View Full Version : 500 Point O&G

09-09-2009, 01:30
Orc Shaman, L2, 'itty Ring
NG Shaman, L2, Mushroom
NG Shaman, L2

24 Night Goblins, Std, Mus, Fanatic
20 NG Bowmen, Mus, Fanatic

Played warriors- I knew I was in for a fun game when he rolled an 8 (MR3) on the EotG table for his unit of 7 chosen. Decimated his whole army in a few turns of casting while retreating from the chosen, who wipe out the shield goblins on the charge, then the surviving 2 chosen wipe out my archer unit.

Was a blast to play. Not much to critique but what do you think?