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ard boy stu
11-09-2009, 18:18
Hey guys im really interested in the SM Genesis chapter but i cant find any thing on them over than the 1 sentence in the codex, i was wondering if u guys new anything else on this chapter and if u can post it up.

Cheers in advance

Fire Harte
11-09-2009, 18:45
I don't personnally know but Lexicanum has relevant information: Direct Link (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Genesis_Chapter)

It's a shame there isn't much background but it's a little more than you already know. :)

Leftenant Gashrog
11-09-2009, 18:50
Two things not mentioned on Lexicanum:
They are a codex chapter who like the Ultramarines denote company by the shoulderpad trim - so the example in the codex is 2nd company.

Codex: Ultramarines (2nd edition) stated that the chapters sergeants have blue emblems instead of red, that could just mean the skull added to the chapter badge but could also cover helmet colour as well (which would fit with the White Consuls use of blue helmets for veterans).

ard boy stu
11-09-2009, 18:59
thx for the help pepole its a shame GW dont write more about them oh well

Dr. Hellbeast
11-09-2009, 19:14
You could make the chapter master look like Phil Collins.