / 5+Wsv / MR2)

->mounted tz mage - +1 to casting item within 3" (forgot name)
-> Unit of 12 chosen (5x3) with favour, full command, shields, slaanesh, bound spell banner


09-09-2009, 13:11
Tzeentch L4 on barded steed, Daemonsword, Enchanted Shield, Word of Agony.

09-09-2009, 14:00
Word of pain, dark amulet, warrior familiar. He'll do more damage than when you try to rely on magic weapons and his own stats.

Leave the scrolling to lesser mages.

09-09-2009, 17:57
Thanks for the suggestions guys. Some of those builds are pretty good. I especially like the L1 fighter. Not bad.

The reason why I am contemplating this set up is that I want to run only a single hero lord. I'm looking at something that can handle his own in a fight as well as bring a few Dispel scrolls to the party. As such it has to be a lord. Even if it cost upwards of 400 pts (which I don't like to do) it will be the only hero choice, ultimately keeping my hero costs low and affording more units.

I'll have to try a some of the builds.

09-09-2009, 18:36
In that case, you could try:

Chaos Lord of Tzeentch on barded steed, Flail, Shield, Book of Secrets, Collar of Khorne, 2 Scrolls.

Provides MR 2 and 2 scrolls. Plus, your opponents won't suspect you have any scrolls (or MR), so chances are they'll blow 4 or 5 dice on something first turn. He's also still a lord level character with a 2+/5++ save and 5 S7 attacks first turn.

Your magic phase will consist of a single magic missile though or a lucky Flaming Sword.

09-09-2009, 20:13
I think having word of agony is very important. Given that you get to use it before combat begins. So any nasty assassins/ASF combats that occur with be mitigated. Also, using a sorceror allows me 4 dispel dice and two spells. Plus the bonus of ld 9 from a fighty lord is not neccessary with all the added psych buffs that WoC can have.

09-09-2009, 20:20
A single sorcerer lord won't get you anywhere in the magic phase though. Fluffwise, it might be better, but tactically it's a bad choice. An exalted and a caddie will be much better than a sorcerer lord and they cost about the same.

09-09-2009, 23:01
I will agree that a single lord choice won't get you "far" in the magic phase. I could get two spells of a round. As for keeping them as non-lords, I won't be able to access the "word of Agony" and other sweet combos. The main idea is to be able to afford more units, in the process meanwhile keep some scrolls to keep them honest.

He needs to be able to stall other magic phases for one round, may be two. And he needs to be able to lend some punch to the fight given that he must challenge (in most cases) -- so overkill and striking first is nice.