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13-09-2009, 03:39
Say if one had to take a Chaos Lord as their Lord choice in 2000 points, and also had to give them the Mark of Nurgle and mount them on a Daemonic Steed, how and what would be some of the best ways of arming them to make them worthwhile, especially over the less expensive Exalted Heroes?

See, I'm making an all Nurgle themed Chaos warband, and really dig the idea having a sick Lord mounting a Beast of Nurgle(ie. hence the Daemonic Steed, which is a model already in production for me and almost done...), and I was just wondering how to go about making him great. I mean, despite the points cost and relative effectivness compared to an Exalted Hero, he's good and bad depending on the viewpoint. But, disregarding such a comparison, what you do with this bad boy to make him worthwhile.

So, the bare bones are:

Chaos Lord-
Mark of Nurgle
Daemonic Steed

Make no mistake, he's gonna be expensive, but I want this guy to be feared...like all proper chosen Lords of the Plague God should be.

13-09-2009, 03:45
Oh, and if it helps, a brief description of the model is that the rider is on foot(and happens to be the Harry the Hammer model, looking all Nurgley), with a Beast of Nurgle in the same base. The Lord has some fine chain reigns in his grip, holding the Beast, and the Beast has a leather saddle modelled on his back...so it looks like the Lord is about to mount this monster at any minute. It's actually quite a rad model, and I can't think of any better reason to make him a kick ass Nurgle Lord than that!

Nurgling Chieftain
13-09-2009, 05:29
In my experience, Chaos Lords stall out when they hit particularly heavy armor if they don't have something to overcome it. I recommend either the Axe of Khorne or the Aethersword, backed by one of the Chaos Runeshield, Armor of Damnation, or Crown of Everlasting Conquest.

13-09-2009, 10:20
I used to have a Nurgle Chaos lord riding about in his unit of trusty Chaos knights of Nurgle. If I remember right I used to give him Chaos rune sword (or Aether sword) and Rune shield. This guy used to get into a challenge with Most other lords and severely kick their butts, I would also advise Word of agony (the one that does d6 s4 hits no AS) on him too so he WILL get into the challenge with the lord/hero and not the champions.

Pop this guy in the Nurgle unit with the banner of rage and you have a 6 S5/6 attacks giving No as/-3as

13-09-2009, 23:05
If you want budget options you can give him a halberd or a flail. Maybe the armour of damnation or the regen item. That should give enough kick.

13-09-2009, 23:33
I've been using a Lord on Steed quite a lot, and it's not all that bad. What I feel seals the deal with regards to Daemonic Steed versus a regular horse, is the Move 8 (allowing you to outcharge most cavalry) and Fear (letting you do so reliably). I normally hide the Lord in a unit of Marauders initially, hoping the enemy will try to break it with cavalry. After he's lined up the cavalry for the charge, I pounce it with the Lord (who normally is perfectly capable of holding his own, at least for a little while) and then move the Marauders up to support later on if needed.

Equipment-wise, I kit mine out to capitalize the most on the Move 8, to really hone the shock attack role. The Hellfire Sword is mental, but a bit expensive. Most of the time I go with the Chaos Runesword, which I find ramps up his killing power to just where he needs to be to hold his own most of the time. Defensivly, I stick with a 5+ Ward (Talisman and Mark of Tzeentch) and that's that. Rarely does he die to attacks, most of the time he fluffs his attacks, loses combat and gets run down. The combination of great Initiative and many high Strength attacks means normal troops pose viritually no threat, and characters will normally give him a wide berth anyway.

I wouldn't be too concerned with what to give him, try a few comboes and see what works for you. As a starting point, I can mention that a Lord with Runesword, Armour of Damnnation, and Mark of Nurgle will only be hit by anything with WS 5 or less on a re-rolled 5+ to hit. Happy times!

14-09-2009, 18:48
How about this for an interesting build. Chaos sorceror of Nurgle (L3), word of agony, armor of damnation, (blade that makes your opponent hit himself on ones), 6+ ward save. He is nasty in a challenge as he has two things that strike before combat begins, and the mark of nurgle pumps up the AoD + magic sword combo. Plus you get magic capabilities thrown in the mix. Expensive, but nasty.

Plus people don't expect much out of a sorceror lord in terms of combat. A nice surprise trick.