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Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
09-09-2009, 17:40
I intend to produce a wide range of multi-part post apocalypse (PA) themed model kits. I have at least 18 infantry kits planned as well as a number of 'wildlife' kits. To make things easier on myself i have broken it down into three waves or ranges. I also plan a number of upgrade packs that will be made as and when i have time. the overall project is entitled Wastelander. i have begun work on the armatures for all 18 infantry kits and i am part way through a test sculpt (to make sure i have the scale right)

It may be a little while until i have photos of any real interest

A breakdown of the ranges and the kits they comprise of is as follows.

Wave 1: Blood and Dust, The first range consists of more generic PA archetypes and is the basic range that the later ones will build upon. it will also include a range of Critters (wildlife mounted on 25mm bases)

Each infantry kit will contain 10 multi-part models. components will consist of; 10 Heads, 2x5 Bodies, 2x5 Legs, 5 Pairs of Arms Holding Rifle (3 right handed, 2 left handed),5 Pairs of Arms Holding One Handed Weapon, 1 Kit Specific Accessory Sprue, 1 Hands and Weapons Sprue. All 18 Infantry Kits will be interchangeable and perfectly suited to kitbashing and conversions as well as being compatible with other infantry kits from Troll Forged and other manufacturers

Wastelanders/Settlers - are the basic PA civilians, they will have patched, worn and unarmoured clothing and carry little stowage or equipment. they will have bear heads or cloth hats (in the game i imagine this as being the starting player 'class', as they gain experience and develop skills and a story they evolve into one of the other 'classes')

Explorers/Adventurers - are another common PA archetype, they will be lightly armoured and armed with plenty of optional stowage (all the better for carrying loot). equipped for shorter journeys into the wilds. (a little bit of a jack of all trades)

Scavengers/Traders - scrap prospectors and merchants that are heavily armed and well equiped for long forays and journeys in the wastes. long dust coats, scrap armour, Improvised hats (bin lids, traffic cones, pans) bib overalls, tools and trinkets

Mercenaries/Militia - More resources as part of a group, armour is custom made (scrap but more uniform and military looking) helmets (goggles?) lots of pockets and extra kit

Gunslingers/Lawmen - 'Cowboys'......in the wastes........read Stephen King's Dark Tower series and you'll know what i mean. the kind of guys who walk into town and will either fend off bandits for no more than a bed and a meal then disappear without thanks or simply gun down everyone in the settlement and takes what he wants (and you never can tell which type they are until the last second)

Raiders/Bandits - Punk/Biker Land Pirates. Studded/Scrap armoured vests (chainmail?), bare arms, lightly armoured legs. elaborate and intimidating hair/Scrap masks

the blood and dust arsenal will include; knuckle dusters, daggers, cudgels, clubs, axes, machete, crowbars, tire irons, chains, maces, short swords, revolvers, semi-auto pistols, full auto pistols, Shootin Irons (oversized cowboy revolvers), sawn off shotguns, double barreled shotgun, pump action shotgun, Uzi inspired SMG, Skorpion Inspired SMG, H&K inspired SMG, tommy gun inspired MG, AK47 inspired AR, M16 inspired AR, bow, crossbow, spear/billhook, black powder pistol, black powder musket, blunderbuss, repeater rifle, bolt action rifle

Each Critter Kit will contain 5 multipart animals on 25mm bases

Fangworms - erm, a large maggot like creature with big fangs

Razor-Roach - A big spiny cockroach with huge mandibles and lives a similar lifestyle to a Hyena

Sawback Cobra - A large spitting cobra with a serrated armoured back

Spiny Dragon - A scavaging/predatory reptile that lives in packs and has sharp spines and quills on its shoulders and back

Wasteland Dog - wild/domestic/mutant dogs that live in/around the wastes

Lionrat - A predatory rodent the size of a cougar

Gulture - A large scavenging bird. mostly feed on carrion. Individual weak and cowardly they are only really a threat to the weak and wounded. when they gather in sufficient numbers their nerve is bolstered and they behave more like aerial piranhas. Given that they are attracted to the scent of blood and the screams of the dying and have learned that gun fire often precedes fresh meat a protracted battle can quickly become a feeding frenzy as the gultures swarm the erstwhile combatants and eat them alive

Wave 2: Strange Happenings, This range explores the PA archetypes that are most often associated with the horror genre and with the supernatural. It will also include a range of Beasts (wildlife mounted on 40mm bases)

As above

Slavers/Reavers - Cruel and evil, spiky scrap armour, some 'none' lethal weaponry. take slaves and hostages and murder for fun and intimidation

Mutants/Abominations - a mix of parts to make highly mutated individuals, the most mutated and shunned are abominations, parts can also be used to make less defomed individuals that might be kept as slaves and combined with other kits to make more subtly deformed individuals

Zombies/Ghouls - I've been thinking of a zombie disease that is a form of wasteland leprosy or syphilis. sufferers (ghouls) are afflicted with lesions that rot the face and skin but also affect the brain in specific ways, destroying logic, reasoning, language and memory but preserving aggression and feeding instinct. they're motor skills are only partially preserved. they are shambling and clumsy but capable of bursts of great speed (if they don't trip over ;)) sufferers are banished and form colonies. eventually the disease reaches an end phase where the victim is less than an animal. they are chained up and used like attack dogs by the ghoul camps and it is common knowledge that packs of zombies wander the wastes eating any thing they encounter

Cultists/Madmen - The wastes are a fertile breading ground for esoteric cults and wandering madmen. clad in robes and cassocks and often hooded. few material possessions other than weapons 8-) for a good idea of what i have in mind i point you to the computer game Blood

Tribesmen/Cannibals - Feral people who have lost touch with civilization and regressed to a stone(scrap?)-age tribal culture. primitive weapons and clothing. bones for decoration

Psychics/Mystics - wasteland Shamans/holy men/wizards etc. flamboyant theatrical clothing. esoteric gubbinz.

Each Beasts Kit will contain 3 multi-part animal on 40mm bases

Cliffjumper - A large arachnid (cross between a jumping spider and a whip scorpion

Armoured Yak - a large yak with pangolin type scales and a large hump over it's shoulders

I'm still working out ides for Beasts, suggestion welcome :)

Wave 3: The Steel Renaissance, This range explore PA archetypes that are associated with the more scifi end of the Sciror spectrum. It will also contain a range of Monsters (wildlife on 60mm bases)

As above

Techno-Ronin - Freelance Scientists and engineers, steampunk marksmen and samurai

Cyborgs - half man...half machine, somebody's been having fun ::)

Androids - none man...all machine. top of the range experimental weapons from before the event. look like a cross between a fleshless terminator and Iron Man

Aliens - B-movie inspired, space suits and bulbous reptilian/amphibian heads webbed hands and feet (least interchangeable kit

Powered Armour - armour that is powered. pre event relics, patched, repaired, corroded but still prestigious and formidible. walking tanks

Pre-event Survivors - off world colonists returning to the homeworld 200 years after the event. loads of high tech gizmo's but completely up themselves. think the star trek federation meets the third Reich, basically the worst kind of person there is. self righteous bigots in camp jumpsuits with silly (but potent) little rayguns

Each Monster Kit will contain one multi-part animal mounted on a 60mm base

Aberration - Giant mutant

Wasteland Stalker - Elephant sized sabretooth cat

Dune Beetle - car sized carnivorous bug

Emperor Black Dragon - Giant armoured monitor lizard

10-09-2009, 02:08
this sounds good... always on the hunt for more conversion bits, and have been on a huge PA kick recently. If the kits are really nice I'm sure you'll sell a ton! good luck!

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
10-09-2009, 11:05
Well, I'm going to take my time. I'm making the armatures all at once for scale consitency but after that i'll be working in batches of 5. it's going to take a long time, i'm hoping the first 6 kits will be ready to retail in about 9-12 months

11-09-2009, 04:09
you have my full support, can't wait to see what you have done. good luck.

17-09-2009, 12:28
I've enjoyed and appreciated all of your previous work, so I am looking forwards to this.

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
18-09-2009, 18:27
Sadly my computer is on the blink so no pics for a couple of weeks. I can only post from my PS3. Grrrr :mad:

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
16-10-2009, 00:34
Things are getting along. i've began adding the first layers of detail to the wastelanders and raiders. my computer is still on the blink but it should be up and running soon. i've decided to make the weapons as 3d models and produce them by 3d printing. it's more expensive but i really can't be bothered to make the weapons out of plasticard, especially when i need so many. it's also easier to add greebles.

23-10-2009, 14:41
Sounds like a fascinating project. I love the Road Warrior vibe. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your work.

28-10-2009, 16:58
This sounds like a good project, cant wait to see some pictures.

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
17-05-2010, 13:24
Well, after a period of getting distracted by other things this project is back. I've been writing a rules system and i've started over with regards to sculpts. I'm hoping to have the Wastelander game released within the next year or so. the models are still planned for release through Troll Forged Miniatures. I'm even putting things in place to produce a starter box.

I'm always glad to recieve peoples input on the project. More details of the rules and background can be found on the Wastelander sub-forum of the Troll Forged Forum (see my sig for a link) if it interests you please pop by

without further ado, my current bandit concept sculpt



18-05-2010, 16:26
An excellent start - I've got to confess that I thought you'd given up on this, given the time since the initial post...very much looking forward to your progress now though. What is this bandit chap going to be armed with?

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
18-05-2010, 18:29
It will be multi-part so there'll be a few weapon options. Probably including a revolver, semi auto pistol, microSMG/machine pistol, a sawn off shotgun and a selection of close combat weapons. If this sculpt turns out well enough I'll include him in thae actual bandit kit, either way i'm going to be sculpting others. I'm thinking of reducing the number of models per kit to 3, at least at first. it means i could get the basic range done quicker. bigger kits will probably have to wait until TFM is capable of plastics (which should be about a year or two)

I've been teaching myself to use zbrush, it's quite fun and a damn sight quicker to sculpt with than GS. it'll be easier to cut injection mold tools from a digital sculpt than a real world one (which can be an expensive and involved affair) and it's likely that later kits will be digital sculpts

I know i've been quiet of late but that's because i've been working on this mostly over at TF, I've got a few people involved. Rikard (build), Hive Trygon, Juicy Tomatoes and Icesword are all either onboeard already or have expressed an interest in getting involved once they have some of their current projects out of the way. I've also got a couple of people writing background material or working on images.

The one area i could really use some input and help is with playtesting and rules writing, i'm pretty much doing that myself and it's sometimes hard to be objective about rules you've written yourself, as writer you have knowledge that people new to the game might not and it's easy to assume that the reader will have the same.

If anyone's interested in helping out in any way please PM me

25-05-2010, 00:02
Being a huge PA-fan myself, this sounds very interesting, I'll be watching this space! ;)

26-05-2010, 20:35
Sounds great mate, the world needs more Mad Max style miniatures ;)

Cant wait to see more of your guys.

28-05-2010, 15:08
Check these discussions (http://trollsforge.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=development) out for more development on Borak's post apocalyptic madness! :)

29-05-2010, 01:33
Thanks for the link malika! :D

29-05-2010, 02:04
Awesome idea! Big fan of Post-Apocalypstic genres. Hopefully get to see lot of Mad-Max and Fallout type ideas.
Though I cant help with any of he actual way there some art from the wizard of the coast D20 Modern art.

The one with the "Stop Sign" shield seems like a must

Some Concept Art from the Fallout Wiki site

Cant wait to see some more WiPs.:D

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
15-06-2010, 07:35
Sorry I've been lax on the update front. I've been spending a lot of my free time working on the rules and background for the game. I'm getting back to the sculpting in the next couple of days so i should have a better update later in the week

If your interested, follow the link malika's posted and have a look, I've been adding prototype rules for the 30+ ranged weapons in the first volume and beginning to disclose some of the ideas i have for the campaign and character development systems.

Soon I'll also be starting work on modular boards and scenery for photography and further playtesting (it'll be better than playtesting on decade old gorka morka & necromunda terrain much of which will be prototypes for terrain kits

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
23-09-2010, 16:58
at the risk of sounding like a broken record, this protect isn't dead, for from it in fact.


here's some concepts like been working on






Logarithm Udgaur
27-09-2010, 18:38
Very interested in this, particularly the wasteland critters.

I will be sure to check out the Trollforged forums.

02-10-2010, 16:24
Love the artwork, particularly the Bloody Dawn Bandit...any progress on the sculpting front?

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
15-10-2010, 15:03
I've been somewhat distracted from the sculpting by my other game project Dark Pyre, My nurgle sorcerer project and by the TFM Sculpting Challenge (which i'm kind of in charge of)

The current Sculpting Challenge finishes at the end of the month and the next one will be a sci-fi theme so i'm going to try and make it relevant to wastelander, though probably not a bandit, more likely a character of some type

slade the slaughter
03-11-2010, 20:18
i think the bandits helmet is really good. wanna earn some cash? make the helmet and sell it.

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
14-11-2010, 23:41
I've been having a play with sculptris. here's a digital concept sculpt of a Fangworm


15-11-2010, 13:28
Very interesting. I'm starting to think that 3D digital sculpting is going to be the future for miniature wargames, given the quality of work coming out of Terragnosis, Yedharo and others.


Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
15-11-2010, 14:34
I don't think digital sculpting will completely replace traditional miniature sculpting mediums but i do see in becomeing a very usefull tool, especially as the cost and resolution of rapid prototyping & 3d printing improve

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
15-11-2010, 18:07


16-11-2010, 08:27


24-11-2010, 19:07
That does look pretty gribbly, but there's something about the face that reminds me of a strawberry...a really EVIL strawberry :-S

Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
25-11-2010, 06:48
Lol, it does slightly now that you mention it. then again, much of the mutations found in the wastelander world are the result of genetic experiments done in the distant past such as gene therapies, GM crops and even genetic weapons spreading into the wider genepool without real scientists to monitor and conrol them. it's entirely possible that theres some strawberry somewhere in the fangworms genome

02-01-2011, 19:57
wow! You have some determination and skills :) Really like your ideas! I am to great PA fan also and about to make a PA project. Not on your scale, but some GW conversions and stuff like that, just some friends between gaming. Looking forward to see some results on your project!


Lord Mayor Of Y'ha-nthlei
29-01-2011, 03:48

01-02-2011, 22:12
If you actually churn out some miniatures for this, I'd be interesting in buying some for Nuclear Renaissance (http://www.ramshacklegames.co.uk/nuclear/index.html) games.

Fallout-y models would be most welcome. :D