View Full Version : Space Wolves or Drunk Marines

12-09-2009, 20:11
I am excited about the new Space Wolve codex, especially some of the new models they look pretty cool. I dont play marines, but do you think we will see these new models or will we see drunk marines?

Other words the same space marine model as a count as, it doesnt bother me so much but it would be nice to see some of the new models, especially if they are riding wolves.

12-09-2009, 22:33
I have a pretty large SM army, around 100 models of vanilla. I'll buy probably 2 standard boxes of wolves and a box of their terminators, but otherwise use my own models. Probably a 60/40 normal/wolf mix of models, and do a counts as army. My colour scheme is totally non-wolf, but I can fluff-fudge that. I tend to think its fine to do "drunk marines" and the like, as long as you have some of the models.