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12-09-2009, 23:19
some mates are going along to the gt so i'm looking at an army that will test them a bit. What do people think?

supreme sorceress lvl 4 670
Black dragon
focus familiar
pendant of khaeleth

Sorceress lvl 2 185
darkstar cloak
dispell scroll

10 Dark elf repeater crossbowmen with shields 110
10 Dark elf repeater crossbowmen with shields 110
5 Darkriders repeater crossbows, musician 122

12 black guard of Naggarond, tower master with Ring of Hotek 195
Assassin Manebane, Rending stars, additional hand weapon 151
5 shades with great weapons 85

Hydra 175
Repeater Bolt thrower 100
Repeater Bolt thrower 100

Firstly the list is 2003pts so would need trimming. Other than that though please let me know what you think. As much feedback as possible please

13-09-2009, 11:44
Ring of hotek is probly a bad idea on the unit that will probly hold the centre...you might need to cast spells in that area. Especially with a lv 4 and lv 2. You might have a hard time hiding the lv 2 since you only have a few places to put her, BG would be safest though. When I play against BG i tried to stay clear of em. Other than that, looks tough as nails!

13-09-2009, 19:34
Looks pretty balanced, I would be a bit worried about low strength shooting attacks against the supreme sorc tho. Also, what armies are they taking?

13-09-2009, 20:56
Looks potent but I don't think the supreme sorceress should be riding a black dragon. It makes her a big target (and though cannon balls may bounce off her most will hit and wound the dragon), one that's difficult to hide. If she does get caught it'll be the dragon they attack (people just seem to expect the pendant on lords) and if that dies or just does crap it'll be curtains as she's run down.

Also don't forget that the fantasy GT this year has special missions and secret objectives so your army would be at a big disadvantage in some missions and for some objectives. Basically you need bigger units.

Although the dragon is fun, big and dangerous I'd drop it, it's best in combat and that's not where she wants to be. For your needs a dark pegasus would suffice.

14-09-2009, 08:48
the other guys are 3 daemon players, 1 vampire counts, 1 warriors of chaos, 1 dwarf, 1 darkelves, 1 lizardmen, 1 tomb kings, 1 high elf

there was a guy who was taking woodelves, then i played him with this list last night and now he has changed his mind about that and will join the ranks of the daemon players.

the dragon worked well, although it was vs woodelf it accounted for most of the damage against 3 warhawks, 5 glade riders 20 archers, 6/8 wardancers, 10 waywatchers, woodelf lord, woodelf hero and 2 spell singers

however it did show that the blackguard i think were pretty wasted points in the list, they just were the obvious target really, and my orginal thought that repeater bolt throwers aren't worth it were proven yet again[although my thought on that were if you have big stuff like dragons or greater daemons then they could be useful]

14-09-2009, 11:04
Drop the supreme sorceress and get a dread lord, and drop the bolt throwers and get another hydra

take 2 lvl 2 sorceress, one with dark star and dispel scroll, other with SoG and ToF

Drop a crossbow men, and repeater crossbows off the dark riders, and get another unit of bare dark riders

Increase unit size of black guard, and get a chariot

It should all fit in a 2000 point list, as i play a similair list

14-09-2009, 18:15
Yeah that would definitely beef them up in combat, and would be closer to what your mates are likely to see at the GT