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12-09-2009, 14:54
Hey! I have just started playing Warhammer, my first army being a Khorne Themed Warriors of Chaos.

1 Chaos Sorceror, Level 2, Lore of Fire, Infernal Puppet; 155 Points.

1 Chaos Sorceror, Level 2, Lore of Fire, Blood Roar, Rod of Torment; 185 Points.

1 Chaos Sorceror, Level 2, Lore of Fire, Book of Secrets, Power Familiar; 170 Points.

12(6x2) Chaos Warriors, Full Command, Additional Hand Weapon, Mark of Khorne; 252 Points.

12(6x2) Chaos Warriors, Full Command, Additional Hand Weapon, Mark of Khorne; 252 Points.

20(5x4) Chaos Maruaders, Full Command, Light Armour, Shields; 140 Points.

10 Chaos Warhounds, Scaly Skin; 70 Points.

5 Chaos Knights, Full Command, War Banner; 275 Points.

Total = 1499 Points.

Play tested:
The Khorne Chaos Warriors are brutal, my front rank giving me 25 attacks at WS-5 S-4.

The Warhounds and Maruaders are fodder to let my Warriors get into place. The Maruaders hold their ground well, but the Warhounds tend to get wiped out quickly.

Like the Warriors, the Knights hit hard (less attacks but more strength) and can hold their ground very well with that 1+ Armour Save.
The War Banner is there to boost the combat resolution of my smallest unit (and because I had spare points).

The Sorcerors are my latest addition, so I haven't used them yet.
While Khorne hates magic, I thought at least some of his followers would appreciate the pure offense of the Lore of Fire. A bit of a surprise for my enemies too!

I'm planning to max out on mages, bound spells and the like to cover my lack of ranged attacks and to boost my dispel dice to cover the typical Khorne magic weakness.

The Infernal Puppet user can modify Miscasts by D3, providing some protection against my own Miscasts and making the enemies miscasts more damaging. As he has no other items, he will likely be my General and stay out of harms way.

The Blood Roar/Rod of Torment user gets a free attack in the shooting phase and another in the magic phase. The sheer number of magical attacks should hopefully put some pressure on the enemies dispel dice pool.

Finally the Book of Secrets/Power Familiar user gets two extra Power Dice and an extra spell. This is so I can potentially cast some of the higher level spells with only a level 2 wizard.

What are the rules on familiars by the way? Are they just decorative?

I am now looking to expand to 2000 points.

A Dragon Ogre Shaggoth with a Great Weapon gives me a super unit with S-8 attacks.
With that I am considering 5 more Chaos Knights or 3 Dragon ogres with Great Weapons.

Alternativly I could perhaps have 10 Chosen with Great Weapons with the 5 Knights.

I am looking at High Strength and High Wound units as my core units lack those.

Finally to get to 2500 points, I'm thinking about either a Lv4 Lore of Fire Demon Prince or Sorceror Lord/Chaos Dragon...

While I lack a Close Combat Hero, especially odd for a Khorne Army - the Lore of Fire Sword spell should more than make up for it if I get it.

Thanks for reading! Although I've given this alot of thought - I am still a new player and would love some constructive input, especially on where to go from here :)

12-09-2009, 20:01
Wow. Your list is almost exactly like mine.

I'd add the MoK on the Marauders. A bit of extra punch would help them last a little longer and cause a little more damage. Some people like the MoS on their marauders on foot but I prefer Khorne.....

12-09-2009, 20:04
Well most things are already painted, so anything other than MoK will force a repaint and re theme :)