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14-01-2006, 10:46
Ok I've been wanting to play Wood Elves for a very long time - just need help on what to start with as a 1500 point list ( my favorite format )

Alter Noble 154 Pts
Alter; Great Weapon; Longbow
Hail of Doom Arrow
Helm of the Hunt

The standard multipurpose character - very fast and very hitty but valnurable used to kill wizards characters warmachine crews and so on - also to provide more CR to any fight necesary...

Spellsinger 140 Pts
General; Magic Level 1; Lore of Athel Loren; Longbow
Dispel Scroll
Dispel Scroll


Branchwraith 115 Pts
Cluster of Radiants
Annoyance of Netlings

Cheep and provides me with another dice and something to tie those uber characters with ... also can add to CR if needed

10 Glade Guard 120 Pts

Pure fire power - i needed one unit to take my beloved scauts

8 Dryads 96 Pts

Screen and hitty unit - with branch wraith can do some damage - depends havly on combined charges

6 Scouts 102 Pts

relativly cheep Very manuvrable and can do damage to not armoured targets AND delivere it in just about any starting location ( love to deploy after the enemy )

5 Glade Riders 120 Pts

Less fire power than guard but more manuvrable and harder to catch

5 Glade Riders 120 Pts

same as above

3 Warhawk Riders 120 Pts

great for march blocking and warmachine haunting

6 Wardancers 115 Pts

the hitty element - great at combined charges and stuff like that - one thing that can charge a raked unit and with some flank charge have hope of braking it - work with glade ridders

5 Wild Riders 130 Pts
Spear; Light Armour; Musician

great at flank charging - work with dryads to break ranked units

7 Waywatchers 168 Pts

My favorite unit - love the models love the rules - i deploy them so thay can take out enemy shooters - when in forest thay are nearly immortal ( very hard to hit on long range ).

Casting Pool: 3
Dispel Pool: 4
Models in Army: 58
Total Army Cost: 1500

Ok the plan with this army is to use guerilla tactics - use lods of very fast manuvrable units to
1) take out the most immidiate threats - like fast cavs , flyers adn stuff
2) take out enemy units that can catch my fast moving force
3) when there is nothing left that can catch me - shoot the most expensive units to score as much vicory points as i can

The main reason that i took 2 units of glade riders is that glade guards are slow and easy to catch - sure thay shoot 5 more arrows but give opponent VP - i think i have enought magic protection for 1500 format ( 4 dices and 2 scrolls ).

Other than that i want this list to be as tournament capable as possible but with a strong stress on winning - i want to be able to win most games and not score points for massacres and stuff - so tournament overal performence is not so important for me - I think that this list will be very tought to beat - i can take out most threats before thay get to me and then stay back and shoot the crap out of my enemy reliably giving me small or minor vicotrys - what say you ???

15-01-2006, 10:54
Help me out here Guys - plese :D

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