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09-09-2009, 11:16
Ive been trying to put together a list for the Grand tournament with my Tau and as ive been playtesting them it does seem that they are falling behind the fifth edition codexes.

Here my thoughts on what id like to see in the next codex (whenever it may be!)

I believe the Tau should be gun orientated. I like the lack of close combat specialists but it shouldn’t be at a hindrance to the army. Id like to see the tau as a much more high tech defensive army. I definitely don’t want guard style tank detachments, supreme CC units or humans ins the list. Anyway here are some thoughs!

HQ – more suit choices for the commander and also the option to make a less a less gun driven, more support HQ. Giving a command suit markerlights and the ability to more accurately bring down deepstriking units, maybe even call in Manta support (like the marine commander, Guard advisor)

Elites – Crisis suits BS4, stealth suit given the option of a flamer.

Troops – Fire warriors as they are fine although id like to see the squad leader lose his +1A and have a marker light as standard. I think seeker missiles should a ten point upgrade for that squad and considered as an infinite supply coming from off the board. As fire warrior are hopeless in assault id like to see them lose their round of CC altogether and instead stand and fire when they were assaulted so the enemy lost casualties on the way into assault. An upgrade could allow the squad to rapid fire at assaulting. How many times have one or two enemy models got to your gunline and them romped through it? It would make them a little scarier to assault without ruining the theme of the army. Also id like to see special weapon drones as a squad upgrade so that you could get flamers, fusion blasters etc. Maybe even a drone similar to Dawn Of War which gave the unit a cover save.
The Devilfish needs to be waaay cheaper and more capable of defending itself from other vehicles. I think the gun drones should be marker drones so that they can support the squad as it disembarks with the option of off board seeker missiles similar to the squad leader.

Drones should be troops and cheaper (lose the initiative) and give them the option of “for the greater good” ie if they are assaulted they can detonate rather than fight, you lose the unit but they are a bit more dangerous to assault.

Kroot are fine although I would like to see some for of open topped transport for them.

Fast Attack – Tetras to come over from forge world and Piranhas to be cheaper.
Vespid to have a better save, the option to have a marker drone or to make the weapons range 18 or a flamer. At the moment they cant really stand up for themselves.
Pathfinders, a cheaper devilfish would fix these and drone upgrades from the squad leader would help

Heavy support – As a huge fan of the Ion cannon and the rail gun I cant argue with them, I would like better options for the secondary systems. Longer range burst cannons, SMS with target locks built in, marker drones (networked)
Broadsides and sniper drones to be cheaper with more defensive options (drone support again) why is a bside twice as expensive as an obliterator?

Anyway just a few musings, apologies if it doesn’t read brilliantly but im at work!!

All comments welcome!