View Full Version : How many of Drong's pirate to hire?

14-01-2006, 07:35
I'll probably hire him and his pirates for my empire army. Howevever choosing the optimal unit size is suprisingly very hard.

Of course I would want as many of his pirates to be able to shoot or stand and shoot as a counter-charge action. This would I guess mean I want 2 ranks maximum so they all can shoot if standing on a hill. But one rank of 10 seems also to be appropiate.

Or doing that might be totally crazy and one should go with multiple ranks like a normal block making maybee 4 or so ranks with them. Anyway I have no idea how many to take and what rank formation to deploy them in.

14-01-2006, 19:47
I played a game against a 20 strong unit that did really well they shot really good as they could deduct ranks without minus as they have pistols.
Take a large unit as use it as large roadblock i would say and have some flankers nearby

Cpt. Drill
15-01-2006, 23:50
14 bruck my ogres up royally! Deploy them in two ranks of 7 and they will eat most units that charge them!