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09-09-2009, 04:43
This is a list I want to work up to for my new dwarf army. I haven't bought anything so this is all based off my codex. Please tell me if some of the stuff is illegal since I'm totally new to dwarfs.

Dwarf Lord:shield, shieldbearers,rune of fury, rune of cleaving, Master rune of adamant, x2 runes of iron

Runesmith:great weapon, rune of warding, rule of spellbreaking x2

Runesmith:Great weapon, Spell Eater rune, Spell breaker rune

Thane: bsb, master rune of valaya

Warriors:20, full command, shields

Longbeards:20, full command, shields

x2 thunderers:10

2 bolt throwers:2 engineers, 2 runes of burning

Ironbreakers:20, full command, rune of battle

Grudge thrower:80


09-09-2009, 10:34
some interesting choices of runes there. . .

firstly your bolt throwers are illegal. they need different runes. R penetrating is a good option, or MR skewering if you tend to go up against opponents who love lone mages dancing around units and dodging fire.

secondly, i would equip your thunderers with shields. once they inevitibly hit combat it makes a world of difference.

especially with a dwarf lord present, hammerers with shields are much better than ironbreakers. you lose 1 armour, but gain great weapons, stubborn, immune to fear/terror.

similarly, personally i prefer hammerers to slayers.

the following runes youve picked i think are a bit strange: MR adamant, 2x R iron, R spelleater (while not an unusual rune, considering you already have 3 other scrolls, it is overkill), MR valaya, R warding. these are unusual runes, and i think in all cases better options are available.

you have 4 dispel scrolls, one of which can destroy a spell entirely, and you also have 6 dispel dice with +2 to dispel. this seems a tad overkill to me. i run an anvil with 2x spelleaters and MR balance and that alone is fine in 90% of cases. i would drop 1 of the runesmiths, and make the other one have 3 dispel scrolls if youre that worried about magic.

on your lord, i would swap the shield for R stone, then take a great weapon and MR kragg the grim instead of R cleaving. this way you get +2S for the same price as R cleaving, but lose no armour. also, math hammer says +1 to hit (R snorri spanglehelm) is better than +1A (R fury) in all cases.

your grudge thrower seem a tad bland in my opinion. if you take R penetrating are you aware its centre becomes S10? thats like a cannonball concealed in a blast.

on the BSB, i wouldnt make his BSB magical; it just means more victory points lost if he gets run down. give him MR gromril, R resistance, and maybe a weapon rune or 2. gromril/resistance is a popular combo on a BSB, giving an already T5 model a 1+ rerollable armour for a mere 50 points. personally i then give him R might, as in most cases the unit the BSB joins cant handle a large target too well.

09-09-2009, 22:52
Alright I see what you mean. I tried getting a pretty unkillable character because assassins are getting really popular now. For the bsb I was thinking of ditching the banner for more defense. I never realized how good dwarf bsbs can be. Especially since the only dwarf player doesn't run one. For the bolt thrower, I was thinking of handling the nurgle daemons and twin hydras that are in some lists at my lgs.

As for the grudge thrower, I am very interested in it right now. That rune gives Strength 10 under the center! Wow so I get a cannon with a template?

Next I was thinking of the rune of +1 to hit so that means I'll be hitting on 2's a lot of the time.

I like slayers just because power gamers are common so slayers seem like they could handle the monsters in the game. Also, hammerers are nice. I like the models better than the ironbreakers too.

10-09-2009, 00:03
if you wanna keep R burning on the bolt throwers, give one of them R penetrating so theyre legal.

what do you mean '+1 to hit' on a grudge thrower? they scatter using an artillery dice.

if youre gonna stick with slayers i would advise 2 or 3 giant slayers in the front rank. the beauty of slayers is that your entire front rank can be unit champions; even the muso and standard! but leave a couple as normal slayers for warmachine protection and such.

are you aware that while your dwarf lord is present, you dont need a unit of warriors in order to field longbeards?

10-09-2009, 05:58
The +1 to hit thing was meant for the dwarf lord. But its +1 weapon skill. But yeah Im going to rewrite the list with some added stuff. And I did not know that about the warriors. Well my goal is to run Horde Dwarfs so warriors are needed for it. I'm going to drop slayers down to a support unit of 10 and then use the leftover points for whatever I can add.

The grudge thrower will get the +1 strength rune so I have that "cannonball" template.

I'm going to tone down my dwarf lord so he's not rediculously unkillable. Especially since people will hate me in challenges. Probably give him a rune of stone, shield, 2 runes of cleaving, and rune of striking. This build for my lord is legal right?

Yeah the whole thing for me is making sure everything is legal since the dwarfs are entirely new to me. I'm picking up a battallion so I have a small basis for my army. Not sure if I'm going to use the cannon though. I probably will until I get my bolt throwers, grudge thrower(s). Or maybe just have that cannon just for the extra shooting support.

Also which is better? Quarrellers or thunderers? I'm thinking thunderers but that extra 6" is good.

10-09-2009, 12:44
organ guns are devastating. i advise you make the cannon in the battalion into an organ gun. for the same cost as 10 quarellers with shields, itll kill so much more. plus you already have that S10 grudge thrower centre. another good rune for such a grudge thrower is R accuracy, as well as even R burning for regen stopping and treejerk killing. always funny to watch a treeman ancient die in 1 hit from a dwarf warmachine.

i think its fairly unanimous that thunderers win over quarellers.

how about this on your lord: shieldbearers, R stone, great weapon, MR kragg the grim, whatever other offensive runes you want. it gives you that +2S from 2 cleaving runes, but at 13 points less (and 15 runic points less). also allows for another weapon rune, so maybe go for 1x snorri spanglehelm and 1x fury? another alternative is R might and MR challenge; simply force dragons and such to charge you and open em a new one.