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11-09-2009, 17:19
Forgive me if this is clearly explained in the rulebook, but I am bored at work so I am fiddling with a nurgle daemon list and was curios about Noxious vapors.

Assume a unit of 20mm troopers charge a unit of Plaguebearers with a herald on a palanquin that has Noxious vapours (all models in base contact with the daemon lose the always strike first rule and will always strike last)


The two untouched models throw their attacks and do no wounds, lets say.

The herald strikes and does no wounds, lets say.

Then the plaguebearers strike and kill 3 enemies.

How many of the enemy 20mm troopers can then strike after this?

1, or 3?

What if the herald did 4 wounds and everyone else did zero, would nobody strike back, or would 2?

Thank you

Nurgling Chieftain
11-09-2009, 18:00
This is yet another iteration of the "exactly who dies" question, which seems to have no perfect answer (as opposed to 40K, where it's very explicit). I would assume that each casualty is one model which cannot strike back in this circumstance (so 1 and 0 respectively) as that's the primary rule.

11-09-2009, 18:18
The way we play it, if you dont designate your attacks, the defender chooses where the deaths come from where possible. So,

a. 3 strike back, 2 of which can only hit the herald and 1 which can choose either.
b. none strike back, since the four touching the herald have to die first before any others.

edit: To further explain, we allow the plaguebearer owner this option.

Using the photobucket image, assign each model the following way


where 1-6 is the troopers, a-c are plaguebearers, and HHH is the herald.

1&2 have already gone. When a-c go, b and c would be allowed to attack the unit or a specific model they are touching. So b could designate 1 or all of his attacks onto trooper 3, and likewise c onto trooper 6. If you designate more then 1 attack and wound on both, you still only do 1 wound since they were both designated on a specific model.

*This isnt RAW, just the way we choose to play it.

11-09-2009, 19:07
Take casualties from the models in base contact with the model who caused the casualty.

So you'll need to do some attack allocation as you'll(daemon player) will be wanting to cause some casualties to the models who have yet to attack.
Although one plaguebearer isnt in base contact with them so shouldnt be allowed to.

13-09-2009, 13:29
BRB give us the only way to reduce attacks is to kill models. Best case is to always do the thing that is worse for you so as the Daemon player i would remove the models that have already struck first. But i don't expect my opponent to be as sporting.