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12-09-2009, 20:22
Hello good folks of Warseer! I've always loved campaign's, special scenario's and storylines. So when redben he of :cheese: demon's fame told me he had bought the general's compendium I immediately knew a campaign had to be ran specifically the border princes campaign in the book. (If you ever see it for sale you won't regret the purchase)

We would be playing a map based campaign (where you have armies or banners moving around a map gaining terrorities and occasionaly fighting battles) in the Border princes an out of the way part of the Old world famed for brigands, rocky territory and being ripe for the plucking for those with eyes on making a name for themselves!

Remnants of an erranty crusade from years ago still defend the lands whilst a High elf expeditionay force has marched to the Border Princes to try to protect the lands against the mortal and demonic forces of chaos who are prophesised to ravage the lands by the great arch mage- Lady Craze of Du.

The Border Princes Map

We have been making a gaming board for the campaign which is starting to look good -

although the terrain is not quite as good ;)

The four players
Myself, selone. Warriors of Chaos.
Redben. Demon of Chaos.
Dirty G, Brettonians
Crazydu, High elves

13-09-2009, 09:11
Terrain was best I could do in a short timescale :D

13-09-2009, 09:57
Looks good selone, i love campaigns. Is it going to be 3 or 4 players?

I vaguely remember something about the HQ's for each army. Is it one square from the edge of the map with 3 players?

13-09-2009, 10:39
Well we had our first day of campaignin'. We are using the Border princes map from the Generals compendium and the rules for a map based campaign also from the General's compendium.

We have 4 players Redben- demon player, myself a Warrior of chaos player, Crazydu a High elf player and DirtyGraham (DirtyG) a Brettonian player. Banners (armies) are 1250 points and characters are fixed per banner (though not equipment and magic levels) You get an extra banner over your original one per every 4 territories you have.

We all chose a map section and plonked one of our models down there. The west was fairly busy with both the high elves and brettonians making camp there, the north was chosen by the dastardly demon's and the warriors rampaged on from the east.

The first few turns consisted of everyone grabbing a special section;
the demons clearing out the brigand infested hideyhole which was The Warrens
The brettonians taking the Market town of Aldium, the High elves reclaiming the ancient elven tower of Tor Anrok
whilst the warriors of chaos were overrunning the Ironclaw orc camp http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/Border%20Princes/011.jpg

After everyone had secured their special map section land grabbing was in order with redben making a beeline for the main town of Malko as crazydu's elves and dirtyg's Brettonians were getting very up close and personal to each other in the west whilst my Warriors were virtually on their own in their east.

Turns 4-5

Crazydu wary of the extremely fast expanding brettonian's nearness offered the Brettonian's an alliance knowing that their code of honour would forbid them from breaking an alliance easily and also knowing that if the Brettonian nobles didn't agree to their alliance that war would be declared! After a lot of deliberation the Brettonian's agreed to an alliance. Meanwhilst the demons poured forwards and secured the jewel of the Border princes Malko with one army whilst the other pushed deep into high elf territory.

The warriors of chaos expanded (after failing a few difficult terrain tests they finally crossed the river) and managed to enter the haunted lands of the Geistenmund hills after being held up by the walking dead (it's not that I failed their test to enter and they were too scared, honest).

Realising that an alliance of the Brettonians (who had taken advantage of their knowledge of the land to raise a staggering 4 armies) and the high elves (who were in control of Tor Anrok) bore rise to a quick and early exit from the campaign for the forces of Chaos the two factions of Chaos allied.

In an attempt to support their demonic allies the first warrior of chaos army moved onto the Old silk road. However one of the many Brettonian armies were already marching onto that very location. A battle would be fought to determine whhether the mortal servants of chaos could support their demonic allies, a defeat would see the demonic banner stranded in enemy territory with no hope of rescue!


Turn 8 (battle to be fought)

Brettonians 12, 4 banner's.
Warriors of Chaos 11, 3 banners.
High Elves 10, 3 banners.
Daemons of Chaos 7, 2 banners.

Banners (armies)
Note these are supposed to be secret until the banner fights a battle, I have to declare mine as organiser and redben is well, crazy.

Warriors of chaos banners (armies)
1- 2 x sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror
3- Sorceror and Exalted hero.

Redben's banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!

Crazydu's banners
1 Secret
2 Secret
3 Secret

DirtyG's banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins.
2 Secret
3 Secret
4 Secret

Campaign organiser Overview
Well I'd to think everyone enjoyed the first 8 turns even if it was a bit cagey. I'd intended to stay away from the action and let the others do most of the fun stuff as I was the campaign organiser but it appeared as if they would be a huge confrontation very early on. Crazydu and DirtyG expanded quickly and drew borders next to each other whilst redben made a mad dash for Malko.
However the brettonian's and High elves were to (sensibly) ally thus making redben's position very precarious. One of his banner's was dug in, fortifying Malko (I wonder how demon's fortify a town) whilst the other was now exposed far west by the alliance. Any thoughts I had of minding my own business were swiftly cast aside as I simply had to rush to support redben with at least one army.
The battle for the silk road will be crucial as if the warriors of chaos win, the demons will be supported and can try to hold the middle of the map, with defeat disastrous for both forces of chaos as one demon banner will be cut off in the west with supply lines broken and the other stuck in Malko.
Wish us luck !

13-09-2009, 11:13
sounds interesting so far. I really love campaigns, big and small.

13-09-2009, 12:14
Interesting campaign. Are you going to have the patience to finish it?

Deff Dread red Edition
13-09-2009, 12:14
Nice read thus far,I hope the rest of the campaign goes well.I'll be watching this one.

13-09-2009, 15:55
Awesome so far man.

Are you using the advanced rules with baggage trains and random events/supply points and all that?

When I was organising a Border Princes campaign, I was a Games Master and not participating but to make some of the early phases more interesting I had house armies in some of the special locations that the Banners had to fight to claim it. A bandit band in the Warrens, a small Orc tribe in the Ironclaw camp etc. Just so people could get some battles early on.

13-09-2009, 16:13
Thanks for the comments so far. I hope we'll finish it we're 9/20-25ish turns so far though the next turns will take much longer as we're starting to fight battles.

We're using the basic rules with a gentle(wo)men's agreement not to sack each other's HQ's as this is our first ever campaign. If I could get another 1-2 players I'd definitely like to GM it if we do it again, but this should keep us occupied for months to come.

Hopefully I'm playing Dirty G this week :)

16-09-2009, 18:34
Hope you enjoy it! We're playing another campaign turn tomorrow so I'll finally get to do some updates!

Interested to see how yours turns out :)

Once Bitten
16-09-2009, 18:40
Great idea! Looks like a lot of fun.

16-09-2009, 21:36
First battle was tonight :D Selone has a lot on at work the next couple of days so will probably not get a chance to put a report up till the weekend. Our conflicting work/social responsibilities are making it a bit slower than we would probably like but we can't do a lot about that!

18-09-2009, 20:12
The battle for the Old Silk Road

T'sleen'sti scratched his bald head. The ways of the changer were myriad and hard to follow indeed but even he was puzzled by way their demonic counterparts had marched westwards into the jaws of the enemy to be trapped and cut off.
T'sleen'sti had looked into the skeins of the future and this land was supposed to become a land of boiling skies, soil made of teeth and air swirling patterned with more colours than a rainbow. Their demonic allies were not supposed to fall so fast. Knowing this it was obvious that their demonic allies not be allowed to fall so fast, the faster mounted elements of his army were mustered and they sped off westwards to try to reach their allies.

Also marching towards the old silk road was disgraced former general of Brettonia Sir Maurice deGales, even his connections in court hadn't stopped him being given 'a posting' in the Border princes. Reckless as ever his force had sped off leaving his high elf allies and supporting forces well behind.

And so it was that the first battle would be fought in this long, bloody campaign with the territory of the central part of the Old Silk road the prize and the reward of being able to move quickly along the lands. Defeat would be a disaster for the hordes of chaos whilst victory would see them able to put pressure on the Western alliance of the elves and men.

Hello everyone and welcome to the first battle of our Border princes, as said this would be fairly pivotal because if the Brettonian's carried the day the forces of chaos would be divided and be unable to reinforce or support each other. Please note that for obvious reason's not every battle will be documented fully, some battles may be uneven and we're new to this campaign lark. Also please note that we're just starting to paint our armies.

Banners may support adjacent banners in battle. In game terms this means that they may add points to a friendly, adjacent banner or support them in battle directly by commanding extra forces in the battle.

This meant that my 1250 points of Warriors of chaos would be supported by 100 'free' or supportingpoints of demon's (in the background the warriors of chaos forces have rushed to support a unit of horrors that have lagged behind)
As the battle was on a road, certain types of terrain would be ignored, as it was we never rolled up any of these (we're using the 6th ed terrain rules) and DirtyG got to pick his side of the table.

Brettonian armies are assumed to be part of the forces of one of the many fiefs of the Border princes. As such brettonian border prince forces can use their knowledge of the local landscape to gain a tactical advantage in battle. brettonian players may always select their deployment zone after terrain is generated.

Hordes of Chaos army list 1350

T'sleen'sti, visionary of Tzeentch Sorcerer, level 2, MoT, disc of Tzeentch, power familiar, book of secrets 200
Marfan, Burgomeister of Sollendorf Sorcerer, level 2, unmarked, barded chaos steed, infernal puppet, spell familiar 176
376 (33.24 %)

5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 marauder horsemen, musician, l.armour, spears, 81
5 marauder horsemen, musician, l.armour, flails 86

5 Chaos Knights, musician, MOK 240
6 Chaos knights, MOK 270

Chaos spawn 55
10 Horrors 120


Sir Maurice's erranty crusade 1250 pts

Sir Maurice DeGale Paladin, Lance, shield, barded warhorse, Virtue of the joust 105.
Brice Chalopet Paladin, BSB, barded warhorse, Virtue of Duty 104.
Damsel in distress, Warhorse, 2 dispell scrolls 130.

10 archers, braziers, musician 70 pts.
10 archers, braziers, musician 70 pts.

6 knights errant, FC (errantry banner) 161
6 Knights of the realm, FC 168

6 Pegasus Knights, FC 360.
5 mounted yeomen, musician 82

Please note proxy haters that the troll is actually a chaos spawn and the mounted men at arms is represented by a unit of 5 knights, won't happen again! For terrain we had a woods and hill (represented by crazydu's expert modelling skills :D) a cairn and a rocky wall. Luckily crazydu had been to the beach and brought plenty of rocks!

Note Redben was commanding my army and I assisting as I had to revise for a test so couldn't take total control. Redben deployed a skirmish screen of hounds in front of his knights and fast cavalry, his superior number of units allowing him to dictate deployment.

Compared to his wide deployment, the brettonians were very narrowly deployed with the pegasus knights hiding behind 2 closely packed lances.


As the Brettonian's prayed redben elected to go first!

I put a spell on you- turn 1

Hordes of Chaos
Movement started with the spawn handily moving 8" forwards just out of range of any knight charge ranges! the rest of Redben's army moving to keep pace with the spawn, with the hounds positioned to be just in charge range of the knights, sneakily.

Look away those that are of not fans of unpainted mini's!

With an impressive 5 magic missiles available to them the Brettonian's were subjected to a veritable peppering. Despite dispell scrolling a wind of death and dispelling with dice a dark hand of death plus one spell being failed to cast, the archers on the left side were subjected to 2 spells inflicting four casualties causing them to panic and run through the mounted yeomen who promptly fled off the board!

Desperate to avenge the fallen peasants the knights errant rashly tried to charge the hound's who unsuprisingly fled leaving the errants rather exposed. The pegasus knights tried to charge the spawn but failed their LD test disgracing themselves in the eye of their lord no doubt. The realm knights moved up whilst the peasant bowmen rallied.
Shooting saw 3 hounds die to pesky bowfire

Knight on Knight action- turn 2

Hordes of Chaos
Warhounds rallied and the spawn ambled forwards another 7" right in front of the spawn.
The rightmost unit of chaos knights charged the knights errant (who held) and an unit of warhounds supported them by charging the knights in the flank.

Magic sees another onslaught befall the Brettonian's with a flickering fire being dispelled and a steal soul dispell scrolled. With that defense done, the damsel was powerless to stop a dark hand of death killing a knight, and another flickering fire killing 2 archers. DirtyG's patented save-orama preventing any more knights dying to magic missiles.
Combat sees Marfan challenge the young champion, blows are exchanged but no one is injured. In the rest of the combat despite a flurry of attacks only a single errant is struck down, to no return. Dirty G is outnumbered by a fear causing enemy so needs snakeyeye's for the break test, step forwards a double 1....

Knights of the realm pass their fear test and charge the spawn whilst the pegasus knights charge the hounds attacking the knights errant.

Shooting sees the dead eyed bowmen kill 3 horrors on one flank and 3 warhounds on the other causing the hounds to flee!
DirtyG decides to do the knights of the realm combat first and they comfortably kill the spawn, electing not to over run. In the other combat the pegasus knights comfortably kill 4 hounds, however things aren't as well for the Brettonians when the chaos knight's show why they're so feared across the old world killing all the 5 errant knights whilst Marfan shows his worth by killing the champion too. Redben is most displeased to find that you can't roll on Eye of The God's for killing champions.
The pegasus knights flee and are ran down* and because the knights of the realm have seen a friendly unit destroyed they need to take a panic test, they duly fail and run into the right unit of peasant bowmen who flee too.

With just 6 bowmen, a fleeing unit of knights realm and a fleeing unit of 8 bowmen left, DirtyG offers his hand and concedes the game !


This game was very short and action packed. It was always going to be tough for DirtyG but the knights errant being exposed probably sealed his doom. Whilst DirtyG had some bad look (failed LD tests) he also had some good luck (insane courage and armour saves).
I thought Redben played well and lured DirtyG into some movements and charges that beneffitted Redben considerably. It's worth noting that we had the pegasus knights run from combat by a fear causing enemy when that wasn't the case and they should have held. I still feel redben would have won the game as his chaos knights would have destroyed the pegasus knights and his sorcerors would have peppered the now ward save less realms of the knight (if they even rallied) but that's not to be known.

Still it was a good game, showcasing the allied supporting rule and it means the hordes of chaos have held the Silk Road (for now). As DirtyG was massacred his banner (army) has to retreat back to his HQ. A full campaign map will come and that's turn 8 wrapped up folks. Hopefully turn 9 will have the same level of entertainment too.

19-09-2009, 10:06
fast and furious. I like the allies rule, can make for some interesting combats

19-09-2009, 13:21
Selone has covered the nuts and bolts of the battle. Though the insane courage was outrageously lucky and Graham had has usual luck with saves, overall his inability pass a Panic test did for him the battle. I think he would have been better served taking at least one of the units of archers and having them skirmish screen his knights where he could have held his position, picked off the Warhounds and forced me to come to him.

23-09-2009, 16:20
Turn 9

Hello campaign fans and welcome to a few more turns of our border princes campaign.Turn 9 involved no battles though plenty of deliberating, sneaky planning and stratagesing

Dirty G found himself losing territory left right and centre to the demons though he took 2 territories back.
Redben's west most army managed to avoid the allies trying to catch him whilst his army so long entrenched in Malko moved out. He lost territory to both brettonian and high elf. In the end he gained 2 map sections but lost 2.
Crazydu expanded agressively claiming 2 more terrirtories
I the Warriors of Chaos had to make 2 difficult terrrrain tests trying to expand (I failed 1- a banner getting stuck in the Marshes)

End of turn 9 Campaign Points
NB each map sections= 1 point except Malko= 10 campaign points, special sections =5
Demons 22
Warriors 22
Brettonians 17
High elves 17

Myself and the high elves (crazydu) gained our 4th banners.

Turn 10

More action abounded on this turn as the brettonians and high elves tried to play catch the demon army especially as this was the army with no herald's in !

The brettonians took another 2 territories now pushing towards the south and leaving the north to the high elves, they did lose 1 to the demons but weren't too flustered by that, still expanding by one.
My warriors of chaos did well, an army led by Throgg finally managing to reach the marshes, whilst another army recently created took a territory near my own HQ.
In the north were the high elves who despite losing the cross roads managed to take 2 more territories.
Lastly the demons of chaostook 2 more territories and lost one.

However the real action was my original army facing off against Crazydu's high elves in the recent scene of bloody slaughter- the old silk road. Should the forces of chaos triumph another demonic banner would come into existance and should they not, the high elves would be able to sweep unopposed into Malko!

The excellent map was made by Smoe ! (you might need to enlarge slightly)
Light blue is the high elves, dark blue the brettonians, I'm the warriors of chaos in red and redben the demons of chaos is orange. Vertical lines indicate a banner (army) and horizontal the HQ.

Warriors of chaos banners (armies)
1- Two sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror
3- Sorceror and Exalted hero.
4- Two sorcerors of chaos

Redben's Demon banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!

Crazydu's High elf banners
1 Secret
2 Noble and mage * Can now be revealed as it's fighting.
3 Secret
4 Secret

DirtyG's brettonian banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins.
2 Secret
3 Secret
4 Secret

Turn 10 Campaign Points (pre battle on the old silk road)

NB each map sections= 1 point except Malko= 10 campaign points, special sections =5

Warriors of Chaos 24 (14 map sections + 2 special territories)
Demons of Chaos 23 (8 sections + 1 special + malko)
Bretts 18 (13 sections + 1 special)
High elves 18 (13 sections + 1 special)

So all to play for, the battle will really determine how the high elves and demon's do, more so than for their catspaw's the warriors of chaos who are again fighting on the old silk road for them! (who don't have territory at stake)
Will the warriors of chaos grow weary of being the demon's lackeys?

23-09-2009, 16:37
It looks like the good guys are losing, but if the high elves manage to take Malko then things could really turn around. Talk about suspense! Keep up the great work for this thread. :)

24-09-2009, 21:40
Considering Selone is our best tactician, and has the help of Redben, I don't rate my chances much but will give it my best shot - we can't let the forces of chaos take control of our world!

25-09-2009, 16:13
Very interesting campaign this one. Must get myself a copy of that General's Compendium.

Looks like the early daemon gamble may pay off, otherwise it could be very interesting for the evil side.

29-09-2009, 19:06
You really do need to get yourself a copy of the general's compendium, you should be able to pick it up cheaply and it really will add a lot to your hobby.

Anyways last sunday my Warriors of Chaos faced Crazydu's high elves. This was the banner with Marfan and T'sleen'tsi in. To make things even worse for crazydu two demon banners supported me meaning I was up 200 points.

Hordes of Chaos army list 1450

T'sleen'sti, visionary of Tzeentch Sorcerer, level 2, MoT, disc of Tzeentch, power familiar, book of secrets 200
Marfan, Burgomeister of Sollendorf Sorcerer, level 2, unmarked, barded chaos steed, infernal puppet, spell familiar 176

5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 marauder horsemen, musician, l.armour, spears, throwing spears MoS 96
5 marauder horsemen, musician, l.armour, flails, MoS 96

5 Chaos Knights, musician, standard bearer- war banner MOK 285
6 Chaos knights, musician, MOK 280

Chaos spawn 55

16 Horrors 192

HE army list 1250

Mage (level 2) 135 + 40 points magic items
Noble 85 + heavy armour (4 points) + great weapon (8 points) + 40 points magic items

12 x archers with musician 137
10 x archers with musician 115

15 x swordmasters with SB + musician 243 + 25 magic banner
15 x swordmasters with SB + musician 243 + 25 magic banner

1 Repeater bolt thrower 100
1 Great eagle 50

Will crazydu be able to hold off the rampaging warriors of chaos supported by their allies?

29-09-2009, 19:09
My money is on chaos. From the looks of it the border princes are falling fast...which reminds me, in WHFRP 1 there was the doomstones campaign, where a large part of the border princes territory was actually a daemonic wasteland. From the looks of your campaign I'd say that those wastes are quickly expanding.

29-09-2009, 21:06
If you can magic those SM's to death while killing the rest I reckon you can take the namby pamby elves. THough that does mean the stain of evil spreads across the map :(

01-10-2009, 11:41
T'sleen'sti looked out at the ever growing numbers of horrors, he was sure that there had only been half their number a day or two ago. He looked upon the assembling elves with slight irritation. Didn't they know their time on the Border Princes was nearly over, followed swiftly by Ulthuan?

No matter, a quick barrage of true magic and they're passage into the worlds of the unliving will be completed on schedule, he thought.

Hello everyone and welcome to the second battle of our campaign, again it features my Warriros of chaos defending the silk road for redben's demon's though this time the protagonist is the high elves.
Crazydu had gone for two units of archers, and two untis of swordmasters both with protection from magic (one had MR 2 [magic resistance], the other a 2+ ward save against spells, except we thought it was MR 1 for half of the game)

Tor Anrok is an ancient, ruined High elf watchtower. Legends say it is invisible or visible only on certain nights. Perhaps its power has faded as indeed it is visible at certain times of the night. Any player controlling it is able to see territories for miles away and a wizard stationed there can harness its latent magic to more effectively channel his/her spells. Any elf player controlling it will find their mages boosted by its elfen energy no matter how far away in the Border princes.

In game terms (besides making it more defensible in battle) it meant that one wizard per army of crazydu's received an extra spell! She went for beasts to try to beast cowers me, but didn't receive it, instead getting wolf hunts unfortunately. I rolled infernal gateway and flickering fire :D on T'sleen'sti and Marfan got all 3 spells I wanted, luckily.

High elf mage- Bears anger, Hunter spears, wolf hunt's
T'sleen'sti, Visionary of Tzeentch- Infernal gateway, flcikering fire, fireball
Marfan, Burgomeister of Sollendorf- fireball, flaming sword of rhuin, fiery blast
'orrors- flickering fire of Tzeentch, gift of Chaos

Crazydu deployed her forces in one half of her table with some impassable rocks splitting her forces into two parts. Her archers were at the front with swordmasters behind.
I as usual strung my army out a bit with hounds screening knights and horsemen.

Overall deployment

Despite crazydu receiving +1 on the roll, I still won the roll and opted to go first. This was huge as it meant I would be able to get some turn 2 charges off whereas if I'd gone second I would have been marchblocked by an eagle and been delayed a full turn later.

Turn 1

Chaos Warriors
Lacking any pretext of sublety my army raced forwards towards crazydu's, the spawn left miles behind as it ambled a mighty three inches forwards.
Magic saw a whole host of magic missiles directed at archers, a whole nined of them blasted to smither-reens. The survivor bravely stood his ground. Annoyingly, fiery blast disapeared from Marfan's mind, as the high elf mage destroyed the spell.
High elves
Not much movement was evident, nor magic either due to some hefty chaos dispells. Her shooting obliterated a hound unit but that wasn't massively damaging and another hound unit was reduced to 1 dog.

Turn 2

Chaos Warriors
The surviving hound and both units of knights charged the left most unit of archers whose stand and shoot killed the last dog.
A unit of warhounds charged the remainign archer from the other unit.
Magic was less than impressive mainly because I was casting at a magic resistant unit.
Combat however was much more statisfying as the chaos knights did an impressive 27 hits and 20 wounds on the archers, with one unit over running into the repeater bolt thrower and destroying it and the other running off the table edge.

The rest of the game if I'm honest was just me throwing 3 dice at spells trying to get past magic resistance on one unit of sword masters whilst my knights killed the other unit. I did miscast twice but thanks to the puppet nothing bad came out of it. Eventually my forces converged on the bravely holding unit of swordmasters

Spot the comedy proxies.

and destroyed it, though it took until my last turn to get the charge off and kill them. I managed to roll twice on eye of the gods (never seen a roll down to killing characters before) getting +1 Ld on my general and MR when I killed the mage...

I felt fairly guilty with this game as it was one sided from the off, thanks to the points advantage and character match ups. Getting the first turn realy sealed the deal though.
I think crazydu could have deployed a bit further back with her archers then she'd at least have had another turn to shoot me, and the archers should have ran/not allowed me to over run into the RBT.
I liked what she was trying with her list though and to be fair she had little chance when she lost the first turn, it turned a turn 2 charge and over-run into what could have been a 3rd or even 4th turn charge. A defeat of lesser proportions would have really been a win given the circumstances.
Any ideas on what she could have done better, don't be nasty though she reads the forums!

Still part of the fun of campaignin' is that the battles aren't always 'fair' or 'balanced' (that is if you assume that the current points system is fair and balanced) and theres a lot to be said for fighting against desperate odds. Hopefully the two armies of 'good' will now learn to support each other, and it can only be time before the Warriors of Chaos tire of fighting the demon's battles for them..

Stay tuned for turn 11 !

01-10-2009, 13:33
Ouch. Just ouch. I'm not a high elf player, but here is what I would have done...

1. Drop the 12 archers for another lvl 2 mage. If you are going to bring magic, then bring enough to make it matter. Heck, I might have dropped the noble for a third mage! I don't know if high elves can take lore of metal, but that would have been really high on my list. If nothing else 3 mages with it could get the spell that can destroy magic items.

If they can't take metal then I'd probably go with heavens. 3 mages should have at least 1 of them with uranon's thunderbolt (d6 str 4 hits, no armor saves). Portent of far is always useful to let the swordmasters re-roll their 1's to hit or to wound. And even if they get mediocre luck with rolling for spells, the lightning spell is great for killing light cavalry.

Basically go magic heavy to force your spells through. It also gives you +2 dispel dice which will help shut down the enemy magic phase.

2. I would have really castled up (hey, I play dwarfs...). Pick a corner with a hill on it (preferably). Your swordmasters are your walls, while your bolt thrower and archers are your inner keep. By doing it this way you force the enemy to only hit what you want them to hit. Sure, you can't move or the castle crumbles, but do you really want to advance? Another advantage is that the enemy might deploy wrong which will mean that a unit or two will be out of position.

A problem with this is table quarters (3 v 1) means that they will have 200-300 victory points up on you. But if you took lore of heavens then you could easily blast apart the marauder horsemen for 200 vp and if terrain is good then your archers/bolt thrower can get some shots off.

So basically fight like a dwarf (if you consider mages to just be mini artillery pieces.


01-10-2009, 17:16
Any ideas on what she could have done better

I don't think CrazyDu made many mistakes in the actual game, just a bit unlucky. As grumbaki says more magic would help, not sure of that Nobles role in the HE force.

IMO i think it's a case of "too many eggs in one basket", those swordmaster are 268 points each, total of 536. That's an expensive unit for a 1,250 game. In a high elf army you have anvil and hammer units. Swordmasters are a hammer unit, and i think they should be small and without a command. PG and WL are both anvil units.

In this game with more HE magic support you could have kept a small unit of swordmasters alive (WoC don't have many missile units) Put your WL in a position where they will be charged, you'll probably lose the combat but you're stubborn (probably take lion std so you aren't auto broken by Chaos Knights) then flank charge with a small swordmaster unit (or a different hammer unit... eg Dragon Princes)

01-10-2009, 23:14
Due to the rules of the campaign, we have to declare what is in each banner, so I was stuck with a noble and mage whatever. I did consider a 2nd mage as well, but it is just sooo many points! I lost choosing table edge (so no hills) and lost first turn (my dice rolling is really **** sometimes).
I have white lions and dragon princes, but neither have seemed to do particularly well so far in adhoc battles, it's always been the swordmasters that have scared my enemy, hence me deciding to take 2 smallish units of swordmasters. It wasn't missile units, it was 10 million magic dice that was my main problem nuada. I had both the lion standard on one unit, and the arcane banner on the other. I was just vastly outnumbered and there was really not a lot I could do. I was just pleased to be pesky and hang on till turn 6 to be honest!

14-10-2009, 14:44
So turn's 11's orders have been submitted and whilst myself and the Bretonnian's are happy to expand quietly, the high elves and demon's cross swords deep in high elf territory. Crazydu has 3 banner's supporting though and she'll face redben's 1250 point demonic host led by skulltaker and the masque with a 1550 battle ready elven battalion!
My warriors of chaos gain another banner.

Warriors of chaos banners
1- Two sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror
3- Sorceror and Exalted hero.
4- Two sorcerors of chaos
5- Festus and a sorceror.

Redben's Demon banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!
3 Herald of Nurgle and Blue scribes!

Crazydu's High elf banners
1 Secret
2 Noble and mage
3 Secret
4 Lady Alanithea, Mage, Lord Bryllantar, Mage.

DirtyG's bretonnian banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins.
2 Secret
3 Secret
4 Secret

Warriors of Chaos 27 (17 map sections + 2 special territories)
Demons of Chaos 23 (8 sections + 1 special + malko)
Bretts 19 (14 sections + 1 special)
High elves 19 (14 sections + 1 special)

14-10-2009, 15:31
Looking forward to hearing how HE vs DoC game goes... can 300 points tip the balance?

And when will we see Throgg in action? :)

14-10-2009, 15:39
It should be a good game. I really look forward to it.

14-10-2009, 18:34
Looking forward to hearing how HE vs DoC game goes... can 300 points tip the balance?

And when will we see Throgg in action? :)

I moved throgg into one of the bretonnian territories to try to get a fight with him, alas the cowardly bretonnians defending vacated the premises (they moved to the north east).

It'll be an interesting game redben is now the wily FB player and is on a 6 game undefeated streak after having massacred nuada. He can still put up a good fight even down 300 points, and skulltaker and the masque are both powerful characters. It's to be seen whether they'll work well together though or whether the high elves will claim their first victory in the campaign.

14-10-2009, 18:55
Go high elves!

Down with deamons!


14-10-2009, 19:56
great campaign! my hopes are for the forces of good in this one (although my money is on the forces of chaos :p)

14-10-2009, 21:30
Great campaign and write-ups. I got to root for Chaos, both because they are evil and because they are killing high elves :D

15-10-2009, 12:36
Really nice campaign selone :)
Really makes me want to do one as well, but I dont know enough people round here to run one :(

I think you're playing very well as well, just doing enough with 1 army to keep the daemons alive and in the face of the 'good' alliance, while you can happily expand in the other 2/3 of the map with no threats! ;)

16-10-2009, 19:59
no threats yet :evilgrin:

16-10-2009, 22:40
The mask AND skulltaker....yikes....I dont even care that they are in an army that is down 300 points....yikes!...

21-10-2009, 21:18

The battle of the Enchanted Borough

Right next to Tor Anrok, ancient high elf watch tower lie the enchanted woods. No native dares to go into the woods except on a gibbous moon and its rumoured that distant relatives of elven kind frequent the woods, allied with living trees and capracious spirits.

None of these superstitions would worry the demonic host, feeling no fear driven on by skulltaker and his personal unit of flesh hounds, no magic whether wordly or otherworldly could harm them. Skulltaker had taken treeman skulls before with his burning blade so what pitiful attacks on his host the pathetic elves and forest spirits could muster against him was minutely small.

However unbeknownst to the short-sighted champion of khorne there were no not forest spirits in the woods, there was a experienced elf mage by the name of Lady Alanithea. Some say there was a bit of the wood elf in her though whether there was any truth to that only she knows and she isn't given to idle gossip. Fore-seeing the imminent demon incursion she channeled the powers of Tor Anrok to give her almost supernatural knowledge of every twisted bough, sapling and birch. She knew where the demons would be and when there would be there.

Skull taker was about to walk into a superior force of elves hell bent on revenge against the incursions of the forces of chaos on this place. As they crashed through the tree line shadow warriors were already prowling amongst the woods unseen and heard.

Would skull taker claim Lady Alanithea's skull or would her skilful maneouvring see him flounder amongst the many woods of the Enchanted Borough?

Skull taker's demonic host 1250

Skull taker, juggernaut 200 points
Masque 90 points

10 horrors 120
11 horrors, banner of change 157

6 screamers 180
3 nurglings 105
5 flesh hounds 175

6 flamers 210

Lady Alanithea's guardians of the wood 1550

Lady Alanithea, Mage level 2, seerstaff of saphery (shield of saphery, curse of arrow attraction, fury of khaine) 165
Lord Bryllantar Mage level 2, silver wand (burning gaze, pha's illumnination, dazzling brightness) 145

10 archers, musician 115
10 archers, musician 115
18 x spearmen with SB & musician 177

13 x swordmasters with lion standard & musician 238
7 sword masters 105
6 x dragon princes with banner of sorcery & musician 260
5 x shadow warriors 80

1 x repeater bolt thrower 100
1 x giant eagle 50

We have redben the master tactician with demon's with newcomer crazydu with high elves. Crazydu has a 300 pt advantage as well as map section advantages. Would she be able to pull off a win against the outpointed wily fox with demons?

22-10-2009, 08:04
A nice pre-match build up there selone, good work.
I'm going to go for a High Elf victory, Go elves!!! (because CrazyDu thought i'd beat daemons as well) :D

But even with that 300 pnt gap it's very difficult to beat that army. Blast those flamers with magic I say, or charge them with Dragon Princes. (immune to flaming attacks) :evilgrin:

PS.....In your background "Skulltaker had taken treeman skulls before with his burning blade" ....
Do treemen have skulls? :D

22-10-2009, 15:26
They do have skulls... skulls of wood !

Deployment and terrain

We were using the 6th ed random terrain generator modified for being woody terrain. Because of this we got 2 woods (which would have been cairns), a hill and a ravine. Handily we actually owned 2 hills, some rocks (to make ravine) and 2 forests (well one was more a pond with a tree :D) so we could actually use some proper scenery for once. Not that crazydu's forests and trees aren't proper of course.
Because crazydu got to pick her side she took the side with two hills and set up her archers on repeater bolt thrower on them with her melee troops in the middle
and her dragon princes and eagle on the left.

Redben held the middle with two units of horrors whilst he went for a strong right flank with his fleshounds (led by skulltaker) and flamers (in the wooded terrain) On the left was the masque and scremears.

I love the wooded, pond/lake :)

Crazydu deployed her scouts in the woods in the middle of the map whilst redben deployed his nurglings in crazydu's deployment zone, near her archers on the hill.

Pre game thoughts
Redben wasn't too optimistic about this, but I reckoned if he played his cards right his strong right flank could give crazydu real problems. If the flamers could get shooting and the hounds and skulltaker stuck in quick enough he could certainly give crazydu real problems.

The trap is sprung- Turn 1

Lady Alanithea watched the demon's advance through the eyes of the shadow warriors. What brought the shadow warriors to this part of the world and to join her army she wasn't exactly sure, they wore their purpose with grim silence. Rumours had it that Shadow walker Nu of ada had gifted Lady Alanithea with them tasking them to be a foil against the many forces of chaos in the land.
She waited until the demon's were almost upon the shadow warriors and then unleashed the forces of Asur into action accompanied by a flight of arrows and mighty spells!

High Elves
The shadow warriors moved stealthily to the tree line bows already ready to fire at the screamers whilst the dragon princes spend forwards with the eagle behind them (at first I was baffled by this, expensive unit screening throw away unit, but it made a lot of sense as the dragon princes were immune to a lot of attacks redben could throw at them, whereas the Eagle was not). Her infantry units shuffled forwards a little in order for the mages within to cast their wide variety of spells.

Speaking of spells crazydu has been used to being very out-matched in the magic phase with herself being subject to a barrage of missiles. This time the shoe was on the other foot ! With two mages and the banner of sorcery an impressive barrage of spells shot off, fury of khaine killing 5 horrors and burning gaze killing one.

Shooting saw the shadow warriors take down a screamer and a horror die to bow fire, redben normally isn't famed for his ward saves but he was on top form today, at one time making four saves out of four. A flesh hound took a wound though.

His two horror units moved up whilst the screamers zoomed round the left flank. The masque said hello to the shadow warriors in the woods
http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/Border%20Princes/006.jpg whilst the flesh hounds and skull taker zoomed up the right flank with the flamers running behind them, not fancying being charged by the dragon princes.

Redben is used to devestating magic phases with his demons but with only one unit of horrors able to cast he was unsuprisingly dispelled by the powerful high elf magical resistance.

With that the turn was over, a good turn for crazydu with only redben's ward saves helping him survive the barrage (fury of khaine alone did ten! wounds)

One step away- Turn 2.

High elves
The dragon princes declared a charge against the horrors, whilst the eagle bravely moved forwards in front of the flesh hounds and skull taker. Shadow warriors moved through the woods to get a bead on the screamers.
Alas for crazydu the dragon princes failed their fear test by one (clearly the horses bucked at the thought). It's a little bit whacky when you think about it as they were afraid to charge a target that couldn't (even theoretically) hurt them.

Magic was less impressive killing a horror only although curse of arrow attraction was cast succesfully. Shooting was a bit better and a screamner fell to accurate shadow warrior bow fire whilst the rest of the horrors died to bow fire. The bolt thrower did two wounds on the flesh hounds, killing one.

Demons of chaos
The nurglings charged the archers who fled, and skulltaker charged out of his unit at the eagle who fled also. The eagle was just caught (failed to escape by a half inch or so) and the archers ran through the spearmen who panicked, getting a nine.
The flesh hounds wheeled to face behind the dragon princes ready to hit them in the rear if they failed a charge or if they got bogged down in combat. Meanwhilst the masque and screamer rushed round the left flank, round crazydus flank.

With magic easily dispelled, no shooting and no combat it was another quick turn from ben the masque reducing the archers leadership by one the only thing!

Crazydu was fairly unlucky here failing three tests by one, passing anyone of which would have seen redben in a much worse position.

A horrifying turn of events- Turn 3

High elves
The dragon princes again declared a charge on the horrors, this time passing their fear test, whilst the spearmen rallied but the archers did not and very nearly fled off the edge.

Magic saw a screamer die to burning gaze and curse of arrow attraction cast again. Shooting sees no wounds on screamers but another 2 flesh hounds die to shooting, leaving 2 left, one with a wound.

Combat sees rubber lance syndrome strike crazydu as the dragon princes fail to kill a single horror, thankfully they are saved the possible embarassment of defeat due to her static combat resolution and immunity to horrors attacks. 3 horrors go poof and disappear.


The flesh hounds charge the dragon princes
Skull taker marches up next to the repeater bolt thrower (he'd have just failed his charge) redben's left flank gets ready for some hi jinx as the screamers come out to play and the masque gets ready to do some more dancing. The flamers look to be about to open up for the first time.
The screamers kill three of both archers and swordmasters rather impressively.

The masque reduces the archers leadership again, whilst the flamers get a less than impressive 11 shots between all six of them. Three swordmasters fall to the flickering fire.

Combat sees crazydu split her attacks between horrors and flesh hounds which suprised me, but after she explained it I could see her point, the flesh hounds were definitly more of a threat ! As it was she struck down 2 horrors and took the last wound off a flesh hound before the last hound could attempt to bite a dragon prince. Alas as well as being fire proof the dragon princes were clearly doggie proof too and crazydu made her save.
So that'll be crazydu winning combat by six then. the flesh hound unsuprisingly went poof as did the few remaining horrors and completely untouched the dragon princes stood victorious !

A good turn for crazydu as the dragon princes and shooting earned their keep killing a unit of horrors and flesh hounds between them.

Ocean's eleven- Turn 4

High elves
The dragon princes turned backwards and moved towards the flamers whilst the sword masters held not wanting to get into the flamers close range! The still fleeing archers run off the board clearly not enjoying the masque's performance art.

Magic sees Lady Alanithea back to her usual form scoring eleven hits on the nurglings, killing a full two bases singlehandedly which redben was not best pleased about. A burning gaze kills a flamer which again strikes me as whacky, its a creature of flame isn't it, why isn't it immune to fiery attacks :o?
Shooting sees the screamers reduced to just one left, two downed by bow fire.

Skull taker charges the bolt thrower crewer who hold. Redben really doesnt have much left. His last screamer does a fly over the small unit of swordmasters (four left), his last base of nurglings menace the shadow warriors whilst the masque takes cover.
The flamers take a terrible toll on the big swordmaster unit killing six.

In combat skull taker easily butchers the repeater bolt throw crew and over runs into the archers.
One does a wound but alas redben saves (cursed 0+ armour save) skull taker thanks to hatred kills four, so they lose combat by 2 (outnumber, higher ground) Crazydu is renowned for not making easy leadership tests and passing hard ones and sure enough she makes their break test.

With this turn, crazydu had clearly won. All that remained to do was see the margin of victory, which depended on what skulltaker could do. Though to be fair I didn't even think the elves would survive the first round of combat with skull taker

Who's afraid of the big bad special character- Turn 5

High elves
The spearmen moved to position themselves so they could charge skulltaker when he presumably butchered the last of the archers. The dragon princes charged the flamers passing their test (first time crazydu passd their leadership test, she had me roll last turn!)
The three sword masters charge the masque.

With just a unit of five shadow warriors magic has to step up to finish off the nurglings, the screamer survives the turn though!

Combat sees skull taker no longer affected by hatred kill two archers getting a CR* of 2. Crazydu has a CR of 2 also (outnumber, higher ground) Crazydu also has a musician thus wins combat, redben rolls a twelve for his instability and skulltaker, slayer of princes, kings, lords and warbosses finally meets his match at the hands of err archers and goes back to the warp!
Elsewhere the sword masters do three wounds on the masque who makes all her ward saves and promptly slaughters them.

Redben has a grand total of two models left, so his turn is not exactly long. His masque races off whilst his screamer hides behind a hill.

Such an ignonmious end for such a feared special character

Who is afraid of the big bad special character part 2- Turn 6

High elves
Crazydu does what I do on a won turn 6 and shuffles some units round without much deliberation. Shadow warriors and dragon princes claim quarters whilst mages prepare to do some demon banishing. Sure enough fury of khaine is cast on the masque and slightly less than normal, crazydu 'only' gets ten hits of which six wounds. Not even the masque can save all fo that and she dies ! Whackily the screamer survives, the only survivor of the game!

The screamer does a fly by on the four archers of course killing one and of course causing them to panic off the board.

Game over, and whilst we're all fairly sure redben didn't win, time to count up the victory points !

Result and post game thoughts
Crazydu 1559, Redben 704, Massacre to Crazydu!

It was a throughly enjoyable game to watch, whilst crazydu was very stressed early on she got into the swing of it and played well, finishing very well. Whilst 300 extra points benefitted her, the fact redben had demons and was more experienced meant you'd probably still have favoured redben. However with no heralds it was very much game on and whilst the game was always going to favour crazydu, she did very well to table redben (if you don't count the errant screamer :D)

So the forces of good get a decisive first victory and redben's demon banner was forced to rematerialise somewhere else!

Demons like the winds of chaos are highly unstable. Instead of deploying new or scattered banners in their HQ territory, Demon banners appear in a random territory. When a new or reformed banner is to be deployed, the Chaos player must nominate six sections in his realm (or fewer if he has less than 6) and roll a D6 to see where the banner appears

Thanks for reading folks, coming up turn 12 !

Lady Alanithea permitted herself to enjoy the victory for a brief moment. Whilst handfuls of swordmasters had been burned to death and many archers were lost in the woods the rest of her forces were more or less intact. No demon had survived to pollute the woods, the shadow warriors seeing to that and with the demons back to the warp her force could continue her march eastward.
Hopefully this victory could galvanise the peoples of the Border princes to throw out Chaos for once and for all.

*= Combat resolution

22-10-2009, 15:52
Go High Elves! I'm glad that good got a win and is back in the game. A well played game and a well written report. I look forward to seeing what the fate of the Border Princes will be.

22-10-2009, 16:20
Nu of ada had gifted Lady Alanithea with them
heeyyyy famous! :p

Great report selone. :)
Well done CrazyDu. I thought your tactics were spot on with the agressive spells and dragon princes against those flamers.

22-10-2009, 18:57
Thank you, I lack confidence and despite having more troops was still paranoid I would lose badly. Is hard playing with Redben and Selone, 2 veterans of wargaming, but in the end it worked out ok :D
I think I had some luck at times, it was nice to successfully use magic missiles on someone rather than always having them used on me, and I finally found a good use for the dragon princes!
You may also recognise Lady Alanithea Nuada ;)

Anyway,after 2 battles in a row I am hoping for a break next round!

Oh, and a great write up Selone, thank you :D

22-10-2009, 19:02
Good to see the deamons go down, even if they were at a disadvantage.

Keep the campaign reports coming :)

Once Bitten
22-10-2009, 19:38
Go High Elves!!! Great campaign and enjoyable batrep. Keep it up. :)

26-10-2009, 00:27
So... turn 12 moves in and there's to be an all comers fight right next to the territory everyone wants Malko ! Redben's demons is pushed eastwards by the forces of good whilst desperately trying to find some out of the way place to expand to, say like the Dragon spine mountains. Meanwhilst the warriors of chaos try to get a fight out of the Brettonians but failing that they are content and gain another banner :cool: When will Throgg get a fight?

The chivalrous forces of the Brettonians struck for the heartland of the map (and the demons territory) making a push for land near Malko. The high elves ever supportive of their allies pushed eastwards taking the old silk central road subject to so many battles and for once suprisingly quiet.

Thanks to my expansionism I gained another banner. Its well poised as redben is looking very much under threat and if any of the good guy's banners can take Malko they would shoot right up to winning the campaign ! Meanwhilst the warriors of chaos have a lot of forces their forces are spread thin and a lot of the forces are well away from Malko, will this come back to haunt them?

There's going to be a hum dinger of a battle for the territory next to Malko as 1350 of skulltakers finest (assisted by a small Warrior of chaos force)take on 1350 of the Lady's best (assisted by a small high elf contingent)
defeat is simply put unthinkable for the forces of chaos as skulltaker would be banished back to the warp permanently on a defeat and the allies would clearly, undisputably, hold the centre of the map.

Warriors of chaos banners
1- Two sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror
3- Sorceror and Exalted hero.
4- Two sorcerors of chaos
5- Festus and a sorceror.
6- Wulfrik and an exalted hero.

Redben's Demon banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, Herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!
3 Herald of Nurgle and Blue scribes!

Crazydu's High elf banners
1 Secret
2 Noble and mage
3 Secret
4 Lady Alanithea Mage, Lord Bryllantar Mage.

DirtyG's bretonnian banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins.
2 Secret
3 Secret
4 Secret

Scores on the doors
Warriors of Chaos 30 (20 map sections + 2 special territories)
Demons of Chaos 22 (7 sections + 1 special + malko)
High elves 20 (15 sections + 1 special)
Bretts 19 (14 sections + 1 special)

To come the battle in the Malko forests, demons in the mountains and the map !

26-10-2009, 07:07
Woot, way to go high elves! (awesome game from both parts, I can imagine it being very enjoyable) :)

26-10-2009, 07:43
turn 12 moves in ...........

.....as skulltaker would be banished back to the warp permanently on a defeat

How many turns are you playing up to selone?

I'm interested in the army selection for your campaign. After reading that line about skulltaker i'm guessing each banner has a persistent character set up. (so if you've chosen 2 mages, that particular banner always has 2 mages)
So once a character is killed in a battle he's out? or do you have to scatter the banner to destroy a character?

26-10-2009, 15:17
Each banner has persistent character's but you can change their equipment. So if I had a sorceror and exalted hero I could in one game tool the exalted hero up to be a killing machine and in another make him defensive to fight against other hard characters. I still always have to have a hero and a mage in that banner though. Special characters likewise have to be associated with that banner and obviously can only be in one banner at one time.

It's a slight weakening of special characters as some special characters are worse at fighting other races. Throgg for instance would be hopeless against demon's, whilst Korhil is very good against brettonians and not so good against demons. Caradyn is good versus demon's and less good against brettonians.

The only way to kill a character is to destroy the banner (scatter it whilst not enough territories to sustain it), so redben could lose skulltaker and the masque if he loses this battle. Whilst I can see the appeal of injury charts and tables I do think that for a first campaign they add un-needed complexity, they also introduce another level of randomness and if unlucky can cripple one person early on.
That's not to say I don't like 'advancement' just not for the first campaign.

26-10-2009, 16:27
Ok thanks for that :) It's a good idea, i like the fixed character location. It should even out the effectiveness of special characters, because they tend to be slightly more powerfull than a normal lord/hero choice.

Whilst I can see the appeal of injury charts and tables I do think that for a first campaign they add un-needed complexity.
Yes I agree with you there. All that -1 WS because he lost his left arm is ok, but too complicated.

27-10-2009, 22:15
surely if he lost his left arm he would be mostly 'armless :D

28-10-2009, 17:03
surely if he lost his left arm he would be mostly 'armless :D

:eek: Ahhh... the pun! It burns my ears.

29-10-2009, 19:03
Sorry couldn't resist :D The bretts player is on holiday this week hence the delay in knowing when the next battle will be. Hopefully it will be next week!

09-11-2009, 13:13
This wednesday sees the forces of chaos desperately trying to hold onto territory and stem the Bretonnian's push northwards.
Will the hastily dispatched marauder horsemen be able to expose the Bretonnians flanks or will dead eye elves dispatched by Lady Craze of Du scythe down the demons. Find out soon !

09-11-2009, 21:25
dispatched by Lazy Craze of Du scythe down the demons.

Is that a typo? or are these high elves actually lazy in this campaign? :p

25-11-2009, 21:36
Its clearly meant to be lady but I could see lazy too :p Anyways sorry about the late update but redben's been a busy man (a busy first year student, shurely shome mishtake). The battle was ruled a draw and ben made his difficult terrain test, thus allowing him to go up to 7 territories. Stay tuned for the next turn.

Sideros Peltarion
01-12-2009, 13:47
Nice campaign you have going here, good to see the forces of Chaos doing well, though it looks like a possible resurgence from the forces of order might be coming. Put them back in their place Selone and rebden!
I've long wanted to do a campaign but they are a bit of a hassle to organise and get players for. I want to conquer Albion with my Norse some day

03-12-2009, 19:42
Okay so turn 13 orders are in, now whilst redben's demon's have managed to avoid the fighting and sneak a territory the same can not be said of my Warriors of chaos forces who are engaged on three fronts !

In the north on the old silk road central a site of many bloody battles an 1550 High elf expeditionary force led by Caradyn and assisted by a elf mage is battling a 1450 Warriors of chaos force containing a mighty sorceror and a fearsome exalted and oh a few demons.

To the west the merchant town of Aldium is coming under siege by Throgg and his sorceror accomplice's 1250 army, will the two paladins and damsel be able to lead their 1350 Bretonnian force to repluse the Monsterous horde or will Throgg again feast on horse-flesh?

Lastly two sorcerors assisted by more demons lead a 1350 force against another 1350 Bretonnian army by the tranquil riverbank. Will the night be lit up with Chaos magic toasting young knights or will lances strike true and rout the foul warriors?

Will the warriors of chaos be triumphant on multiple fields or will they now be driven from the field and be forced to stop their expansionist ways. Will having to play 3 games in a short space of time at various disadvantages be enough to drive me crazy?

If you have any hints on how to equip a sorceror whose other character is throgg against a 2 paladin, one damsel (likely dispell scrolls) feel free to let me know :)

Warriors of chaos banners
1- Two sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror (Theodin the impure)
3- Exalted Hero and a sorceror (Scry'os the Allseeing and Dr Faustmann Faustmann)
4- Two sorcerors of chaos
5- Festus and a sorceror.
6- Wulfrik and an exalted hero.

Redben's Demon banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, Herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!
3 Herald of Nurgle and Blue scribes!

Crazydu's High elf banners
1 Secret
2 Noble and mage
3 Caradyn and a mage
4 Lady Alanithea Mage, Lord Bryllantar Mage.

DirtyG's bretonnian banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins
2 Damsel, 2 paladins
3 Damsel, 2 paladins
4 Secret

Scores on the doors
Warriors of Chaos 35 (20 map sections + 3 special territories)
Demons of Chaos 24 (9 sections + 1 special + malko)
High elves 20 (15 sections + 1 special)
Bretts 14 (14 sections, no specials)

Map of turn 13 after orders

03-12-2009, 20:38
That item that does a str 8 killing blow hit to everyone in base to base contact would be nice :)

Otherwise I wouldn't bother too much with magic. The brets will be all over you before you even get through the scrolls.

Sideros Peltarion
03-12-2009, 21:06
Indeed, depending on if he will be in a combat unit or not, it might be worth trying to cast the fire sword spell if you can have it to improve his combat, and maybe a warrior familiar though I have never used one. With just one Sorcerer against a Damsel you probably won't be able to get much big stuff off so any spells like the fire sword should just be a bonus rather than trying to Gate lances or whatever

05-12-2009, 19:21
The first of the 3 battles in Turn 13 was this morning and was very entertaining :evilgrin:
Selone had to dash off to work straight after the battle and is there till midnight so it won't get written up till tomorrow at the earliest but I am sure he will do it soon :)

05-12-2009, 19:32
Looking forward to that report, I'm still rooting for the forces of good in this one :D

06-12-2009, 04:25
And the armylists-

Monsters of Chaos 1250 army

Throgg 175 points
Theodin the Impure, Sorcerer, blasphemous amulet, book of secrets, barded steed 151

5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
3 chaos trolls 135
3 chaos trolls 135

3 Ogres, great weapons, chaos armour 150
3 Ogres, great weapons, chaos armour 150
3 Ogres, great weapons, chaos armour 150

2 Chaos spawn 110


The army is very similar to my Throgg build before with the exception of I made the sorceror level one but gave him a very nice magic item for if he got into combat with any knights! Twenty five points was spent on the book of secrets effectively meaning I had two spells I wanted and could cast both reliably on two dice to hopefully go through the dispell scrolls by turn three. All this whilst not having commited much more points to magic than I had to and allowing my sorceror to be a threat in close combat with the blaspehemous amulet and 2+ armour save. Throgg and the trolls would again hopefully make with the vomitin' and the Ogres the counter chargin'. That was the plan anyways.

Bretoniann 1350 defenders of aldium

Paladin general, lance, shield, barded warhorse, virtue of discipline, grail vow 116
Paladin BSB, barded warhorse, virtue of duty 104
Damsel, warhorse, dispel scroll 105

Knights of the realm I, 7 knights, FC 192
Knights of the Realm II, 6 knights FC, 168
Knights Errant 6 errants, FC- errantry banner 161
Grail knights 4 knights, standard- war banner 197
Pegasus knights, FC 195

10 archers 60
10 men at arms 50

So more deployments than normal, slightly different character builds than normal slightly cheaper and a few traps for me to fall into. He also had 100 hundred more points than me. Obviously I didn't know his list 'till after the game so I was convinced his damsel had two dispell scrolls, would have a barded steed, didn't know his magic items/virtues etc. I'm not sure I remember him having as much knight units to be concerned about either :D

Hello and welcome to a campaign clash between Throgg's rampaging monsters of chaos horde and the local Aldium defence force bolstered by a supporting army.

Will Aldium be ransacked by a trollish horde or will Throgg find himself the subject of a boastful knight's tale? Read on to find out

Credit must go to crazydu for the quality photo's and for typing up the notes, she's a star!

We were using the random generation table from 6th edition, Border princes setting. We rolled up a hill, a scrub, a fen and a river. We had the first three pieces but not the river so improvisation came in ! DirtyG managed to scatter the fen twelve inches dead towards the centre of the table.

Normally I am able to completely outdeploy the Brets with their piecemeal amount of units but thanks to his hundred point advantage and thanks to more, cheaper than less, more expensive units it wasn't as easy. I deployed a strong line avoiding the river in my half and just throwing a unit of hounds to the left whilst the bulk of my army went in the middle, with a spawn protecting the left flank whilst the other was abnormally in the centre of the army.


For himself DirtyG (the Bret player) placed both his grail knights and errant knights two units I was very worried about (no one likes strength six charges) on my left flank with a fen in between them and most of my units though he could come round the flank and cause a lot of trouble. In the centre he placed two realm knight units, one was a small unit of six and the other was "THE BUS" 9 strong with the BSB and a damsel. On his right went both the peasant archers and the men at arms. The pegasus rounded out the mottley crue on the far right flank.


Overall deployment

Note we rolled for spells after deployment, a mistake. I rolled up fireball and flaming sword of rhuin and opted to keep both whilst Dirty G got mistress of the marsh, a spell that is normally of very limited value but with both a water feature in the middle of the battlefield of the battlefield and a river on my right flank, all of my army was potentially a target D'oh.

Pre-game thoughts
At a points disadvantage of 100 I knew I had to play canny, I also thought I knew Dirty G's army and knew that there were 3 units in particular I was worried about- Knights errant, Grail knights and the huge units of realm knights. I reckoned I couldn't probably do to much an unit of nine with a BSB and damsel and the knights errant were too far away to whittle down. I planned to try to divert the big unit and whittle down the small unit of knights realm, errants and grail knights to hope to try to win.

After some deliberation I chose to go first.

07-12-2009, 02:27
Hmm.. My money has to be on bretonia... though i would love to see that monster horde do well.

07-12-2009, 03:23
Sun, sea and slaughter- Turn One

As pictures tell a thousand words the state of play after my movement phase-

My left flank
My right flank

The plan is with four dice to get one spell a turn past his dispell dice to eke out those dispell scrolls. Fireball is dispell diced and flaming sword is let through.

Pegasus Knights fly up the side of the board to checkout the monster line-up.
Men at Arms advance eager to get stuck in, Knight Errants fail to charge the hounds who run away.
whilst the grail knights move up.

For once some magic is attempted by the Lady of the lakes devotant but it's failed to be cast, continuing the them of magical failure flaming sword is failed to be dispelled, shhooting sees the first casualty as a hound dies to a plucky peasant.

It was a fairly cagey affair for the first turn with neither army willing to risk a full out charge and expose themselves to great weapons/lances.

A tale of a thousand Knights- Turn Two

A unit of trolls is stupid and stumbles three inches forwards.
To make up for that bout of stupidity from my troops I have some stupidity of my own as I have the hounds which have taken a casualty charge the eager Men at Arms who hold.
The fleeing hounds fail to rally and disappear into the woods to hide (out of range of the Errant Knights).

One Spawn moves towards the Knights Errant, while the other spawn ambles past the fen. The hounds in the centre move forwards a bit more cautiously.
The not as stupid trolls advance towards the Knights of the Realm (KOTR).
One unit of Ogres shuffle up to face the Pegasus Knights whilst a second lot of Ogres turn to face the Knights Errant and the Sorceror joins them. The last lot of Ogres gets warm feet and shuffles backwards.

A fireball is cast but a sneaky dispel scroll is whipped out. Flaming sword is re-cast but it's dice dispelled.
Throgg breathes a toxic mix over the KOTR and causes 3 wounds - and in probably the only not fantastic roll by the Brets none are saved so half the unit is killed, but thankfully panic does not set in just yet.

In combat the hounds and men at arms in a spectacular show of incompetence do no wounds to each other, and this results in the men at arms chasing the hounds back across the board although not catching the fast fleeing hounds up but putting the men at arms dangerously close to some ogres!

The Knights Errant resist charging the spawn even with the errantry banner (pesky roll of a four) and the Grail Knights charge in instead against the Spawn.

This isn't the only charge as a veritable host of charges are declared.
The 3 remaining brave KOTR in their unit gallantly charge Throgg and the trolls he is with.

The men at arms charge after the fleeing hounds who continue to run

Thus making space for the Pegasus Knights to charge the Ogres.

The other KOTR unit charges the Chaos Spawn lurking by the fen.

Note he passed all his fear tests, and passed his restraint test!

Again a spell is cast in the magic phase, but is dispelled, so we are still yet to see the magic of the lady in action, however the archers on the hill manage to kill 3 hounds, but the hound's aren't meant for panicking.

In combat both Spawns are horribly murdered in an impressive display by both the Grail Knights and KOTR, annoyingly both units just doing three wounds i.e just enough to kill both spawns. Neither units over-run.

Throgg issues a challenge in the combat versus the other KOPTR unit taking a wound which he successfully regenerates, this makes him angry and you wouldn't like him when he's angry! He summarily kills the champion doing a few overkill. The remaining 2 knights cause one wound on the trolls, but in response the trolls decide they didn't like french cusine really and throw up killling the musician, causing the last knight to run away in despair but he is ran downand killed.

The nearby big unit of KOTR who have just dispatched the spawn, watching this, take it in their stride and are in a strong enough frame of mind to not panic.

The Pegasus Knights kill an ogre and suffer no damage in return causing the ogres to run away, which in turn causes the nearby trolls to also run off but only by four inches. The pegasus knights don't pursue.

End of Bretonnian Turn 2

This turn annoyed me muchly. Dirty G had made three fear tests, two panic tests and an impetousity test whereas I had failed the one panic test I had to make as well as the chaos ogres doing absolutely nothing in combat. I had lost both spawn, had four units fleeing and was starting to rue my luck. Still next turn I had a sweet flank charge on the grail knights at least!

Things can only get better- Turn 3

Monsters of Chaos
The hounds in the wood rally, but those in the river have wet feet and want to get somewhere warm to dry them off so continue to run for it. Both the Ogres and trolls rally.

The Ogres with the Sorcerer in charge the Grail Knights, I make sure NOT to have my sorceror in base to base so that he isn't forced to automatically challenge and ruin combat.

Magic sees both flaming sword of rhuin dispelled and I can't cast a magic missile in combat so its on to.. combat!

I've worked out that I should cause one if I'm unlucky, two if I'm lucky wounds. Combined with a flank charge and outnumber thats 3-4 combat resolution to his one. Of course I don't reckon on warbanner, a virtue that stops outnumbering and my troops ineptititude as they only do one wound which is of course saved. That'll be me taking a break test (despite charging in a flank with Ogres with great weapons) which I pass, but that is a mixed blessing as I'm going to get a knights errant lance in the face.

Knights Errant charge the Ogres attacking the Grail Knights.
whilst the Pegasus Knights charge the trolls as the archers turn to face the trolls approaching the hill.
The KOTR a little battle weary after killing the spawn, shuffle back a little to regain their composure.

All magic is dispelled yet again, however the archers manage to take a troll down to one wound though.

In combat the mass of knights taking on the ogres plus sorceror kill an ogre, and save all return hits. To continue the good luck of the lady they
successfully chase the ogres and sorceror down. (I rolled a triple one for my flee for Theodin the Impure :D)
The pegasus knights cause 4 wounds on the troll unit and I have a come on Eye of the Gods roll look on my face however I only pass one regenerate roll so I lose a troll and more importantly don't get my roll dammit, they do kill a pegasus knight back in return though. I lose by one and make the LD7 break test.

In turn Two I was in bad spirits with a I've lost this game and it's not fair, I'm going home comedy look on my face. By turn Three it was so bad I started laughing at the dice rolls and had a hell its only a game I'm going to get a roll on the eye of the gods if it kills me and claim a moral victory.

I have the eye of the gods- Turn 4

The trolls that have climbed the hill charge the archers, who hold their nerve and stand their ground whilst the hounds in the river get washed away downstream and run off never to be seen.
The hounds in the wood come out to see what all the nearby noise is about as nearby the Ogres that have been lurking at the back of the battlefield turn to face the mass of knights now rolling up the left flank.

In combat the Pegasus knights cause 3 wounds on the trolls, 2 of which are saved (crazydu's exact words- causing Selone to whoop with delight) and get to roll on the EOTG table... now for something really useful...DOH! Magic resistant trolls eh? In a fit of disappointment the trolls kill the standard bearer and cause the remaining pegasus to fly away over Throgg safely out of reach of the pursuing trolls.

The trolls on the hill kill 6 archers, who understandably decide it is now time to run away, and being lighter on foot manage to just stay out of range.

KOTR charge the remaining 2 hounds who were getting in the way and successfully finish them off.

The archers have had enough and run off the table, far far away from the trolls.The Pegasus has also had enough but remains lurking on the edge of the battlefield. The grail knights reform to face the impending Ogre charge.

In a moment of dramatic firsts, the Lady successfully casts a spell and causes the ogres near the fen to be reduced to half movement!

Well that was better and it was very satisfying to butcher bowmen with Trolls!

Take Two- kill the grail knights- Turn Five

Monsters Of Chaos
Both troll units pass their stupidity as the Ogres and the hounds near the wood charge the grail knights.

The trolls in the middle chase after the fleeing pegasus whilst the trolls on the hill stand and wave their fists at the enemy! as the unengaged ogres head for the men at arms.

In combat the hounds cause two wounds but both are saved. The Ogres kill two grail knights and wound the general. The knights fight back and kill four hounds, causing the remainder to run off, but the ogres hold their ground.

Knight Errants try to charge the Ogres by the river but are just short.
The Pegasus fails to rally and flies off the battlefield watched by the KOTR as they head towards the hill.

In combat by the woods, the ogres take two wounds, but kill the general in retaliation.The grail knights take their revenge by running down the ogres as they try to escape.

At the time I thought I'd made a mistake and been punished by the grail knights killing a unit of ogres and a unit of hounds.

Turn Six was very quick as I had to go to work and DirtyG had family responsibilities. Heres crazydu's summary-

Turn 6
The trolls on the hill are stupid and stumble down the hill.
The other trolls charge the men at arms, kill 8, but fail to catch them as they flee.

We run out of time as Selone has to go to work but there is not a lot more that can be done.

I'd been convinced that I'd lost the game since turn two and we quickly counted up the victory points and I was suprised when it looked like a draw ! Upon closer inspection it looked like I actually won by a very small margin !

Theodin the Impure 151
5 warhounds 30, 5 warhounds 30, 5 warhounds 30 (90)
3 ogres 150, 3 ogres 150 (300)
spawn 55, spawn 55 (110)
+100 general

Paladin (general) 116
Pegasus knights 195
Knights of the realm unit II 168
Archers 60
Men at arms 50
Half of the grail knights 99
+100 general
+200 standards

It was a really great game even if at the time a lack of sleep and rushing to get finished before I could save the great people of the North East from themselves meant I was pretty dazed. I have to say I am a little suprised I won, as DirtyG really had the luck and played competantly with an army not lacking in suprises. With hindsight some of the things that happened that I thought weren't good results for me, were. Losing a unit of ogres and hounds was definitely worth it to kill half the grail knights and his general for instance.

This result means that Throgg has actually sacked Aldium though he may find himself surrounded by angry Bretonnians !

Thanks all for reading, remember it ain't over 'till its over.

07-12-2009, 09:21
Nice win for Throgg, he better enjoy the looting while he can ;)

Sideros Peltarion
07-12-2009, 09:26
Well done Selone and the forces of Chaos! It was a close one, but when you have less points it is to be expected. It is great when you think you have lost but end up winning, feels very satisfying, especially if you do it by killing a vamp in the last turn in a challenge and watch his army crumble. Loved that one! :evilgrin:

07-12-2009, 14:39
nice rep and fine pics there (get your stuff painted though, both of you!)

Loot, loot, loot for Throgg!

08-12-2009, 14:22
Thanks for the comments folks and a :p at Sevensins. To be fair for the army I have painted most of the non monsterous bits but still we're getting there :)

Coming soon crazydu's elves and sorcerors Versus Brets by the river bank.

10-12-2009, 00:02
Throgg didn't seem to see much combat, which is too bad as he is a nasty knight killer.

10-12-2009, 04:14
Oh these are hilarious lol.
Great reps man :D
Go Throgg go!

12-12-2009, 17:03
Yeah Throgg didn't see that much though he did obliterate a half dead unit of knights errants and men at arms which is something I suppose. I fear Throgg might be cut off and surrounded !

21-12-2009, 18:47
Army lists for the recent battle on the battle of the old silk road central. Blood from countless fallen warriors fertilised its soil and again the forces of chaos marched through it, though this time it was to seize it, not defend it, to stop the flow of high elves eastwards.

Caradyn's Warhost

Caradryan 175
Mage Level 2, amulet of fire & ring of corin 175

10 Archers plus musician 115
10 Archers plus musician 115

14 Swordmasters with sb and musician 228
12 White Lions with sb 192
5 Dragon Princes with sb and musician 180
5 Shadow Warriors 80
Lion Chariot 140

1 Repeater bolt thrower 100
1 Great Eagle 50

Hordes of Chaos army list 1450

Scry'os, the Allseeing Exalted Hero, MoT, barded steed, flail, shield, blasphemous amulet, helm of many eyes, blood curdling roar 215
Dr Faustman Faustmann Sorcerer, level 2, unmarked, barded chaos steed, power familiar, book of secrets 186
401 (33.24 %)

5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 marauder horsemen, l.armour, spears, throwing spears 86
5 marauder horsemen, musician, l.armour, shields flails, MoS 101

5 Chaos Knights, musician, MOK standard bearer- war banner 285
5 Chaos knights, musician, MON, standard- banner of rage 295
3 trolls 135

Chaos spawn 55


Standards a go go then, my sneaky plan was to put the exalted hero in the trolls to avoid 2 stupidity tests and have them be able to hold any charge they might receive. I knew crazydu had a lion chariot and suspected she might use it!

29-12-2009, 10:33
Scy'oS marched through the blood soaked ground, having to right himself himself occasionally to avoid falling. Since Tzeentch had blessed him with the ability to see every man's future and fate he was constantly overwhelmed by images and had not been able to sleep for days. Men were drawn to him throughout the Border princes hoping for a glimpse of theirs or their loved ones fates but inevitably sacrificed in the course of war.

Hello everyone and welcome to the second battle of this campaign turn. I find myself now with time to quickly squeeze in a report between working whacky shifts and seeing family.

This will be a fairly short report as to be expected I'm a little busy :) We rolled up two hills (the best hills you'll ever see in a battle report) rocky ground (luckily crazydu has more rocks than blackpool) and a scrub (its like a forest but without the ridiculous line of sight rule)

Magic saw the forces of chaos turn to the lure of death with- dark hand of death, wind of death and drain life whilst the elven host plumped for high magic with drain magic, shield of saphery, curse of arrow attraction.


I'd won the roll for table edge and started deploying, amazingly not totally outdeploying someone. I stuck with my exalted with the trolls to try to chop the lion chariot into tinderwood.

Look sevensins my army is mostly painted! Check out the great hills folks.

Crazydu deployed quite well and compactly with archers backed up by choppy units

Look away now sevensins!

Overall deployment:

The early turns

Were fairly uneventful with a great eagle getting in the way, magic killing a few archers but not before the high elf shooting who clearly had their ready brek unleashing deadly accurate shooting, killing many warhounds and a unit of marauder horsemen before the forces of chaos had closed their distance.
Meanwhile my trolls had failed both stupidity tests and the eagle was getting near them....


I definitely think crazydu had the advantage then killing two units of warhounds and a marauder horsemen unit for the loss of half of her archers. On the left flank I had stalled with the trolls stupid and the left most unit of chaos knights having to hold their ground as to move closer was to invite a lion chariot/dragon prince double charge which not even knights of khorne could resist!

The right saw the screening hounds shot too pieces leaving one unit of horsemen and one nurgle knight unit facing off white lions, sword masters and a RBT!

Mid game

Finally the trolls passed stuipidity and an advance was able to be made on the left flank. Charges were finally able to be made with the shadow warriors who had been a true thorn in my side finally eliminated by horsemen and hounds, though not before they'd cut a horsemen down with ASF'ing hatred attacks.

The nurgle knights on the right charged the white lions, losing one of their number to an axe before they reduced the unit to a single man who fled due to being outnumbered by a fear causing enemy :shifty:


It was still a very close game with the nurgle chaos knight unit down two knights now, one to a bolt thrower shot and one to da axe to da head! I'd finally managed to advance on the left side but my khorne knights were still sitting pretty not able to advance as the trolls weren't able to screen their flank yet against the white lion chariot.

Finishing Turns

The game swung to me quite severely in a short sentance. On the right the swordmasters full of vengeancecharged the chaos knights and despite killing a knight were slaughtered in a welter of frenzied attacks and ran down along with caradyn. Another was killed by the RBT but they finished game on the board albeit with only one knight left holding 2 elven banners and his own.
On the left the lion chariot finally broke the mexican stand off by charging and chopping the spawn down. This allowed the trolls and Scry'os to counter charge and mangle the chariot to pieces.
The khorne chaos knights were given the run around by the greater eagle and spent the rest of the game chasing a big blasted birdie!
Dr Faustman finally broke the deadlock and blasted his opposing number with a hand of death despite the elves magic resistance, after destroying the elves magic resistance he was able to kill two of the dragon princes.

In the end the elves had a intact unit of archers in my half, a repeater bolt thrower and a unit of dragon princes. I had my trolls, a unit of horsemen, an unuit of khorne knights, both heroes and one chaos knight. I'd pulled off a victory despite looking on the ropes early on. I felt a little bad for crazydu as she'd played well to start off with but got tired at the end and missed one or two opportunities to finish off the nurgle knights. If the white lions hadn't have auto broken I'd have got caradyn and swordmasters in the flank which would have jobs done'd the nurgle knights.

Margin of victory to be determined!

Rules questions
What happens if caradyn is killed whilst fleeing?

If a 1450 force faces a 1550 force how do you work out who won and the margin of the victory? Use the 1250-1499 table or 1500-1749? Would you average the points and use that table or choose the table that best benefits the victor or loser? Or would you take pity on the underdog and use the points table of that force?

29-12-2009, 11:44
Great report again selone, seems like chaos is taking over.

I think Caradryan only uses his mark of asuryan rule if he's killed in close combat.

Glad to see you went for dark chocolate biscuits, good choice. :)

29-12-2009, 12:56
yey, paint! Looks good Selone (although Crazydu is asking for a spanking, my eyes hurt...)
Nice battle, crazydu seemed to have the edge indeed, but knights are knights after all ;)

29-12-2009, 13:35
High Elves vs. Chaos Knights. It does not matter who charges. The high elves will go first anyways and the chaos knights will be just as nasty no matter what. Kind of funny when you think about it.

No winner determined as of yet, but with the swordmasters and white lions eaten and two banners held, I think that more of the border princes might be falling under the sway of chaos.

30-12-2009, 16:58
It started so well, but I was very tired at the end and know I messed it up a bit :( Note to self: don't play important battles after a stressy day of work!

One of my new years resolutions is to paint my models Sevensins :D

I am sure I will end up facing the forces of Chaos again before the end of the campaign so will try again.

30-12-2009, 18:01
actually playing battles after a stressfull day at work is great therapy in my opinion :)

and you better start painting, crazydu, I'm headed for england next month.

30-12-2009, 20:12
It is a bit weird you are right grumbaki, normally knights are much better on the charge and don't like their opponents to get their first strike. Chaos knights are equally good on and off the charge, indeed I employ mine as part line breakers part grinding machines whereas high elves don't benefit, normally, from charging.
It made a game where there was no benefit for crazydu to charge my knights with her infantry, whackily.

Sevensins, you're probably not coming to the frozen north right? We might be safe crazydu!

30-12-2009, 21:28
I am from the frozen north ;)
Just a trip to a science conference in Nottingham, so not to near you, no.

Chaos knights are a bit of a case on their own when it comes to charging, as you say they can take it as well as give it (unless hit by something hard, and not ASF, naturally)

30-12-2009, 21:40
This keeps going strong, would have loved to be a part of this :D

30-12-2009, 23:57
Nice win for Throgg, he better enjoy the looting while he can ;)
Its good to know Throgg is sacking lands far from mine. Lustria is safe from his avarice...for now.

Great batrep!:)

05-01-2010, 16:43
This campaign sounds so fun to play, I wish I had a regular group of players so i could do this :(

And to Crazydu, you made the same new years resolution as me =D

14-01-2010, 23:46
Thanks for the replies guys, army lists for the last battle of turn 13

Hordes of Chaos 1350

T'sleen'sti, visionary of Tzeentch level 2 sorceror, MoT, disc of Tzeentch, power familiar, book of secrets 210
Marfan, Burgomeister of Sollendorf Sorcerer, level 2, unmarked, barded chaos steed, spell familiar, enchanted shield 166

5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30

12 marauders, mark of slaanesh 48
5 marauder horsemen, musician, l.armour, flails, MoS 96

5 Chaos Knights, standard bearer- banner of rage MON 285
6 Chaos knights, musician, MOK 280

Chaos spawn 55

10 Horrors 120

Bretonnian 1350 assault force

Paladin Grail Vow. Enchanted Shield, Sword of the Lady's Champion, Barded Warhorse 145
Paladin BSB. Grail vow. Barded Warhorse, Virtue of Duty 125
Damsel Barded warhorse, 2 dispell scrolls 134.

6 Knights of the realm, FC 168
6 Errant Knights Errantry banner 141
10 archers, braziers 65
11 archers, skirmishers 77

5 Mounted yeoman 75
3 pegasus knights 135

5 Grail Knights, Standard Bearer- warbanner 235

19-01-2010, 15:52
T'sleentsi had finally rejoined Marfan and as a mark of regained favour had regained his sorecrous abilities, further still tzeentch had granted him ten horrors to help scour the attacking Bretonnian force off the face of the Border princes. It was unusual for the forces of man to launch an offensive, thought T'sleen'tsi, but the changer of the ways must have some reason for it. No matter that thought could be pondered later as the sounding of many trumpets blared in the distance. Knights, pondered T'sleen'tsi, and plenty of them.

Hello everyone and welcome to the last battle of turn 13. It's been a good turn for the forces of chaos but a suprise Bretonnian offensive threatens to undo all the good (or bad) work!

Terrain and spells
We rolled up a lot of rocky terrain and crazydu's collected rocks from the beach really came into play here. With 2 bits of impassable terrain and two scattering of difficult, rocky ground we had an unusual battle-ground lacking scrub, hills or water.

Marfan opted for death and got- Dark hand of death, steal soul and doom and darkness whilst T'sleen'tsi got Flickering fire of Tzeentch, treason of tzeentch and burning head. So a grab bag of spells there. The damsel rolled up gift of life.


The bretonnian's deployed in strength on their right flank with all 3 horse knights on the right. Their left flank had the pegasus knights and mounted yeomen (proxied as knights, they are the closest unit, blame the outrageous price of mounted yeoman for the proxy ;p)
Note his general, BSB and damsel all went in the grail knight block.

In a long forgotten time past I used to totally outdeploy everyone but I'm finding people honing their army lists better. So whilst I was able to at least lure his realm knights into my weakly developed left flank hoping to give them the run around I was forced to place my 2 chaos knight units facing off his errant knights and grail knights. I hoped to force the errant knights into charging my nurgle knights but I was less than sure what to do against the big block of grail knights.
I stuck my infantry on the left side (horrors are proxied as unpainted marauders, forget to get the horrors off redben, oops) and placed a sorceror at either side of the battlefield.

Overall deployment

I chose to let the Bretonnians go first based on the premise that DirtyG had said before when we last played he should have waited a bit and not been so aggressive. I thought he was going to wait back, which is exactly what I wanted with all my power dice :)

I can see the future, I just don't have my glasses on. Turn 1
Marfan joined his warriors being careful to be as far away from T'sleen'tsi the corruptor as far as was possible. He even decided to join some horsemen, not yet totally lost to chaos as they were. At least this would all be over soon.

Of course DirtyG does what he should do and not what I thought he should do and advances at me fairly aggressively. Insert D'oh emote here. His shooting only kills one hound, thanks to range and repositioning.

Warriors of chaos
Both sorcerors move quickly with Marfan abandoning the horsemen and join the khorne knights instead. One the left the infantry shuffle up and the hounds likewise don't move too close. The spawn stumbles forwards to try to lure knights into charges and both units of my knights move up but not by a great deal in the stand off that is knights V knights.
Magic sees me fail to cast a spell, get one dice dispelled on another spell and finally a flickering fire is cast succesfully with SIX, strength SEVEN hits, woohoo! Unfortunately I roll two ones to wound, dirtyG saves one to armour, one to ward and only two die the survivors not even entertaining the prospect of fleeing.

Apologies for no pics this turn, crazydu was too busy being hostess !

Charge and countercharge- Turn 2

The knights of the realm declare a charge on the maruader infantry who flee. However more decisive action is taken elsewhere as the knights of the errant charge the spawn and grail knights move up in the middle.

Shooting sees four hounds die, and its straight onto combat. The knights errant recklessly charge into the spawn and pierce it several times, unfortunately for them after combat is resolves the spawn is (just) alive on a wound! It does nothing back but thats small consolation for the knights.

Warriors of Chaos
To make way for the chaos knight unit to charge the knights errant the warhounds charge the errants taking up valuable 'base space' and only a few of the Nurgle, frenzied knights can get in to combat.

Meanwhilst T'sleen'tsi moved to get off a burning head on the peasant bowmen.
He might not have bothered though as between dispell dice (another 1 dice dispell from dityG) and dispell scroll, and failed casting only a flickering fire gets cast succesfully. I roll well again and get a lot of strength six hits but roll three 1's to wounds and ward saves sees him saving all but one.

Combat is fairly critical as if I win and break the knights errant I get a pursuit move out of grail knight charge range and some tasty VP's, whereas should I be disastrously held I'm going to get a big unit of grail knights in the face!
I don't roll stellarly but still manage to kill 2 errants to no casualties back. DirtyG faces a break test at a -4 until he helpfully points out he's outnumbered by a fear causing enemy and off he runs. None of my three units catch them and we get into a bizarre situation where my units don't go as far as they should as I have to stay 1" behind him and my units get in each others way.

Hound everywhere- Turn 3

KoTR charge the warhounds who hold whilst the grail knights shuffle backwards and don't take the bait offered by the marauder horsemen. The pegasus knights decide not to charge whilst the errants rally. The skirmishing bowmen polish off the spawn, the normal archers alas do no good and fail to wound the dancing hounds!

As expected the realm knights run down the hounds and run past the horrors.

Warriors of Chaos
Rember the marauder infantry that fled in turn 2, well they kept fleeing and fleeing and this turn ran off the table. My nurgle knights charged the errants who (just-by an inch) got away, giving me a failed charge and possibly consigning them to be permanently locked in a charge/flee scenario.

Meanwhilst Marfan dashed behind a rocky pillar to bring ruin and dismay upon the mounted yeomen (at least that was the plan) whilst the marauder horsemen got in the grail knights way again. The two surviving members of my rightmost warhounds closed in on the archers not wanting to risk a stand and shoot reaction.

Of course my magic was singularly unimpressive killing but a single grail knight, who are of course immune to panic anyways.

Baits and counter baits-Turn 4

DirtyG wheels his realm knights around to face the flank of the horrors and the pegasus knights to where they can threaten most of my army. His mounted yeomen move to within my khorne knights charge range (sneakily) whilst the grail knights charge the horsemen who hold. Realisation dawns on me as I realise his plan is to cause a failed charge on my khorne knights and then charge them with the now free grail knights who have the option of a free over-run as they are bound to kill my horsemen.

Shooting kills the last warhound and annoyingly a khorne knight. Combat is as expected and all the five horsemen die, we work out CR regardless as I want to know how bad the grail knight BUS is, with a BSB, banner, warbanner and virtue of duty it has a lot of Combat Resolution !

Warriors of Chaos
Knowing that my khorne knights will have to charge and getting charged by that Grail knight unit is painful enough, but from the side/rear is instant death I declare a charge with Marfan into the mounted yeomen, to either pin them in place or force them to flee out of my knights charge range. The yeomen hold and in go the khorne knights! On the left flank the nurgle knights are also forced to charge but thankfully the errant knights fall over themselves and are caught, the nurgle knights are miles out of positon though.

Note this pic is from the end of the turn.

The khorne knights veritably mash the mounted yeoman into paste and over-run a pretty considerable amount, getting well away from the grail knights.

Marfan over runs too, trying to pursuade the grail knights to go after him and not the khorne knights.
Magic sees the skirmishing bowmen flee from a burning gaze, despite it only killing two.

An ignoble end- Turn 5

The knights of the realm again move to threaten the horrors who have been nimbly evading them. Meanwhilst the pegasus knights charge Marfan who holds and the skirmishing archers rally. DirtyG has a conundrum with what to do with his grail knights does he go after my khorne knights who they likely won't catch but if left alone can threaten his archers or does he have them try to take a quarter/face off my nurgle knights. After deliberation they follow the khorne knights.

Shooting sees another khorne knight die to pesky bowfire and its off to combat! I challenge his champion who has to accept and his blows bounce off Marfan. Marfan does a wound back however still loses combat by one due to flank charge. I duly roll an eight so marfan flees into the skirmishing archers who give him a cudgel to the noggin!

It's youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I move the khorne knights away from both the grail knights and the deadly archers whilst the horrors turn to face the realm knight. Thats pretty much it for my movement.

Magic sees the unit of realm knights reduced to one man.

Magical Mayhem- Turn 6

As ever turn six is one of table quarters and picking off easy points, unable to do the latter, Dirty G does the former. His shooting thankfully doesn't kill another khorne knight.

Warriors of Chaos
Several units reposition purely for show and a veritable magical barrage is unleashed. The last realm knight dies, the skirmishing bowmen are reduced to half strength and panic and T'sleen'tsi miscasts doing himself a wound.

And thats game over, how does DirtyG think he's done?

Result and post match blatherings
Warriors of Chaos: 681 Bretonnian: 645, result: Draw !

This was one of the best games we've (and I think DirtyG agrees) played. Lots of peripheral units died and there was a lot of tactical movement and baiting. In hindsight I should have taken the first turn and as much as I might hate admitting it I could have done with another unit of hounds/horsemen to help me control the movement phase.
Thanks for reading all !

Turn 14 is due up soon, after we've sorted out retreat moves (I've added a map a few posts back). It promises to be an interesting turn as whilst I have the lead I'm fairly stretched and crazydu is closing in on several key territories.

19-01-2010, 19:43
Dam, now that was a good battle!

19-01-2010, 19:56
Very good and tight battle, and nice report :)

Have to admit that I was hoping the Brets would win but you managed to hold them back ;)

19-01-2010, 20:09
I was baking cakes turn 1 :D

Was one of the most fun battles to watch so far!

19-01-2010, 21:31
cake and an excellent fight? what more can one ask for?

Looking forward to round 14.

20-01-2010, 04:40
Great tactical game. Love the way you pinned his yomen horse in order to get the charge and overrun with the khorne knights. Well thought out.

20-01-2010, 19:37
Thanks for the comments. Hope the painting progress is good enough for you sevensins ! The cakes were good and it was a very enjoyable game. Just sorting out turn 13 ramifications and I'm planning my moves before everyone else does theirs.
Hmm do I trust crazydu or not?

20-01-2010, 20:38
Never trust crazydu... never...


21-01-2010, 08:20
Now that was a nice battle :D

21-01-2010, 22:29
The turn orders are in and its going to be battle-tastic folks !


Map section 53 (road)
1250 Noble, Mage High elves Vs 1350 Festus and a sorceror. Possible allies from DoC

Map section 69 (plains)
1250 2 paladin, damsel Bretonnians Vs 1250 herald of nurgle, herald of Tzeentch. Possible 100 ally from DoC.

Map section 83 (river bank/plains)
1350 2 paladin, one damsel Bretonnians (assisted from 84) versus 1250 of T'sleentsi, Marfan (double sorcs)

Map section 68 (Aldium)
1250 2 paladin, one damsel bretonnians Vs 1250 of throgg, sorc. Possible 100 ally from redben if he doesn't assist his own banner or 53.

Redben has one banner who can assist one of three battles.

Rolls have been made and crazydu made all of them ! Battle will be in Aldium.

Warriors of chaos banners
1- Two sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror (Theodin the impure)
3- Exalted Hero and a sorceror (Scry'os the Allseeing and Dr Faustmann Faustmann)
4- Two sorcerors of chaos
5- Festus and a sorceror.
6- Wulfrik and an exalted hero.

Redben's Demon banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, Herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!
3 Herald of Nurgle and Blue scribes!

Crazydu's High elf banners
1 Secret
2 Noble and mage
3 Caradyn and a mage
4 Lady Alanithea Mage, Lord Bryllantar Mage.

DirtyG's bretonnian banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins
2 Damsel, 2 paladins
3 Damsel, 2 paladins
4 Secret

Scores on the doors
Warriors of Chaos 31 (23 map sections + 2 special territories)
High elves 29 (17 sections + 3 specials)
Demons of Chaos 18 (9 sections + malko)
Brets 14 (14 sections, no specials)

WoC 25-32
HE 31-32
DoC 19-20
Brets 13-26

22-01-2010, 21:57
Will be a good turn this one, am learning more every turn, will the elves finally push the forces of chaos off the road?

Wish me luck for 3 terrain rolls needed this turn! We will get the map updated soon :-)

01-02-2010, 21:18
2 of the 4 battles have now taken place, but Selone keeps working too much and not having time to write up the reports. I also need to remind the kind person updating our map to do that again :D Hopefully will be updates soon!

01-02-2010, 21:46
As crazydu says it's been a busy time. I did find time to fight Dirty G's Brets in a pitched battle at a 100 pt disadvantage.

I won't write up a full battle report as the game really wasn't worthy of one. Despite being out pointed, outdeployed and myself miscasting previously the game turned as I got off an irrestible force'd conflagaration of doom in the second turn on DirtyG's grail knight character heavy BUS with his damsel, BSB and general in. When the dust cleared his unit of 4 GK's was dead, as was his damsel and his BSB was on half wounds. The resulting panic tests saw both units of bowmen flee.

DirtyG bravely fought on but when his pegasus knights and remaining unit of bowmen both got killed by chaos knights he surrendered, finally ending their valiant resistance.

A bit self-concious of the last campaign game as I made my 1350 list to face Crazydu's 1250 list, I took it upon myself to include nothing except nurgle and non-aligned units whatsoever with no fast cavalry to be seen! Crazydu brought a cunning list and any pretense of a formality was soon shattered in a true game worthy of a battle report !

The army lists

Festus Nurgle Horde 1350

Festus 185
Nurglitch Nurgle sorceror, level 2, rod of torment, barded steed 201

23 marauders, h.weapon, shield, FC 158
10 chaos warriors, shields, FC, banner of wrath 230
Warhounds 30
Warhounds 30
Warhounds 30

5 Chaos knights, musician, 210
5 Chaos knights "Angels of Decay" Mark of Nurgle, standard, festering shroud 275

1250 High Elf Troop

Lady Agferielle Mage level 2 with Ring of Fury and Silver Wand 185
Kirwin Oakheart Noble with longbow, light armour, great weapon & Amulet of Fire 125

10 Archers 110

12 White Lions with SB (standard of balance) 237
10 Phoenix Guard with SB (arcane protection) & Musician 213
5 Dragon Princes with SB (sorcery) & Musician 230

Repeater bolt thrower 100
Great Eagle 50

03-02-2010, 08:00
did you let him slide in core? HE's need at least 2 core choices right?

05-02-2010, 10:41
High elves only need one core unit at 1250 and she took archers :) anyways onto terrain, magic and deployment.

We rolled up a fen, scrub, hill and rocky feature. Actually we swopped a river for a rocky feature as it made little sense to use to have a river on a road section. I let crazydu pick which side she wanted so she could have the hill.

Spellwise saw a bit of a bonanza. As crazydu controlled the ancient ruined tower of Tor anrok and has the silver wand she had four spells, she went for metal! I had festus (has to have curse of the leper) and another nurgle sorceror.

Crazydu got- Rule of the burning iron, Transmogification of lead, distillation of silver and spirit of the forge :eek:
Both my sorcerors ended up with magnificient buboes and curse of the leper.

Apologies in advance to oncebitten as I know you don't like cluttered gaming tables- we play in a small room and theres no where else for the stuff and sevensins- crazydu is painting her army but its the spearmen that are nearly finished. Anyways enough apologisin'

Basically crazydu deployed around her hill with the archers not quite fully on the hill (even if it looks like they are) with two infantry units either side, the dragon princes on her far left and her eagle ready to be pesky

I deployed most of my army ready to tackle her head-on except for one unit of hounds that get left way on their own on the left. I put the marauders on the extreme right flank with my sorc in ready to face off versus the small unit of phoneix guard/DP's

Overall deployment

BR coming soon :)

07-02-2010, 23:17
Festus and nurglitch were drawn to the old silk road like moths to a flame or more appropriately like flies to a corpse. The many battles foughtpreviously in the area had left countless casaulties and the relentless pace of war meant many had not been buried properly if at all. Corpses mean decay and decay is the playground of Nurgle.

Kirwin Oakheart, young elf Chracian noble and a friend of Korhil, had taken counsel from the great seeress Lady Agferielle about events both past present and future in the Border Princes.
A dark cloud of maggots and vultures was to descend on the silk road central, the vanguard of an even more horrifying horde- a force of Nurgle commanded by a fearsome character of renown bent on learning terrible secrets from the dying and the dead.

Kirwin could not allow this happen and he marched his mostly intact forces eastwards. His force was small even for an elfen force but it composed some of the most elite of an elite fighting forces regiment's, mighty dragon princes, unspeaking phoenix guard and chracians.
Time would tell whether Festus would reap a corpse-harvest or whether Kirwin would drive the foul forces eastwards!

Hello everyone and welcome to another campaign battle, yet another battle for the Old silk road, a location which has been fought over more than any other and which seems set to be one of the key territories of the campaign.

(I won the roll for first turn and gave crazydu the first turn)

A taste of things to come- Turn 1

High Elf
As to be expected the archers moved slightly to be on onto the hill fully. The white lions and dragon princes moved slightly forwards however the phoenix guard clearly wanting a fight (with Lady Agferielle in) marched agressively at me. The eagle as to be expected flew to get in the way.


Magic saw the fair lady assisted by the banner of sorcery blast off some spells. Thankfully her positioning meant that her wrath was directed at the chaos marauders with a spirit of the forge getting cast on the marauders. Four still died despite being relatively unarmoured but her sneaky ring of fury was one dice dispelled (I just knew she would have a bound spell :D)
Still I was now pretty cautious of the one woman hand of death.

Shooting saw another three marauders fall leaving them starting to look exposed to the dragon princes.

Warriors of Chaos
My warhounds charged the eagle (to get it out of march blocking range) and it fled though the warhounds were now in my way. Because of this whilst I did attempt to close the gap (and partially wanting to soften the elves up) I didn't move that far up.


Magic saw my (to be repeated for as long as I could) twin buboes character sniping start. I decided to test my luck and buboes'd the seeress mage. I found out she (thanks to the unit) had magic resistance three but I was still succesful. Not wanting to push my luck I then tried a buboes on the Chracian noble and despite his magic resistance one was succesful too :shifty: My bound spells worked pretty well too, the banner of wrath killing both crewmen of the repeater bolt thrower and the rod of torment doing two wounds on the great eagle.

Well my magic was pretty good but I started to fear for my right flank I had a unit of rapidly diminishing marauders against dragon princes, a mage and phoenix guard.

Buboes takes skill- Turn 2

High Elf
The eagle so beloved of all rallies whilst the dragon princes move belongside the Phoenix guard. The high elves were determined to make their stand around their hill!

Shooting was unsucessful however despite myself managing to dispell ring of fury and a cheeky rule of burning iron a distillation of molten silver got off on the marauders and killed six of them. Thankfully they stood fast.

Warriors of Chaos
I moved fairly agressively this turn with nothing really to impede me and not wanting to hang about in the open with the magic flying. My marauders moved very slightly backwards as with their ranks gone I was not wanting to face dragon princes up close and lancey.

Magic was fairly succesful again whilst the first buboes was dispelled the second on her general was not and Kirwin got a nasty dose of chicken pox, thus was forced to leave the field of the battle to get some calamine lotion and gloves! (he lost his last wound) The standard of wrath killed an archer and the rod of torment did the last wound on his eagle.

So far buboes had been pretty electric for me I was forced to concede that by turn 4 the dragon princes would have my right flank but I should mash the centre field up.. should...

Shoulda.. woulda.. coulda.. Turn 3

High elf
The dragon princes charged the marauders whom I was fairly confident would be out of range even without the wheel. However DP's charge 16" not 14" and I was about an inch out with my guess anyways so all five of them got into contact with my sorry remnants of an unit. Bugger.

Spells start off with an innocous ring of fury first on my hounds, concious that perhaps crazydu was trying to draw out dispell dice I let it through and it just killed two hounds. The spirit of the forge (2d6 strength six hits, no armour save) which went through on my unmarked knights was not as innocous. Crazydu lacks a little confidence and did a 'bet I get a rubbish amount of hits anyways personna'. That'll be a double six then. I actually took the unit off before she'd even rolled to wound but she insisted on rolling and sure enough they were all dead!

Combat saw the dragon princes who had surely been trained by Tyrion himself do an impressive ten wounds on my marauders in a display I'd have been happy with chaos knights doing. My sorceror did kill one but the marauders were possessed with little courage, not insane courage, and got ran down.

Warriors of Chaos
I suddenly don't have many units to move.
The nurgle Knights charge the white lions who (have to) hold as they are immune to psychology. My warhounds do the well known of tactic of 'messing about'. The warriors with festus move up because some day they'll reach combat.

Magic sees me buboes the seeress to a state of itchy annoyance too and she leaves play (lost her last wound) as crazydu unluckily rolls a double 1 amongst her dispell dice.
The festering shroud does its dastardly work and kills four white lions!

Combat sees the white lions strike first and achieve three hits. Crazydu almost can't believe it when I tell her she's wounding on 2's. They all wound and clearly their chaos armour has rotten as I fail all three saves. I do a consolation wound back and the nurgle knights lose by three, but I roll low and they hold.

That was a turn which let me visibly worried as I lost a lot of my force, killing her mage aside I lost 8 chaos knights, my marauders and a sorceror.

Rescue me- Turn 4

High Elf
The phoenix guard charge and force to run off a unit of warhounds, there's not much moving to be done, to be honest!

Shooting sees the warhounds that ran reduced and its straight onto combat. The white lions chop down one more knight (leaving me on one) and I kill one back. That'll be another break test for me which I pass (just)

Warriors of Chaos
It comes to something when I'm having to charge warhounds into combat to rescue Chaos Knight(s) but thats exactly what I'm having to do as the warhounds charge the white lions in the flank. Festus warriors bimble forwards in a we're ded hard and you know it so that's that type fashion.

Note that the marauders are just err under-developed warriors and festus is disguised as Wulfrik

A sneaky buboes on the dragon princes kills one they panic and run to....

Oh so close

Combat sees me (thank nurgle) save the wound on my chaos knight and win combat, but the stubborn lions hold.

Points make Prizes- Turn 5

High Elf
With the dragon princes fleeing, white lions locked in combat there is even less movement to be done. Thankfully for crazydu the dragon princes rally (on a ten!)
Shooting sees the hounds eliminated (that were still running)
Combat sees me win combat again and break the white lions running them down and we came to an interesting situation, their pursuit path led them into the repeater bolt thrower, what happens then? We settled on they stop at the bolt thrower but this seemed weird to me.

Warriors of chaos
Festus mottley band move to be (finally) in charge range of something- the archers.
Magic sees pretty much nothing happen and we'e straight to combat where the hounds destroy the bolt thrower and are stuck there ???

Wrap up- Turn 6

In a summary the archers have a last gasp chance to kill the remaining nurgle knight but I pass my one save needed. The archers are charged and flee to their deaths whilst its 50/50 whether Festus is range of the dragon princes. Despite winning the dice roll I say he's not in range as frankly Festus has enjoyed his share of luck.

Resolution and Post game thoughts
In the end we both have a table quarter, a standard and a similar amount of VP's but with the general slaying bonus I edge it by 170 VP's and (by just 20 Vp's) a marginal win !

That was a really good game and I think a win slightly flattered me. I suspected a (winning) draw but not a marginal win. Crazydu played very shrewdly with a sneaky list and the buboes frankly saved the day. We both had our share of luck but whilst mine was being lucky when I need luck crazydu's was more being lucky when she didn't need the luck.

Thoughts for the day
Thanks for reading all and if you know what happens when a unit pursues into a crewless war machine please let me know.
Also if anyone can explain how the heck you use infantry (with knights) please let me know. In 5 games my infantry has never killed anything and only got into combat once (when it got butchered as an aside)

Festus was disappointed, despite still being unbroken with his retinue of warriors most of his knights were gone and they didn't have enough forces at the time to scatter the elves. Constant hit and runs meant that the experiments would have to wait... for now

08-02-2010, 08:21
Great report as always Selone, that was a really close battle, hadn't it been for that lucky buboes at the end things would have ended differently. A really well played game from both of you :)

Do you have a map of how everyone is standing currently? (You might have one up that I've missed) :)

08-02-2010, 11:57
Awesome report as ever.

With the uncrewed bolt thrower, AFAIK the hounds should have stopped when they pursued into it as it needs to destroyed in close combat but when they destroyed it they should have got an overrun move.

08-02-2010, 15:56
like carpet said, the hounds would auto-kill the RBT next combat phase and then be free to overrun.

Nice rep, and those buboes and bound spells sure did their job.

Infantry works best when cavalry and such are there as support, in a chaos list knights do just fine on their own so infantry becomes more or less obsolete. And with M4 Chaos warriors aren't getting anywhere... some sorcerers with lore of shadows maybe? And hope for unseen lurker?

08-02-2010, 21:06
I have updated the map for the start of Turn 14, but am having technical issues I need to resolve tomorrow so will try get it uploaded tomorrow evening :D

09-02-2010, 21:50
This is the Turn 14 Map after moves but before battles as drawn by crazydu- http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/Border%20Princes/turn14.jpg


Light Blue- High Elves
Dark Blue- Bretonnians
Red- Warriors of Chaos
Orangey/yellow- Demons

Crossed Lines- Battlefields
Diagonal Lines- Banners (armies)
Polka dots- HQ's

10-02-2010, 00:10
Good thread!

Oh, and if you pursue into or even get into combat with an unmanned war machine it is automatically destroyed.

Lord Camdon
10-02-2010, 15:45
A Generals Compendium campaign!? It's like coming across the fountain of youth!! I've not seen the likes of one of these since.... well, since the first six months after the manual came out. (Mind you, back then I was living in an area devoid of players older than 12).
If you grow bored of kicking too much Bretonian butt, I've two things to help you.
1) Think of the damsels...
2) When done salivating, plop a beefy arm on the Bret' players shoulders and offer him an truce. 'Attack the High Elf player, who thinks humans are scum and we both know it. In return, I'll leave all Bretonians be... Oh, and you'll be handing over all damsels to my quarters. Deal?'

10-02-2010, 19:45
Thanks for the comments folks and the war machine conundrum help. Sevensins alas shadows is only on a sorceror lord (or on book of secrets). I'm not sure I like that rule but there you go and yes knights don't need infantry support. I want to do away from less reliance on knights but this half-way house isn't working too well.

Lord Camdon- I love the Generals compendium got to be one of the best books GW has ever done. I suspect the Bretonnians won't be allied with the He's forever ;)

22-02-2010, 14:17
With the Demons and brets 'agreeing' a draw the last battle was Throgg's forces 'defending' Aldium from a Bretonnian army which was on a forced march.

The scenario was called Forced March (from white dwarf- battlefield challenge) which we modified slightly introducing minimum distances between the objectives and allowing the objectives to be closer to the sides. More on the scenario later.

To the armylists !

Smelly Brets

Paladin, Enchanted Shield,Grail Vow, Wyrmlance, Virtue of Discipline, Royal Pegasus 176
Paladin, Armour of Agilulf, Battle Standard Bearer, Barded Warhorse 99
Damsel, Warhorse , Dispel Scroll x2 130

8 Knights of the Realm, FC- 216
6 Errant Knights, FC- Errantry Banner 161
10 Archers Braziers 65

3 Pegasus Knights 165

5 Grail Knights- SB, War Banner 235


Monsters of chaos

Throgg 175 points
Theodin the Impure, Sorcerer- enchanted shield 100

5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
3 chaos trolls 135
3 chaos trolls 135
20 marauders, l.armour, shield FC 140

3 Ogres, great weapons, chaos armour 150
3 Ogres, great weapons, chaos armour 150
3 Ogres, great weapons, chaos armour 150

1 chaos spawn 55


22-02-2010, 15:31
That looks to be a very interesting match up.

My gut feeling is that the ogre/troll army will win the day though...

Come on Selone, prove me wrong! :D

24-02-2010, 08:40
Yeah... Troll vomit + can-opener ogres doesn't bode well for knights, but then again, not much defense in the chaos army :)
Should be a good one, keep up the good work Selone :)

24-02-2010, 11:06
Okay's so onto the scenario rules- we were playing the Forced march scenario which was in a WD last year though we decided to alter it a bit. I love scenarios and I was happy to finally play one rather than pitched battles :)
The basic premise is that the bretonnians and throgs horde are both marching to take control of Aldium.

Forced March
- Both sides pick a number between 1 and 6
-The person who picks the highest is the forced marcher.
-The forced marcher deploys 3 objectives (can't be within 18" of a table edge and at least one objective has to be in opponents table half)
-Both armies roll a dice for every unit- on a roll of less than the number they picked the army starts 'in reserve' and comes on the battlefield at the start of turn 2.
-The forced marcher deploys whatever units (s)he is able to anywhere on his half of the board
-The other player then deploys any of his unit (s)he is able to anywhere on his half of the board as long as they are not closer than 18" to any enemy unit
-Game starts
-At the end of game the closest unit within 12" of the objective claims the objective, the person with the most objectives wins.

As you can see the forced marcher gets alot of advantages- Objective deployment, table control, deployment space but has to contend with allowing his opponent to see where (s)he's deploying and has a higher likelihood of not having key units in place.

Our amendments and additions
-No obective can be within 12" of another (to stop objective clumping)
-Objectives can be placed within 9" of the side table edge (to allow more variety and neither of us had forces that could come on from the sides)
- Claiming an objective can only be done by a unit with unit strength 5. At the end of the game should neither force claim an objective then Vp's are counted. Otherwise the person with the most objectives wins. If its one apiece thats a draw, if one person has all 3 its a massacre win. Note for our campaign the margin of victory isn't important, unless its a massacre.
-We made one of the objectives be the new inn I'd purchased- "The golden griffon".

The golden Griffon has a halfling head chef and a stubborn dwarvern drinker who refuses to leave his pint despite the fighting-

The other 2 objectives are marked by pebbles.

Read on for the battle, story and thoughts regarding the scenario.

24-02-2010, 14:35
Hello everyone and welcome to the last battle of Turn 14! This sees DirtyG's brets take on my Monsters of chaos in a 1250 forced march clash.

The list is my usual Monsters of chaos list with the exception that I'd taken an unit of marauders because I thought that I'd need to them to go in the inn until someone on warseer pointed out trolls and ogres could go in :eek: I went magic low with a very cheap sorceror who was there basically to go with the marauders and be my general.

Terrain and spells
We rolled up a hill, 2 impassable cairns and a scrub. The cairns were placed off to the side out of the way and the hill firmly in a deployment zone. The golden griffon was placed in the middle of the table slightly to one side (note we deployed this terrain piece after we found out who the forced marcher was, we'd also decided that it blocked LoS from the hill- it's huge). As per the army specific rules for our campaign the brets got to choose table sides and unsuprisingly chose the side with the hill.
We both rolled up a single spell which is nearly irrelavent as one spell was cast the whole game :o

Forced march stuff
I picked a one as with 2 units of stupid trolls I couldn't have the situation where I'd be without my general and/or Throgg for stupidity tests (how I wish I hadn't bothered) and graham suspecting this went for a 2. DirtyG was the forced marcher and I the defender which made a lot of sense as Aldium was my territory then)
Of the eight tests he had to take DirtyG only failed one- the pegaus knights, the fastest moving of any of his units anyways :eek: he placed all 3 objectives with two on the right flank (inn and pebble) and one on the left flank (pebble)

On the right flank he deployed his general on a pegasus and grail knights (with damsel) his archers went on the hill (shock) and on the left flank the knights errant went next to the inn with the KoTR tbig unit threatening the left most objective.
I now had the whole of my army to place so placed both units of trolls and an unit of ogres on the right flank (away from nasty firey archers) with throgg nearby. A unit of ogres went as close to the inn as they could get and on the far left flank was a unit of ogres (hiding behind impassable rock) and a unit of hounds. Near the inn to the left of it was a unit of marauders and unit of 5 hounds. I chose to go first


Forced march- Turn 1

Monsters of Chaos
Both units of trolls failed stupidity stumbling forwards (including one unit that I'd placed just more than 20" away from his general suspecting the wyrmlance. The spawn ambled to within nine or so inches from the realm knights.
There wasn't much movement on my right flank thanks to failed stupidity nor on my far left as the ogres kept hiding close to the rock with a slight shuffle to the left (sings) though the hounds did zoom forwards.
There was action in the middle though with the ogres moving to touch the building (to enter next turn) and the marauders to get within the knights errants charge distance.


I have no shooting at all and all my magic gets dispelled for the entire game bar one turn so those phases will be ignored!

DirtyG declares 3 charge's- realm knights charge spawn, general charges Ogre's (he hummed and harred about this as he wasn't sure if trolls were in his charge range) and KE's charged the marauder's.

Unfortunately for him he failed the fear test to charge the spawn but his other 2 unit's being ItP were fine :)

His shooting does nothing and his magic like mine doesn't do anything this game.

Combat sees the pegasus riding paladin do 3 wounds and kill an Ogre however the remaining two kill the pegasus (this always makes me laugh). Because of the now walking paladin's virtue (can't be outnumbered) the combat is a draw.

The knight's errant kill 2 marauders and the champion does a wound on my general whereas I do nothing back. It's a draw at combat res of five each!

Objectives MoC: 1 Brets: 1

Well I have to be positive here- despite the two failed stupidity test I've now made the paladin mountless and destoyed the threat of the wyrmlance and I feel confident the two ogres at full health can bash the plucky pally into the ground. The knights errant should start losing combat due to static combat res soon, pity my general is down to half wounds though!

Reserves- Turn 2

Monsters of Chaos
Both units of trolls fail stupidity again....
The spawn rolls really well and reaches the realm knights in combat whilst a unit of hounds races round the left flank.

The middle unit of ogres enters the inn and starts drinking with the sozzled dwarf whilst the hounds move to flank the errant knights. Throgg movs to beside the inn, ready to breathe on grail knights.

I've misjudged the distance and the breath template just touches 2 grail knights, killing one.

Combat sees the right most ogres take a wound from a desperate sword thrust of the unmounted paladin and then smash him into a bloody pulp! The knight errant champion is dispatched by Theodin and a marauder dies to a hoof, the errants hold, bravely. The spawn takes a wound and does nothing back as it's trying to hit a skilful BSB (WS 10!).


The pegasus knights spurring their pegasus mounts on, depserate to make a difference, arrive and zoom over the realm knights
Whilst the grail knights charge the trolls who have to fold thanks to failed stupidity.

Shooting sees 2 hounds die to peasants but they pass panic.

Combat is crucial and sees the spawn kill the realm knight champion and take no wound back. The marauders and errant's singularly fail to do anything more than push and shove each other. The marauders push harder and the errants bottle it and run away.
The grail knights do 3 wounds to the trolls and it could be eye of the gods time if I pass 2 regen saves :cool: However disapointingly as usual I only pass one and no roll for me, though crucially all 3 trolls can vomit back. Sure enough 3 grail knights have a most unpleasant demise and shaken but not broken the remaining grail knight vows to protect his damsel with his life.


Objectives MoC 2: Brets 0

Well this was a good turn for me as I broke one unit of knights and am position to charge into oblivion another. DirtyG is definitly behind on VP's here and I've snuck the right hand objective but he still has 3 dangerous, scoring units left.

Three times the charm-Turn 3

Monsters of Chaos
I fail the only stupidity test I can do (thats 5/5 failed despite having LD8 models nearby every time)
The warhounds charge the fleeing errants who unluckily are chased down and killed whilst the marauders turn to face the pesgasus.
Both throgg and the right unit of 2 Ogres charge the grail knight and damsel.

Combat sees Throgg mueller the grail knight in a challenge and the trolls give the damsel a sticky end. The spawn takes a wound.

Pegasus knights charge the marauders who hold.

Combat sees the pegasus knights inflict a wound and take a wound on a normal pegasus and a wound on the champion, they flee and get away. The spawn is finally killed!

Objectives MoC 1: Brets :0

Well the realm knights are now free and can definitely take the left most objective and he still has an albeit fleeing unit of pegasus knights who can fly over the right so the games still all to play for, it bears note if this was a pitched battle DirtyG would have likely conceded as he's some way behind VP wise.

Fourcing the issue- turn 4

Monsters of Chaos
One troll unit actually passes stupidity! The other fails and stumbles into the Ogres confusing them. (6/7 failed)
Warhounds charge archers who promptly kill 2 and force the panicked survivor to flee never to return.

So I actually get a fireball off this turn and it does 2 wounds killing a pegasus knight and a champion! (both were wounded)

Realm knights charge the marauders who flee a small distance and Pegasus knight rallies. Shooting kills three hounds who flee.

Objectives MoC: 1 Bretonnians: 1

With the death of the pegasus knights dirtyG only had one realistic scoring unit and one pegasus rider to maybe throw at a defending unit. He likely couldn't win but he could take at least one objective.

Sneaky, sneaky- Turn 5

Monsters of Chaos
Both units of trolls actually passed stupidity :D (6/9 failed) however the marauders with my general balance this out by failing their rally test and running away a short distance.
The ogres on the left who had been hiding shuffled out of their hiding place to move close to the objective.
whilst a unit of trolls and ogres moved to secure the right objective.

DirtyG wanted to kill the fleeing marauders as revenge and his pegasus knight could have charegd them down and killed them all. However our gaming circle doesn't generally finds the rule that units under US 5 can auto-kill a unit on a charge a bit well silly. Whilst we play by the rules DirtyG's sense of fairplay triumphed and he also charged the realm knights at the marauders rather than advance on the left most objective. The marauders all died but it cost DirtyG an objective.

Objectives MoC 3: Bretonnians:0

Fairplay to Dirty G here. I think we both knew he'd probably lost and he'd been pretty despondant throughout the game since his general and GK's got killed. it's the mark of the man that he stuck to his sense of fairplay and didn't turn a 0:3 loss into a 1:2 loss with an outside, very small chance of a 1:1 draw (if the one pegasus had driven off the defending right-most objective holder)

Turn 6 was a formality as this happened-

DirtyG's archers in a last-gasp effort attempted to kill an ogre and panick them off an objective but it wasn't to be.

End of Game

3:0 victory to Monsters of Chaos!

Its their fault!

Post match ramblings
Well I very much enjoyed this game though it was tempered by DirtyG's obvious despondancy after his right flank collapsed in short order. Whilst there may be balance issues and there certainly is with using an inn which brets would find very hard to capture I think it's possible for both sides to win. Whilst Brets aren't very good at holding objectives they are very good at lancing people off them.
We've agreed to fight a rematch as the result probably flattered me and DirtyG had a harder time adjusting to the scenario than me. There are certainly things both of us could have done better. I need new stupidity dice too.

Thanks for reading all hope you enjoyed the scenario and Aldium is still in Throggs hands, for now.

24-02-2010, 16:00
Well (unfortunately) my gut feeling was right...

Objective based games can be very tough for brets and if 8th has a lot more of them popping up I think all bret players are going to have to rethink their list.

Nice blame photo though :D

24-02-2010, 17:18
Yeah I imagine bret's will have a hard time holding but easy time taking and dwarfs the polar opposite. Brets need solid infantry if theres going to be objectives imo :)

24-02-2010, 17:35
Great batrep selone, i liked the scenario. Dirty G's bret army is coming along nicely. Seems to be more painted each time. :) I like how your group adds a bit more scenery to your collection each time as well.

Is that your massive pile of purple dice? if so, i blame those for your stupidity tests. (it's a big pile...How many dice do you need??) :D

24-02-2010, 19:50
Was a really interesting scenario Sel, I might have to try this one myself, I always love a new scenario to try :)

Congrats on the win as well :)

24-02-2010, 21:26
Nuada this is why so many dice- http://www.theafkers.org/news/fast-and-furious-warhammer-40k/#comments (note zippy= crazydu)

Thanks Toshiro, it's a good scenario I think

Meanwhilst in the Border Princes

Also an open letter to the Elf Commander

"Elf commander,

While we have never met personally, your reputation proceeds you. While I think Our alliance is no great secret, I think that it benefits yourself's more than ourselfs, that is why I am writing to you to cancel our alliance, this is notbecause I want to wage war on you but because I am gaining nothing fromthe allance.

Your scouts may have reported to you that my armies have been underconstant attack for many seasons now and from many directions, the result is that I will have to consolidate my position before I have any chance of expanding further. Your help would have been most welcome during these last few months however I recognise that you too have your own battles to fight, this is why I think we must choose our own directions now.

Good Fortune to you and I hope we will fight alongside each other again in the future and hopefully never cross swords

Yours Respectfully

Sir Maurice Degale"

Korhil thanked the eagle as it soared back into the darkening sky. No emotion stirred in his face as he read the note, then folding it neatly and slipping it into a convenient fold in his cloak, he stared into the distance at the swirling haze over the river. He knew the forces of chaos were approaching, but it was his duty to try and clear this blasted land of evil, although on days like this he felt it was a futile one.

Humans were so needy, never thinking of the bigger picture. Charging into many battles at once was not the way to win the war. Korhil was sure that his ability to stand back and plan strategically, rather than charge into every encounter, no matter how much he sometimes wanted to, would see them through in the end. The humans had never offered their assistance when his comrades had needed it, although of course he would never ask. Although they did not need help, they would continue with their task regardless.

As he walked back to camp to try and raise the spirits of his small force, who were wary of the looming barrows despite the spells that had been set up to protect them, he thought he should probably just send a message to the other elven camps in the west to be wary of their recent allies.

What is going on in the Border princes? Looks like the alliance between the elves and the bretonnians is over!

28-02-2010, 21:17
Turn 15 saw a rarity of things- a turn with no battles ! Thanks to my ever usual terrible difficult terrain/fear tests I wasn't able to assault the Geistmund hills. However the warriors of chaos were still able to expand further. Meanwhilst the high elves drew ever more eastward

Round up
Bretonnians gain 2 (1 neutral, one elf) and lose 1 (to demons) +1
High elves gain 2 (from demons) lose 2 (1 to brets, 1 to Warriors) +0
Warriors of chaos gain 2 (1 neutral, 1 high elf) +2
Demons gain 2(bretonnian and neutral) and lose 2 (high elf) +0

Warriors of Chaos 33 (25 map sections + 2 special territories)
High elves 29 (17 sections + 3 specials)
Demons of Chaos 18 (9 sections + malko)
Brets 15 (15 sections, no specials)

Warriors of chaos banners
1- Two sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror (Theodin the impure)
3- Exalted Hero and a sorceror (Scry'os the Allseeing and Dr Faustmann Faustmann)
4- Two sorcerors of chaos
5- Festus and a sorceror.
6- Wulfrik and an exalted hero.
7- Two exalted heros.

Redben's Demon banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, Herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!
3 Herald of Nurgle and Blue scribes!

Crazydu's High elf banners
1 Korhil and a mage
2 Kirwin Oakheart (noble) and Lady Agferielle (Mage)
3 Caradyn and a mage
4 Lady Alanithea (Mage) Lord Bryllantar (Mage)
5 Secret

DirtyG's bretonnian banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins
2 Damsel, 2 paladins
3 Damsel, 2 paladins
4 Damsel, 2 paladins

01-03-2010, 14:52
No battles?...

Well that's no fun :(

01-03-2010, 15:03
I know, no good eh. My warriors were too scared to go into the undead-haunted geistmund hills:wtf: and everyone else missed each other.
No worries though there will be plenty of battles this turn I suspect!

06-03-2010, 20:18
Looking forward to next turn's battles, selone!

I have to say I'm impressed you managed to keep the interest high after 15 turns! In my gaming group, campaigns tend to slowly die after a couple of months. (They are good fun, still)

07-03-2010, 00:00
Well the orders are in and it's going to be battle-riffic in turn 16 as the demons make a play for two special locations and high elves and warriors of chaos renew their ancient hatreds with battles all over the borders!

Wulfrik and Exalted hero VS Noble and Mage at 53
Sorceror and Exalted hero VS 2 mages at 43 (supported by 100 WoC)
Festus and sorceror VS 2 mages at 50 (supported by 100 HE)

Herald of nurgle and crazy blue scribes VS FORTIFIED Korhil and a mage at the geistmund hills.
Skulltaker and the Masque VS FORTIFIED Throgg and a sorceror supported by 100 WoC troops.

Warriors of Chaos 35 (27 map sections + 2 special territories)
High elves 28 (16 sections + 3 specials)
Brets 17 (17 sections, no specials)
Demons of Chaos 16 (7 sections + malko)

Round up
Brettonians gain another banner.

Warriors of chaos banners
1- Two sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror (Theodin the impure)
3- Exalted Hero and a sorceror (Scry'os the Allseeing and Dr Faustmann Faustmann)
4- Two sorcerors of chaos
5- Festus and a sorceror.
6- Wulfrik and an exalted hero.
7- Two exalted heros.

Redben's Demon banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, Herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!
3 Herald of Nurgle and Blue scribes!

Crazydu's High elf banners
1 Korhil and a mage
2 Kirwin Oakheart (noble) and Lady Agferielle (Mage)
3 Caradyn and a mage
4 Lady Alanithea (Mage) Lord Bryllantar (Mage)
5 Secret

DirtyG's bretonnian banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins
2 Damsel, 2 paladins
3 Damsel, 2 paladins
4 Secret

07-03-2010, 14:12

Although this might take a while to do all those battles, the high elves and warriors of chaos seem to be beating on each other pretty hard over the border, good luck in the coming battles everyone! Also I see the Daemons have betrayed you!

07-03-2010, 21:28
Halp, I send in my orders and go away for a week, and come back to not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 battles !?!?!?! :eek:

I am in the process of selling a house 4 hours drive away over the next few weeks so the battles may not happen quickly, but I shall do my best to ensure the forces of good overcome the forces of evil! :D Either that or I will just go completely mad :confused:

17-03-2010, 16:51
and the first battle is fought, not the first time on the ever bloody road!

Kirwin's elf warhost

Lady Agferielle Mage level 2 with Seerstaff of Saphery & Powerstone 185
Kirwin reaver bow, light armour, great weapon, talisman of protection 145

10 Archers 110

12 White Lions with SB (standard of balance) 237
10 Phoenix Guard with SB (sorcery) & Musician 218
5 Dragon Princes with SB (lion standard) & Musician 205

Repeater bolt thrower 100
Great Eagle 50

Wulfrik's Wanderers

Wulfrik 185
Cylops tzeentch exalted hero, barded chaos steed, flail, shield, fury of the blood god 165

24 marauders, shields, l.armour, FC, MoS 174
5 horsemen, l.armour, flails, musician, MoS 91
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30

5 chaos knights, MoK, musician 240
5 chaos knights, MoK, musician 240

Spawn, MoT, 65

24-03-2010, 01:03
Battle for the Old Silk Road part 50

Kirwin was thoughtful as he ran his nimble fingers along the taut string of the new bow he had been presented with earlier that evening. The scouts had appeared from nowhere, as they always did, and suggested he may find it more effective against the chaos forces. He was quite overwhelmed if he was honest, as after the last battle he didn't feel he deserved it, but was pleased to have been given another chance to prove himself, and particularly honoured to be recognised for his bowmanship skill.

They had been moving west since the last defeat, north of the road, with the scouts watching it closely. So crucial to gaining control over the region, he knew it was only a matter of time before they had to try and retake it. And that time was about to come. Reports indicated a smaller, apparently leaderless band of chaos forces currently heading west, but more importantly Lady Agferielle had indicated she believed they were not strong in magic, so the elves would have an advantage.

A frown passed over his brow. He held magic in both awe and distrust. He had seen so much destruction caused in his homelands to feel it could be a positive force. But it could sway the tide for them. From his vantage point on the low tree branch where he sat, he watched the crackling energy spark around Lady Agferielle as she sat cross legged by the campfire, eyes half closed, concentrating hard on some strange ritual. He could sense she was growing in power and just hoped she would be able to control it.

The air around her gleamed with a gold shimmer for a moment, and then was gone. The sparks had also gone, and when she stood up and walked across the glade towards him she once again looked an ordinary elf maiden.

"I am ready" she stated simply as she turned her blue eyes up toward him.

Kirwin nodded, and lightly dropped down from his branch without a sound.

"Let's go then" and slinging the bow onto his back alongside his quiver, he picked up his axe with a look of determination.

--Background by crazydu---

Magic, terrain and deployment
Crazydu picked distilaltion of molten silver, spirit of the forge and rule of burning iron whilst I had no magic at all! Terrain saw us roll up 2 hills and 2 scrubs, fairly boringly.

Deployment saw crazydu put her archers on the hill with an eagle to the left and the whitelions to the right. Her compact battle line was finished off with phoenix guard on the right, screening some dragon princes and a repeater bolt thrower between the two infantry blocks.

I hid one unit of knights behind a hill and the other behind an unit of hounds. More hounds were deployed away from the rest of the army and one unit was deployed far to the right semi-screening an unit of horsemen. My exalted hero goes with the unit of knights deployed behind the war hounds.

Overall deploy- http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/Border%20Princes/T16%20WoC%20V%20HE%2053/T16battlefortheroad003.jpg
Crazydu has the first turn.

Spawny Goyt- Turn 1

C'ylops kept the ravening knights on a tight rein, they hadn't to rush at the hated high elves until Wulfrik had worked his way close enough to the back of the high elf army. C'ylops had foreseen the doom of Kirwin to the hands of a flank marching wulfrik and he was eager for this future to realise itself. As the high elves began to close the distance so too did Wulfrik, eager to take another head for his collection....

High Elves
The phoenix guard (with associated mage) move to allow the mage range to cast some spells and the dragon princes to be abel to maneouvre.

The rest of her army is not unsuprisingly content not to gain ground on the warriors apart from the eagle who flies to get in the way.

Magic sees her gain 2 power dice from the banner of sorcery but thankfully she doesn't have any juicy (read knights) targets and her spells go awry anyways.
Shooting is a bit better and whilst only 1 hound dies, the spawn finds itself reduced to one wound and survives with a scare the attentions of the noble with reaver bow.

Warriors of chaos
The spawn ambles into the eagle who flees

Wulfrik comes on the flank to a cry of despair from crazydu, no doubt mirrored by the elves he approaches them! The marauder horsemen and a unit of hounds speeds along the flank to support them.

On my left flank the other unit of knights speed over the hill and towards the phoenix guard.

Well that was a pretty good first turn, not taken much damage from shooting or magic and Wulfrik has entered play.

It's a kind of magic- Turn 2

High Elves
The eagle fails to rally and lands on the horsemen killing itself. Theres not much movement otherwise.
Magic sees a magic missile kill an unit of war hounds and spirit of the forge cast on my right hand knight unit despite magic resistance and kill the unit. :mad:
Shooting sees 4 marauder horsemen shot to death by arrow and by bolt whilst the spawn luckily saves a wound from the reaver bow.

Warriors of Chaos
The marauder horsemen charges the archers who flee(the marauders would have charged if they'd held) and get away. My exalted hero declares a charge against the phoenix guard who flee. Whatever else can move does so but theres not much else really.

That was a pretty bad turn if I'm honest losing a unit of knights and failing 2 charges (the plan was for the frenzied knights to support the exalted hero)

You'll like it, not a lot but you'll like it- Turn 3

High Elves
The dragon princes charge my exalted hero who I dare not risk running away so he holds. The white lions turn to face Wulfrik and his marauders.

Magic sees a veritable barrage of destruction rain down upon me. Firstly distillation of molten silver does ten hits on my marauders of which eight wounds and none are saved! Secondly rule of burning iron is again cast and does TEN wounds on my knights!

Shooting sees my spawn finally die.
Hand to hand sees no wounds done to my exalted hero and he kills one back losing by one he flees but thankfully gets away.

Warriors of Chaos
Wulfrik and his marauders charge the white lions (with noble) who hold whilst hounds threaten archers and the white lions flank. The last horsemen moves to an inch away from the repeater bolt thrower.
Thankfully my general, the exalted hero rallies though hes awful close to the dragon princes

Combat sees Wulfrik take a wound from Kirwin (the noble) and do 4 back! The marauders take a few casaulties but still (just!) win the combat but the resolute lions hold.

What a truly absymal turn. The magic was devestating and hand to hand has now left wulfrik with a very small unit of marauders facing a pretty much untouched unit of white lions. If either wulfrik had lost combat or my hero failed to rally I'd have called the game there and then.

Here come the dogs- Turn 4

High elves
Dragon princes charge my hero who holds, phoenix guard rally (needing a ten no less)
Magic sees the magic missile dispelled, shooting sees the last horsemen die and a hound get picked off by the archers.
I kill a dragon prince and lose combat by one but hold. Combat sees wulfrik kill a couple but the white lions had already gone into overdrive and killed five marauders.

Warrior of Chaos
It's hound charges ago go as an unit of hounds charge the bolt thrower and the other the repeater bolt thrower.
One unit of hounds mauls one of the crew, who alas holds, and the other lose two to ASF'ing archers :eyebrows: and run away. I kill 2 dragon princes but the last refuses to run away.

Any chance of winning no matter how small had truly evaporated, it was just a matter of going through the motions

Mopping up- Turns 5 and 6

High elves
White lions charge the flank of the hounds, rest of the army looks pretty. Shooting kills the last of the hounds and combat sees one hound left alive to attack the remaining bolt thrower crewman who hits wounds and kills him. Unsuprisingly the last hound scampers off.
I kill the last dragon prince.

Warrior of chaos
Believing that an armour save of 1+, a Magic resistance of two and a 2+ ward save versus spells* would keep me safe my general moved up to be ready to charge something in the last turn.

High elves
Spirit of the forge is cast again and does seven wounds of which I save six. five archers shoot at my exalted hero and whens all said and done one wound is scored. Guess what I rolled for my armour save, goodbye C'ylops!

Massacre (by dint of tabling) to the high elves! Annoyingly when I added up the points I realised if my general had survived unscathed I would have just scraped a solid loss

Post game Musing
Well its pretty clear crazydu deserved the win playing well and building a very good list. She had some pretty good rolls but that didn't change the result of the game, perhaps the margin. I played mediocre at best, poorly at worst. I made some mistakes both tactically and rules wise.

-Wulfrik shouldn't have come on the flanks, it gave him more ground to cover and meant the archers could safely flee away. If he'd come on the rear he'd have been only an inch away from the archers and they'd be surrounded.

-My exalted hero charging the phoenix guard was foolish. I'd just presumed the phoenix guard would hold and then the khorne knights would be able to frenzy into them. It never even crossed my mind that they would flee (which was a tactically sound move) and then the exalted hero would be stranded and my frenzied knights have no target.

-I Forgot to roll for eye of the gods when Wulfrik killed Kirwin

- I got the ward save wrong I thought it was 3+ plus the +1 for being tzeentch instead its just 4+ plus the 1 for a total of 3+, sorry crazydu!

-My general should have hidden on turn 5. I had nothing to gain by moving out and everything to lose, I especially shouldn't/wouldn't have if I'd not thought his ward save was one less. Being massacred is very bad in a campaign when you're far away from your HQ.

-On turn 6 I used my dispell dice to try to dispell the level one metal spell, I should have saved them for spirit of the forge even though I was sucesful.

Losing has made me look at the game more in detail which is good I guess and learning is always good. Congrats to the sneaky elfses and the turn carries on!


Wulfrik regrouped with his Marauders, whilst the army had been scattered and defeated Wulfrik did not care one jot. Another champion of the false gods had been bested and there was always more battles to be found. this world was one big bloodlet for Wulfrik and another battle was never far away

Thanks for reading all!

24-03-2010, 16:30
I also forgot I had a ward save on Kirwin so Selone was not the only forgetful one :D

24-03-2010, 23:01

go girl:)...go girl:)...go girl:)

Love Dirty G ;)

25-03-2010, 20:25
Thank you, was nice for the forces of good to win for a change! :D Although I did get some lucky dice rolls to help me ;)

25-03-2010, 20:29
Spirit of the forge is a truely nasty spell, and given the armies I play I'm always on the pain end of that spell...

03-04-2010, 21:19
Only just got around to reading this, my computer has been ill.

Great victory there crazydu, your army list has improved alot. Combine that with your choice of Lore of Metal, and it's very powerfull against a cavalry heavy army. It keeps your opponent on his toes.
Good selection for your shooting as well, going for fast cav or chaos hounds with archers is the way to go. In hindsight your mage/phoenix guard unit may have been better on the hill so they could shoot over the screening chaos hounds (as well as an extra +1 for combat res)
Very expensive banners, but they're all good. I can see why standard of balance would come in handy against Khorne chaos knights, good thinking.

Thanks selone, it's a very good campaign.

13-04-2010, 21:57
Hello folks and welcome to 2 wrap up reports. You'll see why later ;)

Game One
Throgg's monsterous horde 1450 Vs Skull taker and the Masque's 1250 demonic host in the market town of Aldium

I'd made it known that despite the points advantage I was still a little worried about the matchup. A demonic force can take a lot of fire attacks and if I was too use trolls they could see a quick, firey end. I knew redben would take screamers and horrors. Flamers were down to whether he thought I'd use trolls or revert back to chaos knights. Oh yeah and as well as being able to killing blow Skulltaker does flaming attacks.
I decided to not take trolls but instead ogres and chaos knights (as well as 2 small blocks of marauders) which was a decision that redben had second guessed as he'd dropped the flamers and instead took two units of bloodletters to lay the killing blow smack down as well as fleshounds, screamers, horrors and a small unit of Nurglings.

The game was fairly bloody and it has to be said one sided. Magic was fairly non descript the level 2 sorceror on my side and the 2 horror blocks on his cancelling each other out apart from some screamers dying to a couple of fireballs.
With his horrors ineffective apart from the unit of fleshounds with skull taker he didn't have too much that could hurt my forces. His nurglings were beaten in combat solidly by a unit of marauders (first time they've ever both won a combat and survived the game) and both units of blood letters vanished to demonic instability, one to the hand of Throgg and his ogres and the other to an angry unit of chaos knights who killed his entire front rank.
The afore mentioned fleshounds and skull taker got charged by Khornate knights and after a few turns and despite killing a couple of knights skulltaker eventually succumbed to a horses hoof, his flesh hound retinue having being wiped out fairly early on in the combat.
Whilst the masque managed to peskily do a wound on my general (despite a 0+ save) eventually she fell and when the breath attack from Throgg was reolved the last of the Screamers perished and it was a massacre by dint of tabling to the Warriors!

Game Two
1350 Sorceror and exalted hero versus Two high elf mages

Wary of high elf magic I'd given both my characters magic resistance and I took a dispell scroll. The usual Knights TM were again backed up by a small unit of marauders. Crazydu had a fairly similar list to last time and picked Metal and Beasts on her mages.

A combination of Magic resistance and a first turn dispell scroll enabled my forces to get stuck in fairly quickly (getting first turn helps) with predictable results. Despite some very dogged resistance lasting three combat turns the white lions eventually fell to a unit of chaos knights. The dragon princes got a veritable muellering and the phoenix guard lasted a while but eventually fell to chaos knights.
It has to be noted that my characters were hopeless with the exalted hero amazingly failing to kill a mage in single combat.

Theres not much to say as against crazydu it was just hope enough of my knights survive to reach combat to win. As it is none died to shooting or magic so it wasn't much of a contest. Not sure the novelty value of WoC hasn't worn off a long time ago :)

Thanks for reading all- I figured that two tablings didnt merit a full write up :)

Still to come- The blue scribes attacking a fortified geistmund hills with Korhil trying to fend off hordes of zombies and Festus attacking territory next to the haunted, abandoned tower of Tor Anrok.

13-04-2010, 22:08
Summaries are still nice, and I'm always happy when deamons lose :D

29-04-2010, 19:44
Army lists for the battle next to Tor Anrok, ancient high elf mystical tower. It sees Crazydu with a slight points advantage and the benefits of being next to the ancient high elf watch-tower with all the advantages that brings.

Crazydu mixed it up a little and went for two units of white lions as well as her usual staples. Shadow Warriors made a unwelcome return to her army.

For myself I have went for an army that I've dabbled in but never really went for 100% that of an all infantry horde backed up by chariots and a warshrine. No knights, monsters or warhounds in this list!

High elf Mage-storm

Lord Anlothia, Mage level 2, seerstaff of saphery & powerstone 185
Lord Pyralius, Mage level 2, amulet of fire, dispel scroll 175

12 x archers & musician 137

12 white lions with standard of balance 237
12 white lions 180
5 dragon princes with banner of arcane protection & musician 205
5 shadow warriors 80

1 Repeater bolt thrower 100
1 Great eagle 50


Festus Plague of Buboes

Festus 185
Nurglitch Sorceror, MoN level 1, book of secrets 130

12 Chaos warriors, shields, halberd, musician 210
25 marauders h.weapon, shields, l.armour Mark of slaanesh 170

7 Chosen, halberds, shields, champion- favour of the gods 165
Chariot 120
Chariot 120

Warshrine, MoT 150


Story and battle report to come.

29-04-2010, 19:47
My vote is for a minor win for high elves.

Desert Rain
02-05-2010, 21:16
A win for the High Elves I hope, go Crazydu!

08-05-2010, 06:27
great report

Go Chaos!

11-05-2010, 23:16
From the ancient tower of Tor Anrok, Lord Anlothia had been watching the dust cloud grow ever nearer from the crossroads. With his keen eyes and a little helpful magic he could see they were largely on foot, so he expected them to head into the forest. With a force of Korhil's best white lions, and shadow warriors, well used to ambushing troops he should have a useful advantage as they headed out to meet them.

A loud explosion from just inside the tower reminded him he was not alone. A tall skinny slightly singed figure emerged with a look of glee on his face.
'We should set off soon' exclaimed Lord Pyralius. Trying hard to restrain his exasperation at his fellow mages dishevelled appearance, Lord Anlothia nodded, and pulled his dark blue hood over his golden hair, and headed for the winding staircase to meet the gathering darkness.

Terrain, spells and Deployment

Two lots of scrubs, a hill and a hill were rolled up with crazydu unsuprisingly taking the side with the hill.

I rolled up Buboes x2 with dark hand of death on Nurglitch and curse of the leper on Festus
Vrazydu got Curse of Drain magic, Curse of arrow attraction, fury of khaine, flame of the phoenix on Lord Anlothia and fireball and fieryblast on Lord Pyralius.

Deployment without hounds saw me having to plon my untis down first with the chosen (who had rolled up +1 armour save for a cool 2+ armour save against shooting form the middle of my battle line. To each side was an infantry unit and to the side of that a chariot for a fairly standard battle line.
Crazydu chose to plonk down her shooting on the hill with a unit of white lions to each side and stick her dragon princes to her far right.

My plan was simply to get stuck in with my 3 infantry units and have the chariots hit the flanks.

Apologies for the comedy doom diver which is a proxy for a war altar. Her shadow warriors scouted into the scrub just to the left of my leftmost chariot.

Turns 1-6 to follow later

12-05-2010, 14:31
Hello everyone and welcome to the last battle report of turn 16 which sees the high elves (Thanks to the mystical advantages of Tor Anrok) get the first turn.

The fires of heaven-Turn 1

High elf
There is some shuffling of the elven line to get mages into range whilst the shadow warriors move out of the woods behinmd the chaos line. A great eagle flaps to in front of the chaos line.

Not fancying her chances against the supernaturaly armoured chosen (even with firey doom to counter Festus influence) the high elf force directed their magic against the large marauder block. A fireball killed a single marauder, whilst curse of arrow attraction was dispelled. A sneaky power stone saw flames of the phoenix cast succesfully on the marauders seeing 10 wounds and after saves 7 die. It being a remain in play spell I had to look forward to more of the same next high elf magic phase!

Keen high elf archers added their bows to the fiery carnage and killed another three marauders.


Warriors of Chaos
My right most chariot charged the eagle which fleed whilst the rest of my army moved up.

Magic saw a single dark hand o fthe death cast and do 2 wounds on the eagle. The chosen gained Magic Resistance 3 from the war shrine.

Well 11 marauders dead and a remain in play spell on them probably marks their end of them as viable combat unit but at least its just marauders.

Catch the Pidgeon- Turn 2

High elf
Not much movement though the eagle rallies

Magic is mostly dispelled though a a fury of khaine gets cast and kills another 2 marauders. Seeing the marauders down to half strength crazydu wisely chooses to direct her shooting at the chaos warriors, when alls said and done four chaos warriors die- two to the fearsome repeater bolt thrower and amazingly two to the shadow warriors.

Warriors of Chaos
As last turn one unit charges the eagle to see it flap off with it this time being the marauders left short. The rest of my army moves up trying to get an envelop on the high elves.

I had to use some dice to dispell the remain in play spell so I only managed to cast one spell, a dark hand of death on the repeater bolt thrower which somewhat luckily killed both crew. I chose to keep the MR3 on the chosen.

Having last quite a few casualties to the repeater bolt thrower I was very happy to see it taken out of action.

It had to happen eventually- Turn Three

High Elf
Teh eagle having had enough of being charged flaps off the battlefield whilst meanwhilst most of the high elf army inches back except for the archers.

Crazydu in her many games has never miscast yet but this game was to see her first allowing me to cast curse of the lepers on the white lions drawing out her dispell scroll. This rather diminished her magic phase and I was able to dispell her magic.

Shooting saw a chaos warrior falling to shadow warrior fire and 2 more marauders to archer fire.

Warriors of Chaos
With no eagle about there was no charges just a full, unfettered marching infantry horde backed up by trundling chariots

Magic sees a couple of spells dispelled helped by a somewhat suprising magic resistance on the dragon princes. However a single buboes gets cast on a high elf mage reducing him to half wounds. The chosen swopped their magic resistance three for +1 strength.


Finally a miscast, yey :) Though it didn't really hurt her other than diminishing her magic.

Make or break- Turn 4

High elf
In a move which suprised me, though maybe it shouldn't, both the dragon princes and white lions charge the chosen. That was the most of the movement!

Magic sees a fiery blast do wound on a chariot and curse of attraction cast sucesfully on the chaos warriors. Despite that the chaos warriors emerge unscathed from the shadow warriors though 2 marauders aren't so lucky.

Onto combat- I chose to go for hand weapon and shield for a 1+ armour save to help with the lances and axes! Whilst crazydu scored quite a few hits the 1+ armour save combined with 5+ regenerate saw myself only lose 1 chosen. And that meant a lot of WS6 S5 attacks back and this is what happened-

6 dead white lions and 2 dragon princes

Losing combat by four unluckily both high elf units fled, they got away but with my turn next that was scant consolidation.

Warriors of Chaos
Chosen charge dragon princes and run them off whilst my war altar and marauders charge the archers.

With both mages out of sight/range/in combat we go to combat where despite cutting down a fair few archers they hold on a 3!

The chosen combat was huge with a combination of very good armour saves and regenerate seeing them through to be able to unleash their fury on the hapless elves.

Chariots of fire- Turn 5

High elf
The diminished unit of white lions unluckily run off whilst the other unit charge into the marauder/archers/war altar fight.

Onto combat and after combats resolved the marauders are reduced to 6 marauders and sorceror and run off though the altar holds, the archers down to 2 elves run after the marauders but don't catch them.

Warriors of chaos
My right hand chariot charges into the white lions expecting to smash them up. Of course impact hits kills just one white lion and the chaos warriors do another after the white lions put a wound on the chariot. The chariot holds.


It had taken me until the fifth turn to get a chariot into combat and boy what a let down.

Fencing -Turn 6

High elf
War altar takes a wound and is broken whilst chariot holds again after killing a white lion.

Warriors of chaos
Marauders can just attempt to rally (are on 7 models including character) and do so as does war altar.
Magic kills the 2 archers and combat sees the chariot destroyed by white lion axe blades.


*Just* a massacre to Warriors of Chaos. I think the result flattered me as there was many ifs, buts and maybes. Killing one more marauder would have gained crazydu VP's for a full unit rather than half and the sorceror (some 250ish Vp's) Killing one more chaos warrior would have gained crazydu 100ish Vp's for a half strength unit. She was a little unlucky to fail both break tests and fail to rally the white lions - as well as great eagle.

I don't think she did anything wrong but her magic wasn't as effective as the points outlay probably warranted and I'd probably have charged the dragon princes at the unit of 7 chaos warriors to at least gain half points and likely full points.

I was lucky I didn't get march blocked more as it was I only got into combat on turn 4 and that was without being march blocked. Movement Four Infantry heavy armeis are well, inflexible.

Thanks for reading all!

End of Turn 16 map


Please note that crazydu still has a banner in the Geistmund hills and not map section 20. Banners with diagonal lines in hold banners (armies)

12-05-2010, 21:54
Nice report selone. Those chosen were brilliant.

I think i know why your chariot was so poor. If you look on your photo, the guy has fallen out the back. :)

Desert Rain
12-05-2010, 22:03
Nice report, to bad the High Elves didn't win :D

12-05-2010, 22:36
Chosen with a 1+ save in CC? And an extra attack? Ouch. At least they weren't marked khorne.....

13-05-2010, 15:06
Yeah the chosen were pretty beastly with 1+ armour save and either 3 S4 attacks or 2 S5 (not forgetting regenerate) and nuada you may be right :D

Next turns orders are in and the long awaited clash of Crazydu's high elves and DirtyG's bretonnians finally happens. Elsewhere the forces of two exalted heros managed to cross the river to fight DirtyG in section 87 and Marfan and T'sleen'Tsi face off against korhil and a mage. Redben's demons managed to force the bretonnians back into a battle at 57 however the northern force does less well and gets stuck in the mountains.

1450 of High elves (caradyn and a mage) versus 1250 of bretonnians (damsel, 2 paladins) near Tor Anrok at map 50 High elf massacre win
1250 of Skull taker and the masque versus 1350 of bretonnians banner in 57 on the lower road
1250 Double exalted hero versus 1250 damsel and 2 paladins at 87 on the river bank
1250 two sorcerors of chaos VS 1250 korhil and a mage at the haunted Geistmund hills

Warriors of Chaos 36 (28 map sections + 2 special territories)
High elves 29 (17 sections + 3 specials)
Demons of Chaos 17 (8 sections + malko)
Bretonnians 15 (15 sections, no specials)

Round up

Warriors of chaos banners
1- Two sorcerors of chaos (T'sleen'sti and Marfan)
2- Throgg and a sorceror (Theodin the impure)
3- Exalted Hero and a sorceror (Scry'os the Allseeing and Dr Faustmann Faustmann)
4- Two sorcerors of chaos
5- Festus and Nurglitch (sorceror)
6- Wulfrik and an exalted hero.
7- Two exalted heros.

Redben's Demon banners
1 Herald of tzeentch, Herald of Nurgle
2 Skulltaker and the Masque!
3 Herald of Nurgle and Blue scribes!

Crazydu's High elf banners
1 Korhil and a mage
2 Kirwin Oakheart (Noble) and Lady Agferielle (Mage)
3 Caradrayan and a mage
4 Lady Alanithea (Mage) Lord Bryllantar (Mage)
5 Secret

DirtyG's bretonnian banner's
1 Damsel, 2 paladins
2 Damsel, 2 paladins
3 Damsel, 2 paladins
4 Secret

13-05-2010, 21:45
Come on Bretonnians! :D

15-05-2010, 21:35
Updated my last post with state of play. Today saw an early morning clash between DirtyG's bretonnians and Crazydu's high elves. Now Crazydu had a 200 pt disadvantage and was fighting next to Tor Anrok which normally gives a big advantage in that alllows the owner to choose whether to go first and what side if the table to pick.

However Bretonnians that pray always conceded turn choice and as the forces of Bretonnia know the Border princes so well they get to pick the side of the table anyways. So basically Tor Anrok makes no difference at all to this battle!

Still a 200 point disadvantage is a lot for DirtyG to overcome, but DirtyG is at his best when discounted and he's pulled off upsets before, can he do it again?

Caradyn's elves of the wood

Caradryan 175
Mage, level 2 with seerstaff 165

15 spearmen with war banner & musician 170

10 white lions with champion+gem of courage 172
10 white lions with banner of sorcery 212
5 shadow warriors 80
5 shadow warriors 80
5 dragon princes with banner or ellyrion & musician 195

2 repeater bolt throwers 200


Quite a nice themed army list from Crazydu built around an army that can maneuver well in the woods (every one of her five special choices can move through woods unhindered). She wanted an army that could fight well in the woods as the map section itself is forested and went for themed choices.
Out went the eagle and in came another bolt thrower (she reasoned shadow warriors could fulfill the getting in the way task instead)

Pleasingly crazydu went for a ranked up unit of infantry in the shape of 15 spearmen with war banner for a +4 scr basic.

Sir Bryan de Gale (maurices cousin)'s knightly warriors

Sir Bryan de Gale. Paladin, grail vow, grail shield, lance, royal pegasus, virtue of discipline. 185
Paladin. BSB, virtue of noble disdain, enchanted shield, barded warhorse 104
Damsel. 2x dispell scrolls, barded warhorse 134

12 archers, skirmish 84
10 archers 60
9 errant knights, FC- errantry banner 221
8 knights of the realm FC 216 pts
5 Grail knights, musician, standard- war banner 245 pts


Fairly standard for DirtyG though hes dropped the pegasus knights in order to get the pegasus riding general, this time with a sneaky grail shield and virtue of can't be outnumbered. He's got 3 solid combat units on the field and his general is no slouch either. He fields 12 skirmishing bowmen for the annoyance factor and protect a flank with 10 ranked bowmen to hold a table quarter no doubt.

So who do you think won, can DirtyG pull off an upset against Crazydus compact infantry unit's and crush them with multiple lances or will he whittled down by bolts and magic and picked off piecemeal?

Minor spoiler
I was very tired watching this game which didn't detract from the fact that it was a corking game with many twist and turns until a grand stand finish.

25-05-2010, 13:56
Hello folks and welcome to the clash of the two former allies the High elves and Bretonnians. This battle report was written mainly by crazydu (high elf player) with comments from Dirtyg (bretonnian player) and finishing touches by yours truly. Crazydu's thoughts are in blue, DirtyG's in red. Please let me know what you think fo the style and format of this battle report.

After the previous defeat in the woods surrounding Tor Anrok, the elves were concerned for the protection of the tower and more white lions and shadow warriors were despatched into the wood. They were surprised however to find the forces of chaos gone seemingly chased off by another army, and still angered by their previous defeat, they were not taking any chances...

For spells Crazydu picked the beast cowers, the bears anger and the hunters spear.

Not winning the side with the hill meant I had to think a bit more and I really was not sure what to do. In the end I spread the 2 bolt throwers out, since I knew my opponent usually went for them so it would take longer to get to both, and clustered everything else around the wood. One unit of white lions was out in front, with the mage in so they could shuffle forward and get some magic off hopefully first turn, everything else held back. I completely forgot that the reason I took the shadow warriors was to march block, but the position of the enemy forces were such that I did not seem to have many choices, so I put them behind the boulders and stone ruin, thinking I could at least shoot his archers.


My advantage in deployment allowed me to grab the hill, this was great for two reasons, one it’s always good to have archers on a hill and two it means the elves would have line of sight issues (what I expected would be archers and a bolt thrower). Everything else was kept to the middle to face off against the enemy, I was a little surprised when no eagle was placed but instead a second bolt thrower and a unit of spearmen not archers…but then I suppose with 2+ armour save archers you could see why crazydu dropped the archers


Overall deployment

Bretonnians pray and HE chooses to go first.

Turn 1 HE
The white lions with the mage shuffle forwards a little into casting range for the mage. The other white lions run forwards into the wood. The spearmen and dragon princes shuffle forwards a little, waiting to see where the knights will strike first. The shadow warriors behind the ruin don't move, much to my mistake as it turns out they are not in range to shoot. The others lurk in the boulders completely forgetting what they are supposed to be doing. Magic draws out a dispel scroll against the Hunters Spear, but Beast Cowers is successfully cast on the Knights Errant graphic. Both bolt thrower crews seem to be shooting blanks, and although both hit with a single shot each, they both fail to wound even the front rank.

Crazydu's reaction to the double one roll

Turn 1 Bretonnians
The Grail knights and KOTR surge forward, the general on his pegasus tagging along next to the grail knights. Attempts at magic are dispelled, but the archers have been practicing and kill a white lion and a shadow warrior – First Blood!


Turn 2 HE
The mage looks at the knights thundering towards them and decides to go and hide in the woods with the other white lions. Everything else doesn't do much. The shadow warriors are still being useless, although they at least all managed to get into range to shoot something. The mage is obviously put off by the trees and fails to cast the Hunters Spear, and Beast Cowers is dispelled. The bolt throwers are getting a bit better, wounding this time but both are saved by pesky ward saves.

At this point I start to get a bit depressed, as my aim is always to do some damage by magic and shooting before getting into combat, and so far have not caused any!

Turn 2 Bretonnians
KOTR charge the white lions, passing the fear test caused by Caradryan.

The general on his pegasus approaches the bolt thrower in the corner a bit tentatively, remembering previous encounters (it's an in-joke that we always seem to knock the general off his pegasus).

Magic is failed to cast, and shooting does nothing this time. In combat there is a challenge Caradryan takes one wound but the unit champions makes his saves. 1 KOTR dies, the BSB suffers a wound, and 3 white lions are chopped down. High elves lose combat.

Since my Achilles heel is making rolls based on leadership I use the gem of courage and pass the test to remain thanks to the white lions being stubborn.

With the Knight Errant’s being grounded by Magic last turn they are a turn behind and not where I needed then to be, all I could think to do here was to give all the HE units targets and make them choose which to engage.

Turn 3 HE
The white lions & mage in the wood charge the flank of the KOTR this turn! Also the dragon princes charged the Grail knights (better to charge than be charged!).

The shadow warriors having had no luck shooting try and make a mad dash towards the archers. The only successful magic spell cast is scrolled. The bolt throwers finally find their form and one takes out 3 errants, penetrating all 3 ranks; the other take the pegasus down to 1 wound. In combat the few wounds that the white lions and Caradryan do is saved, amazingly the white lions lose combat and Caradryan's unit even runs away, luckily they can't be followed since the Knights are stuck in combat with the other white lions!

The dragon princes are more successful and unmercifully do 3 wounds on the damsel killing her (to much grumblings about un-chivalrous behaviour and it being a good job he used the dispel scroll this turn!), one grail knight, and one dragon prince die also. Bretonnians lose the combat but hold on a fantastic four.

Turn 3 Bretts
The Knight Errants charge the flank of the white lions that came out of the wood

The general on his pegasus decides against charging the bolt thrower and charges the dragon princes in the flank. In shooting the dead eye Bretonnian archers see the shadow warriors coming and edge away a little, but still manage to shoot a couple down. In combat the dragon princes kill another grail knight in combat, while the general does nothing- the Dragon princes hold. Meanwhile the white lions fail to hit, one even dies, and the mage also takes a wound, losing combat the white lions fail stubborn, flee and are chased down by the Knight Errants.

Things are looking good, 200 points down but I still have the army on the ropes, all I needed now was the KOTR to survive and the Errants could go nail the Dragon Princes

Turn 4 HE
The spearmen charge the KOTR in the flank to try and help out, while Caradryan and his 2 remaining white lions rallied.

The bolt throwers needing a new target kill 6 archers on the hill but they don't panic. The dragon princes kill the pegasus (success!) and a grail knight, win combat, but both bretonnian units hold their ground. The spearmen fail to make any impact on the KOTR and a horse may have killed one spearman. They win the combat through combat static combat res though however the knights hold.

Turn 4 Bretts
Stuff that can, moves. All shooting misses and all combats are stalemates with no wounds caused at all, anywhere! everyone holds presumably too bored to move.

A turn best forgotten, not a lot happens although I’m still in a strong position, I regret now not taking out the bolt throwers.

Selone's notes
This was a truly non-event turn with literally no casualties despite two big combats and two units of archers able to fire. The dragon princes and grail knights just could not penetrate each others thick amour. Because time was getting on turn 5 was to be the last turn.

Turn 5 HE
Caradryan and 2 white remaining lions charge the KOTR. The shadow warriors retreated back to cover. One bolt thrower rips into the archers on the hill again and a solitary archer remained, although the pub beckoned for him as he fled the battlefield running but alive. Dragon princes lose combat but they hold. In combat Caradryan misses all his attacks, The BSB saves against white lions. Spearmen do 3 wounds, knights fail 2+ armour saves and their ward saves. Knights lose combat which leads too…

…One of the greatest game changing dice rolls…EVER… the Knights flee despite their BSB reroll, they run into the woods (rolled 4 on 3D6!), and are chased down by Caradryan and 2 white lions. This has the additional effect of causing the Knights Errants to panic and they also flee across the table behind the grail knights.


Turn 5 Bretts
Knights errants fail to rally and DIRTYG concedes the game!

Arrrgghhhh! 3 guys manage to chase down about 6 horses and riders!!!! NO WAY!!

HE Massacre Victory over the Bretonnians

Post game thoughts

In conclusion, I think I did pretty well considering the point disadvantage, luck was certainly not with me (failing 2+ armour saves a few times). I think should have gone after the bolt throwers with my general instead of helping the grail knights. A key factor was the beast cowers on turn 1; hurt me more than I anticipated, hindsight eh?…

Selones thoughts
Wow what a roller coaster game. When crazydu managed to hold the KoTR charge I thought she'd honestly won there and there. The other unit of white lions would hit the realm knights in the flank kill a few and run them off/down. Her dragon princes would charge the Grail knights who can't flee beat them handily and run them off/down. Then DirtyG would have his knights errants versus pretty much an untouched HE army.

Then when DirtyG held both the charges from the dragon princes and white lions and had his own 2 charges I thought he'd won. Crazydu just had a unit of spearmen and dragon princes, really. The spearmen however were golden pretty much single handedly winning the game due to their warbanner. Great game!

I have to publically apologise DirtyG for egging crazydu on to charge the knights of the realm with Caradyan and the remaining two white lions. Crazydu was unsure but I wanted to see blood!

KOTR= Knights of the realm
BSB= Battle standard bearer
CR= combat resolution
HE= high elf

26-05-2010, 22:30
Was a good game, if only I can beat the WoC in the Geistmund hills :evilgrin: (hopefully to be played next week).

27-05-2010, 11:48
Really cool report I liked the format with opposing commentary. One tip would be to describe the terrain of the battlefield first. The initial comments had less import for the reader becasue they were talking about the topography of the battlefiled and what side they wanted for the battle and deployment-but the reader was left to their own devices to picture the scene about to unfold in the batrep...of course one could just scroll to the jpeg and see...so not really a prob

27-05-2010, 17:47
Seemed like some unusual rolling in that game. Bolt Throwers not doing much for 2 turns, knights only fleeing 4". (not that i can talk, most of my rolls are double 6's and double 1's) Looked good though :)

a solitary archer remained, although the pub beckoned for him as he fled the battlefield
This guy gets the "move of the battle" award, cheapest round in history.

EDIT; i forgot to say, i like the commentary and thoughts of the players in addition to your descriptions. It brings the report alive. All we need now is actual pictures rather than links on the screen. ;)

30-05-2010, 16:22
great format, and an exciting game, turn arounds like that really makes games memorable

31-05-2010, 09:04
Really awesome game! Thanks for the report! :D

Also, was a lot of fun to see Crazydus reaction, priceless :D

31-05-2010, 18:22
Great game to see. Seemed to be a wonderful collection of things failing to do what they're supposed to, and other units pulling of random miracles. It's always an amusing time when everything goes wrong for EVERYONE

31-05-2010, 18:54
I like the new format :)

Games like that are always fun. You just throw probability out the window and hold on to your seat.

31-05-2010, 23:10
Thanks a lot for the comments, will see if we can repeat the format in the future. For now army lists for the clash between 1250 of the warriors of chaos led by 2 Warriors of Chaos and 1250 Bretonnians led by a questing paladin.

1250 True Warriors of chaos

Exalted Hero, BSB, mark of tzeentch, disc, enchanted shield, talisman of protection, sword of might 205
Exalted Hero, mark of tzeentch, disc, halberd, armour of morseliebb 179

5 Hounds 30
5 hounds 30
5 horsemen, musician 71
25 marauders, shields, hand weapons, FC, MOS 180
12 chaos warriors, shields, musician, standard bearer- rapturous standard 220
12 chaos warriors, shields, musician standard bearer- warbanner 225


2 x spawn 110

I went for a very heavy core build with two very solid warrior blocks able to take solid charges and the marauder block with its heavy SCR. Two disc riding heros gave my army very desperately needed mobile hitting power. The hounds and cheap cav were there really for distraction.

Bretonnians of the Quest

Paladin questing vow, sword of the qeust, shield, barded warhorse 134
Paladin Virtue of the duty, valorous standard, bared warhorse 154
Damsel, level 2 barded warhorse, prayer icon of quenneles 144

11 archers 66
11 archers 66
8 errant knights, FC, errantry banner 201
8 KOTR. FC- warbanner 241

5 mounted yeoman 75
5 questing knights, FC 167

DirtyG went for a level 2 Damsel with suprisingly magical superiority. He'd sneakily given his general an ignore armour save magic weapon.

Will the questing knights do the job on the warriors or will the marauders see of the errants?

Minor spoiler highlight to read
The game is short and comes to an apocalyptic end with lots of combat and casualties and no magic.

01-06-2010, 11:47
sounds good =D
Also, thanks for doing the spoiler so that people on mac can read it too, the highlight is bright blue so it is hard to read the white text when it is highlited that way

08-06-2010, 02:53
Sadly no double perspective on this BR though normal servcie resumed next game unfortunately no photo with the terrain and no armies but that should happen next game as well :) Dirty G has a few proxies- the unit of 5 unpainted knights are mounted yeomens and the unit of knights to his elft with the general in are questign knights. I have one proxy- the chosen are pretendign to eb chaos warriors (how extravagant am I)So many excuses!

Notes and pictures by Pullitzer prize winning crazydu

Pre game stuff
Terrain - River with a ford/bridge; hill; scrub and boulders
Magic- Bretts - The Bears Anger & The Wolf Hunts, WoC - no magic :O

Brettonians chose the side with the river plus the boulders and had to deploy first

Deployment order:
B: Archers in boulders
C: Hounds opposite
B: Archers by river
C: Spawn opposite
B: KOTR in the middle
C: Hounds in middle opposite KOTR
B: Errants next to KOTR
C: Marauder horsement behind scrub
B: Questing knights next to boulders
C: Another spawn next to horsemen
B: Mounted yeomen (see picture)
C: Marauders on foot big block between hounds and horsemen
B: Characters - 1 in each unit (I think) Damsel with questing knights and BSB with KOTR anyway!
C: Chaos warriors between hounds and middle spawn
C: Chaos warriors (unit 2) behind spawn
C: 2 heroes on discs

B- Bretonnians C= Warriors of Chaos

My Warriors of Chaos Deployment

I was pretty happy with my deployment, isolating the questing knights off against the chaos warriors with war banner, though my chaos warrors were a little out of the way. Still with me able to drop chaff as you can see by the deployment order I had what I wanted.

Overall deployment

Bretts pray but are given the first turn much to their surprise!

Are you sure you want to give us the initiative-Turn 1

Everything shuffles forward ever so slightly
Shooting and magic is devastating in its ineffectiveness doing precisely nothing except for an eagle eyed yeoman downing a marauder

Warriors of Chaos
I charge figuratively not literally towards the bretonnians to try to get to grips with the hated knights.My spawns however are less than co-operative going 3 and 6 inches respectively. BSB moves to middle whilst the general goes to the left hand side
No magic shooting or combat!

very very uneventful turn one but thats to be expected given the armies

Decisions, decisions- turn 2

DirtyG has plenty of decision's- is he in range, should he charge, and with what?

Questing knights declare a charge on the right most chaos warriors- it's really, really touch and go whether hes in range or not, erring on the side of caution I flee. As it is they were 16.5 inches away...
How did those beastmen get in?

KOTR and errants charge hounds who flee 17 inches

Magic wolf hunts is actually succesfully cast and quest knights magically move towards fleeing chaos warriors.
Shooting sees a couple of arrows bounce off the chaos general however a single hound and marauder aren't so lucky and fall.

I declare a couple of optimistic charges- marauders who charge fast cav who flee and my left most chaos warriors charge DirtyG's KOTR who hold. Alas I was just out of range.
My general shuffles up next to KOTR whilst my BSB hides behind marauders and spawn

I made a few half inch judgment errors- running the chaos warriors on the right away and just being out of range with the chaos warriors on the left, Bewcause of this I'm going to get double charged, ouch.

Charge of the light brigade- Turn 3

Dirty G declares three charges- Questing knights charge chaos warriors who hold and was expected and KOTR and Errants both charge marauders who hold which took me completely by suprise.

The mounted Yeomen rally and runs towards boulders, shooting wise the 'river' archers score several hits on the spawn and do a wound and the 'boulder' archers shoot at dancing dervish dogs of doom and kill 3, mounted yeomen add their bows and shoot the remaining one, who is pesky and refuses to die or run away

Combat: Questing knights vs chaos warriors - His general fails to do a single wound, it didn't seem that big to me but then I didn't know he ignored armour saves! The questing knights do better and do three wounds but I save all three; warriors do 5 wounds back resulting in 2 dead knights & the champion (failed ward save). Knights lose combat by five and run away 10inches, Chaos warriors speed after them yet don't quite catch up (but almost!).

Many knights vs Marauders - Horses kill 2, Knights kill 3, Marauder champion attacks knights errant to no avail. Knights win combat by a shed load and run after fleeing marauders, successfully killing them. The Errants run into the BSB who was lurking behind.

Thankfully the nearby chaos warriors don't panic.

Remarking a "well I might as well though you'd have to roll terribly not to get away" my right most chaos warriors charge the questing knights, who roll a one, a one and a two on their three dice and are slain horribly.

My general and hounds charge the errants whilst on the right flank the Marauder horsemen charge the boulder archers. Spawn moves into errants, other spawn ambles towards river archers and the remaining pesky, lonely hound wheels towards fast cav

Combat: BSB declares a challenge and kills the champion.The general kills 2 knights. 1 knight attacks the hounds but fails to wound. 2 knights attack the spawn and cause 1 wound. 5 hounds attack and pleasingly kill a knight.
Spawn attacks back but kills nothing. Knights lose combat but only run away 5 inches and are killed in pursuit.
After attacks

The marauder horsemen kill a single archer, the archers lose combat and are caught and killed in the pursuit.

What a difference a turn makes ehy, on first thought I was very unhappy his KE pursued into my BSB but as it was it cost the young knights their lives

Throwing in the towel-turn 4

Dirty G seeing his army shattered conceded the game!

Massacre win the forces of chaos!

Well it was a short and action packed game. I'm pleased with how the chaos warrors did but in the end my general and BSB probably won the game for me. it's very easy for a Bretonnian player to isolate my infantry units and if the questing knights had have broke my right most chaos warriors he'd have performed a fairly text book piecemeal destruction of my army as it was the right most chaos warriors saw his knights off, but who knows next time :)

Thanks for reading all- sorry about the lack of story and briefness, I'm working funny shifts at this time :-) Next up Skulltaker versus a paladin!

WoC- Warriors of chaos
KoTR- Knights of the realm
KE, Errants= Knight errants
BSB- Battle standard bearer

08-06-2010, 10:10
cool beans, and nice work of those warriors :)

Sideros Peltarion
08-06-2010, 11:05
Good to see another Chaos victory! Well done Selone;)
Even without the two sides reporting your own reports are clear and good so don't worry about missing out on it this time

08-06-2010, 12:55
Nice battles, the Bretonnian BSB had a banner which he couldn't have used (Knight's unit only, check the FAQ for a second confirmation).

08-06-2010, 19:43
Nice quick-game Sel a stong victory for the forces of chaos. Looking forward to the next one.

10-06-2010, 01:08
Thanks for the comments folks- its appreciated and good catch on the BSB's banner.

Army lists for the battle of the south gold road- thoughts on our army construction to come soon, shockingly I was using the demons as redben has been very busy!

Skull takers 1250 Demonic Host

Skull taker, juggernaut 200
Masque 90 pts

12 daemonettes, standard-banner of ecstasy 181
18 blood letters, standard-icon of endless war 253

5 flesh hounds 175
5 flesh hounds 175

5 flamers 175

Brettonian 1350 Crusade of the Fearless

Paladin, grail vow, sword of heroes, dragons claw 148
Paladin BSB, virtue of duty, enchanted shield 114
Damsel, level 2, dispell scroll 144

13 archers, skirmishers 91
5 Knights of the realm 120
8 Knights errant, champion, standard bearer 194
9 Knights errant, FC- errantry banner 221

5 mounted yoemen, musician 72

5 Grail knights, standard bearer-warbanner 235

FC= full command

10-06-2010, 15:03
My guess: Victory for the deamons.

Flesh hound = bad news, and fears tests modified by the Masque to charge mean even more trouble.

-at least the grail knights shot down by flamers
-at least two failed fear tests to charge
-solid or massacre win for deamons

18-06-2010, 02:54
Heya folks sorry for the delay and the lack of battle report between work and the world cup I've not had much time for a battle report. As it is I've decided not to write up the demon Vs brett battle as a battle report!

With my limited time I don't think I could do it a justice and if I'm honest despite DirtyG playing well and toning his army list he was beaten not by myself but by the demon army book.

He didn't fail a single fear test to charge (as most of his army didn't take them on the charge), didn't make a mistake and had cleverly set up his general to fight skull taker (and his general was immune to skull takers flaming attacks). Despite this and despite each knight errant unit killing a flesh hound unit he still suffered a solid loss. The daemonettes held up his double combined charge and then the demons poured in with the masques outrageous abilities not only lowering the Grail knights LD for their break test, but with her 20" any direction charge she ran down another unit and then lowered the move of the errants.

Of all my wins this ranked amongst the least satisfying as I beat someone who had actually prepared his army list and tactics, even trawling web sites for advice and I beat him with 60 mins thinking about and making the list and no time reading tactics. I messed up a charge (flesh hounds just missed knights errants) and still won. I actually apologised to DirtyG after the game.

You can make the game have some benefit by answering a question though :)

Can a unit who has no enemies in base to base contact by the time it gets to attack still pursue?

Anyways the battle of the Geistmund hills featuring special scenario rules and special terrain deployment will definitely be reported, stay tuned :D

18-06-2010, 10:53
You can make the game have some benefit by answering a question though :)

Can a unit who has no enemies in base to base contact by the time it gets to attack still pursue?

Im inclined to say yes. Too bad you felt dirty after the game, skulltaker and the masque in one list? yikes!

21-06-2010, 23:57
The last game of the turn a battle for the haunted geistmund hills has taken place and what a cracker it is. The battle uses special terrain set up - 4 times barrows one in each table quarter (we used hills) and a appropriate 'spooky/haunted) terrain piece in the middle (we used swamps)


I'm quite happy with the terrain and we appear to have most of the basic terrain in good supply too. Crazydu purchased a citadel battle mat which we stuck over the chip board we purchased from a leading home improvent store :D

The idea behind the battlefield is that the Geistmund hills have many barrows built in them which were guarded by protective wards which have fallen into disrepair or in some sinister circumstances been deliberately tampered with. The actual scenario is from the Generals compendium and there's a possibilities of foul creatures arising from their sleep and seeking vengeance on the living. In our campaign Gobblit (the Night goblin shaman from my orc thread) has done a bit of tamperin' aided by the few drunken remnants of his trusty gobbo' s. Hence on a roll of a 1-2 the zombies are actually night gobbos who are just very, very drunk on Fungus beer (who'd blame them being in the Geistmund hills) and thus fight as zombies.

The barrows
At the start of each turn roll a d6 on a 4+ the undead have come to life and left their resting places. Note that the undead will not come to life in 2 consecutive turns. Roll a d6 to see what wakes up....

1-2 A unit of 2d6 +2 goblin zombies emerges from one randomly determined burial mound
3-4 A unit of 2d6 skeletons emerges from one randomly determined burial mound
5 A unit of d3 +4 barrow ghouls emerges from the center terrain piece
6 ERUPTION OF THE DEAD A unit of 2d3 +3 Barrow skeletons emerges from one randomly determined burrial mound, a unit of 2d3 +4 goblin zombies emerges from the opposite terrain piece and finally a unit of d3+4 ghouls Barrow ghouls emerges from the centre terrain piece

The 'undead' move in both players compulsory movement phases towards the closest enemy and will charge when able.

Army lists (and reasoning behind) and background tomorrow, followed by Battle report :)

22-06-2010, 07:33
Looks very interesting :D

25-06-2010, 13:19
Imagine the scene-

Korhil and his mage escort are busy trying to refortify the hills as quickly as possible. The mage is alerted to dangerous, forbidden manipulation of the winds of magic as the chaos sorcerors begin to work their unholy magics. Knowing that given enough time the two sorcerors will manage to break many, many wards and unelash a horde of the undead on the border princes Koprhil is advised he needs to strike quickly. As ever wise Korhil listens to his counsel and sounds the attack!

Army lists and rationale

NB we knew what each others heros would have and knew the terrain before selecting army lists.

Korhil's Battle force

Korhil 140
Mage, level 1 with sigil of asuryan & talisman of protection 150

10 archers 110

12 white lions with sb (standard of balance), musician & champion 255
10 phoenix guard with sb (war banner), musician & champion 200
5 dragon princes with sb (banner of ellyrion) & musician 195

2 repeater bolt throwers 200

With your magic dominance I decided to be defensive magic-wise (not tried it yet) with a level 1 mage.
With Korhil as my general I had to have a unit of white lions in there, and them with standard of balance has been working well for me so far.
Due to addition of more fear causing stuff in the battle being in Geistmund Hills I thought my other main unit should be phoenix guard. I gave them the +1 combat res banner in the help that it might help a little in stopping them running away, and wondered also if it might mean I would outnumber you with a fear causing enemy, something which has undone me on a few occasions.
Dragon princes because I like them and they give a bit more variation, since I knew the middle terrain piece in our scenario was difficult terrain I gave them the banner of ellyrion in the hope it would help them get up to something sneaky.
2 bolt throwers and the archers to try get rid of pesky stuff including possible zombies.

Sorcerors of Chaos army list 1250

Anyreusm the Regent of Death, level 2 sorcerer, dispel scroll, book of secrets, barded steed 186
Syndrom, level 2 Sorceror, unmarked, spell familiar, enchanted shield, co-joined homunculus 170

24 marauders, h.weapon, shield FC, MoS 174
25 marauders, h.weapon, shield FC, MoS 180
War hounds 30
War hounds 30

5 Chaos Knights, musician MOK 240
5 Chaos knights, musician, MOK 240

I thought it would be very thematic to make both sorcerors death magicians (we are fighting in a undead infested section after all!) and I decided to take two units of marauders (had to be khorne or slannesh really with all the undead floating about) as in the past one unit had never seemed to do anything. I planned for the marauders to over-whelm crazydu's small, elite, units. To complement their static CR and to make up for their lack of killyness I included 2 units of death personified- khorne knights. The plan was for the marauders to take on small hard hitting but breakable units (like phoenix guard or small units of sword masters) and the Khorne knights to grind away any white lions there may be, support the marauders and war machine hunt.

27-06-2010, 12:10
Only just realised I had the notes for this game in my bag, no wonder Selone can't type it up yet :eek: Will get it sorted :D

29-06-2010, 14:27
High Elves – Shield of Saphery, Fury of Khaine & Drain Magic
WoC – Mage 1 – Dark hand of death x 2, steal soul
Sorceror 2 – Wind of death, drain life, dark hand of death


Crazydu deploys in the middle of her half well away from the barrows with the phoenix guard joined by korhil in the middle.

I deploy a unit of marauders either side of the swamp and chaos knights and hounds to the flanks. The plan is for the marauders to hold up elite elf units and the CK's to grind down whatever they can.
NB The unpainted plastic miniatures are Mantic ghouls/skeletons and are not yet ready ;)

Crazydu complains she never wins the roll for turn, promptly does so and goes first. Crazydu's comments are in blue, mine in red. Thanks to crazydu for the photos and typing!

I can see the future and it doesn't look good- Turn 1

No undead arise

Crazydu's army moves forwards slightly.

Magic sees Fury of Khaine dispelled and Shield of Saphery failed to cast
Shooting - 1 bolt thrower kills 3 marauders, dopey archers aren’t in range oops

No undead arise

WoC move forwards agressively

Magic killed 3 phoenix guard (useless ward save, so much for seeing the future!), next spell dice dispelled, sigil of Asuryan used to dispel the last but failed to destroy the spell.

Quite happy about the trade off of marauders for phoenix guard personally

Can you hear something? Turn 2

High Elf
Crazydu rolls and rolls up 13 goblin zombies out of the barrow closest to her on her left, and she cleverly places them between her white lions and the rapidly approaching chaos knights

The phoenix guard move forward, thinking maybe it’s best to get stuck in sooner than later, the white lions shuffle back away from the zombies. The dragon princes also move forward trying to decide what to go for.

Magic – Fury of Khaine cast on an 8, dispelled on an 8 (doh!), Shield of Saphery failed to cast again. I am always hopelessy addicted to aggressive spells hence not using drain magic yet!

Shooting – bolt throwers between them kill 6 marauders. Archers do nothing we thnk as they aren't in anyones notes :D

I don’t roll for undead as they came up last turn.
Zombies run at Chaos knights as the nearest target and make contact. charging them.

From the WOC no charges as everything moves forwards.

Magic is effective and kills 5 more phoenix guard in total the remainder (champion, SB and Korhil running for it)(ward saves obviously don’t work for elves!) The more damaging magic missile is dispelled is dispelled however.
In combat unsurprisingly the zombies fail to wound the chaos knights. The knights and their horses get 16 hits, killing 9 zombies, who lose combat res by a bucketful and the remainder crumble into oblivion.

Phew when the Zombies first were plonked down I had a nightmare scenario in my mind where the CK's would had to charge and because of crazydu's clever positioning they'd over run and show their flank to the White Lions. However zombies move in the compulsory movement phase and so the zombies charged me wasting my movement for a turn but not suffering a fatal white lion charge in the flank!

Battle is joined-Turn 3

High Elves
No undead emerge.

Dragon princes charge the marauders whilst the white lions move forwards ready to be charged (not a lot else they can do)

Korhil and phoenix guard failed to rally. This frustrated me as if they;'d rallied I'd have had a juicy charge on them with a unit of khorne knights itching for blood!

No magic however shooting kills 7 marauders in total.
In combat Crazydu continues her well renowned patented Dragon princes of doom high dice rolls and kills 6 marauders and the champion. Marauders lose combat, run away and are run down including sorcerer – I love it when that happens :D I don't! The nearby hounds are scared and also run away.

More zombies come out of the same barrow as before but only 6 this time, they are placed in a position to eagerly eye up a bolt thrower.

Hounds on my left flank charge the other bolt thrower, one unit of chaos knights charge the White Lions, the other unit charges the archers, who since they would only most likely run off the table if they flee (within 6 inches) decide to hold and at least hold up the knights.

Magic – 1st dark hand of death dispelled, 2nd is cast but its a low number of hits and the one attack fails to wound Korhil.

Bolt throwers vs Hounds – 1 hound killed, they fail to wound back
and so its a tie.
Chaos knights vs Archers – Archers make 3 wounds which are all saved, the knights kill 8 archers in return, the other 2 run off the table and the knights pursue going off the table also.
Chaos knights vs White lions – WL kill 3 knights, they kill 2 WL back. WL win combat but Knights hold and don’t run away. Sneaky crazydu with standard of balance!


I'm getting sick of the Dragon princes absolutely murdering my marauders if I'm honest, it happens most if not all of the games. I guess I don't deserve much sympathy using Frenzied knights, but still marauders never seem to do much. The unit of chaos knights reduced to 2 models look in real trouble now. It's about now I realised that I'd got the equipment on my sorcerors mixed up.

The zombie shuffle- Turn 4

High Elves
We don’t roll for undead as they came up last turn.
The zombies run at the bolt thrower crew, who run off in fear.
Korhil rallies
In combat the CK's save the few wounds they take and manage to kill the White Lion champion, do a wound on the sorceror and kill 2 WL's winning combat but not breaking their stubborn foe.
The hounds kill the other bolt thrower crew.

No undead.
The Chaos Knights kill the mage and 2 White lion's for no loss win combat with the white lions and run them down in a huge role reversal from last turn.

I was quite fortunate this turn, seeing off both bolt throwers and killing the unit of white lion's when I had no place to be, really.

Sneaky elfses Turn 5

High Elves
Zombies charge the phoenix guard and Korhil and the phoenix guard. Whilst the the dragon princes are sneaky and run through the swamp thanks to their banner.
Combat between zombies and Phoenix guard is drawn though it should have been a win to the high elves as they ahd a war banner.


Chaos knights charge Phoenix guard whilst the marauders turn abut to face the swamp ignoring Dragon princes.
Magic sees one spell dispelled and the other fail to do anything as I roll three 1's and one 2 to wound...
Korhil kills a chaos knight in combat, which is drawn so nobody goes anywhere but the zombies crumble a bit to the Phoenix guard (crazydu remembered her war banner)

Wrapping up- Turn 6

High elves
Dragon princes charge the marauders. Every dragon prince hits and kills 6 more marauders and the champion. My sorceror saves the day and kills 2 dragon princes. Elves win combat but marauders thankfully hold (else the DP's would hit my knights in the flank!)
Combat with zombies is won by chaos knights with korhil dying finally to the chaos knights.

Turn 6 WoC
Skeletons emerge from a barrow on the other side of the board.
My small unit of CK's charge the zombies, kill zombies and the last phoenix guard but only just- literally one more save would have seen a survivor! Dragon Princes beat the marauders handily and choose to pursue into the flank of the chaos knights.

It’s all over!

Phew that was a close game, so many twists and turns. MY Chaos knights on my right flank can count themselevs fortunate to survive the standard of balance (cancels out frenzy) and I'd hate to have faced the PG in combat if they had been more than 3. My marauders manged to again get themselves pin cushioned by bolts and arrows then killed by the Dragon princes. With the novel change of this time 2 units got themselves dragon princed instead of one (that unit of dragon princes clearly has spent many long summers hunting down Marauders).

Counting up the VP's it was (just) a minor victory to myself. However because of the mix up of my magic items (I'd got the +power dice on the wrong one) I offered Crazydu a draw which she accepted.

Thanks for reading all and hope you liked the scenario, its a shame we didn't get more skeletons and some ghouls as the Mantic models are excellent but c'est la vie :)

CK= Chaos Knights
DP=Dragon prince
HE= High Elf
PG= Phoenix Guard
WoC= Warriors of Chaos
WL= White Lions

29-06-2010, 14:49
Those Chaos Knights excelled themselves hey?
The Mantic Skellys are very nice, almost makes me want to look into Tomb Kings.
I've always thought the Barrows scenario looks like a really interesting challenge, good to see a report with it

08-07-2010, 21:48
Cheers Cold blooded they really did well :) Was a very fun battle and we would like to refight it (and hopefully will).

Back to the Border princes what is going on with Bretonnian Paladin Sir Maurice DeGale. Is it really true that he's offered the Warriors of Chaos an alliance? What on earth would posses him to do that, has he fallen to chaos like many a once heroic warrior?

Turn 18 sees a lot of manoeuvring and one battle between a 1350 dual mage force and a 1450 Bretonnian army led by an untested Paladin.

High elf warhost 1350

Lord Anlothia. Level 2 mage with silver wand & talisman of protection 155
Lord Pyralius. Level 2 mage with seerstaff and powerstone 185


20 spearmen with standard (war banner) and musician 215

14 White lions with standard (sorcery) and musician 278
White lion chariot 140
6 dragon princes with standard (ellyrion) and musician 225

1 repeater bolt thrower
1 eagle

The Errantry Crusade 1450

Paladin, shield, questing vow, great weapon, Holy icon, Barded warhorse 128
Paladin, Virtue of Duty, enchanted shield, barded warhorse 114
Damsel, warhorse, 2x dispell scrolls 134

14 archers 84
12 archers, skirmish 84
6 KE, Full command 141
7 KE, Full command- errantry banner 181
6 KotR, Full command 168

8 Questing Knights, FC 251
3 Pegasus Knights 165
416 28.7%

Can DirtyG overcome the magic spam of the High elves or will his units get picked apart.

Gabacho Mk.II
08-07-2010, 22:04
Bret solid win.

Given the lists... and am assuming that you are using 7th ed rules, correct?

08-07-2010, 22:24
Thanks for the prediction Gabacho!

Yeah we likely won't use 8th ed lists until the end of the campaign though afaik the Bretonnian list would work in 8th wouldn't it (I'll attach %'s)

Hmm the heros is 25.9% so err maybe not. Though does the BSB hero count?

12-07-2010, 18:19
Battle report and Pictures by DirtyG (note dirtyG had to use his mobile for pics). Why can't I post pictures as thumbnails :confused:

“The armies confronted each other at dawn; the scouts of each army had reported the other army’s position and both forces had waited till first light to make their moves. As the cockerel crowed the knights dismounted and led by Sir Leon Fortin prayed to the lady for success and protection, as they did the Elf line led by Lord Pyralius showed no compassion advanced in the pursuit of victory.”

I was desperate for a victory here! I was on a losing streak and I’d fought and lost to high elves twice before, including the last turn of our campaign. I knew my foe would have two mages so they could be nasty (I was tied to two paladins and a damsel). I expected at least one lore of beasts (this had been used in our two previous encounters) the other I wasn’t so sure of, I’d heard my opponent had great success with lore of metal against chaos knights so could expect that too, to combat this I made the damsel a scroll caddy, I also (eventually) gave my general the holy icon giving magic resistance 3, other than that there wasn’t much to help with magic defence. In my last battle I had success with 2 units of knight errants so went for the same again, 1 unit 7 strong and 1 other 6 strong, I gave the 7 unit the errantry banner, for the standard 1+ unit of knights of the realm I went 6 strong and backed it up with 8 strong unit of questing knights, I went questing knights due to being cheaper than grail knights, although I did toy with the idea of making them knights of the realm but there was bound to be dragon princes and I remember the non event that was grail knights against the dragon princes. I picked a small unit of 3 pegasus knights with reluctance as they have tended not to do massive amounts for me when I’ve used them before but I did need something to nail 1 or possibly 2 bolt throwers, then I picked some archers (2 units) to help thin ranks or combat a giant eagle (for this I made I unit skirmishers). For my characters the damsel and battle standard bearer (whom I opted to gave the enchanted shield and virtue of duty) were to be placed with 1 unit of Errants, with the errantry banner, this made the 7 strong unit 9 and gained an extra rank. My general I gave the questing vow and stuck him with the questing knights again to make 9 and gain a rank.

Pre Battle:

4 quarters, randomly determined as 1 each of cairn, scrub, ravine & boulders

Bretonian’s Damsel Lorrane Dallot: Mistress of the Marsh (Lore of Life)
Elf Lord Pyralius: Hunters Spear & Beast Cowers (Lore of Beasts)
Elf Lord Anlothia: Bears Anger, Oxen Stands, Crows Feast & Hunters Spear (Lore of Beasts)

My original plan was to put everything but the 2 units of errants on one side, and use them to sweep around into he flanks, but it all seemed to go to pot when the giant eagle was placed on one side (march blocked errants would be no good and I suspected the archers wouldn’t kill it quickly enough). In the end I played it as I saw it, the pegasus faced off against the bolt thrower, questing knights against the dragon princes, 1 unit of Errants (the smaller) against the white lions and the larger errant and small realm knights against the spearmen, I then used skirmishing archers to screen the pegasus knights and another unit on my left to try shoot the eagle and take advantage of the terrain, the chariot was a little surprise and I was unsure what to do about it at first but I’d let things play out a little.


High Elf Turn 1 – Fizzle!
Movement saw a general shuffle forward. Magic saw an additional 3 power dice rolled thanks to the banner of sorcery. The first spell attempted was Hunters Spear #1 which was dispel scrolled, Crows Feast killed 3 Archers, they are shaken but thanks to the knights nearby hold, Hunters Spear #2 failed to cast and Beast Cowers was dispelled. Thanks to the Death of 3 archers there was now line of sight from the bolt thrower to the Pegasus knights and shooting saw 1 fall to the barrage of arrows, the unit held!

Brettonian Turn 1 – Onwards!
Movement mostly forward, cautious on the right facing the dragon princes, Pegasus fly to the cover of the boulders. Shootings sees some archers kill 1 spearman and 1 wound to the eagle.


That went well, magic neutralised this turn, it’s funny I see players claim at least it drew out a dispel scroll! In my opinion the scrolls are for stopping spells, everything’s coming closer so chargers on turn 2 should be possible, looking good, looks like my Pegasus’s are going to fail again!

High Elf Turn 2 – Fizzle again!
There is shuffling backwards, the eagle cunningly flies between knights, thinking it’s clever! An additional 2 power dice this turn, Hunters spear #1 dispelled, Beast Cowers dispelled and Hunters Spear #2 failed to cast. The Bolt thrower aims at knights but fails to hit.


Bretonnian Turn 2 – Onwards Again!
More forward movement, this time setting up carefully, very careful movement of the questing knights, the Pegasus knights moved them between the elf infantry units right in front of the bolt thrower, The small errant unit did not declare a charge but found 1 unit within range a successful restraint roll stopped the impromptu charge. With the knights moving the eagle was fair game and received another wound the spearmen are hit again but their armour is strong!


Some good, some bad, the elf move backwards meant I didn’t think I was in charge range and meant I’d have to face another round of magic, which went swimmingly as she targeted my general with one spell and my damsels unit with the other! I was lucky the bolt thrower missed! On my turn I set up some charges for the next turn, I chose to sacrifice my Pegasus’s to protect my lance formations from the bolt thrower it wouldn’t miss twice! I was getting the feeling turn 3 would decide the battle!

High Elf Turn 3 – Fizzle thrice!
More shuffling, although the Dragon princes stride forward, placing themselves in charge range of the questing knights! The eagle copies the hiding place of the Pegasus knights the previous turn - in amongst the boulders! Only 1 additional power dice this turn, hunters Spear #1 failed to cast, Hunters Spear #2 is dispelled and a power stone for power dice to cast beast cowers is dispel scrolled. The bolt thrower accepts the Pegasus knights as a target and promptly kills the unit champion, the remaining knight is brave and holds!

Bretonnian Turn 3 – CHARGE!!!
Charges a go go, the realm knights plus the big unit of Errants with BSB and Damsel charge the spearmen who hold, the remaining Pegasus takes on the bolt thrower crew who hold, the questing knights take on the dragon princes who flee. The small errant unit charges the chariot, which holds. The archers with no spearmen to shoot at turn to face the now horribly wounded eagle, the skirmishers stayed still. The damsel tries her only spell against the white lions, but was unstoppably dispelled! The eagle finally died to shooting. Combat
Bloody and brutal! First the crew of the bolt thrower failed against the Pegasus, who kills one and watches the other run off, pursuit sees the unit off the table edge! The spearmen now, The realm knight champion spies the enemies mage and a chance to elevate himself and challenges them, only to see the mage flee to the back rank! The resultant combat sees 7 spearmen die to none of the knights, the knights win combat and the spearmen flee despite a gem of courage, pursuing with only the Errants, the realm knight restrain themselves, the Errants pursuit however was not enough to catch the agile elfs, the Errants against the chariot lose 1 of their number and cause 1 wound, but win combat and chase it down.

<Photo: End of Turn 3>

Yeah that’s what I’m talking about! Magic did nothing again and I thought the Pegasus’s had had it! But my turn was great although the charge with the small errants against the chariot was probably the most contentious point all battle, it involved wheeling around terrain and super angle judgement to get a charge in the front, I was convinced it was good, a neutral (supposedly) third person wasn’t sure and neither was my opponent, I offered to dice off for it, but to her credit my opponent let it stand. With one mage out the way and the Dragon princes and spearmen in trouble I was very confident at this point!


High Elf Turn 4 – Fizzle pop!
The dragon princes rally to see their massively reduced army, the spearmen are not so lucky and flee off the table, the white lions totter about in the middle turning to face what might end up an inevitable charge! An additional 2 power dice are rolled and Hunters spear is finally cast killing only 1 knight of the realm as the magic of the lady prevents it doing more harm than that (ward save on second knight). Beast cowers is dispelled!


Bretonnian Turn 4 – Mop up!
Everything that could, charged the dragon princes, questing knights, small errant unit and Pegasus (in hindsight the Pegasus charge was illegal, it had just come back on the table). The two other units of knights wheeled to try face the white lions! The archers remained still and shot at the white lions but failed to hit them. The combat saw armoured targets saved many blows but the additional strength of the charge caused 2 deaths to the dragon princes and 1 errant fell. The Dragon Princes lost combat and fled the field followed by all their attackers who either failed to restrain or pursued after them!

Opps with the Pegasus, but it made only a minor difference to the combat, the massive wheels the lance formation can perform is highly amusing! Victory! The high elf player conceded at the end of this turn!

“With only the white lions remaining Lord Pyralius gave the signal to surrender. The battle had been brief and the ever honourable Sir Leon Fortin allowed his remaining opponents to leave unarmed, with their dead, with the strict warning to not trespass on Bretonnian soil again, there was much rejoicing in the camps that evening and the General even donated a keg of his finest (well relatively finest) wine for the peasantry!”

RESULT:Brettonians Massacred the High Elves

Selones Musings: A well deserved first victory for DirtyG the victim of several unlucky losses. He managed to set up those dual charges repeatedly and simply sweep the High elves off the field, we're all set for a thrilling turn 19.

End of turn 18 map

High elves 12 territories + Tor Anrok + The Barrens 22
Demons 7 territories + Malko 17
Bretonnians 15 territories 15

All to play for!

13-07-2010, 21:49
pesky bretts :mad:

14-07-2010, 15:25
Hurray for Bretonnia!!!

Always happy to see them do well :)

21-07-2010, 23:35
Turn 19 sees 3 battles as the forces of the 'princes make their penultimate moves.


1250 Bretonnians (Damsel, 2 paladins) Vs 1350 High elf (2 mages)at the Old silk road west
It's a repeat of last turns 2 mages VS 2 paladins and a damsel though this time DirtyG doesn't have any supporting banners and Crazydu has one supporting banner

1350 High Elf (Caradryan & Mage) Vs 1450 WoC (Sorceror and Exalted Hero) at the Old Silk road Central
Can Caradryan's whacky special rules put paid to an exalted hero despite the 100 points lacking?

The battle for Malko! 1350 (Herald of Nurgle, Herald of Tzeentch) Vs 1250 Bretonnians (2x Paladins, Damsel with 100 points of Warriors of Chaos!)
Can the warriors be trusted to help the Bretonnians in their hour of need against demons?

Yes RedBen's had Malko since turn 4 but will he finally lose it? On the face of it he's got a good chance at holding as he has fortified (allows terrain manipulation) and has the two characters you would want against Bretonnians. Perhaps Knights of the realm charge will be held then be ground down by pestilent demons?
Though on the other hand will DirtyG manage to make use of his 'allies' well enough and drown RedBen in marauders and peasants whilst the flower of the border princes smash everything else apart.

Scores Before battles
High elves 12 territories + Tor Anrok + The Barrens 22
Demons 7 territories + Malko 17
Bretonnians 16 territories 16

22-07-2010, 15:08
Come on Bretonnians!

Gabacho Mk.II
22-07-2010, 15:47
My predictions:

High Elves will win, slightly.... I cant factor in all of the special rules though

WoC will win the second battle.... a pretty standard beating for HE

For the last battle, a draw methinks....

Let's see what happens... :)

22-07-2010, 20:45
Hey Mal, glad to see you cheering for DirtyG, he had a rough start to the campaign but his armies are more honed now and he appears to be expanding all over the place.

Gabacho we will see how your predictions go. I did have the bettering of the HE's quite strongly before but the last few battles has seen a couple of close ones and a HE massacre.

I'll recap the special rules
-Since bretonnians are masters of the land they get to pick table edges
-Due to the mystical foresight of Tor Anrok High elves get to decide whether to go first or second (pretty much academic against Bretonnians)
-One high elf mage gets another spell thanks to learning from the eldritch mysteries of Tor Anrok.

Onto the army lists for the Confrotation on the Old silk road West

Roux's Rascals 1250

Sir Thierry Roux Paladin, questing vow, shield, great weapon, holy icon, barded warhorse 128
Sir Rene Babin Paladin BSB, questing vow, enchanted shield, barded warhorse, virtue of the impetous knight 127
Dame Sylvie Dupont Barded warhorse, 2 dispell scrolls 134

14 skirmishing archers 98
6 KotR, FC 168
6 KE, FC 141
6 KE, FC 141

7 Questing Knights, Full Command 223
5 mounted yeomen, musician, shields 87

Looks quite a solid army list to my eyes. 4 lances (including what looks to be a strong Questing knight 'bus'), a unit of fast cavalry to be pesky and a unit of skirmishing archers to shoot down opportune targets.

The army of the Mages 1350

Lord Anlothia Level 2 mage with silver wand 145 (metal)
Lord Bryllantar Level 2 mage with seerstaff 165 (beasts)

17 spearmen with musician 158

10 White lions with champion (gem of courage) 172
15 swordmasters with standard (sorcery) musician & champion with talisman of loec 315
5 dragon princes with standard (ellyrion) and musician 195

2 repeater bolt throwers 200

An (un)welcome return for the swordmasters this time packing a nasty suprise for Dirty G! 3 strength five attacks, rerolling misses, failed wounds and forcing all sucessful saves to be rerolled has the potential to be very lethal (for the champion too)! Does Crazydu have enough units to hold whatever Bretonnians survive the attentions of 2 mages and 2 repeater bolt throwers?

FC= full command (ie musician, champion, standard), KotR= Knights of the Realm, KE= Knights Errant

22-07-2010, 20:54
How much longer are you going to be using 7th rules?

23-07-2010, 03:26
For the campaign certainly until the end of turn 19 (2 more battles now) possibly until the end of turn 20. It just depends on what the rest of the players think.

Personally I have my lethal weapon, err copy of 8th ed so hopefully not long. Hopefully I'll enjoy 8th ed :)

23-07-2010, 18:30
Since it takes me ages to read the rules, there is 1 turn left of the campaign, which we have to finish by next month anyway as one of the players leaves the country, sticking to 7th till then is preferred by me just to get it completed! We have lots of plans for battles after the campaign, with some other armies as well which we will play with 8th rules - I will read the new rules when I go on holiday mid August :D

23-07-2010, 23:21
looks like an exciting battle coming up, looking forward to the rep :p

I think you'll like the 8th ed Sel, I played my first 2 8th ed games today and they were a blast! :D

26-07-2010, 00:35
I probably will Toshiro there are a lot of things I'd like, a lot of changes for the better but I am a little worried that theres less close, drawn out games and more mega-bashes over by turn 3 but we'll see :)

Whilst we're waiting for the HE v Bret game (a cracker btw) co-written by the 2 players and myself here are the army lists for the recent road clash. Apologies for the shyster like army list of my own taking advantage of my last turn with +1 special choice thanks to Aldium to embrace the 7th ed fad of KNIGHT SPAM

Turn 19 Caradryan & Mage 1350 Vs WOC Hero & Sorcerer 1450

Caradryan's WarHost

Caradryan 175
Lord Solarius, Mage level 2 with silver wand and amulet of fire 165

10 Archers 110

15 White lions with standard of balance 282
10 Phoenix Guard with Banner of sorcery & musician 218
5 Dragon Princes with war banner & musician 200

2 repeater bolt throwers 200

Warriors of Chaos Knightly Battle group

Subero the Incredible. Chaos sorcerer, MoS, book of secrets, dispell scroll, MoS 140
Exalted hero, barded chaos steed, shield, MoK 146

10 marauders, musician 44
10 marauders 40
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30
5 war hounds 30

5 chaos knights, MoK, musician 240
5 chaos knights, MoK, musician 240
5 chaos knights, MoK musician 240
5 chaos knights, MoK musician 240

26-07-2010, 19:04
Win for WoC... no question...

I don't understand this though: "Slaanesh exalted hero, barded chaos steed, shield, MoK 146"

27-07-2010, 13:46
Whoops, good catch Mal :) The battle report for Brets Vs High elves is nearly done, though starcraft 2 is a big distraction :D

27-07-2010, 15:33
(see below for abbreviations and guide to colours, report typed up by myself and Crazydu)

Battle Report Turn 19 High elves vs Brettonians

Bretonnian - Pre Battle and army selection notes.
Same battle as last turn but I’m 200 points down and she’s 100 points up…big swing! Opted for the 4 units of knights again but made them all smaller and added paladins to questing knights in an all in one basket, hiding them in there with the MR. At 200 points down I binned the pegasus knights and 3 knights from each selection. I took the fast cav. And 1 big unit of archers. I hoped I would have enough! I expected a similar army to here last, but at deployment it was obvious it wasn’t! No eagle, 2 bolt throwers, Sword masters, 2 mages!…was this going to be a case of damage limitation?)

For terrain we rolled up a Hill, scrub, boulders, and a cairn.

Magic rolled up the following:
Brettonians (Life) Mistress of the marsh
High Elves - Lord Bryllantar chose his spells due to having seerstaff (and 1 extra spell from having Tor Anrok), and picked the lore of beasts with beast cowers, hunters spear, & crows feast. Lord Anlothia rolled for his from the lore of metal, and got transmutation of lead, distillation of molten silver, and rule of burning iron.

(Brett Comment on Deployment, I messed up big style, placing my archer’s way to early)

As the bretonnians prayed the High Elves chose to move first.

Turn 1 And we’re off...

High Elves
Movement: Everything moves forward a little, basically to get into magic casting range.

Magic (with an extra power dice from banner of sorcery). Hunters spear is cast on a 13 and so brings out a dispel scroll. Beast cowers is cast on the knights errants in the centre, however rule of burning iron is dispelled.

Shooting- Both bolt throwers miss (I seem to have notorious bad luck with one shot bolt thrower shots, I think they just didn’t like being at long range or hadn’t woken up properly yet phew…)

Lots of knights galloped forwards merrily as they do. The archers march forwards, since the sneaky HE had deployed out of range. No magic, shooting sees a wound on DP's from mounted yeomen, which is saved. (Pesky victory if I can kill a DP with a mounted yeoman)


A very non-exciting turn!

Turn 2 Now we’re talking

High Elves
After a big deliberation the DP's charge the mounted yeomen who run for it 10 inches (HE comment – I assumed they would run away, but it got me into a good position for my next turn hopefully, and there was always the hope they wouldn’t rally Brett comment - originally I had planned to use the Mounted Yeomen to take out the bolt thrower(s) but they were in an ideal position to harass the DP’s).
SM's and WL's shuffle backwards away from the pesky knights.

Magic (+2 PD) Hunters spear cast on a 15 and is let threw, much to the regret of the Brett player as it kills 3 realm knights! Distillation of molten silver is cast on an eighteen (3 sixes) and kills 4 yeomen. Both units pass panic.

Shooting is aimed at the diminished KotR's with a RBT using multi shots, and as there is less than 5 models the 2 hits are randomised - they both hit the damsel, both wound, and the damsel fails her ward save and dies! (evil cackle) The other RBT shoots dead 3 peasants. The KotR's don't panic but the peasants run away 12 inches.

Double charge of QK's and KotR on WL's. White lions flee and get away despite questing knights extra move virtue. Archers fail to rally and run off.
Mounted yeomen peskily shoot at dragon princes and kill one! (Victory!)

Other than the 1 dead dragon prince, a good turn for the elves!

Turn 3 Come on you elfses

High Elves
WL's rally (gem of courage is used here as I am renowned for failing leadership tests) SM's charge QK's who hold. DP's wheel a lot and move through terrain thanks to banner of Ellyrion ( Nasty surprise, it turned out to be a very good selection). Spearmen get stuck in the rocks however (seemed a good idea at the time, turned out to be a really bad one!).

Magic (+2 PD) Distillation of silver failed to cast, beast cowers is luckily dispelled however a roll of a fifteen for transmutation of lead onto the questing knights crucially goes off despite their MR 3. (at the time I thought Arghh)

Shooting kills a mounted yeomen and an errant.

Combat. The SM champion unleashes his Talisman of loec and does 3 wounds to the BSB! Who manages to ward save 1 (despite the forced reroll) so dies still (WTF?!?). The champion then dies to the magic item. The Bret General takes a wound and 2 QK's die. QK's run away and get clear off the SM's (13 vs 7 distance) but nothing panics.

KE's charge SM's. Other KE's and remnants of KotR's charge WL's. QK’s rally.

Mounted yeomen shoot the dragon princes and do a wound, this time its saved though. (ahhh shucks!)

In combat the SM's do NINE wounds on the KE's and after armour and ward saves 3 KE's die. The champion kills a SM back but the KE break and are chased down and caught, the SM's pursuing into the QK's.

In the WL's versus lots of knight’s combat every wound the WL's do is saved! The knights then kill the mage and another 4 WL's though the stubborn WL's refuse to flee.

It looked really bad for DirtyG!

Turn 4 Simply ouch

High Elves
Some manoeuvring from spearmen and dragon princes move to behind the errants.

Shooting kills 3 mounted yeomen the survivor running away never to rally.

Combat sees the white lions kill the KotR champion and lose 1 WL back. The white lions lose combat but hold.
Looking to do the knockout blow the SM's attack the QK's and do... 1 wound which is saved. (unbelievable, a real head in hands moment) 2 SM's are chopped down and they lose combat by 4, they run away and are cut down in a HUGE victory point swing. I make it a change of almost a thousand victory points! (480 for the mage and Sm's, 300 in retrieved standards, 100 in captured standards and +100 for general)


QK's declare a long charge to the spearmen who wisely flee but roll terribly low (4") and are cut down (not helped by the pesky terrain they are stuck in!)
WL's kill the KE's champion this time but still lose 3. The white lions flee at last off the table and both units of knights choose to restrain (quite surprisingly What was I thinking!!) and passes both tests.

What a tremendous turn of events! Whereas Crazydu was romping to victory now it looks game over for the HE completely, however there’s a chance to get some victory points back because the Brets didn't pursue off the table.
Thought I had lost it at this point, but I don’t give up easily...

Turn 5 We’re not dead yet...

High Elves
DP's charge the rear of the KE's. (DOH! So should have seen that, half asleep I think)

The RBTs finally wake up and being in short range remember what to do, and shooting is extremely impressive and kills the general and 4 QK's reducing them to 2 men. Sadly they don’t panic though. After hearing the elf player moan all game (and previous battles) about how ineffective RBT’s are against my army, seeing them against my knights without ward saves (I hope) will keep her quiet for a bit! :D

In combat, the DP's do an impressive amount of wounds - seven, 5 are saved but thanks to additional static combat res the KE's flee are cut down and the DP's hit the back of the KotR.


QK's charge the RBT in a fit of vengeance but are out of range and still stuck in terrain. The DP's do 5 wounds on the KotR and all five are saved! (HE comments – the Bret player is notorious for making saves sadly Am I? “Save on anything but a 1…oh look a one!”). One DP dies but the KotR still lose but hold Come on guys!!.

That’s looking fairer...

Turn 6 Is there anybody left?

High Elves
Shooting sees the RBT kill another QK but the last remaining one doesn't panic. my last man standing
Combat sees no wounds done to either side but the KR flee off the table, DP's restrain.

The sole remaining questing knight charges the Bolt thrower

He does nothing but wins combat by 1 by dint of standard (champion was killed earlier), RBT crew run off.

Game over, minor win to the high elves! Great game full of twists and turns.

A very good game again, although for different reasons, I really thought I was dead and buried starting turn 4…by the end of it I was thinking victory! A stupid mistake probably cost me at least a draw! Also who knows how much damage my archers could have done had they been deployed better! Ahh too many what if’s, it was a good game I’m disappointed to not scrape at least a draw in the end, well done to the elf’s! Also unit champions getting sick items! I’ll have to remember that!

KotR= Knights of the realm
KE= Knights errant
QK's =Questing Knights
HE= High Elves
WL= White Lions
SM= Sword Masters
DP= Dragon princes
RBT= Repeater Bolt Thrower

Blue - High elves (Crazydu)
Red - Bretonnians (Dirty G)
Green - Selone

27-07-2010, 16:38
Poor brets :(

Thanks for the report Selone :)

27-07-2010, 22:07
Those SM were on a rampage before the QK killed them. The DP seemed to do nothing all game but they swung it for the HE is the end. Great report, I enjoy reading the players points of view. Full of twists and turns

Desert Rain
27-07-2010, 23:21
Nice report, I like the player comments very much. Congratulations to Crazydu for winning the game!

27-07-2010, 23:42
The players comments do indeed work wonders. :)

("Notes this down for future reference...") :angel:

28-07-2010, 00:03
The Bretts battle was a great one, we really didn't know which way it was gonna go! :D Remaining 2 battles of turn 19 now played, just need writing up.

29-07-2010, 04:14
Any chance of a map? :)

29-07-2010, 17:57
Thanks for the replies folks, player comments in the report seem appreciated :)

There's a turn 18 map have you seen that one?
Note that the demon players banner in 23 is in 30 and my banner in 53 is in 62. Its made using a very complicated map program which takes ages to do. There won't be a turn 19 map but there will be a turn 20 :)

Have written up the HE vs WoC report just waitng for crazydu to add some notes (she's busy)

End of Turn 19 standings
High elves 13 territories + Tor Anrok + The Barrens 23
Demons 8 territories + Malko 18
Bretonnians 15 territories 15

02-08-2010, 15:22
Turn 19 HE vs WoC on the Old Silk Road

My comments are in red, crazydu's in blue

2 x scrub, 1 ruin, 1 ravine (the result of a ravine is ignored since battle on road section)

High Elves (Lore of Metal) – Rule of Burning Iron; Transmutation of Lead; Distillation of Molten Silver; The Spirit of the Forge.
WoC – (Death) Dark Hand of Death; (Slanesh) Lash of Slanesh

High Elves win the roll to pick sides and deploy first.

High elf deploy
NB the other RBT is off to the other flank.

I tried to hide a bit behind the scrub and keep everything together, except the bolt throwers which I spread out so they can’t both be taken out by the same unit. I suspected it was going to go badly though when I saw how many knights there were.

WoC deploy

I actually ran out of units of chaos knights and had to use an empire unit, clearly they'd just recently turned to to following the true powers.

I was a bit worried about RBT's shooting my knights in the flank and not lacking knight units I tasked a unit to kill the one on the extreme far left whoich could cross fire my forces in the middle. In my experience war hounds charging RBT's will tie it up for sure, but it takes them 3 hand to hand phases to kill the thing.
A unit of marauders was tasked to stay in the woods and hold it and another to act as an arrow shield for the sorceror.

Overall deploy

High Elves win the roll to go first.

I nearly always choose to go first, just to try and get in some magic and shooting before everything gets too close.

HE Turn 1
Movement: PG, WL & DP move forward tentatively (to get in range for magic)

Magic: (2 extra pd from banner of sorcery) Distillation of molten silver is irresistibly cast, but only rolls 3 hits and causes a wound on a unit of hounds. Rule of burning iron miscasts, causing one wound on the mage and 1 dead PG that was standing next to him! (whee crazydu's first ever miscast!)

We joked before I rolled my first dice that it was about time I had a miscast, so it wasn’t a huge surprise, had to happen sooner or later !

Shooting: Both bolt throwers shoot at marauder mage unit and kill 3. Archers kill 2 more marauders but they don’t panic.

I was trying to get rid of the mages cover unit as it was the easiest target to wound.

WoC Turn 1
Movement: Always exciting are WoC early turns as the WoC dash forward screened by hounds.

Magic: is a total wet fizz as Dark Hand of Death is dispelled and Lash of Slanesh is failed to cast.

I'm looking forward to 8th edition mainly because I'll have a shooting phase. Seriously early WoC turns in 7th are pretty dull with very limited shooting no skirmishers etc. Whinge over :D

HE Turn 2
Movement: No charges. WL & PG moved backwards a bit.

Magic: (3 extra pd) Spirit of the Forge is cast, but scrolled. Distillation of Molten Silver failed to cast. Rule of Burning Iron is cast but dice dispelled (phew another magic phase survived)

Not what I wanted, the magic is meant to at least take out a few casualties because I’m not going to survive close combat!

Shooting: Archers killed 3 marauders in mage unit. RBT tried a 1 shot in the flank on knights but missed (another phew moment that could have been a knight kebab) . The other RBT making up for its less sucesful comrades shot down an entire unit of hounds!

WoC Turn 2
Movement: No charges from the WoC so instead everything moves forward a lot.

Magic: Dark Hand of Death failed to cast on archers. Lash of Slanesh cast but dispelled. (Thats two turns of no spells cast, still 3rd times a charm)

HE Turn 3
Movement: WL charge hounds who flee (that was expected). DP move up to support WL if necessary. Mage moves to the other end of PG unit.

Magic: (1 extra pd) Spirit of the Forge failed to cast on knights. Distillation of Molten Silver also failed to cast.

Begin to regret not taking a powerstone on this one, have usually done so before to try and get a spirit of the forge off, crucial against so many knights!

Shooting: Archers kill the 2 remaining marauders but don't wound or shake the nerves of the sorcerer who is immune to panic. The first RBT killed 2 hounds and they panic. Other RBT fails to wound rapidly approaching knights.

WoC Turn 3
Movement: Hounds in middle of board (fleeing from WL) rally. Hounds on the edge (panicking from RBT) don’t and run off the table. Knights charge the RBT crew on far edge of board but they (somewhat foolishly) pass their fear test and hold. Another unit of knights charge the archers who run away but not quick enough and are run down. Knights in the centre of table charge the dragon princes who hold just passing their fear test. Last knight unit thanks to frenzy charge into the back of dragon princes. (I didn't want to have to charge with both units but c'est la vie)

I should have made more effort to make the knights have to charge the WL not the dragon princes – it's not looking promising for the dragon princes.

Magic: Dark hand of death cast on PG but is dispelled. Lash of Slanesh also cast on PG and is dispelled. (3rd time also unlucky so it seems)

Combat: RBT crew hit but fail to wound knights and are mullered in return, knights over-running. DPs fail to wound any knights, the general kills a DP and the unit kill the rest witha fistful or 2 of dice.

Both knight units over-run in opposite directions, did we do this right?

Still it meant one of my units of Chaos knights was dead I reckoned- flank charged by the WL's

HE Turn 4
Movement: WL charge knights in the flank. PG charge knights from behind.

Magic: (2 extra pd) Spirit of the Forge failed to cast. Transmutation of Lead cast but dispelled. Every time crazydu tries to cast spirit of the forge I get worried as she previously has had a 90% success rate (and it is instant death to knights) but thankfully not this game. That’s because I usually take a powerstone to at least guarantee I will get one of them off!

Shooting: RBT single shots knight unit in the flank but only kills one.

Combat: The high elves do awfully as Caradyan, PG, WL and Mage ALL fail to hit anything !!! Caradryan suffers a wound in return, as does 1 PG (2 saves) and the mage dies. HE win combat and knights run off, both WL and PG pursue (to get away from other approaching enemies!) but don’t catch up. Nearby hounds don’t panic.

I was very lucky here I expected to take a few casualties and have the high elves right behind me, as it was I killed the already wounded mage, did a couple of wounds, took no casualties and got clean away. The knights lost frenzy but that’s a very small loss.

WoC Turn 4
Movement: Knights charge RBT who pass fear test to hold. The fleeing knights rally. Everything else heads towards the middle of the table.

Magic: Dark hand of death is failed to cast. Lash of slanesh is dispelled. (grr even with no enemy wizard I'm still unable to cast a spell successfully.)

Combat: RBT crew fail to hit and are butchered, knights over-run off the table.

I did think about conceding here, as it was nearly time for Selone to go to work, but thought I may as well see it out till the end since it would probably go much quicker now!

HE Turn 5
Movement: PG and WL charge the just rallied knights who thanks to losing frenzy can choose to flee, so run away again.

WoC Turn 5
Movement: The fleeing knights fail to rally and end up in ruins.
Everything else heads for the elves!

Magic: Starts with a miscast! After rolling 1d6+1 the mage survives doing himself a S2 hit and ending the magic phase effectively. Possibly the worst sorceror ever? I'm changing his name to Subero the Inept.

I was quite relieved as I have suffered badly from WoC magic in the past.

HE Turn 6
Movement: WL & PG turned round to meet the oncoming many knights.

There was not a lot else I could do sadly, didn’t rate my chances too much but they are elves and will hold their heads up high (so they can be chopped off more easily –doh).

WoC Turn 6
Movement: Hounds declare a charge on the WL but fail the fear test. Knights rally in the ruins. Other knights charge in, one at PG and one at WL.

Magic: None as all of Subero's spells are magic missiles. Still he probably does as much damage being unable to cast as if he would be able to cast :rolleyes:

Combat: PG fail to wound, 7 are killed in return leaving 1 who runs off and gets away from the pursuing knights! Caradryan does 1 wound, and WL4, but only kill 1 knight. Knights do 1 wound on WL and 2 on Caradryan who fails to save and dies, killing another knight in the process. HE win combat and knights run away, WL pursue but fail to catch. The nearby hounds don’t panic.

Game over! Massacre to the forces of chaos!

This was a pretty brutal affair. I had a little luck in a few of the combats but also a truly awful magic phase. I do accept that 4 units of khorne knights is a bit off but this was my last chance to use them as Aldium was being ransacked.

As soon as I saw the 4 units of knights go down I knew it would be near impossible to win, so wasn’t overly surprised at the result. It’s a shame though as it now means I’m not in a position to attack Malko in the campaign on the last turn.

PG=Phoenix Guard
WL= White Lions
DP= Dragon princes
RBT= Repeater Bolt Thrower
pd= power dice

HE=High elf
WoC= warriors of chaos

02-08-2010, 16:55
Nice! We have a Border Princes campaign planned in a month or two, as soon as we get to grips with 8th Ed. I haven't read all of your thread yet, but rest assured I'll be looking over it in depth to get tips . . .

Oh yeah, and the General's Compendium is a-mazing.

Desert Rain
02-08-2010, 17:35
I really like reading your reports, they make me wish that I could be in a campaign as well.

12-08-2010, 16:27
Cheers folks, heres a brief write up of the last of turn 18's battles The bretonnians playing off against Redben's demon force commanded by never before picked up a demon book Crazydu (with some assistance from myself)

Apologies for no photos and short batle report, report written by DirtyG in the main. The bretonnain army list was fairly standard with the exception of it having a unit of 20 marauders as allies!

Herald of Nurgle, Noxious Vapour, Slime Trail, Battle Standard Bearer 180
Herald of Tzeentch Master of Sorcery, General 140

20 Plague bearers, FC- standard of seeping decay 295
15 Horrors 180
5 Furies 60

5 flesh hounds 175
6 Screamers 180

4 flamers 140

The Battle for Malko

The Brettonian force arrived to witness the hoard that the demons had sent outside the walls to push them back, the battle for Malko was to take place outside the city! As the Paladin was formulating his battle plan a messenger arrived with the message that allies have arrived, The paladin turned to witness the mass of wild men, raising a wry smile the paladin returned to his planning.

Scenery was rolled for randomly as per a normal battle (2 Hills, 1 Scrub and Some boulders) With the demons being fortified they got to remove one piece and took away the hill on Brettonian deployment side. A hill which was then placed on the field by the demons due to special rules!

Bretts - Mistress of the Marsh
Demons - Didn't roll but chose Lore of Beasts

Brett Pre game thoughts: This was always going to be the hard one, I picked an army with one main objective hitting and destroying the Plague bearers. So I Picked up two big units of knights to hit em with Errants and Questing, gave them plenty of combat resolution where I could. Then thought about a trebuchet but opted for archers with braziers instead, for my allies I was given some choices but opted for a big unit to soak up shooting magic etc...I was probably too scared of magic so took the holy relic and the damsel with 2 dispel scrolls.


Demons as you look at the battle field (Left to right from Brett side), hounds on the far left then moving right flamers, then plague-bearers, then Horrors, then Screamers then finally the Furies. The heralds placed in each of their respective units (Nurgle in plague-bearers, Tzeentch in Horrors)

Bretts as you look at them (Left to right from Brett side), Realm Knights on the left then moving right Skirmishing Archers, Errant Knights, ranked archers, Questing Knights and finally the maurader allies. The Paladin general and battle Standard both in the questing knights, the damsel in the Errants.

Brettonians Prayed, demons gave the first turn to the Bretts...Game on!

Brett Turn 1 – Lets make it quick

Movement was forward and quickly, only the archer remained still, and the realm knights carfully judged the distance the the flesh hounds. There was no magic and Shooting saw 1 plague bearer die

Demon Turn 1 – Lets make it quicker

Movement saw some shuffling buy the horrors and flamers but the plague-bearers stormed forward to block charges on other units, furies and screamers moved across the battle field with the screamers killing 5 mauraders, The flesh hounds moved up against the Realm knights inviting the charge. Magic saw everything fail to cast or Dispelled (Flickering Fire – Failed, Beast Cowers – Failed and Bears Anger – Dispelled) Shooting from the Flamers killed 1 Questing Knight.

Brett Turn 2 - So it can't be that hard, can it?

All knights charged, but fear got the Realm knights and they stalled in front of the Flesh hounds, Both the Errants and the Questing Knights ploughed into the plague-bearers. Magic see Mistress Dispelled and for shooting, the peasants see the Realm Knights in a spot of bother and lend a hand killing a flesh hound. In combat a massive 14 wounds are caused on plague-bearers though after saves only 4 die! The questing knight Champion is Killed and the battle Standard Bearer is Wounded. Massive win in combat fro the Bretonnians and instability sees 6 more die. (Post game note: Brettonian player forgot to count the War Banner during resolution all game!)

Demon Turn 2 – yes it is and now you Die!

Flamers charge the Errant flank, Flesh hounds charge the realm knights, Furies fly behind the ranked archers. Screamers fly over the marauders and the combat killing 6 Marauders, 2 Errants and 1 Questing Knight. Magic again is none existent (Flicker Fire – Failed, Crows Feast – Failed, Bears Anger Dispelled) No shooting and in Combat, The hounds lose, they Killed 1 Realm Knight and took 1 wound in return they then roll 12 for the break and implode! The mass combat in the middle sees 2 more Errants die and 1 Questing Knight, with 1 flamer falling in return, combat is won by the Brettonians! Just! Both units make their break tests.

Brett Turn 3 – Now we know for next time!

Movement, Realm Knights wheel round to try and join the mass combat but are a long way away. Mauraders turn towards the furies/archers..who knows? Magic see the first spell of the game go off and Mistress is cast on the horrors! Shooting the Skirmishers spot the furies behind their comrades and take aim, they manage to kill 1. Combat sees the tide turn, the damsel, I more Errant and the battle Standard bearer all die, 1 Plague bearer Dies and Demons win the combat, The Errants are insane and remain (all 2 of them), the questing knights flee

Demon Turn 3 – ITS OVER!

Movement the restricted Horrors march up the hill, the furies charge the archers in the rear, the screamers go after the marauders again killing 6 more. Magic, Flicker Fire is finally cast and kills 2 more marauders, Crows feast failing to cast yet again but Beast cowers hits The realm Knights. In combat the two Errants are murdered, as are 4 archers who think better of it and run, the Furies pursue hitting the fleeing questing knights, who flee back into the flamers and die!

Brett Turn 4 – Concedes!

Brett Post game thoughts: I hit them with almost everything, it might have helped to remember the war banner, but in the end it wasn't enough, Sometimes it's best to experience what others say you shouldn't do just to find out why. I should also assign hits when I’m in combat (as recommended post battle), something I generally don't do, I like to whittle the units away! I did 14 wounds on the charge, 4 saved by ward, 6 saved by Regeneration (Bring on 8th Ed), I perhaps should have pimped my paladin, the holy relic proved a waste of points, I could have bluffed it and given him more killing ability! If I could do the same battle again I would be more patient, I spent the first couple of turns trying to persuade the demon player is was a 6 turn game, I should have heeded my own advice, a couple more turns of thinning the plague bearers with archer fire and manoeuvring a unit of knights for a flank charge might have been more successful!

12-08-2010, 16:31
Hey Sel, just wanted to say great reports, huge fan of the style. Your reports inspired me to run my own on a blog I set up in my signature. I also have a thread running to keep checking in on peoples favorite reports easier in one location :p You and a few others of this community really inspired me and my gaming group to do more with our games, hopefully we will have more content soon!

15-08-2010, 19:13
CVheers Zaszz anyways the orders for turn 20 are in. It's still anyones to play for as both redben and crazydu can both win (though crazydu can't finish lower than 2nd) and dirtyg can get 2nd.

There are 3 battles
High elves Vs Bretonnians
Warriors of Chaos Vs Bretonnians
Warriors of Chaos Vs Demons (for Malko)

15-08-2010, 23:25
Go Crazydu go lol. That's who i'm cheering for :D.
So once this is done are you going to do another but with 8th rules? As far as I know we are starting up a pyramid style league/campaign thing up here...missed first day :( but goin this week. Going to use it to finish out my Beastman run then move on to something else lol.

08-09-2010, 23:43
Army lists for my last ever battle of 7th ed and the penultimate game of the campaign! It features a greater magic less WoC force versus a bretonnian force with a prophetess :o

2,320 No magic Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Lord, MoT, enchanted shield, talisman of protection, Axe of Khorne, blasphemous amulet, barded steed, word of agony 376
Exalted hero BSB, MoT, shield, banner of the gods, disc, blood curdling roar 290

5 marauder horsemen, MoS, musician, l.armour flails 96
23 marauders, l.armour, shields FC, MoS 168
12 chaos warriors, shields, musician, standard- rapturous standard 230
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30
5 warhounds 30

5 Chaos Knights MoK, musician 240
5 Chaos Knights MoK, musician 240
5 Chaos knights MoT, standard- banner of rage 275
4 trolls 180

Scyla 105

I decided to go for no magic and count on tough troops that would stick about. Banner of the gods is very expensive but hopefully will be worth its weight in gold

2000 Bretonnian army of the heavens

Prophetess, level 4 prayer icon of Quenelles, 2 dispell scrolls 300
Paladin BSB, barded mount, enchanted shield, sword of might 104
Paladin, barded mount, lance, shield, grail vow, great helm, cuirass of fortune 151

12 peasant archers 72
20 men at arms, FC- 127
5 realm knights, FC- 144
9 errant knights, FC- errantry banner 221
9 errant knights, FC 201

Grail reliqua, 12 extra men 226
5 mounted cavalry, musician 82
8 Grail knights FC- war banner 369

DirtyG is going for a level 4 prophetess, no doubt eager to seek some magical revenge with the rarely seen grail reliquae

07-11-2010, 12:26
Heya folks with me doing college and work, DirtyG getting job training and crazydu finishing off her house moving by having a halloween event we've not really had much time to do anything.

I will make a turn 20 summary therefore

Redben could still tie the campaign, If I took crazydus rocky terrain, DirtyyG held off crazydu and I didn't win the battle for Malko.

The battle for the road with a superior WoC force facing off against a Brett force was won by me by Scyla basically challenging two lance formations that charged him and then I counter charging.

Redben was busy preparing his year in America so we called the game a draw and that just left DirtyG versus Crazydu which turned out to be a very close affair with the Bretonnians just about managing to draw the game, pushing the high elves back.

It all came down to a difficult terrain roll to see if I could steal crazydu's warrens and cause a tie. I failed the 3+ roll alas and with I agreeing my WoC's would withdraw after all battles that made it-

High elves 24
Demons 19
Bretonnians 15

Crazydu's high elves win the day!

It was a great campaign and I'm really glad we had the patience to finish it. Sorry for the lack of turn 20 BRep's but it has been a busy season. Hopefully in the new year we will run an 8th edition campaign.

Thanks for reading all, your comments were very much appreciated

P.S hopefully a map will be made of last turn :)

09-11-2010, 16:59
Thanks for posting and keeping us updated with your campain Selone.

I didn't always leave comments but you can bet I kept a close eye on it ;)

10-11-2010, 15:27
Cheers mal, that means a lot

11-11-2010, 02:38
Just refound your Campaign thread and re-loved it Cant wait for the 8th edition Woes to start......................

13-11-2010, 16:52
Crazydu's high elves win the day!
Congratulations Crazy Du :)

You've done a good job with that campaign selone, with difficult circumstances (real life getting in the way) Brilliant job sticking with it.

25-11-2010, 12:19
Cheers folks, hopefully an 8th edition campaign in the new year