View Full Version : take-take the surface-world, kill-kill the meat

lord marcus
10-09-2009, 01:27
hi all. with the advent of the chittering hordes renewal in november (my birth month) i have decided to start up a log for my horde, code named "the legions of white-paw"

the blog will set in stone the pictures of my progress through my backlog of skaven (funnily enough not a whole lot) and the completion of any and all purchases after release.

note: this mission statement is liable to change via the dictates of the horned one, all praise his name.

without further queekish, i give you a list of my backlog that i have to paint. this last weeks work is not included as all that needs doing is painting base sides

10 slaves

at minimum 5 plauge monks, if not 10.

several rat packs

20 clanrats

1 stormvermin musician.

till nextime!