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11-09-2009, 02:03
So, at the moment I have a list of models I currently have in my possession, and I'm trying to make them into a decent 2000 point force. The entire army is themed as Nurgle worshippers, so the only Marks I can include is that of Nurgle. I know it's somewhat limiting, but theme overrides such things for me nowadays. So, I have a few ideas of my own, but I thought I'd get some opinions from you all as to how to form what I've got here into a cohesive 2000 point force, while including as much of the models I have available as possible. Here's what I've got:

Chaos Hero/Lord on Daemonic Steed

Chaos Hero-BSB on Daemonic Steed/Chaos Steed

Chaos Sorcerer-Chaos Steed

Chaos Sorcerer-Chaos Steed

20 Warhounds

10 Marauder Horsemen-LA, Flails, x2 Musicians

5 Marauder Horsemen-Shields, Spears, Musician

10 Chaos Knights-x2 Musicians, x2 Standard Bearers, x2 Champions

Chaos Warshrine

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth-Additional Hand Weapon

So, there we have the models I'll have available, painted wonderfully and in some cases converted amazingly as well. The one thing I should mention is that, despite how absurd it may seem, I feel as though I MUST include the Warshrine in the army, regardless. It's an amazing conversion, Nurglesque to the max, and just one of my favorite models ever. So it's in regardless.

So, how would you go about making this mass of Nurgle worshipping wicked Northmen into a cohesive and deadly 2000 point force?

At this points level, I do believe that the Marauder Horsemen should remain unmarked, as 30 points per unit to give them the Mark of Nurgle is a bit too much(and by a bit too much, I mean way too much).

11-09-2009, 10:57
I suffer from pretty much the same thing-my Warriors have evolved from a third ed list started in 1990 so I've got all the models dating back to then that I have reorganised repeatedly for almost the last twenty years in order to get them into a workable force. It isn't hard for someone with a bit of experience to update an old army into a new list.

Nurgle isn't what it used to be of course, but it's not always about what you have, more what you do with it. Look at the new Mark of Nurgle: increased difficulty to hit anyone with it, and with quality Nurgle spells to stop the enemy shooting or rushing you, you can take the initiative by swarming your opponent first with inexpensive light or medium units (Marauder foot and horse) whilst banging in plenty of harrassing magic. You can field more Marauders that are hard to hit than a few ridiculously expensive Knights. Of course a few big lads are the backbone of a Warriors force but you've got that covered. You should Mark the Marauders (they need it more than anyone else) and leave the Warriors as their save and WS will more than take care of a lack of Mark. All you need do then is pick the enemy's weakest point and ram it with everything you've got. The war machines, biggest character, General or mass of cheap troops are usually a good start. Break or eliminate them and you're halfway there by the end of turn two. The rest is mopping up.

To the above effect, you've got a good start-fast movers followed by hard hitters, both of which are going to survive a good pasting en route. You have decent characters to ride in with the Knights screened or flanked by the Marauder horse, supported all the way by tasty mages. You could even put the Heroes in with the Marauders and add the Mages to the Knights for extra badness. Throw out some hounds in front or on the flanks to soak up enemy chariots or guess-range war machine attacks and you're almost there. I may be preaching to the converted here but it's always best to start at the bottom of a list and work your way up.

Finally you might look at expanding your characters, tuning up the mages to level 2 and giving the Heroes some specialist kit. You've kept the characters cheap which is good because the Shrine will beef them up as the game progresses, and you've a few dispel dice to prevent your big hitters from falling down before they've made contact with the enemy. Some good choices there to keep the army fluffy AND hammer the buggery out of anyone. You just need to carry out some final item tweaking and testing, then you can get spreading the Plague Father's Good News!

11-09-2009, 13:32
Hah, I love it, Mr. Welton! Brilliant. I see most of your points as being very valuable, and more than anything I think you're right in that I really need to just make some builds and see what works for me on the tabletop. I've got the tools I need, I just need to figure out the best way to employ them!

Thanks ever so much, and have no fear, the Grandfather's "Good News", as you put it, will certainly be spread.

11-09-2009, 13:57
So, there we have the models I'll have available, painted wonderfully and in some cases converted amazingly as well.

How modest of you ;). Would love to see some pictures of the army as I'm into the whole plague and pestilence albeit, in a Skaven way. Have you posted any up?

11-09-2009, 14:47
Mate, I've been Warhammering since the beginning (twenty five years now) and there's no substitute for experience. I have had to split five sixth-ed armies of all four powers and an Undivided into two FB Warrior forces and one FB Daemon. It took me nine months to do and I'm happy with the result-mixed forces are certainly the new model army but if you can still get results from a specific list then you're a good player regardless of whether your selection is considered good or not by others. Someone who thinks your list is **** probably won't like to face it, so just ignore them and do it for yourself!

11-09-2009, 17:25
Tower_Of_The_Stars: Hah! No no, I'm not being arrogant in regards to how this army looks, simply because I wasn't the one who did the conversions and painting. This is the first army I didn't convert, put together, and paint myself. I decided to give myself a treat and hired Blue Table Painting to do this one for me. So when I say how amazing it is, I'm actually praising the excellent work they've done on it. And believe me, it is excellent. There's no pictures up of it yet, but there will be in the next week or so. Keep an eye here on Warseer for it, I'll post lots of pictures of it eventually. So, I wasn't tooting my own horn by any means. If you're into plague and pestilence, well prepare to be blown away. The work they've done on this army is out of this world, and I'm really glad I commisioned them to do it. I know a lot of people have qualms about having their army painted by someone else, but honestly, I feel really good about doing this. I'm supporting a great business, and getting top-knotch quality minis for myself, without having to do much of the leg work this time around. Make no mistake, I've put my time in with building and painting armies. I've got 4000 points worth of Skaven, all painted and assembled/converted by me, and the mental and physical scars to prove it;)

11-09-2009, 17:27
adamwelton: Thanks again, good sir, I totally agree. I'll work with it, do some trial and error, and find a way to make it work the best for me. I know that the mulit-mark forces are a lot more flexible and you get the best of all worlds(which likely equates to a better all round force, I would imagine), but these days I'm way more into theme and imagery. That said, I wouldn't mind this army being able to hold it's own on the tabletop and spread a little plague and pestilence here and there along the way.

11-09-2009, 17:42
Top banana. I want to see post-action reports in addition to paintjobs, so I'll be watching. It's a bloody shame that you're about two thousand miles from here. Oh well, keep up the evil work.

Good luck & good hunting.

11-09-2009, 17:56
So, there we have the models I'll have available, painted wonderfully and in some cases converted amazingly as well. The one thing I should mention is that, despite how absurd it may seem, I feel as though I MUST include the Warshrine in the army, regardless. It's an amazing conversion, Nurglesque to the max
Care posting your stuff on the blog forum?:rolleyes:
It sounds very interesting.

As for the army list itself you are in a good spot with 2 units of 5 knights and you could also go for some magic support with your 2 sorcerers.I don't know if all this is 2250 you could add some trolls/ogres/dragon ogres or even a unit of 12 chaos warriors.

11-09-2009, 19:42
adamwelton: For sure, my friend, I'll keep everything updated and such, and include a vast amount of pics of the work that's been done on these models. I know there's nothing quite like painting up your own army, and the joy that comes with such an undertaking, but I've been so, so impressed with the level of creativity and skill that goes into the work Blue Table Painting does, that I can't praise them enough. I can't wait to show you this stuff when I have pictures available. Once Shawn(of BTP) puts the pics up on the website, or does a YouTube piece on them, I'll make the link available. In fact, there's currently a YouTube vid of the army as a work in progress, unpainted at the time of the video. Here's the link:

Should give you an idea of the awesomeness of their work. I'm extremely proud to be the owner of this army!

11-09-2009, 19:43
Jiggy: Check out the YouTube link I've given above to get a look at some of the stuff in WIP form. It's beyond impressive!

11-09-2009, 21:54
Hey I think you have a solid army with just the models you have but really you don't need to mark anything.... In all honesty un-marked chaos does pretty well too. It is just something I have been trying out. Nurgle is GREAT for characters though because it spreads to the unit for shooting and the WS -1 is base contact so only 2 models wont be affected. Take all the dogs and horsemen and knights and heros deck them out without marks except the heroes make one of the exalted heroes as a lord with chaos runesword and either Crown of Everlasting conquest or runeshied and the BSB will do fine with Sword of Might and enchanted shield and give one mage book of secrets and power familiar and the other the puppet and I would hate to fight that army :)

11-09-2009, 21:59
Right on, Bauknefer, it's great to hear from you again! As you can see, as they army has progressed it's become entirely Nurgle oriented, which I think is beyond cool! As always, it's great to hear your advice, and it doesn't hurt at all to hear you say that this could easily be a force to be reckoned with!;)

12-09-2009, 00:23
I love theme armies! I saw that you tube video and your army looks great. Beautiful warshrine but as I said before it will have trouble keeping up with the army, but it could be able to anchor your rear and buff one unit until you get a good one and they get out of range. Btw what model did you build your bsb from the actual guy not the standard? And if you give me some point values Ill help you make it man.

12-09-2009, 01:03
Yup, the BSB was built from the latest Chaos lord model on Daemonic Steed(the cool looking one with the hammer), and a back banner from the Forge World Nurgle Dreadnought...he looks absolutely cool.

Hahah, the Warshrine is a total work of art! You can probably see why I've been so keen to include it in the list now at all costs, eh?;)

As for the last part, about the points values, what points values were you looking for, Bauknefer. Sorry, my friend, I don't quite understand the question...haha I'm a little slow tonight, forgive me.

12-09-2009, 01:07
Haha Just list the army with the point values on the basic core of how you want the army and I will help you hit 2k =D

12-09-2009, 02:05
Okee doke, well let's see....

Okay, for the Warhounds, we'll go for at least two units of 5 each, which comes to 60 points. For the Marauder Horsemen, for now I'm leaving them unmarked, so one unit of 5 with spears, sheilds, and musician, and two units of 5 each with light armour, flails, and musicians. That takes care of the Core choices.

The Special choices will include 2 units of 5 Chaos Knights each, both units having the Mark of Nurgle, and both units have full command. Altogether, with just the upgrades I've given above, comes to 560 points.

For Rare, we're going with a Chaos Warshrine with the Mark of Nurgle, and a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth with an additional hand weapon. Those two choices come to 435 points.

So, the Core, Special, and Rare choices come to a current basic total of 1308 points.

So, that leaves me with just what to do about my characters, really I guess. In my mind, the Core, Special, and Rare choices are looking good, and come to a decent amount of points, and that's without any magic banners for the Knights, and no Marks of Nurgle on the Marauder Horsemen. As it stands, the lack of both of those upgrades is fine by me.

I suppose it's fitting in the characters, and with what item and ability loadouts that gives me the most trouble. I can't help but feel that I'm not going to be able to fit all four of my character choices into the 2000 point version of this army, as much as I'd love to.

What do you think, Bauknefer? Keeping in mind, of course, the only Mark I'll be using now is the Mark of Nurgle. I am planning on leaving one of the Sorcerers unmarked, and allowing him to use the Lore of Death(which still fits in with the theme quite nicely, and saves me 20 points...not to mention gives me another Lore to play with, and I happen to quite like the Lore of Death anyway). So, thoughts?

12-09-2009, 02:08
Where will you be placing the characters? This is very important

12-09-2009, 02:17
Hmmm, that's actually a very good question, Bauknefer, and one I've been giving some thought to. Well, I was thinking I'd put at least one of my more fighty characters in one of the Knight units, simply because I'll be playing against Vampire Counts a lot, and since I can't break them on a charge(oh wouldn't that be nice!), I figure I'll have to do as much damage as possible to make the difference and get the crumbling hard and fast.

Also, I was thinking of putting the Nurgle marked Sorcerer with a unit of Marauder Horsemen, to give the Horsemen some needed punch, and in return give the Sorcerer some added manouverability, thanks to being able to move like Fast Cavalry because of joing them(although it will slow the unit down by an inch thanks to Barding on the Sorcerer, bit oh well...).

Other than that, it's a bit up in the air. What would you suggest?

12-09-2009, 02:47
Ok time to put what I have to the test. Sorcerers with the horsemen are an amazing idea.. But this is what I think. Go nurgle with them, Sounds crazy I know but you will protect your horsemen from fire because -1 to hit with shooting goes to the unit as well. I know it is 20 points but in reality you are giving your horsemen MoN for 10 points less. and the nurgle lore is good but I would just buboes snipe characters and champions. For the Lord put him with a unit of knights great idea. But do the same thing give the Lord the mark and save yourself 10 points. same thing with the BSB lol I feel I am losing my mind =D Sounds good though huh? Now I would also include 2 more units of dogs they are worth their weight in gold. Now for equipment here is my ideas. Lord go with MoN Runesword, Runeshield/Crown of everlasting conquest 344. For the BsB go with MoN Sword of Might,enchanted shield and Favor of the gods 211. Sorc MoN Level 2 Book of secrets and Power familiar 206. second Sorc MoN level 2 Puppet 191. All with steeds.
So you will be looking at this list right here


Horsemen x3 dogs x20 373
Knights x5 250
Knights x5 250
Warshrine 150

Puts you at 1975 so you can give your Lord Sporific Musk and you are at 1995. And have the 2000 points =D Now the Shaggoth will be great at 2250 drop the musk and add the shaggoth and you are gold. What do you think? And that is with all full command and Shrine has nurgle nothing else but heros have it

12-09-2009, 03:02
Pffft soporifik musk?

distendable maw or stream of corruption are much nurgl-er!

cally, honestly man, after being thrashed by plague marines in 40k for quite a few years now i can tell you that nurgle is scary good!

Believe me the limitations you have placed on yourself are only Advantages my friend.

I'm a firm beleiver in the above list however i must gripe about points spent on characters, the BSB isn't particularly needed, hopefully your knights won't be breaking :S

Switch him out for the shaggoth, maybe trim the sorcs a bit to pay the difference.

He'll also draw cannons away from the knights, leaving them to deal with nothing but small arms, which, being nurgle they do quite awesomely.

Just beware of empire players that have great cannons and roll 6s, or goblin players with rock lobbas that roll sixes...... or players in general that roll 6s.

12-09-2009, 03:03
Awesome, thanks for the advice as always, Bauknefer, it honestly looks great! I'm glad you think putting my Sorcerers in the Fast Cavalry is a good idea, as it was something I was little worried about, but after seeing that you also think it's a good idea, it's as good as done!

I really dig the Lord magic item loadout, and it makes him one tough cookie, to say the least. I'm sure there's something out there in the Warhammer world that could give him a run for his money, but for the life of me I can't quite imagine what that would be at the moment. I also hadn't thought of that item loadout for the BSB, either, and looking at it now, I'm pretty sure that's an awesome way of kitting him out. He's tough, killy, and still manages to be a BSB. Very nice indeed. Not to sound like too much of a broken record, but I also agree fully with you suggestions on how to equip my Sorcerers...they look great!

So, you don't think dropping the Shaggoth at this points level will leave me lacking in the heavy hitting department? That's probaby a silly thought, now that I think about it, considering I have two units of hideously powerful Chaos Knights, not to mention some sick, sick Lords and Heroes to do the business.

I like it. A lot. Thanks again for the great advice, Bauknefer, you've been invaluable! Even if I don't use the exact list and item loadout you've suggested, whatever I do use will be based quite heavily on your thoughts and opinions here. Of course, when it comes down to it, I've got to figure out what works best for me through tiral and error, which I suppose is actually half of the fun!

Again, thanks man, this has been very, very helpful! I was hoping I wouldn't have to drop the Shaggoth, but I think you might be onto something with that. In a slightly higher points game, he's definately in, but as it stands I likely have enough heavy hitters as it is.

Well, really all that's left is to make a few lists, and get to playing when the army finally arrives completed(which should be next week!).

So, keep an eye out on here, and I'll post some links to the army all painted up and ready to go. Not only that, but I'll be trying out a few different builds and compositions for this army, and posting them in the battle reports section here on Warsee, so you and whoever else is interested can follow along and see how these rotted bringers of blessed rot do!

12-09-2009, 03:05
Yea you can trim to sorcerers. But I like how the BsB adds to static combat res for the knights and is a monster in combat himself.

12-09-2009, 03:07
AussieSocks: Thanks for the bout of confidence, man! Agreed, Nurgle forces are rough and tumble, can take a beating and still come at you, laughing and gurgling...which is definately part of the appeal, no?

I do really dig the Shaggoth, and the Shaggoth I'll be using is a nearly scratch-built conversion, being a "terror from the deeps" type thing, a mix of a lamprey, dragon, and centipede type beast, so it would be hard for me NOT to want to use him. Definately expect to see me stomping him around the board more often than not;)

Thanks for the respons, AussieSocks. Oh, and you read my mind...I LOVE Stream of Corruption, even though it is only one use only. I really enjoy breath weapons, and the simply insane amount of enemy models they can cover in the right circumstance. Thanks again, man!

12-09-2009, 03:10
Hey man I am glad I could help you. If you know someone who can convert me an undivided chaos Lord on a steed you should send me a private message. Btw the Bsb's unit should be the target for your warshrine because of the Favor of the Gods. the Lord can do enough damage himself.

12-09-2009, 03:11
I like the Musk power because its more useful imo but the stream would be fine for fluff reasons lol

12-09-2009, 03:31
Another thing you can do is drop the Lord to an exalted with the Crown/ runeshield and MoN drop the sorcerers to Level 1's drop the puppet and the power familiar and the book and you might be able to fit in the shaggoth but dropping all that power for a shooting magnet I dont think is a good idea lol

12-09-2009, 08:00
A quick point to note about putting characters in Fast units is that the Fast unit then loses it's Fast ability! On the other hand as everyone points out, Marking them is ace as you then tool them up with armour and spears, making them weak Knights capable of really hurting war machines, medium infantry, skirmishers and similar targets, leaving the follow-on true Knights to smash the buggery out of everyone else. Chaos Sorcerers are supposed to be nails fighters and should be used as such in every circumstance. Alternatively using them horse to screen the Knights also allow the mages to chuck out a few spells and take the heat off the main force.

The Shag is a monster but being large needs cover. Throwing the third horse unit out in front of it won't protect it but will give crossbows and other heavy missile troops something to think about. The Big Boy can also be a substitute for a Lord, as he's that hard already! That leaves you with two nails Heroes in your Knights with extra magic potential. On a final note rather than converting a superb model, why not turn it into a giant **** of epic proportions? Add a small amount of green stuff you can always scrape off later, you could make it look like the attack of the fifty-foot poo-much more unpleasantly Nurglesque!

12-09-2009, 16:03
Hahah, it's funny you mention that about the Shaggoth, Sir Welton, because the model is certainly NOT your standard Shaggoth. Once again, BTP has come through and made something hideously wonderful for my Nurglesque Shaggoth. Apparently(I haven't seen the finished product yet) it's a "creature from the deeps" type beast, part dragonoid, part lamprey, part centipede....fully Nurgle! Sounds wicked, no?

12-09-2009, 16:25
Like I said, I can't wait to get pictures up of this army, it's impressive, and I completely happy with it. I'm also glad that I've gone with a completely Nurgle theme, as much as the latest Chaos army book stresses multi-god lists somewhat. Theme and feel are more important to me these days, and that said, I don't believe a Nurgle-marked army is "weak" by any means. Sure, it doesn't have any Mark of Slaanesh Horsemen that don't have to worry about Panic, Fear, and Terror, or any uber killy Chaos Knights with the Mark of Khorne...but it has style;) Gross, plagued, rotting style.

12-09-2009, 16:39
I'm starting to get the feeling that to include all the character choices I want, I might have to drop the Shaggoth until a slightly higher points level, or until I want to switch the army around a bit. How much effectiveness and sheer resilience and hitting power would I be missing by removing the Shaggoth out of the list for now?

12-09-2009, 17:29
Actually, I think I'm siding with AussieSocks on this one, in that I think I'll leave the Shaggoth in(he just OWNS a flank), and have to suffer without my beloved mounted BSB for now, as cool as the model looks.

13-09-2009, 03:21
Well dont worry about missing out on a character. You can just lower the chaos lord to an exalted saving 150 pts drop the level 2s to level 1s saving 70 points then you drop the 25pt gift of chaos that was on your lord and you have 245 pts. and you are not losing too much I guess. I just don't like large targets lol too many things can hit them.

13-09-2009, 03:48
True enough, Bauknefer, I totally agree. Although, against an opponent like Vampire Counts, I can see my Shaggoth coming in quite handily;) Against an army with some seriously strong shooting(ie. Cannons and the like), I believe you're right, and the Shaggoth might be a bit of a liability. That said, if the Cannons and Bolt Throwers are busy dealing with the Shaggoth, that takes a little pressure off my Knights and allows them to rush in and do the business much less scathed.

The Shaggoth, to my mind, isn't such an easy thing to deal with, even with some heavy firepower directed his way either. He's relatively quick and has a high Toughness, which should help him out....I'm hoping:)

I'm still trying to figure out if I want to drop the Lord to an Exalted as well. I know it seems like a wise thing to do, and also what the vast majority of WoC players tend to do, but...there's just something really cool about having this uber, world-renowned and feared Chaos Lord running amok on the table that really appeals to me. I guess I'll see how it works out after a few games, and see if I too decide the Exalted is the better choice.

Thanks for the input as always, my friend!

13-09-2009, 07:45
Regarding characters, as I mentioned elsewhere you will be able to improve them as the game progresses by Warshrine so they will be able to deal with bigger enemy units in their own time. That's the best thing about Warriors-they get better as time moves on. The enemy MUST destroy them before they do, leaving you with the initiative and the opportunity for some really nasty challenges.

I don't think your Shag will suffer unduly. The very sight of it will cause the enemy to fill his underwear in short order, again leaving you with many opportunities for mischief. He's also a nightmarishly quick mover so if you get turn one then you're usually in charge range from the start. It's a pity you can't tool them up like you can in the Beasts book.

It doesn't matter that you don't have all the hard hitters of a standard Warriors force either. It's what you do with your army that wins; match your units with the enemy's and knock them down. Have a plan then test and adjust until you're satisfied. Have confidence in the hardest army in the Warhammer world then go out and conquer yourself a kingdom!

13-09-2009, 13:40
Good Luck! Enjoy the game and try different aspects of the army. May Nurgle Strengthen your army and Destroy your enemies!

13-09-2009, 17:48
I've got 4000 points worth of Skaven, all painted and assembled/converted by me, and the mental and physical scars to prove it;)

I hear you brother!

15-09-2009, 02:37
Thanks for the all support, guys! Now, you wanted pics, and I just recently got some. So, here's the link to what BTP has done up for my Nurgle themed Warriors of Chaos. Check it out, they're exquisite!


Okay, so you're gonna have to go the "New Stuff" secton, go down a little until you see "Warriors of Chaos(01 BC) pandora" and follow that link. Let me know what you think! I think they're GORGEOUS! Pay particular attention to the amazing Nurgle Warshrine, the scract-built Shaggoth, and...well, pretty much everything else. Blue Table Painting is beyong awesome!

15-09-2009, 03:21
Checked out the link with ur army shown. All of it looks pretty damn sweet, but the warshrine is something else. Together the army looks like a coherent masterpiece and individually they are awesome. Must've cost u a bomb though...

If u have any way could u possibly find out where abouts they got the maggoty warshrine model from (or if it was self sculpted).

Ty H2O

15-09-2009, 04:03
Hey man, yes indeed it did cost me a small fortune....but well worth it! I absolutely love it, and totally recommend Blue Table Painting to anyone who wants something like that.

As for the maggoty looking creature on the Warshrine, well apparently it's a model from Spain, although I'm not sure which company makes him. He's AMAZING though, eh? Perfect for anything Nurgle. I could ask Shawn(the ownder of BTP) if you'd really like to know.

Thanks for the comment!

16-09-2009, 15:37
Also, for those who've seen the models in the link I've provided above, I'm impressed enough to be soon commissioning some add-ons to this force, either for expanding the army up to 2500 points and/or the ability to switch things out every now and then at 2000 points.

Firstly, I'm going to commission two Chariots of Nurgle, both of which will have the option if having two normal Chaos Warrior crewmen or switching one of the crewman out for a character of some sort. This is going to be done simply by making one of the crewman look a little more special than the one that's the obvious driver(who will have a whip or reigns of some sort). So, that fits in with the theme of the army quite nicely, and gives me some rock hard options if I so choose.

Next, I'm commissioning three Dragon Ogres, highly converted to be somewhat akin to the "nameless horror" Shaggoth type creature you can see in the pics in the link. They won't be quite as monstrous as that, but share many of his features so they tie in, probably sharing the same kind of lamprey-type maw the current Dragon Ogre has. While on the topic of the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth as seen in the pics, I've come up with some background for him, and why he doesn't look much like any Shaggoth most have ever seen. I've named him Ghulvash the Corruptor, The Oblivion Wyrm, Plaguemaw. He was a Shaggoth that fell at the Gates of Kislev during the Great War. His now soulless corpse was carried away by Nurgle's faithful, and Nurgle, ever-loving and wanting to create, had his Sorcerers and Necrologists reanimate and change him into a form more...pleasing to the Plague Father. He now exists as one of Nurgle's most favoured beasts, bringing death and decay in the name of the Lord of All Things. Okay, so that's some basic background, still needs some work, but I really dig it. Needless to say, the Dragon Ogres I'm commissioning will be a bit more like Dragon Ogres, as I don't want them being mistaken for Spawn.

Thirdly, I'm commissioning a second mounted Sorcerer of Nurgle. The appearance of this one is entirely up in the air right now, and I'm basically leaving it up to Shawn(owner and mastermind behind BTP) to play with. I'm stoked.

So, the army grows. I'm beyond happy with the forces at my disposal now, and with these additions in the near future should have a lot to choose from when playing my battles.

So, what do you think about the additions I'm planning on? I've only talked to Shawn at BTP about them thus far, and have yet to put the work order in and make the downpayment. So, thoughts?