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10-09-2009, 13:55
What's the dirtiest, cheeiest stuff Daemons can do? The ultimate 'There can only be one!' tournament dominating list?

10-09-2009, 14:22
Well, my buddy delights in using Master of Sorcery to choose the Lore of Shadow and cast Unseen Lurker on his 5-strong unit of Screamers. This is death on MSU, solo characters, and war machines as the Screamers use their Slashing attack and bonus 20" move to zig-zag over as many units as possible. Sick.

10-09-2009, 14:34
Blue Scribes
3 x 10 Horrors
as many Flesh Hounds and Flamers as you can fit in. Job's a good un.

Lord Khabal
10-09-2009, 14:39
I dont agree! kairos lists must have multiple vortex heralds to feed him in order to dominate. masque isnt that intimidating outside an LD bomb army, which isnt the case.
No list is a dominating list because its all rock / paper / scissors, but its probably the "best" deamons list.
Then there is the flying circus variant which was the list i believe explorator was talking about.

10-09-2009, 14:47
Well, the BSB can have power vortex and a nice banner. But yeah not the Masque, Skulltaker on Jugger is much better in this army.

10-09-2009, 15:33
I dont see a dominating daemon list. A tzeentch heavy list will kill a nurgle heavy list, the nurgle list should do fine against a khorne list and khorne that usually comes with high MR and some fast units should be able to kill the tzeentch list.
If you then mix in some terrain and some units immune to flaming attacks (HE can bring almost an entire army of these) it gets impossible to have one single dominating list.

Having said that a list with the thirster in obsidian armour, min sized horrors, lots of hounds, herald casters, some flamers and potentially a nurgle tarpit or two will be able to kill most things.

10-09-2009, 15:37
1 BSB herald of Tzeentch - vortex, fly
1 Herald of Tzeentch - vortex, fly
1 Herald of Tzeentch - master of sorcery, scroll, disc
3x 10 horrors
2x 6 flamers
as many hounds as poss

13 PD, 8 DD, 1 scroll

3 flickering fire on 1 dice
2 flickering fire on 2 dice
2 higher level spells on 3 dice

10-09-2009, 15:44
The stuff between a Great Unclean One's toes...

10-09-2009, 15:50
The stuff between a Great Unclean One's toes...


most disgusting cheese i've ever seen.

11-09-2009, 04:38
most bestest cheese i've ever seen.

Fixed it for you.

Bloodthirster, Heralds of Khorne on Juggernaughts with 0+ save and strength 7, Heralds of Tzeentch with Master of Sorcery and whatever you want, Flesh Hounds, Flamers... that's the stuff you find there.

11-09-2009, 09:20
How come slaanesh is never mentioned in these lists?(xept for the masque)
are they so weak(or normal:D) compared to the other deamons?

planinng on doing a mono slaanesh force, but i guess the only cheese army there is the Ld bomb. But i don't want to be cheesy so thats great:)

11-09-2009, 10:52
Slaanesh, excepting leadership bomb army (which personally i think is disgusting, more so if combined with hounds + flamers) is harder to break. Its still a daemon army, so not THAT bad, but requires more care than a lot of them (tzeentch flying circus/magic gunline being more of a point and click army).

11-09-2009, 11:13
Yeah in fact at last proper tournament I went to of the 3 Daemon armies, 1 was Slaanesh (Properly themed, the 6 deadly sins), and ranked pretty low at the end of the weekend, compared to the other mix-and-match Daemons that did well.

11-09-2009, 14:28
I heard Khornate Chedder was pretty good, but stay way from Nurglite Swiss.

Lord Khabal
11-09-2009, 14:44
The list IN ANY WAY forces you to play mono god. You play like that because you choose to.
Naturally the tendency is to use the "best" units, so flamers, flesh hounds, bloodthirsther and plaguebearers with herals are the usual suspects for the "DAEMON CHEESE".
Probably the "best" list would be a combination of these, but personally, the one I fear the most (probably because I play mostly WOC) is the kairos list, magic heavy variant. The ld bomb army tends to be a bit "situational" and not as effective Vs daemons or VC, two of the high tier armies around

11-09-2009, 14:45
I prefer slaanesh when I play DoC due to the fact that you actually have to be careful with what you do. Problem is that there are some really bad matchups for a pure slaanesh army. Even if you take the LD bomb (which is really boring to play with and against) there are to many armies that just doesnt care.

11-09-2009, 14:53
eh, cookie cutter tooled up thirster, 2 mid size units of horrors, 1-2 units of letters, flesh hounds, flamers.

I run a mono slaanesh (nettes kinda suck comparitively), KoS, Masque and 2 heralds... make them all stupid and fear/terror checks (ld bomb?) But this at least requires more thought/effort than "lol i move forward and I win!'