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11-09-2009, 12:01
My 3000pts list

Vampire Lord, Red fury,inf hatred, dread knight, dread lance, crown of damned.

Vampire lord,level,Dark acolyte,Master of the black art,summon creatures of the night,
Wristbands of black gold, Helm of commandment,book of arkhan. GENERAL

Vampire,walking death,infinte hatred,Talisman of lycni,flayed hauberk,sword of battle.

Vampire,BSB,Drakenhof banner(alternative some cheaper or non at all), walking death, Dread knight.

Necromancer,2 dispell scrolls


20 zombies
20 zombies
20 zombies
10 skeleton warriors,Hw/shield // Caster Lord goes here, necromancer to
5 dire wolves,doom
Corpsecart with balefire


15 Grave guards,hw/shield,champ,standard, banner of dead legion, bsb here?
15 Grave guards,GW,champ,standard,Royal standard of the strigois, CC Hero here, bsb here?
5 Black Knights, barded steeds,standard,champ,Banner of barrows // CC Lord Here, bsb here?
5 Black Knights,champ,standard
3 Fell bats


3 Cairn wraiths,banshee


127 models
13 PD + 2 bound
8 DP + 2 scrolls

-Use the 3 zombie units as meat shields for the heavier units, protecting them against Missile fire, magic etc.
-Skeltons and caster lord+Necro goes behind all the units, just casting and supporting with Helm of commandment.
- Grave guard unit with hw/shield goes up against light infantry units, with their T4 3+save and double unit strength it shouldn’t be a problem to win the combat by 1 and auto-break lighter units in combat.

- Grave guard unit with Gw’s goes up against heavy armored units. The hero has a sneaky 18 inch charge, so if any caster or warmachine comes within it’s range he can charge out from the unit. Or stay and support the GG’s

- don’t know if I should drop the Drakenhof banner to the blood keep flag or non at all and go for some ghouls and summon ghouls on my caster lord?, it’s 125 pts but it can save some models and turn combats to my favour.
Maybe exchange the wraiths for a coach, really love the coach :P


11-09-2009, 13:57
Vampire,walking death,infinte hatred,Talisman of lycni,flayed hauberk,sword of battle.

My nike von carstine is
Vampire, Sword of Might, Talisman of Lycni, Nightshroud

This keeps a cheap throw away vampire in a unit of wolves. If you want him to survive some, add in infinite hatred and walking death. Str 6, striking first, +1 combat res, and reroll hits (wounding on a 2+). He would decimate the flank of anything he hit. Maybe good for a wizard assassin.

11-09-2009, 14:06
I would drop the unbarded black knight all together. That will free up points to buff out the GG units and maybe add anohter wraith. The knights alone with no barding and a standard is giving free VPs to the enemy. Even if you could keep them near a vampire to march, they just arn't worth it.

I would also suggest giving an extra spell to the necromancer, have him with the default and van hels.

It seems like a very fair and balanced VC list. I hope it isn't meant for 'Ard Boys :D

11-09-2009, 17:03
I will make the changes and run a testgame :)

11-09-2009, 20:59
Dreadlance is auto hit, why do you need infinite hatred??